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    https://www.manchesterrangers.co.uk/rangers-form-inaugural-manchester-schools-league/ Five High Schools will take part in the first Manchester Schools League.
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    If I end up believing that a nasty bigot with the brains of a mollusc, the morals of an alleycat and the memory of a goldfish is the man we need for our times then we can assume that at some point in that six and a half years the planet has been reduced to a small pile of rubble and a population of 1.
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    Even me,coolie & BSJ would have looked good,as you put it against the sheep๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    So RL has such a strong foundation that it can tell potentially new fans that they aren't worthy because they don't know enough. They should be criticised for having a good time without studying a 100 years of the sport's history. And why has the sport stagnated again?
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    Looking back to the posts where I wasn't sure about this new role I'm in, I'm quite happy you lot (and others) convinced me to suck it up and jump in with both feet. Today, they named me Chief Operating Officer Albeit still on an interim basis, as they can't guarantee funding beyond April 2020. Still, a year and a half of stability it looks like. I always wanted to be a coo...
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    The Tory Parliamentary Party have a well-earned reputation for dog-whistle racism against muslims yet no-one expects them to be held to the same high standards as Labour. The reason for that is easy, you don't expect any better. Labour, even in their current dire reputation battles over anti-semitism, are innocent angels compared to the Tories when it comes to ethics and morals over discrimination against others. The Tories adopting the IHRA definition or not is meaningless really because it'd just be another thing they'd ignore.
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    I did. He set the dog on me.
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    Good news for Misi if it's true. Fev can't afford to pay him as a full-time player anymore, yet he can't work outside of rugby due to his visa regulations, so a player/coaching role at Sheffield could work out well for him. I'm sure we all wish him well?
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    It does though, you simply cannot fly through any of the major airports without pre-checks of some sort. Even if you do a last-second booking, you will be computer vetted before you or your luggage is allowed on the plane, for the reasons you give but mainly for anti-terrorism purposes. How else would they detect fake passports? It's a far more credible belief for this, and for the Windrush cases, that the systems are set to "allow out but not back in". Not our problem where these undesireables go as long as they don't come back, even if they're British children born in Britain to a British parent.
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    I just hope we do win the league this year because I for one don't want another rematch, kear and Bradford will be shaking in their boots if they have to face you guy's in the playoffs, good luck hope to see you in the championship next year. Up the kneets๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
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    Kids generally aren't too interested in low level sport, so if you want to get kids interested it has to be done with serious backing, ambition and family-friendly venue and pricing like Toronto.
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    Yesterday quoted in the local paper wanting to stay in France. Not ruling out playing in the Elite come November. Older brother Vinnie still going round at Elite 2 Villegailhenc. Louis hoping to get involved with the Dragons in some capacity while he hopes also to have his own bar/restaurant. The Andersons doing their bit to enhance the code here.
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    Gus Hedges was ahead of his time. Just thought I'd run that up the flagpole and see who salutes it.
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    What about the parable of the 7 TRL posters? 6 were wise and STFU while the other one kept rambling on in bold type. Or something.
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    I'm a big supporter of Toronto making it to SuperLeague, of the dream that it is, (in conflict with reality) but to see them as any sort of torchbearer for New World expansion is in my view, a huge error. Cats andd Toulouse in SuperLeague, though, is in my view, something that could sustain or even increase the presence of the game in the French heartlands. So for me, the WC in North America was never going to happen. Holding it in the French heartlands -and the heartlands only - forget Paris, Lyon, and Barcelona -, would work for me, though. Taking it on the road in the Hexagon, or splitting it between France and the UK will never work....too dilute, incomplete, complicated. The downside of Toronto, and of Cats wnning the cup , is the growth of a romantic notion of expansion that seems to ignore the real issues, including long term financial issues. Lets focus on a low risk WC in a country, in an area, with a structure that works.
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    Amazing that you think it's the press's responsibility to cover up, through exclusion or non-reporting, widespread and repeated concerns of those working in the administration about the fitness, intellectual and otherwise, of the President of the United States. That sort of approach to journalism ended with Nixon. It's a massive distraction from Trump and his partisan defenders to make this all about the press, almost like a process defence, rather than about the issues raised in the piece. Which are similar to issues covered in Woodward's book and the same as comments administration officials seemingly happily make off the record to journalists on a regular basis.
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    This is RL Mr Plow, the GB tour is only 12 months away, we know it is going to happen - they have told us so! - but where and when? I told the missus when it was first stated the tour was going ahead in May '17 that we would go in '19, fine she said, now all this time later I am getting pressured to present her with dates and schedules, which I cannot do, she is actively looking at alternative holidays for 2019.
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    Nike use cheap sweatshops so they can make more money. Nike are "supporting" Kaepernick to make more money. Nike don't do, or support, anything unless it'll make them more money. They are in the money making business!
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    Bastille Day test match play it in France every year then have Armistace Day test match play it in England. Also each year some of the proceeds can go to charities for the arm forces. But also on the same day have a women's game and a wheelchair game as the curtin raises. Make it a meaningful celebration and not a pointless match and your on a winner.
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    Hope he is given a chance in the second row before the end of the season now he has signed.
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    New Zealand and Pacific islands ?
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    Oh my god this post is an attack of nerves have you no faith in your side, we have also played workington and won home and away tough as it was, and beat Oldham a way, we are the best side in this division in my view Oldham are a tough side but bloody hell so are we they will not like playing us at home come ye Kneets
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    If you missed this we suggest you try and catch up with it somehow. Excellent coverage of our club. #ourtown
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    You can't really debate with Corbyns more fanatical followers, they seem to have truly lost the plot.
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    That's what England and NZ thought last RLWC too. How are they a team of mercenaries, they hardly get any pay compared to what they could be getting. That has to be the dumbest comment ever on these forums. Congratulations that's quite the prize.

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