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    first   half   performance   at   halifax   was   brilliant  probably   the   best   all   season.against   eagles   no   energy ,aggression  and   mostly   one   up   forward   drives.we   really   needed   to   win  the   game  so   i   can't   understand   the  lack   of   determination .i   realise   we   played   without  regular  half   back   pairing   but   that   does    not   excuse  poor   defence .the   players   did   up   their   game   in  the   second   half   and   deserved   the   bonus   point  keegan  and   young   teasdale   led   the   way.however   every   time   eagles   got   to   our   20   metre  line   they   looked   like   scoring.looking   forward   to   a   better  performance   sunday.after   the   season   we  have   had  to   finish   second  would  be   a   major   achievment,and   the   players   deserve   credit   for  their  efforts   under  trying   circumstances.

The killer blow was the try conceded just before half time; 22-4 was too much to come back from and it was a desperate kick near their line when we we were pressing that gave them the opportunity to break away. It shouldn't have been allowed though, the final pass from Knowles to QLT was a good yard forward, but the linesman wouldn't have got a good view because he was too far downfield trying to catch up with the break. It might have been completely different at 16-4 going into the break?

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Yesterday, 10:40 PM

I said that Kyle couldn't step off his left, so he proved me wrong there. I think his problem at Rovers was that Andy Kain has taken over as top dog in the stand off department since he's been out injured and Kyle struggled under his shadow. Now he's got away from Rovers his confidence is sky high again.

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31 August 2014 - 09:32 PM



You do a fabulous job holding up the Featherstone flag sine Nahaboo left. Keep going.


But Hunslet fans of old in the main don't go to Headingley. So many have died off this last 20 years, so many have packed in and so many weren't even from Hunslet anyway, and the first problem in your analysis is the repeating myth that only Hunslet folks watch Hunslet and that was not true even 30 years ago.


Even before Superleague plenty of south Leeds people watched Leeds and ignored Hunslet, because Leeds provided regular first division Rugby League, since Leeds have become professional and Hunslets status reduced, that process of people choosing the higher level of RL has accelerated not just in Leeds but everywhere.


Cas Vegas used to always tell us as an avid fan of Cas he didn't have any friends who went to the games that were actually from Cas. Another awful myth is that Cas get 7,000 fans from a 39,000 population and it just is not true. Fans come from all over live all over and go to watch sport all over. You can't box them up into little areas, and attach loyalty labels to them.


As I have said I detect at Headingley a decent York contingent, also anecdotally Wigan fans come from all over Lancashire, sharing cars from Oldham, getting the trains from Piccadily station and driving down the M6 from North Lancs. Warrington no doubt attract them from Chester etc.


Your local game for local folk analysis and the soccer warning was done years ago when it was proposed that people in East Hull only watch HKR and if there was no HKR they would watch Hull City. It was an appalling argument assuming that only locals watch the local team and all locals are born and bred local and all locals only want to watch their local team.


Even Fourty years ago this wasn't true in Leeds. I'm a North Leeds lad born and bred and the half dozen lads I used to go with who chose to follow Hunslet were all from North Leeds too.


The usual proposal here is that if you add the 5,000 fev fans who would watch top class RL to the 8,000 Cas fans who would and the 9,000 Wakey fans who also would you'd get 22,000 fans.


If your saying many would not want to watch another club so what, if half of them packed up so what? 11,000 still makes a successful club and that is the problem as above. It's not about numbers it's about revenue and running three clubs in the area playing out of poor grounds is one massive loss making excersise. If you want to say three quarters of them would pack up so what? At least any club with a new start and a WMDC and beyond audience to go at could re-build a new fanbase.


As we saw at Bradford there are far more "floating" fans to be had than loyal locals if you get the product right, as I have said on another post on this too much emphasis is placed on the value of "loyal" local fans. It isn't there. Even the 3,000 fans that turned up for Cougarmania certainly weren't loyal, once the on field entertainment and success was gone they were too. Today you have 2,500 fans at Fev. Where were the bulk of them when Fev slipped to the third tier?


If championship clubs exist to cater to the loyal local fans who would not go to SL clubs then i wonder why Superleague clubs have doubled their crowds and Championship clubs halved theirs. When Hunslet closed early 1973 I was all set to go watch Bradford Bulls, not Leeds United. I preferred RL.

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier Parky, been too pre-occupied with the build up to the Fev-Sheffield game and writing my match report afterwards- Now there's a damper on everyone's arguments; why an excellent club like Eagles can't attract bigger gates I'll never know? I can hazard a guess, and that may be because the City has two soccer clubs, so the local rivalry intensifies the interest in the sport even when neither Wednesday or United are not doing too well. Maybe there will be a soccer city somewhere in the UK where Rugby League would take off, but I doubt it? Not without that new club being in the running for major trophies at the very least!

I worked in Leeds for over 30 years and had quite a few workmates that followed the Loiners but considered themselves Hunslet at heart. None of them still lived in South Leeds, however, although they had lived there or had family ties, probably from the great sides of the 50's or earlier. If I am wrong on this I stand corrected, it's just a perception. 

My perception, however, is that new clubs in big cities won't work, mainly because the big clubs wouldn't allow them any concessions so they could be successful at their own expense. Mergers won't work, it's too late for that now.Terry Mullaney's original idea might have worked whereby you had a representative area club and the existing clubs still played as feeders, but you couldn't incorporate it now.

With the exception of a club like Hull, only about half a dozen will get over 10K regularly, and as clubs like Castleford, and probably Salford next year, break into the top 6 gates will eventually fall at the clubs that drop out. So why kill off the aspirations below Super League when there will only be around 6 super clubs at any one time?...The other clubs that are not so super need to be recycled on a regular basis to keep up the interest in areas that have historically produced great players in abundance........That is my perception of things, I'm sure yours will be different.- but that's ok, there would be no debate without differing points of view. 

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31 August 2014 - 07:16 PM




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30 August 2014 - 09:07 PM

The trouble is far too many Hunslet fans of old prefer to go to Headingley these days, and because of this some people think the same would happen in the WMDC area if one club were to gain a position of prominence. But unlike the City of Leeds those from the Pontefract-Castleford area don't consider themselves as Wakefield folk, and vice-versa. If their club were to fold they would be much more likely to also take the relatively short trip to Headingley, or worse still, Elland Road, Oakwell or Huddersfield Town.