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In Topic: 27-28 Jun: The Kingstone Press League 1 Match Thread

01 July 2015 - 07:06 AM

No. A southern conference would be a 4 th division.
The standards will never rise in the south unless they are tested against the Northern sides.
Travel is an issue but there has been professional sport for well over a hundred years, for a lot of that time there were no motorways. Coventry to Barrow in the 1950's was a six hour trip by train and about 8 hours by car. There was a time when in the old Football League 3rd division North they had to do that journey.
When Coventry played in the old Northern Union before WW1 a trip to the heartlands would have been done on public transport, trains and buses!
Today's players travel in luxury coaches with toilets and kitchens. Coventry's bus has Wifi and Sky TV.
So yes it's a full day and it's not helped that match day is now usually Sunday and not Saturday as it was in days of yore but that's the clubs choice not the leagues.

I agree on your point about standards - but these lads are part time players. To haul Barrow to Mountain Ash or Skolars to Newcastle is harsh. And where do you imagine a Tier 3 club gets its hands on a 'luxury coach'. A chemical toilet and a tea machine don't much make up for having to get up at 5.30 having got in at 1am having taken a physical battering.


If Tier three were to split now like SL/The Championship, yes, all the development clubs would be lumped in together. Perhaps that is the answer...

In Topic: 27-28 Jun: The Kingstone Press League 1 Match Thread

30 June 2015 - 04:11 PM


In fairness, it took me nearly 6 hours to go from Cambridge to Barrow on Saturday morning and clearly quite a few of their away games involve similar length journeys, so I can understand the sensitivity to travel times & costs. Of course, many other C1 clubs have the same problem - it's not like SL where 11 of the 12 clubs only have to travel any distance once per year.

This is one of my betes-noir about the current League 1 set-up - how can it be credible to drag part-time players the length of the country to play in front of 200 people and then for them to get home past midnight and have to get up for work at 5.30. It runs contrary to any player welfare bullsh*ne that the RFL bangs on about. It took our carload five hours to get to Mountain Ash the other week (and about £70 in fuel) - god knows how long it'd take Gateshead or Barrow. The cost for clubs - and especially for supporters - is a huge issue. I know we don't have the world's biggest support, but we can take a noisy few to, say, North Wales or Keighley. But we had about 20 down at Mountain Ash. If you look at football - and at clubs playing in front of similar crowds - they play in regional leagues to maximise support and minimise travel/cost.


I know that we need a National presence, but as we clearly have two leagues within a league at League 1 level would this be the time to consider North/South conferences?

In Topic: Win - but not convincing.

28 June 2015 - 02:06 PM

One would expect Hemel to respond after their 60 points thrashing last week, but it seems that we did not after ours at Keighley?

It's hard enough following matters from afar, so I must sympathise with you local fans as we continue to stutter from game to game.

The reading is all too familiar - scrappy, handling errors, soft tackling and rare moments of fluidity - and that's just today!

Missing a few 'regulars' we might have been, but where was the commitment that gained our fine win at Crusaders?

It worries me that we are not moving forward as we should be, especially following our brief Championship stint, when other teams are progressing.

For starters, watching a video of today's Warrington/Leigh cup tie should help.  We must aspire to the levels that Leigh demonstated in meeting a top SL side.

Fast play the ball/rucks, inventive handling and 100% commitment - otherwise we will stay cemented in League 1.

Certainly, I hope that my worries are cast aside with positive results (and play) for the next two (season defining) away games.

I'm not entirely sure you can question the commitment. The club and the team do what they can with what they have. Yes, we could be more consistent, but we ask a lot of our players on what are quite modest terms. We have the best side our budget can produce, but I think that our 'brief championship stint' may have raised people's expectations just a little too far.


Yes, yesterday's game was a bit flat - and played on the first 'nice Saturday' of the summer which may have had an influence - but the club battles on as best it can. Next week we go to Newcastle (who play on a plastic pitch) - and the've had buckets of cash chucked at them by their new owners: Newcastle Falcons Rugby *nion. (I'd rather be part of something owned by the fans than owned a *nion club).


Ultimately, we make what progress we can. We have more engagement with the local community than ever before and lots of people working extremely hard to make sure that we continue to have a team to watch.

In Topic: Half Time

25 June 2015 - 07:21 AM

They were two of the worst signings ever made by the club and we made more bad signings than good in that era. i'd love to know where the tranche of money went that was specifically placed in trust so we could only use the interest.

By the time it was broken down, the money was never going to guarantee a long-term future. I've emailed your other half with an overview.

In Topic: Tragedy in Australia

24 June 2015 - 06:51 AM

This is a tragedy - but the bravery of his family in donating his organs is to be admired.