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In Topic: Shootings

Yesterday, 06:54 PM

The NRA is huge player in the USA.

Possibly the only way things will change in the gun friendly USA is if some senior members of the NRA were to lose family members in a a gun incident, but their views are so entrenched i would still have my doubts.

Its as though the wild west is still alive and kicking in the USA , and the NRA appear to want to keep it that way.

In Topic: From Dungannon to Essendon

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Did the Australian rules game evolve from Gaelic football ?

Its a mixture of Gaelic football and pre Rugby League Rugby.

The laws of the game were written by a man who was a pupil at Rugby school and played Cricket and pre Rugby League Rugby at Rugby school.

The game is played on Cricket ovals with a Rugby Shaped ball.

The best way to describe the game is that its a fusion of Rugby and Gaelic played on a cricket oval.

I think they put in some Gaelic football laws into it to try and appeal the the Irish people in Australia.

If doesn't have have the skill level of Gaelic levels.

On average the Gaelic footballer has more skill and a better athlete than the Australian Rules footballer.

In Topic: From Dungannon to Essendon

26 August 2015 - 07:10 PM

Conor McKenna, a former minor Co Tyrone player, Conor McKenna, will make his debut for Aussie Rules club Essendon on Saturday.




The minor level in Gaelic Games is effectively the junior level.


Will he get to grips with the subtleties and nuances of Australian Rules Football?


Can he get used to an odd shaped ball?

Essendon are under serious investigation by Wada for Peds.

Nothing proven yet but the rumours are strong.

In Topic: New NRL deal to split the league? / Murdoch (merged threads)

24 August 2015 - 06:43 PM

No talk of breakaway here. Just talk of a new business funding model, and this happend today.


In Topic: New NRL deal to split the league? / Murdoch (merged threads)

24 August 2015 - 07:04 AM

Clubs reject talk of breakaway league.