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Fev in cup

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1 hour ago, greensman01 said:

I hope Walshaw paid to get in and then washed his own kit because he watched more of the game from a distance than some of the crowd. The leagues biggest powder puff centre!

Walshaw has been one of our most consistent players so far this season, take it from me fella the guy is no powder puff, he's been playing for over 3 weeks on strong painkillers with a serious infection and in pain but still stood up and played, obviously it's had an affect on him, I agree he didn't have a great game yesterday but neither did some of our fully fit players, it's w...k..s like you watching and criticising that are the so called powder puffs! 

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Well GMan  that is obviously your opinion which you are entitled to. I have watched every Batley match this season and I assure you that Luke does not hide from the action, His performances this season have been second to none a regular in the top three of the ratings voted by Batley supporters  in each match. He is twice the player we signed from Dewsbury.

I prefer Luke to be in the second row but needs must and credit to him for his efforts regardless of which position he plays each week. Its difficult playing in a squad when you have to play even  if you are only 60% fit. Until we get 17 fully fit players on the pitch we will not be at our best,

Unlike Fev who probably  have 2 squads of players that could hold there own in the Championship,

I think after Sundays encounter Batley will be struggling even more to get 17 players.  

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21 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

I don't think Meadows leaving the field was anything to do with any contact from Gale (which didn't look untoward to me), Meadows had been holding his arm awkwardly from an early stage and had been attended by the physio shortly before that tackle on Gale and he bounced straight up from that. He stayed on the field until Fev scored a couple of minutes later, my guess is he had some kind of dead arm/stinger injury.

Your right I talked to Jimmy after game , he left the field because of a shoulder injury

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The problem lies IMO in the way that Walshaw and Buchanan are being constantly interchanged. Each position has it's own special mindset, Buchanan has that of a centre and has shown great skills there, Walshaw is a 2nd rower and has torn it up there all season, he's not top of the Forum MOM table by accident. Wonder if there's a coaching conspiracy to pull him down (joke Craig and guys!!).




















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9 hours ago, phildog said:

BTW not seen any lowlights of the game....



Both the highlights and the full match are on YouTube Phil.  Just use the you tube search box.  

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