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In Topic: Salford apply to RFL to have this Friday's game postponed (merged threads)

Today, 11:32 AM

Leeds played Castleford a few years back on the same weekend as England v Exiles and had 10 players missing. They played kids and actually won, 12-10 or something like that. They didn't ask for a postponements. They got on with it. Teams have an u20s and should use them.

Edit: it was 2008, Leeds won 18-12 and there were 14 players out.

Leeds have proper junior development some other clubs don't.

I'm pretty sure Doctor Koukash has started to put in junior development plans, but these things take time.

Some other clubs in Super League need to do a lot more on junior development.

In Topic: It really is the RFL's fault

Today, 11:22 AM

Every club has them.

Some more than others.

In Topic: It really is the RFL's fault

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

There are certain clubs with certain players at them clubs who continually blow into match officials ears every game to gain as many 50/50 calls as possible.

In Topic: England V France 24th October LSV

Yesterday, 03:01 PM

England's warm-up for the series against New Zealand is a test against the French at Leigh. Tickets on sale and pretty cheap. Shame they didn't use this as an opportunity to spread the game.



I would have sooner the game was played in France.

In Topic: Salford apply to RFL to have this Friday's game postponed (merged threads)

Yesterday, 02:59 PM

Whilst I understand your sentiment, this is a clear indication that clubs aren't strong enough in terms of a player base. Clubs have cut the 'A' teams, U21/U23s etc and now don't have enough players in the system in order to mitigate against hard times like Salford are currently facing.

Junior development is the only long term answer, not has been and never was players from the NRL.