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Bulldogs v Thunder

Batley Bob

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not a 20 foot drop, KN says a 9 foot drop over the length of the pitch.

a quote from Mr Kear

John Kear said “The crossbar from the bottom end is in line with the bottom of the posts at the top end . That’s how much the pitch slopes and it’s definitely a factor “

and dimensions required for the posts.

The crossbar is placed between the two goal posts so that its top edge is 3.0m (9.84 ft) from the ground. the posts must be 5.6m apart and the minimum height of the goal posts is 3.4m


"The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine" ....Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865..

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On 26/07/2021 at 20:44, phildog said:

BB our field kicking hasn't been great all season, it's been so predictable, always 6th tackle, always long, we rarely put up kicks that we can challenge, relying on defenders dropping, we play on a pitch which falls away more than 20 feet...how many 40/20's have we pulled off? Varying the timing and types of kick might be useful. Somebody ring Henry Oulton and ask for his advice.

May I ask, how did you think the nineoil got its name?


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