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In Topic: Rovers vs Dewsbury

Yesterday, 09:16 PM

Was surprised that Blackmoore was not in the squad as it sounds like he played and did well last night!

Probably doesn't want to dent Kyran's confidence. I would bring him back next week if all ok because these youngsters can't keep doing it week in, week out at their age, as shown on Sunday.

In Topic: Fans forum

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Bostock is a bit of enigma, he has grown on everyone over the years and is now a firm fans favourite. Trouble is, new coaches need time to appreciate him and can't often look beyond work rate and statistics. Then after a while it dawns on them how much he lifts the side when he enters the field from off the bench, then he becomes a key part of the 17 once again.
If he is leaving to go back to his home town club you can't really be bitter, all you can do is wish him all the best, but I hope its not because the new coach doesn't rate him because of work rate, as was the case with Bastian and Hay at first.

In Topic: expectations

03 September 2015 - 08:34 PM

1. Hitchcox
2. Blackmore
3. Chappell
4. Cording

5. Minns
6 Marginet

7. Moore
8. Wood
9. Irwin

10 Bostock
11. Lockwood
12. Maitua
13. James


that's an entire starting line-up, albeit with a couple out of position, of regulars from the first team squad who - for one reason or another - haven't been available for the last few games, and that hasn't helped at all. We're currently fielding six or seven players who have been playing in the reserves for most of the season, and on paper we're a far weaker team than earlier in the season, even though we have strung a few wins together against some of the Championship's weaker teams; we conspicuously lacked bulk against Batley, with none of our four props having the traditional body shape for that position, and we were unsurprisingly outmuscled to a degree. With Will bound for Fax & one or two other stalwarts perhaps not going to be here next year, we look likely to be very much in rebuilding mode for next year. As has been said elsewhere, we'll have to wait until the dust settles on this season and who we manage to recruit for next year, but we might need to be patient waiting for the good times to return; but I'm sure they will.

It's very sobering to look down that list and realise that not one of them has given full value for money, for one reason or another. True, in many cases it's not been their fault and they've been unlucky with injury, but also, the Aussies haven't worked out because of visa problems, injury and Jy taking an eternity to show his class.

Of the others, if they were in industry their employers would be sorting them into groups and deciding whether they were the sick, the lame or the lazy. There's some real talent there that's spent more time on the treatment table than the playing surface, and if we were to get the same from them next year in terms of fitness and availability I'd rather not have them.  

I've a feeling JS might go for a bit less quantity while still recruiting some quality, and use the loan or D/R systems to cover any unforeseen absences.

In Topic: M.O.M. Rovers at Workington

03 September 2015 - 01:04 PM

Any chance of a few more nominations from this game please? I've left it open in the hope that a few who picked up the DVD might vote. It's getting close to the end of the season and it's getting tight at the top for the end-of-season award.

In Topic: Baldwinson

01 September 2015 - 09:53 AM

Baldy needs some good advice about what might be best for him.
It's very tough to break into the Leeds first team and you need a bit of luck to get the opportunity at the right time. My brother was a big money signing for them in the late 70's but after initial success suffered a long injury and on his return his path was blocked so he moved on. It happened with many others around that time, notably Chris Burton, and I get the impression nothing much has changed.
If Jordan is a dyed in the wool Rhino with ambitions to play in major finals for them he might be better advised as a prop to gain his experience at a not so wealthy club while he matures into the finished article I'm sure he will become. He could then move to Rhinos and still be young enough to give them a good 10 year of service. He's very young for a prop, but they tend to go on longer, so he's got bags of time.