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In Topic: Something else for us to pull apart...

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

For what it's worth, this is my favourite Rugby League ad.

In Topic: Something else for us to pull apart...

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

Well, as an adman of 30 years' standing its biggest crime is it's a bit dull. And it's rammed with sporting visual clich├ęs. And it doesn't really land the 'every minute matters' message. And the first half is an attempt at cod-poetic drama, but 'now' and 'your whole life' cant be the time: just pick one (now's the time: to show up and play because it means something?). And the 'The Time' theme kinda peters out a bit halfway. And It seems torn between the pumped-up drama of the 'concept' and the actual action that the game delivers. And is it about promotion, or relegation, or the SL Grand-Final? The three things kinda meld together in one throwaway thought. And did I miss a reference to the 'bottom'/Championship relegation 8?


If 'Every Minute Matters' is the value proposition of the Super 8s, it should be the core theme throughout and the script should hang from that. It smacks of a promo built by committee; where two or three discrete ideas have been presented, but the client's said 'I'll have a bit of that one, a bit of that one and a bit of that one...'


For me it needed to be a bit sharper/focused.


Decent production values though.

In Topic: Brave effort...

27 July 2015 - 04:33 PM

2 points - one win - separate third from 7th. It really is that tight. I'm not sure we are 'scratching around just above the development teams' - the top eight are clearly a class above and there really is very little between them. All we can realistically do is give it our best shot. Certainly there will be at least one other team who thought that promotion would be a realistic benchmark of progress. And certainly if NW Crusaders or Keighley fail, they'll have burned a much bigger budget than us. And as for Newcastle, they look like a busted flush on probably the biggest budget in the top eight.


Effectively relegating a third of the Championship made League 1 significantly more difficult - and the top eight are a noticeable cut above. But it was always going to be an eight into two equation, so six teams will have to 'go again' next year whether they - or we  - like it or not.


Sunday would've been a different matter if we'd played on equal terms for 80 minutes. I'm not sure you can justify calling the lads graft, effort and hard work on Sunday 'robotic'. They gave it absolutely everything - and that's all I ask every week. If it's good enough, then we'll celebrate. If it's not, we suck it up and get behind them next week. Watching Hornets has always been thus.


This is as tight a season as I've ever seen - and we're still in the mix. I'd rather be where we are then where Newcastle are.


Six games to play, four of them at home. One away game v Oxford at Hemel. We have as good a shot as anyone. 


A Swinton Fan is doing a weekly 'update' of potential finishing places based on the fixtures in the run-in and the current week's results it's here>> http://www.totalrl.c...ment/?p=3165623


If he/she's got it any where close I'll be happy.

In Topic: Brave effort...

27 July 2015 - 07:43 AM

It was a real 'never-say-die' effort. If the ref had ok'd Yatesey's touch-down at the end of the first half who knows where it would have gone. Blog report below - onwards and upwards and all that...



In Topic: 25-26 Jul: The Kingstone Press League 1 Match Thread

24 July 2015 - 06:42 AM

Local derby at sedgely park
Swinton have found their form at long last
so should be an interesting fixture against a strong Hornets team
Always a warm welcome for the Great Wayne English

Looking forward to this one as always. If we can bring our A game as we did at Crusaders and Newcastle it'll be another bedwetter. Wayne got a knock last week, but played the full 80 mins - he continues to be a legend.