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In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

29 July 2014 - 09:34 PM

I do have great sympathy with this view Tro. 


Catchment areas are a basis for crowds, but catchment area requirements for a crowd can reduce if the area is steeped in RL.


But this is what makes me sad about the game refusing to move on from the past.


In 2008 Cas had 9,500 for Leeds visit on their return to SL after going down before 11,000 at Wakefield in 2006 when the Leeds game also attracted 11,000 to Wheldon Road. To square the circle  Featherstone Rovers are so well supported on a low catchment.


The area is of course full of tribal loyalties, but also full of many more people who'd just like to see a club whether it be one club dominating or a merged side....... actually competing rather than being a nursery for Leeds and Hull to strengthen their sides from. 


You have your fierce loyalties so I don't expect agreement (even though you've cheered both Wakey and Fev on) but this game needs strong clubs and those loyalties horribly weaken the potential for a club who could strengthen the game, defy the order of things, and help take the game forward.

It will never happen now Parky. Lindsay or whoever it was messed it up with the suggestion of culling off existing clubs due to merge, and stupid names like Calder. If the RFL had adopted an approach similar to Terry Mullaney's idea in '95 we might now have successfuly merged clubs. His idea  (if I remember correctly) was that these clubs would still exist in a winter league while supplying their best players for a merged Super League side playing in summer, jointly owned by the three clubs, or two clubs in other areas. Over the years most of the former clubs would have probably happily settled into being a summer feeder set up to the parent SL club, which would hopefully have been appropriately named so as to attract all fans of the orginal teams.

Please feel free to put me right if I got it slightly wrong Terry.

In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

29 July 2014 - 09:11 PM

I'm with that.


Here's a club that can average 7500 paying fans on an average season in a dump. Here's a club that I do not agree gets that big a percentage of fans from the town itself.


Cas Vegas used to say that Cas fans came from far and wide on the "Classy Cas" ticket much like the all conquering Wigan can pull them from far and wide. 


If a rich man had taken over from Fulton and built Glasshoughton I for one think they'd average 8-9,000 initially from that, then they'd build on the back of an ability to keep their best local players and gain more support from a catchment area that would indeed swallow up Fev, Wakey, Ponte etc.  

I don't think they would swallow up Fev and Wakey, it would also grow crowds there as well. You might say it's impossible but the folk are different, especially in the Ponte area. Success at one club gets everyone talking in the workplace and the pubs, and the banter spurs workmates on to go watch their team. Once again it's all about the demographics.

In Topic: The points system

29 July 2014 - 08:58 PM

I agree with the bonus point being contested, because it makes games important right up to the final hooter. The Fev-Sheffield game last year was a classic because the denial of a bonus point was crucial, whereas last Sunday Fev did not fight tooth and nail in the last five minutes because their three points were secure with a 13 point lead. Haven's last minute penalty meant nothing to them other than two points less in their points difference, but it could have a major influence on who gets relegated.

In Topic: Next Season

29 July 2014 - 08:36 PM

The thing is there is now a pathway to get in every year if your good enough We no longer have the £( unless someone knows different ) to get there so I'm not too worried The thing about this is that Featherstone Rovers will get more money like other championship clubs will so this can only be a good thing and every game counts in the leagues Until we have the money to go full time don't worry about it Bradford and Leigh will be full time next year and will clearly be in position 1 and 2 IMO we need to aim for 3rd or 4th to get into the middle 8 ( didn't think I would be saying that after the last 4 years ) Lets hope things settle down Andy Hay can keep the players he wants let the ones go that don't want to be here anymore and add the ones that he thinks will improve the team

It's been a bad year at the club but lets hope too much damage hasn't been done and everyone pulls together we are still second at the moment and a tough few weeks coming up will make or break a good season next year What ever happens we need to support the club because without the help of the supporter backing this great club we will never get into S/L

Lets all back the club for the rest of this season see where we end up and give the play offs a good go then next season lets get back to having a settled team with players who want to play for Fev and you never know where we might finish in the league

Together any things possible

If we have a season as good as we had in 2009 I will be satisfied because I enjoyed it immensely, just being pipped in the NRC semi's up at Barrow by the eventual Champions, then being a hairs breadth away from a GF place in the semi at The Shay, after play-off away wins at Sheffield & Widnes. It was definitely a season to kick on from and just as enjoyable as 2010 through to 2013.

In Topic: The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

28 July 2014 - 10:10 PM

See my earlier post about it not being linear.


In a small town without direct football competition in the town itself then you get a high percentage of the town will go to the rugby games, hence you get places like Featherstone and Castleford get a high percentage of the town attending but struggle to get to 10k.


Believe me, I've looked at this from every angle and you can see the relationship.

I believe that if Castleford had a benefactor like Ken Davey they wouldn't struggle to get 10K.