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    https://www.manchesterrangers.co.uk/rangers-form-inaugural-manchester-schools-league/ Five High Schools will take part in the first Manchester Schools League.
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    If I end up believing that a nasty bigot with the brains of a mollusc, the morals of an alleycat and the memory of a goldfish is the man we need for our times then we can assume that at some point in that six and a half years the planet has been reduced to a small pile of rubble and a population of 1.
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    Even me,coolie & BSJ would have looked good,as you put it against the sheep😂😂
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    So RL has such a strong foundation that it can tell potentially new fans that they aren't worthy because they don't know enough. They should be criticised for having a good time without studying a 100 years of the sport's history. And why has the sport stagnated again?
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    Looking back to the posts where I wasn't sure about this new role I'm in, I'm quite happy you lot (and others) convinced me to suck it up and jump in with both feet. Today, they named me Chief Operating Officer Albeit still on an interim basis, as they can't guarantee funding beyond April 2020. Still, a year and a half of stability it looks like. I always wanted to be a coo...
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    What's it doing on the floor? Bloody French.
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    The Tory Parliamentary Party have a well-earned reputation for dog-whistle racism against muslims yet no-one expects them to be held to the same high standards as Labour. The reason for that is easy, you don't expect any better. Labour, even in their current dire reputation battles over anti-semitism, are innocent angels compared to the Tories when it comes to ethics and morals over discrimination against others. The Tories adopting the IHRA definition or not is meaningless really because it'd just be another thing they'd ignore.
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    I did. He set the dog on me.
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    Good news for Misi if it's true. Fev can't afford to pay him as a full-time player anymore, yet he can't work outside of rugby due to his visa regulations, so a player/coaching role at Sheffield could work out well for him. I'm sure we all wish him well?
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    It does though, you simply cannot fly through any of the major airports without pre-checks of some sort. Even if you do a last-second booking, you will be computer vetted before you or your luggage is allowed on the plane, for the reasons you give but mainly for anti-terrorism purposes. How else would they detect fake passports? It's a far more credible belief for this, and for the Windrush cases, that the systems are set to "allow out but not back in". Not our problem where these undesireables go as long as they don't come back, even if they're British children born in Britain to a British parent.
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    I just hope we do win the league this year because I for one don't want another rematch, kear and Bradford will be shaking in their boots if they have to face you guy's in the playoffs, good luck hope to see you in the championship next year. Up the kneets😀😀😀
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    So my take from this post is that the only reason your inevitable victory will be narrow, is due to your propensity for taking your foot off the gas. This kind of arrogance should probably be reserved for fans of teams with a better record against Super League opposition. You are likely to find that trampling over teams filled with part time semi-pro's a different proposition to playing a full time team, playing with confidence, away from home. Maybe you will win on Saturday, personally I doubt it. What I am 100% sure of is that if you honestly think you have a team of enough quality to take your foot off at any point in the 80 minutes, then you are likely to get your pants pulled down hilariously.
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    Great news. What might be missed here is that these are Secondary Schools. Far, far harder than getting Primary Schools involved. Rangers might be finding a way to take away all the excuses to enable entry into League 1.
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    Johnson is an opportunist pure and simple. He does what he needs to further his own career, and I suspect even most ardent Conservatives would agree with that.
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    I never can get my head around teams playing all season for a home final then getting it took off them . This rule about playing in certain massive stadia is crazy and negates the advantage you’ve earned . Penrith should play at Penrith with a packed crowd behind them , there’ll be no more at 80000 soulless ANZ . Teams like dragons , wests etc would get dudded by this rule but others who play at the bigger grounds get their home turf . You could even get nominal home advantage and have to go a side who’s home ground that is !
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    That is fantastic news. Manchester, like many other areas, is an untapped resource when it comes to players.
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    Must say I really enjoyed that. First time I’ve seen that show but it was a good watch well presented . Brilliant feature on us, great exposure and Leon coming across excellently . Obviously a great motivator and someone you want to play for . He’s dead right that we can take plenty from that . Good of the guy to put Elstone on the spot about the lower leagues thriving . Nice words but not to convincing really . His focus is clear . Still gutted by those tries , but looking again they still took some scoring .
