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Fri 7th - Sun 9th May: The Betfred Championship Match Thread

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19 minutes ago, GUBRATS said:

More jam than Hartley's 😉

Way the better team.... brain farts and daft errors kept it tight. Another day fev would have been 2-3 scores in front and the drop goal irrelevant....

Fab advert for championship rugby 🏉

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If Fev can really get up and running this year I think they’re the only side that will get anywhere near Toulouse. York were only a drop goal away from winning that game but, like most Fev games this year, had they been more clinical they had enough opportunities to put a few more points on the board and York will definitley be up there.

I still can’t see past Toulouse and Fev being the top two but the rest of the play offs is looking up for grabs. 

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11 hours ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:


You can see from the still that chiz is in the line next to kendall when the ball is played. He was off like lightening and timed his jumped just right to charge the ball down. 

You may get the impression I'm still buzzing from that game!🤣

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44 minutes ago, Robin Evans said:


You may get the impression I'm still buzzing from that game!🤣

Same here, £4.95 for that was the bargain of the year. Great effort from both teams.

York's stadium looks great but I hope they can sort their playing surface out soon. Several Fev players have shown pictures/videos of it close up on their social media with the word "beach" cropping up frequently, parts of it looked desperately bare and far more sand than grass. Hall in his post-match interview had a big red mark on his elbow where the skin had come off, must have been like playing on a 4G.

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