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In Topic: Jon Sharp

Yesterday, 01:49 PM

Its hard to judge like you say in the 8's. Players tend to give more penalties away when they are tired and t.hey usually get tired quicker against better teams. You only have to look at how Leigh finished the season and the penalties and lack of fitness cost them big style.

The attached file is a perfect example of indiscipline, and quite appropriate for Blues Ox. In that game the Fev forwards were definitely under pressure, although Fev fans would argue that it was more to do with the absence of Bostock, Wood, James, Bussey and Maitua than the dominance of Cahalane, Moore, etc. What was inexcusable though was the sin-binning of Luke Cooper in his first tackle of the match. It was fairly obvious he hadn't been instructed about the team warning as he entered the field of play from the bench. Fax scored from the resultant penalty and registered two further tries while he was in the sin-bin.
That is the sort of error that Jon Sharp is likely to eradicate.

On another note, that was the last of Gareth Carvell's five appearances for the club. He was totally ineffectual on that day and clearly not fit. Fax got much better value out of Moore and Cahalane, who's to say that Sharp won't get good value out of his signings?

In Topic: Jon Sharp

11 October 2015 - 07:55 AM

After going through the DVD's of the previous few weeks I also get the impression we are conceding far fewer penalties. He talked about addressing the discipline when he came and you would expect success in that department from the former controller of referees. Penalties were a major factor in losing some games earlier in the season, and who can forget the needless two points conceding seconds before half-time against Dewsbury, which turned out to be the losing margin. It cost Andy Hay his job and probably lost us £250K. An expensive way to get Jon Sharp on board but it could well turn out to be a good bit of business.

In Topic: Summer Bash 2016

10 October 2015 - 08:02 PM

I agree, if league positions are used to pair teams to their closest rival it matches teams who won similar prize money in the previous year. No good having a team that won £750K against someone who won £250K or less.

In Topic: 2 signings announced

10 October 2015 - 10:17 AM

Don't judge Thackeray on his early career, he was a running, high scoring half-back in his early years, and even played full back at Widnes. But for the last few years his game has been developing as an organiser and playmaker, without losing any of his poaching instinct. His kicking game has also come on leaps and bound, I believe he will do us proud.

In Topic: Summer Bash 2016

08 October 2015 - 07:34 PM

Local derbies paired up quite nicely for 2015 and there weren't too many league places separating the contestants, so it looks like the others were paired to make an even contest, apart from one- Doncaster V Hunslet which looked like a mis-match at the start of the season, but look how that turned out! But what if Doncaster had been as strong as in 2014, and Hunslet had done slightly better and gone down purely as a consequence of the Summer Bash fixtures?
It should be 1 v 2, 3 v 4, all the way down, on the Super 8 placings. That way Fax would play Bulls, Leigh V Sheffield, Fev V Rams, London v Workington, Batley V Whitehaven, Oldham v Swinton. It has to be that way to be fair if the winner still gets two points, because those points could make all the difference in Top 4 qualification and relegation places, and the money that goes with it.
It should be the same in Super League too, no club wants to end up in the bottom 4 purely because of a mis-matched fixture at Magic Weekend!