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    More brilliant 20/20 hinsight vision from self-righteous Fax fans. I'll type this slowly. Your 2018 budget is decided by how you do in 2017. We got top 4 last year, had money to spend and spent it. We won't have that next year so we released Hock early. That's it. We can with a 23 man squad. Smallish but ok. Hock was released after the regular season. Leeds muscled in on Luke Briscoe and 7 other players have suffered season finishing injuries not including Farrells broken leg from which he's just returned. That's Ridyard, Holmes, Moore, Ulugia, Walton, Thornton and Wheeldon all gone. We haven't cried about it like some clubs do. "Happy to use DR"? No choice really given the decimation of the reserves league. We were among the last to stop and are looking to restart asap. That's not poor management. It's doing what Championship clubs have been dictated to do. ATEOTD, Hock gets his fingertips on the ball at Blackpool and all you would hear outof Halifax would be gnashing of teeth and wailing, not smug mis-analysis.
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    "Israel is a racist endeavour" posters popping up on Bus-stops in London today - directly challenging the IHRA definition(had to watch for a typo there lol). If you needed any more evidence for the way the current leadership of my own party has legitimised anti-semitism amongst its supporters.
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    Only a nightmare? Eee, you don't know how lucky you are!
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    Strange old game.. and I can remember seasons when one team would continue to have the upper hand over another.. sometimes against the odds - remember us having four wins in a season over Fev. And Gateshead doing us four times in a season !
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    They said on tonights show the top 3 games they have seen this season all involved the Knights, Bradford away, Workington away and Catalans at home, always said were a top team.
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    Pete's thoughts: Bradford should be happy to retain near enough the same level of support, it did annoy me when Martyn Sadler congratulated Andrew Chalmers on overseeing a rise in attendances this season. Sloppy journalism, I'm glad I always add up correctly 🤥 York Another steady rise, even without the Bulls crowd the avg is 1197. Expect 2 more big home crowds to see the avg rise further. Newcastle Lots to build on, with a few ex SL stars joining next season they should push for 1,500. Would still like them to play the first match of magic weekend at St James Park. Doncaster It looks a good increase, but you have to take into account that's mostly on the back of £40 season tickets, next season the prices aren't much higher. At some point they'll need to charge a sensible amount, when they do we'll see if this experiment worked. Keighley Apparently they budgeted for 1,000 a game to break even which maybe wasn't the best decision. They have a good egg in Steve Gill (new CEO) who should help get a few back. Otherwise they'll be disappointed with this seasons avg. Workington/Whitehaven I'm not putting these 2 together to suggest a merger, honest! I think Workington have proved they can get good crowds for big games and seem to market themselves well, looking like a tricky period for Whitehaven off the pitch. Hunslet As above, good crowds for Bradford/York, on the whole they've played some good rugby and even if they miss out on the playoffs they'll be happy with the avg. Oldham Disappointing really. They still have Bradford to visit soon but crowds are way down, the crowd of 274 against West Wales was an all time low. Think they really need a fresh approach with marketing and connecting with the community because they play attractive rugby. Moving ground so often won't help I know. Coventry Steady progress on and off the pitch for the Midlands team, maybe 2019 they can be an outside bet for the playoffs and push to avg 500. North Wales Same as above, some progress off the pitch as they are now in control of their revenue streams. I believe next season they'll have a much bigger budget and that might see them push for the playoffs and with it a bigger home support. London It's not been a good season on or off the pitch for the Londoners. Despite a big crowd against Bradford and the usual 'Wembley Friday' match the avg is nearly 100 down. Ok, last season they had 1,500 ish against Toronto which swelled that avg but it does seem like the club are at a crossroads, I believe the general manager has left too. West Wales I'm taking their reported crowd figures with a pinch of salt, I counted no more than 100 at the York game but they gave it as nearly 3 times that! If they can make the ground more their own, have a stall with programmes/merchandise and get more of a competitive team together then things will improve. Hemel Take off the 838 gate against Bradford and they are on 117, pretty much the same as last year. They have their reasons for being based in Sheffield, apparently they used to get 4-500 when they were in the amateur divisions, if they were based in Hemel and like Oldham could reconnect with the local community they'd progress.
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    Corbyn's biggest problem is he has made a career out of being a maverick rebel - put him in charge of anything and he has no idea what to do, he wants to shout and rebel against someone but he has no one to do it against as they have to go along with him. I am sorry but whilst I think May is the least competent leader we have had since the 70's (at least) I think he would be worse

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