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    The Huddersfield of Southern hemisphere rugby league
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    Well the conversation really meandered in the last number of posts from both my post 2 days ago and the main topic of discussion. To my fellow Canadian I would point out that I have followed LegendTex's posts on the forum since my commencement here, and he has posted many times on developments at the grassroots level and my assessment was that he was a true RL fan from its core group. I followed many of his threads last year on the Manchester Rangers, South America and if I recall correctly Serbia(?) among others. I respect that group of supporters even if I do not always agree with their beliefs. I don't believe we gain anything by trashing them for their differences of opinion especially when we do not know them. It will only breed more distrust and push the two sides further apart - and that is one outcome with potential to destroy the sport. BTW LegendTex I thank you for those posts. To the doubters and skeptics, and those with generally negative opinions about Toronto I can only suggest that you exercise more patience to see if your fears of a repeat of the past, or lack of talent, or concerns about money, and all the other negative issues I have seen brought up on the forum translate to a long term defeat of Toronto as a going concern, or a really detrimental impact to RL at the professional level. I am not deaf, nor do I believe my compatriots are either, on the potential negative impacts to the smaller centers in the RL heartland. Time will tell whether your fears of declining quality, loss of teams in the smaller centers and other concerns come to pass. I hope management will stick handle this with finesse but we have to expect their will be bumps on the road. I personally and professionally (speaking as a businessman) assess that at this time Toronto has invoked many more positives then negatives: it has brought in a wave of fan and financial interest from North America that is in process of translating to new teams, it should create new opportunities for the player pool to expand and give hope for a professional future to the talent pool, and it seems to be causing some renewed interest in the sport in mainland Europe as well, among the benefits that immediately come to mind. Its how I view the loss of the 3 players for which this thread is about. Its unfortunate, but its a short term event. I think its actual impact minor. Its a newsworthy event for a moment, but 2 weeks from now when the season commences it will be water under the bridge for the team, and the game - everyone's mind will be on the task at hand and this will be just another footnote to an ever developing story. Finally, Canadians can be brash and arrogant even over their fabled politeness. I note again for the record our 2 national sports are hockey and lacrosse. These are historically rough, boisterous, violent sports. Sort of at odds to the foreign impressions of our culture, but not if you live here. As was noted by Perez "RL is the most Canadian of sports which Canadians don't play" (or something like that). Every Canadian who has seen RL understands instinctively what he was saying. It is an explanation of our enthusiasm, and the success TWP enjoyed right out of the gate with attendance and publicity. I took a stab with some guesses in the thread we have in the TWP subforum at what these 3 did to get kicked to the curb. I apparently missed the mark but whatever it was, it was not good...
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    Depends what you mean by ' fold ' Ray , ? The vast majority of clubs that started a 100 odd years ago and got through the 1 st decade of the Norther Union ( ie the start of RL as a separate sport from Union ) are still in existence , have they financially collapsed in that time and re formed , yes many have So ' fold ' as in the ownership company going bust , plenty , as in ' fold ' as in dissapear , only the various expansion clubs over many decades So yes heartland clubs with a hundred years of history find a way to reduce their costs , find volunteers and local sponsors , and usually a benefactor who are all emotionally attached to the club to continue , those with brief histories tend not to
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    If anyone is interested to see how the Bulls played in their first game under John Kear, the whole of the Bulls v Halifax game on Boxing Day is now up on YouTube...
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    I just want to share my excitement regarding the North American expansion news. I’m a Seppo who’s totally addicted to League I’m constantly on this site and watching everything from the Footy Show (Love Beau Ryan) to Rugby AM those lads are spectacular. I was watching French Rugby League today and I watch NRL, SL and USARL I really really really like the Million Pound game. This RLWC is awesome dude. Rugby League will succeed in the USA. With the right marketing it would appeal to a lot of people I love matchups like St Helens vs Boston, New York vs London, Toronto vs Dublin, Philly vs Wigan. I’ve only been following for 2 years I’d had a lot of making up to do which is like sensory overload in a great way. Things like (1) Marty Smith getting his eyelid ripped off (2) King Wally! (3) Jamie Peacock punching Willy Mason I support the Toronto Wolfpack and Manly Sea Eagles. I learn the sport from all of you. And kudos to the Canadians for spearheading this. Thanks!
