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In Topic: Jamie Foster

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

Jamie Foster is at the Giants pitching for a super league deal and according to the local paper the Giants have their sights on a super league player they are trying to bring in from another club


Where's Foster been and is he any good - not seen him for ages


And who is the top player the Giants are trying to bring in?

What i will say on the Jamie Foster situation is that if he gets a contract at Huddersfield or any Super League club i wish him all the best.

In Topic: PMQs

Yesterday, 03:44 PM

This is the first PMQs I've watched in ages and I now remember why.  EVERY point raised by Corbyn to Cameron was met with "but under Labour THIS HAPPENED!"  Does he not get that Labour were last in power six years ago and that the Labour government members from then are gone bar a small few.


Then we got onto the SNP questions with one on "you're breaking your solemn vow at the time of the independence referendum that Scotland would not suffer detriment in any further devolution".  Cameron replied "we made the promise at that time, it was a one off point and we'll stick to it as long as it suits us but will screw you over if it suits us AND YOU"D BE SCREWED IF YOU WERE INDEPENDENT so stop whining and be grateful"


Then there was one question that the housing bill would screw over refuges, Cameron ignored the question by essentially saying "it doesn't come in until 2018 so I couldn't care less and promise nothing"


An utter farce of poor behaviour that'd be seen as outrageous if it were a bunch of bratty teenagers.  Whiny, bratty backbenchers on both sides braying at each other.  Won't be wasting my time with it again in the foreseeable future.


Cameron whined a lot with lots of whataboutisms.

Corbyn stuck to one major subject yet didn't even attempt to land punches on the subjects of today such as the doctor's strike, the EU fudge and other issues that have fractures in the Tory ranks.  He could have asked his housing points in one main and one follow-up question, then use the rest on the issues of the day.

The SNP had lots of questions asked but got not a single proper answer.

Labour and Tory backbenchers stuck with their planted questions and got planted answers, even the Labour ones seemed to have been rehearsed on both sides.

And the truth of the situation Craig is that the Tories will still be in government in 10 years time, and still saying "under labour"

As it stands at the moment i can't see a way back for Labour to get into government.

The Labour party in my opinion at the moment are a rudderless ship.

In Topic: If Jarryd returns from the NFL

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

Yeah don't see that happening tbh

Never say never.

In Topic: Barry Hearn and RL potential?

Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Not sure why his name seems to pop up every now and then. It's not as if he's ever shown the slightest interest in RL, so why these threads? If you're going to pluck names out of the air at least aim big. I think it would be great if Mark Zuckerberg got involved in RL, look what he did with the sport of showing people pics of your dinner.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett would also be welcome editions to the Rugby League family :biggrin:

In Topic: Sally Bolton

Yesterday, 12:22 AM

Sally is back in Rugby League and i for one am delighted.