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In Topic: OT HIV sufferers

Today, 06:18 PM

Steve Crossley pulled out of the away game up at Workington because he had been sick on the team bus. Should the game have been called off in case he infected his team mates, who might have passed the bug/virus/unknown disease on to the opposition players? On that premise the RFL would be obliged to call off every game when a virus has been running through the club. 

In Topic: How many plays.

Today, 09:31 AM

Does anyone remember the Saint ploy of heading the ball over the line? (now illegal)

I also remember what I call the "Fev play" which you never see any more.  Peter Fox was the coach, we were playing Hull KR at the old Craven Park in the cup and losing.  Scrum inside the Fev 25, Steadman, who could kick the ball quite a long way, kicks on tackle 1.  We standing at the other end think he's taken leave of his senses, but no, here comes Chris Bibb, collects the ball and scores.  Fev used it several times that season, as did Widnes once on TV.  I recall Peter Fox, co-commentating with Ray French remarking "I wonder where they've got that from?"

I haven't seen that play for years.  Conservative thinking  I suppose.

I remember it well, it utilised Chris Bibb's pace to its full extent, running up from full-back he was at full pace before the ball was kicked, just like a sprinter that gets a flyer out of the starting blocks. It was also easy to spot that he was definitely on-side. Even if it didn't result in a try it usually pinned the opposition back near their own line, which was often better than going through 5 plays in your own half before kicking to a waiting back 3.

It would work nowadays, because full-backs stand up in the line when defending a scrum, and if used to good effect would force them back, therefore if the attacking full-back ran up from behind rather than standing in the line he could hit the gap between the opposing stand-off and centre at full speed.


I can't recall it being called the Fev play though PH, but I can remember the "Featherstone move" created in 1976 by the coach at the time, ex-Huddersfield & GB scrum half Tommy Smales: Scrum-half Phil Butler would pick up the ball out of the back of the scrum and immediately tuck it into loose forward Keith Bell's hands, out of sight of the opposition. Bell would wait a split second while Butler ran out of the scrum, either to the blind or open side toward his stand-off or centre, with the non-existant ball out of sight of the opposition, often pretending to show it to the full-back who would come up on a dummy run. After Butler had drawn the opposing scrum-half and loose-forward toward his side of the scrum, Bell would then dart out toward the other side and utilise the gap. The best televised example I can recall was John Newlove's try in the 1976 Challege Cup semi between Fev and Widnes at Swinton in which Fev were dominating until Butler's season-ending shoulder injury early in the second half. They also missed Butler in the League, they were running away with the Championship at the time, but ended up narrowly losing it to Salford.

I wonder if there's a video clip of the try on YouTube?

In Topic: Straight Red for punching is killing the game and turning fans away

13 October 2014 - 04:10 PM

Punching is often a honest foul, often in retaliation, and the culprit knows he is likely to get a card and a ban, but it's often down to frustration and loss of control, but very few victims are seriously hurt. In fact, some of the so-called victims have deliberately provoked the incident in search of a penalty or more. The sly, cowardly professional foul on the other hand often causes more physical damage but often goes unpunished. Referees are often too timid to take action, but often see a punch as a soft option for issuing a card. IMO though, on this instance the 2nd punch from the floor did warrant a red.

In Topic: Next Season

11 October 2014 - 07:33 PM

I did try telling people this earlier but money can obviously influence people but he had said the one club he wouldnt sign for was Fev so iwere quite surprised when his name cropped up as a potential signing for Fev.

I'm surprised at that because I overheard him after the Fev-Fax play-off game. Someone asked if he'd be coming back to Fev next year and Tonka's reply was 

"It's down to Campbell"

Maybe the reason he won't come to Fev is because they won't meet his wage demands?

In Topic: Players going (Worthington)

11 October 2014 - 09:39 AM

I would love to say James Haley is great but really he is not in the same class as Tyrer who has been excellent for us this season. Also to be fair Greenwood only really had one good season for us before he picked up his bad injury and then didnt seem to recover for it, I would have Fieldhouse in my team over Greenwood every day of the week and he will do very well at Dewsbury under a good coach if he recovers from his injury. Penky left because Harrison wanted Ellis and penky got wind of it, he wanted to stay, he has never been replaced in fact the hookers we have had since are the worst i have seen in 30 years of watching Fax. Barlow just goes where the money is but then again who can blame him but as we have seen under a good coach this season he has blossomed. it seems to be a common theme that harrison never got the best of of these players.

Fair do's Blues Ox, you see them every week. I'm just going on who has played well against Fev, and Tyrer has never caught my eye, even before he came to Fax.