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    ....then they could be no better than tonight's game in Coventry against Leeds Rhinos. Over150 people enjoying pre match hospitality, great atmosphere, a crowd of 1294 on a freezing cold night. Bar heaving afterwards. This was a game to celebrate the Bears 20 years of existence while also commemorating Leeds record 102-0 victory over the erstwhile Coventry northern union team in 1913. But this was a glimpse into the future, and how Coventry can take it's place in this game. And the score: 14-70, but who's counting?
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    There some niggle there. 1970s grand finals and as rabbit rhino noted we pinched alot of there best. Thats a good spot for state of origin or test match Las vegas
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    Walker, uate and tommy turbo superb players
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    I don't believe that "Manc Yank" is who he says he is. He reads like a parody. If so he has suckered a lot of forum contributors.
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    God it hurts when I hear people mention Dylan Walker
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    Where a shot this season. The signing of joel thompson will strengthen right edge in defence. He a bloke who should have played origin. Dylan walker out for first 4 games that may hurt. Manly a nfl version of the pittsburgh steelers there about every season. American expansion exciting i know david niu from amnrl talked it up for a long time. But seems its in terms of getting funding and a pathway through rfl. The world cup in us and possible top level games on us shores.
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    The always hotly-anticipated season launch issue of Rugby League World will be on sale a week today, Friday 26th January (or the day before for those who prefer the online edition). It will feature every club in the Super League, Championship and League 1 in a bumper season preview, plus plenty of other top notch content to whet your appetite for the year ahead. There's a new editor at the helm too. Who can it be? You'll have to buy the mag to find out! Still only £3.99 for 84 full colour glossy pages of Rugby League goodness, even cheaper if you subscribe and have it delivered to your door. Click here to order your copy now (print edition) - single issues or subscriptions available. Click here for the online edition and use the code RUGBY25 at the checkout to save a whopping 25% off any Rugby League World online subscription or issue. Don't dilly dally though, this offer only lasts till the end of January.
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    You aren't speaking as a businessman when you write a big puff piece and slot in the above sentence hoping you can get away with passing off the massive flaws in Perez's openly stated business plan. Toronto in season two are dipping in exactly the same player pool as everyone else over here are. There is no Canadian Junior game, all the Canada kids play RU, none play RL, the North American Pro RU 14 is looking to professionalise a league soon, mopping up all the talent that may appear over there, whilst Perez talks of 5 to 6 North American clubs having to be set up over a 10 year period before any commercial benefits can be obtained. If you were a businessman and you wanted to open six businesses over 10 years and it was pointed out that the real world problem is there's no qualified staff on the market to stock those businesses unless you poach them which the established businesses won't stand for, would you as a proper businessman just dismiss such a fact as just being "negative" when it's a reality, because that is what you have done in your piece. If you are genuinely trying to achieve some sort of accord with RL fans here, then don't take them for fools, because many of them are businessmen too. The player issue is the elephant in the boardroom, as is the 10 year plan that gives North American RU a ten year start over North American RL and those are your problems for the business you support. Why as a businessman would you expect businessmen here to ignore these things and wave you through? What you want is charity.
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    Well his I assume summing up commentary will not say much just like his announcement's on what the Club is doing! I expect Duffy will be worried you'll learn something before he does! check for bugs Mick when you get in the box!
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    would a private message to a brother be ok? LOL
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    Replace Toronto's and Argyle's names with that of a few traditional English clubs and their owner/benefactor, and you could see the same happening.
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    I read Fire and the Fury. I did not intend to, but I was in an airport. It was read in a day. The revelations would be huge, were it not all pretty obvious. Bannon is a true believer, who wants to wind the left up. Trump just wants to be loved and does not understand why that does not happen. The out-and-out collusion with the election seems to be treated as unlikely as Putin did not think they were up to it and because Putin was right. Trumps sons would have met with Russians claiming to have info as they are dim and want to impress Dad. That means the fear of Ivanka is that the investigation finds the money laundering, which is not really a secret.
