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In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

I think 'being as good as the clubs outside the top six' is in itself wishful thinking, and- please don't take this the wrong way completely unacceptable as an ambition .
The competition needs to grow and become stronger, not have more foot soldiers . Look at it another way. Two clubs with huge potential one way or another have been ejected . Is there a club outside SL with more potential than either if them. Look at the clubs outside the top six. I would suggest they all have huge potential for growth. Is there a club or clubs outside SL with more than for instance Salford?

I get your point Chris, but I believe that until the competition does grow and become stronger we need to hold what we have. Bradford will be back, and the experience of the Championship will do them good, and London will be back if people want it, but the Championship needs to be stronger, with a higher profile and TV exposure to ensure that kids keep playing the game in these areas. The game outside Super League will keep on going backwards without hope of promotion. With regards to Salford, it remains to be seen whether success on the field, which Dr.Koukash promises, results in big gates, or whether he would have got more through the turnstiles at Halifax?

In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 05:16 PM

Which clubs do you think the new club will emerge from?
What in your view will be their chances of them being a power in the game, attracting a large audience and raising the sport's profile

Anybodies guess? As a fan of the Championship I have realised that you can't buy success too easily, and the club with the best coach, best players, and highest wages bill doesn't always win, especially in knock-out competitions. Wakefield's successes over recent weeks, and Castleford's form this season has proved that, but as I said previously, injuries could play a major part. With Featherstone more likely to adopt a common sense approach now a certain person has left the club, I would expect Leigh and Fax to be forerunners, but I hope they don't fall flat on their faces trying too hard.

With regard to their chances of being a power in the game I feel they would be similar to most clubs outside the top 6, unable to attract crowds near or above 10K without regular successes, and if they ever achieve regular success then someone else will go on the slide. I don't know the geography around Leigh and its people but I know Calderdale almost as well as I know the WMDC area because of family connections, and I feel its people will only support a successful side. Basically, they would raise the sports profile about as much as the current clubs in the lower half of the table, and I can't see any way you can change that without throwing money into expansion projects doomed to fail unless the Big4/5 were willing to step aside and let expansion clubs have a financial and salary cap advantage so they might actually win something.   

In Topic: Is a new power rising in the Championship

Yesterday, 03:21 PM

Because I'm hoping and offering the likes of you good sir to explain the junior base Doncaster have in their area? The local kids who play the game in Doncaster who could feed the club.

They can get by without local kids, because they're ideally placed geographically to tap into the rich seam of talent from the Pontefract area, which includes Cas & Fev. With the upgrades to the motorway system around there it takes next to no time by car. Very quick from Hull too with the traffic on the M62 being very light to the east of the A1. Trouble is most Rugby League fans in between the two towns travel north to Fev or Cas.

In Topic: The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Yesterday, 02:48 PM

So what crime has been committed/rule broken then? Pray tell?


As for the comparisons of the top 4 CC clubs and the bottom 4 SL clubs there's a year to go yet and I note your prediction that nobody may ever go up, but pressure is again on the SL clubs not to be cut adrift, and the top eight will be happy to raid the bottom four for players. Remove the whipping boys and someone ends up in their place. Is your prediction based on salary cap differentials??

If we get 1 new club into SL from the middle group of 8 every year, or at least every couple of years, and we get close games with decent crowds it promises to be a cracking competition. Salary cap differential might be the decider 75% of the time, but injuries will also have a great bearing, one of the reasons why Fev & Sheffield are not doing as well as in previous years, regardless of off-field matters. Big money signings can't win games for you from the treatment table.   

In Topic: First game you attended?

21 July 2014 - 09:35 PM

!960 just before Easter at Post Office Road; Featherstone V Workington. Town also played in blue and white, so as was the custom in those days the home team had to change, and Rovers turned out in red shirts and white shorts. I was only 8 at the time and didn't know beforehand what colours they usually played in. My next game was a few weeks later, the Easter Tuesday local derby against Castleford. The first team to run out onto the field were wearing blue and white hoops in a butchers apron pattern, so I booed them thinking they were Cas! That was the first and last time I ever booed Fev.