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In Topic: Can we Still Make the Top 4?

Today, 08:50 AM

Alternatively you could just come and play rugby and try and beat us that way. London did, Warrington did.

They can only play rugby if allowed to. Tactics designed to provoke and intimidate might work in the middle of the season, but it would be risky to employ those tactic with the Middle Eights looming and Top Two qualification already assured. They will be keen to avoid injuries and suspension. A side that still has to qualify, however, will have a different slant on the game because they will be solely focused on a Top 4 finish which has not yet been guaranteed.For them, the middle 8's can take care of themselves once the club has got there.

In Topic: Can we Still Make the Top 4?

Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Puts you in the driving seat and a really chance for 3rd now, a great win. You might notice I didnt tip Fax to beat Sheffield and if they do Fev could still miss out not to mention that Bradford look quite beatable. Its going to be a pretty exciting finish that is for sure.

If they've got nothing to play for, you'll beat them on the last day of this group of 12me, unbearable conditions to play in, they didn't need it as much and weren't willing to punish their bodies as much as Fev. It's not over yet and Fev will be knackered on Sunday against Dewsbury, it will be difficult.
I bet Leigh won't be fancying it though, and I spoke to Woody today, he can't wait to get stuck into them in his first match back after suspension. The Leythers won't want to pick up any red cards or injuries with the middle 8's looming, and Fev have a score to settle.
Who predicts a riot?

In Topic: Monthly fans forum update

30 June 2015 - 07:47 PM

Apparently it's been moved because of Pontefract Races being on the Sunday afternoon.
I hope this is something beyond the club's control cos if we've chosen to move the game and potentially give our rivals an advantage then........ well........quite frankly it's a stupid thing to do!!!!

Yes, I did raise the issue, and I'm concerned that no-one had considered the implications. If it's for financial reasons I can't see lost revenue being more than a couple of thousand if that. But £250,000 is at stake (difference between finishing 4th & 5th).
Can't see it making much difference though because on the Sunday Sheffield play London and Halifax play Bradford, and our rivals will be more focused purely on winning rather than points difference. Unless, of course, Bradford already have it sewn up and don't try/

In Topic: Monthly fans forum update

29 June 2015 - 11:59 AM

Maureen, I am hoping to make it tonight, but in case I can't get there can you or someone else raise my concern:-
Why are Rovers playing Whitehaven on the Saturday? If top4 qualification goes down to points difference they will be at a disadvantage because all our rivals who are playing on the sunday will know what they have to do!


In Topic: Can we Still Make the Top 4?

26 June 2015 - 03:45 PM

Monetry wise not a lot - just a couple of grand i think

Someone posted the monetry breakdown on the fev fb page a couple of days ago - it was posted in one of the rugby papers this week

On that count then, I wouldn't bet against Fax when they play the Bradford in the final week. Bulls will have Top 2 sewn up by then and will have one eye on the middle 8. They might even rest a few. It could also be the same when Fev & Sheffield play Bradford and Leigh in the pre-penultimate round, they both might have it sealed up as early as that week? So you can't assume that some of the clubs in contention will lose to the Big 2, especially if they need it so much more.