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English NRL Players - Bans

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Morley, Graham, Sam Burgess, George Burgess, Thompson aren't the only English players to ever receive bans in the NRL. However, in my opinion, they've each received one (or more) ban that was disproportionately large relative to their 'offence'. It feels like our lads get targeted at the NRL judiciary. 

Any thoughts?

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I think with those players it's a bit more of a case of the guys playing the game a certain way, and forgive me for saying it but having a bit of grub in them. George and Thompson have both been suspended for eye gouging while Graham's infamous bite also garnered him plenty of weeks on the sideline. Sam and Morley didn't mind taking a blokes head off from time to time either. 

I think once you get marked by the judiciary as a certain type of player, you're much more likely to get picked up for relatively minor offences than the average player. From there, based on the system of carry over points and prior similar offences you end up with larger bans that may seem proportionate on face value but only occur due to the context of the players past indiscretions.

For Australian current examples, see Jack Hetherington/Tevita Pangai Jnr.

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I’m always reminded of Big Jim Mills going to Norths and being sent off in his first game . Off he goes to the judiciary who say ‘ Mr Mills not a good start to your time here is it ? ‘ . Big Jim says it was hot , he wasn’t used to it , and it got him wound up etc etc . They accepted that … then next week he gets sent off again . Off he goes to the judiciary who sit there stern faced and say ‘ well Mr Mills what have you got to say for yourself now ?’ . To which Big Jim replies ‘bloody hot again wasn’t it ?’ 

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4 hours ago, Davo5 said:

Still think the Thompson ban was ridiculous,I thought the sin bin was harsh and even more so when you see the antics the likes of Munster regularly gets away with.

The ridiculousness of the Thompson ban is what got me thinking about Brits being targeted. There's no way that an Aussie would have got banned for that.

Like I said on the other thread, I also think that a sin bin was harsh.

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8 minutes ago, 17 stone giant said:

What reason would they have for "targeting" English players, given that it would be their club teams (and not the England national team) that would suffer as a result?

Hostorically none. Currently, I can see the Thompson ban as a shot across the bows to try and intimidate the English players into behaving whist the WC spat is ongoing. Going forward, I wouldn't put anything past the NRL.

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