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World cup attendance

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On 26/10/2022 at 10:00, Sports Prophet said:

Well that’s just as bloody dishonest as our bloody international heritage criteria.

The general public that weren’t watching will no doubt see right through these false attendance figures. 

When will RL administrators learn that they are destroying the planet.


You know that there is no independent link about false attendance figures, so why make a claim you can't back up?

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6 minutes ago, johnh1 said:

When 5 of us went to last year's Grand Final (2021) the tickets that I printed off were not accepted at the turnstile. I was then given 5 more tickets with different seat numbers. Does that mean that 10 of us went?

Is this all so you can say you have 10 mates?

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7 hours ago, lucky 7 said:

So, you make a claim about false attendance figures, but can't back it up with the link

I didn’t make a claim mate. Posters above me did. I was just demonstrating an exaggerated position of doom, contrary to my true feelings.

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