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State of Origin: Game I - NSW v QLD (Adelaide)

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16 minutes ago, Anita Bath said:

And Ponga needs to be in the Q squad after tonights performance. Probably on the bench but he has magic in his boots.

He has ruled himself out of the series.

But that may be just a bit of a sulk after not being selected for game 1.  He may pitch up if asked.

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On 01/06/2023 at 10:09, Hull Kingston Bronco said:


I see the News Corp idiots came away with the impression that NSW stilted attack was somehow Luai's failing. Despite all the evidence of our eyes, and his game stats versus an underwhelming Cleary. 

I wonder what it is about the Islander-heritage stand-off that people like James Hooper don't like?


Luai is not an Origin half-back. Cleary is overrated.  

Cymru Am Byth/Western Suburbs Tigers

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