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Steve Slater

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#2965266 RL Express Cream of the Championship Crop

Posted by Steve Slater on 25 July 2014 - 02:33 PM

Ellis and Sharp are realistically the only Fev players who could be considered, Mendeika has been class but which is his best position? Worthington has been absent through injury quite a bit, and so have all our star forwards of last year,apart from Lockwood who hasn't hit lat seaon's heights so far. On current form I would put Andy Kain in contention, but he started the season struggling with injury, and is now in transition between traditional stand off and playmaker with his kicking game coming on leaps and bounds. I've a feeling he will be up there by the end of the season, dodgy groin permitting, and there could be one or two more. But could you pick anyone else but Brierley and Cooke in the halves, no matter how well Murrell has been playing? 

#2963793 The never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Posted by Steve Slater on 22 July 2014 - 09:07 PM

I think 'being as good as the clubs outside the top six' is in itself wishful thinking, and- please don't take this the wrong way completely unacceptable as an ambition .
The competition needs to grow and become stronger, not have more foot soldiers . Look at it another way. Two clubs with huge potential one way or another have been ejected . Is there a club outside SL with more potential than either if them. Look at the clubs outside the top six. I would suggest they all have huge potential for growth. Is there a club or clubs outside SL with more than for instance Salford?

I get your point Chris, but I believe that until the competition does grow and become stronger we need to hold what we have. Bradford will be back, and the experience of the Championship will do them good, and London will be back if people want it, but the Championship needs to be stronger, with a higher profile and TV exposure to ensure that kids keep playing the game in these areas. The game outside Super League will keep on going backwards without hope of promotion. With regards to Salford, it remains to be seen whether success on the field, which Dr.Koukash promises, results in big gates, or whether he would have got more through the turnstiles at Halifax?

#2962897 Jamie Rooney retires

Posted by Steve Slater on 21 July 2014 - 01:06 PM

Regarding Rooney: The back end of our season is very much dependant on whether Andy Kain's groin and Gareth Moore's leg hold up. We need a contingency and Harry Secombe doesn't seem to be the answer. If he's on a pay per play deal it would be nothing lost, and if he could put the time saved in travelling onto the training pitch, added to local pride where he won't want to under perform in front of friends and family, we might get something extra on top of his considerable kicking skills. 

#2961473 Will the Broncos be swallowed up by the Championship?

Posted by Steve Slater on 18 July 2014 - 10:11 PM

The expansion clubs in Championship 1 are run and supported by some great people, but the possibility of them attaining elite level is many years down the line.

Maybe that's how it should be Chris, but it's clearly not because at least a third of Super League clubs are not super at all. The demise of London is an insult to clubs like Featherstone and Keighley who had to fall on their sword to allow them in in the first place. They were the sacrificial lambs because bigger was better and the bigger the city the more successful the club would be, and Broncos were to be the flagship of the new competition. Their failure wasn't the fault of current or previous owners, but rather the fault of other Super League clubs who were not willing to fall on their own swords for the good of the game. They all wanted London to succeed, but not at their own expense. If they could give expansion clubs exemption from relegation they could have gone one or two steps further and given them a far greater slice of the Sky money, and a much bigger salary cap than anyone else to ensure they got all the top players, especially the star imports. The failure of London has set the game's expansion back years and it will be a long time before new big city clubs will attract viable crowds.

#2957277 The Future

Posted by Steve Slater on 10 July 2014 - 07:47 PM

I think Trout has done well so far and would have gone well with, say Finn as a organiser.

One factor to consider regarding the wage bill is Matt Nicholson;he was looking good before his injury. The question is will he be back for the start of next season, or doesn't AH want him anyway. If he gets released that would pay Trout's wages, although I personally would prefer a fit Nicholson.

#2956464 The Future

Posted by Steve Slater on 08 July 2014 - 05:41 PM

Halifax have been struggling financially and their gates have dropped since they didn't get a franchise, but they haven't done too badly, neither have Batley on a much lower playing budget than ours. I think we've all been spoilt, didn't we enjoy the exploits and near misses of 2009? Remember that Sheffield won the GF from 6th place (I think) it 2012 and Batley went very close last year. They also won the NRC. Maybe we can win something as underdogs?

#2956187 Major new investors

Posted by Steve Slater on 07 July 2014 - 10:26 PM

I was fully behind Feisal before he departed. But he's gone, so has Powell, so has Finn. I see no benefit in knocking the people that got us into such a strong position in the first place, even if they have made mistakes. What's more important is that the club gets to keep its soul. FN talked about getting Rovers into the top 4 in Super League as if we had never been a successful club before. We would have had to be a big spending club to achieve that, which is what we have never been until recently. If we ever get there it will be as giant killers, which is what the clubs history is all about. Feisal might have had good intentions, but he didn't understand the club, its fans, and its proud traditions, so he meddled where it wasn't needed. We never wanted to be called Calder and we certainly don't want to be called Feisalstone!

