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Steve Slater

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In Topic: kain gone

Today, 07:57 AM

Best wishes Andy and thanks for all your efforts. You have been the best cutting-edge stand-off in our division for several seasons but I feel your future now lies as a creative half-back, which I feel you will do very well at Hunslet.

In Topic: RL Hard Men

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

Woods wasn't hard, he was a psycho. He was sorted out by a gentle giant who was only hard when he needed to be ... Ian van Bellen.

There lies the difference.......Many of the above were not hard men, but extremely tough guys who played the sport fairly and wouldn't deliberately injure an opponent unless provoked, and could take everything thrown at them including the kitchen sink. Hard men were those that had a bit of malice in them and could strike fear into an opponent, such as Tony Fisher, who tamed the Aussies when brought back by Peter Fox in the late 70's. 

In Topic: Politicts and sport

Yesterday, 09:07 AM

I feel that none of us can take the moral high ground if we support a sport that is propped up by Murdcoch's dirty money. I wonder whether the person who made the remarks reads The Sun or subscribes to Sky?

In Topic: Possible "On The Road Venues"

14 December 2014 - 06:51 PM

don't be short sighted the goodwill generated by that game at Cheqa  is still ongoing years later, fantastic idea that was

That's why I suggested Frickley and Kinsley Dogs, the Hemsworth and South Elmsall conurbation is an area that needs to be grown in terms of support. 

In Topic: Possible "On The Road Venues"

14 December 2014 - 06:47 PM

The clubs that we play were prepared to come to our ground for a friendly and now it's not possible so surely we just switch to there grounds too much hard work gone into ground to spoil it for the 2015 season

If the Batley game is switched no doubt it will be well attended and their bar takings will be good. I would imagine quite a few local Championship clubs would look forward to entertaining the sizeable Rovers away support, but where will the low key fixtures comprising mainly fringe players be held?