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    So, people call for more free-to-air coverage because that will increase exposure. Yet, Sky decide to show more games and it’s going to be bad because it will stop people going to games Hmmmm 🥺
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    Tommy Lee. Totally random, strange and unique to a Rugby League field. He never belonged on one.
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    2019 pocket size fixture cards now available. These will be available at the fans forum. Please see any AR committee member.
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    That might be your interpretation Bob
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    Well, possibly an influencing factor from a British POV is simply that the IRA did a lot of bombing. That certainly influences me, which is why I tend not to get involved in discussions on Northern Ireland. I had an uncle in the army who was based in NI during the troubles. I live near Warrington and remember the bin bombs that killed two young boys out shopping on a Saturday afternoon. I have a deep hatred for the IRA and Sinn Fein and so tend not to get involved.

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