#2956093 Major new investors

Posted by Steve Slater on 07 July 2014 - 06:56 PM

finishing where fev did for years is failure in your eyes??? you need help!!!

It was only failure if you had the best squad of players, which I firmly believe DP had. If the League Title winners had also been given the title of Champions and the major cash prize, which the feat truly deserved, then it would have been a resounding success. But the League Title wasn't given as much prestige as the Grand Final, or even the NR Cup, so yes, it was a failure in terms of achieving targets.

#2956081 Major new investors

Posted by Steve Slater on 07 July 2014 - 06:23 PM

i think most are missing the point that the biggest mistake was creating a situation that led to dp leaving!!! and that is squarely at the door of MC.outside fev they are calling rovers the madhouse and who can blame them??

I understood he told MC he was leaving at the end of the season and they had a falling out, and relations became strained. (If I'm wrong please correct me).
I think Powell would have left anyway when Cas came for him. But if I was a company director ploughing loads of money into the firm, and my operations manager failed to meet his targets despite having a larger operating budget than the opposition, I think I would have sacked him anyway. Granted, Powell did have some bad luck in Grand Finals and NR Cup games.
The biggest mistake was allowing John Bastian to unsettle Liam Finn, and allowing him to leave.

#2953626 Shares available

Posted by Steve Slater on 02 July 2014 - 08:40 PM

Will the A + B shares be placed on the rovers shop site for purchase to make it easier for those fans who cannot get to the ground? they would make great gifts for family members

Suggested selling the B shares in presentation packs for Christmas to Phil Stone, and he likes the idea. If taken on board it would be a logical step to design presentation packs for birthdays and special occasions.

#2952747 Signing

Posted by Steve Slater on 01 July 2014 - 07:23 AM

What good's a bunch of star players if they don't play as a team? IMO we've had the best set of players for the last 4 years, but how many finals have we won? Let's get behind the squad and players we get left with and support the coaching teamin their efforts to build them into a strong unit. It's not just the Loan & D/R players to blame, but rather the injuries to our long standing players which made them necessary. With the injury list we've had this year we're due a bit of luck, and I'd like to see how some of the other top clubs would go on if they had the same problems.
Next year the middle group of 8 will be decided by the best teams on the day(s), and you only need one or two shock wins to go up. If that doesn't happen I won't be too upset, but as long as we give our best I will enjoy the competition.

#2951987 Major new investors

Posted by Steve Slater on 29 June 2014 - 08:13 PM

What worried me more than anything was today's attendance, well below 2,000 for the first time this season. If people were staying away because of FN they have no excuse now, but the club needs them and every other supporter more than ever before at this transitional time.

We might find Super League a lot harder to achieve now, but at least the club gets to keep its soul!

#2948798 Nahaboo

Posted by Steve Slater on 23 June 2014 - 07:48 PM

Why are people so worried We have a person prepared to put money into the club and try to get us in SL. There is one thing for sure it is going to be hard to get there but if he wasn't here we would have no chance of moving up Lets hope he doesn't think like some of the supporters and decide to stay away because things are not going right at the moment. There has also been supporters moaning about statements made at the club they should look at what they actually write on social media about Featherstone Rovers and players

Whatever we think there is one thing I know is right and that is that supporters shouldn't stop turning up because we are not winning Let the men in charge do there jobs and make sure we do ours by turning up on a match day and supporting the club

The one thing we all agree on is we all want success from top to bottom and the only way we can do that is by pulling in the same direction Together we will get there

The way the club was going all of us who can remember 1983 would have been dead and gone before the slightest hope of a Wembley final became nothing more than a dream. I want to see Rovers in the big time once again, not for myself but for my grandkids and all the youngsters who've never seen anything else but the Championship. If they make SL and it doesn't last at least they would have something to remember, just like us oldies. Even if they lost the land, and the stadium, there are enough supporters at the club who would ensure it would never die.

#2948789 Workie 20 - 18 Fev

Posted by Steve Slater on 23 June 2014 - 07:32 PM

Tommy was great for Fev, but it was the choice of the previous coach to let him go, same with Finn, and the club hold their hands up to say they were wrong to allow him to do this. But the wingers aren't the problem,everyone who has worn the shirt this season has shown great finishing prowess.

#2948344 Workie 20 - 18 Fev

Posted by Steve Slater on 22 June 2014 - 10:29 PM

If we had more like Andy Kain it would get boring sat at the top all the time.

Trouble is Andy is having to do more of the creative work because we are lacking in that department, and we are missing him as an out and out stand off. But his bet display of the season was 3 week ago against Dewsbury when he took over the scrum half role half way through the first half. Seijka looks good as an individual player but he's not leading us around the park, and his distribution is too disjointed so far and will take time to click. Moore was just staring to look ok before he got injured, which shows how long it takes for the play makers to settle in.