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    Also agree. Some of the other posts on here make me sad. The attendance at the game last night shows how much potential there is at the Bears. Everyone associated with Leeds was so complimentary of everything the Bears are trying to achieve. They've been in League one for 3 seasons so far and competing against clubs that have been around for over 100 years, that have more resources and bigger player pools to pick from. Coventry and other so called expansion teams should be applauded for everything they do.
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    London are only hopeless because they're in a league full of teams from small-time northern towns which Londoners don't rate as possible rivals. I suggest that a brand new London team with all new branding, playing the likes of (for example) New York, Philadelphia, Manchester, Converty, Toulouse, Barcelona etc. every week and thereby delivering the rugby football equivalent of the Champions League, UEFA League and Copa Libertadores week in and week out would have far superior appeal.
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    Yeah that's the one, the one that has given our game a number of champions (Slater, Smith, Cronk, Inglis, Folau) has an outstanding record and given our sport a presence in the apparent "sporting capital" of Australia. Yep, that one.
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    This is a strong time for TV programming, with some pretty good stuff being made. The movie industry is, rightly, worried by the current pulling power of TV series.
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    It' my current favourite advert, she's bloody gorgeous, even down to the small gap in her front teeth. You reach for the remote while I reach for the Kleenex.
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    Its honestly people like this that need to close their eyes and walk across the M1 or at least leave the sport. The clue really is in the title of “pre season friendly” and the focus should be on; - 1200+ people watching RL on a freezing Friday night in Coventry - Sold out hospitality - Coventry being able to offer the chance of playing semi pro RL to people outside the heartlards All of the above is progression not the score. Coventry Bears is some people’s life’s work, as a club they run on a budget that compares to Sam Burgess’s jock strap, they have never gone bust (see nearly every club anyone’s ever supported) don’t go cap in hand to the RFL and are hugely proactive in the community. This isn’t to also mention their relationships with local business’s and the university. If more clubs acted in such a way (my own included) then the game wouldn’t be in such a state. Quotes of the above imo are in the same narrow minded class as the bigots that kick and clap. RL does not belong to the North, it’s anyones game that wants it.
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    I'm actually a fan of Toronto and what they are trying to achieve,yes their fans can come across as being a bit excitable at times but who can blame them? If I were in their position I would be enthusing about the team,albeit maybe with a bit more moderation,however,you can't deny they bring a whole new vigour to the game which is certainly needed.
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    As regards the Skolars, the HAC game is always a great shop window for the club to promote itself to the City. I am sure that the great sponsors they get from this event help to fund the clubs activities during the season. The Skolars had 300 people at a pre match meal yesterday, most of whom I guess will not make a game at New River this season. Sponsors are out there but as the Skolars and Coventry show you have to get out there to get them. Skolars and Coventry showing the way.
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    Can we call the club the Broncos? It makes it easier.
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    When will you guys over the water accept that London are hopeless, they will never reach the heights you think they are capable of in RL, they have been in existance nearly 40 years, play out of a community park, and have a loyal following of less than 1000, the game is not wanted by Londoners, they in the main are totally engrossed in other sports, and even though RL is played when the other major sports are not, they still cannot gain supporters, you had better get used to names like Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, Hull etc, they are here to stay, on the other hand North American entities are yet to be born.
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    In an earlier post he said he lived in Manchester at one point in his life
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    I suppose theyll adapt the marketing in a similar way Green Bay do , ie the Saints verses ' Philli ' and the Pies verses New York
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    A serious question for you: How/why do you expect Bostonians and Philadelphians used to seeing teams from other big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles come to town regularly in other sports to care about matches against the likes of Wigan and St Helens which they've never even heard of before as compared with the likes of London which they have?
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    Manc, this account posts lots of old RL videos for "catching up." The Australia vs GB tests from the 80s are great. Ellery Hanley, what a player. https://mobile.twitter.com/ttrugbyvids
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    What’s the relevance of the Manc part of your username?
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    The Salford one looks like you get lounge access or other unmentioned benefits for that price. Seats a block along are 26.50. Its where using expensive seats is flawed to compare.
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    No, click on tickets, then on the highlighted text like that says 'online here'. Why, is that incompetent? Does it have to be so explicit? Or can people to navigate a website all by themselves?
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    These figures are an incorrect way of showing ticket prices. It should be off cheapest tickets as this is not a true representation. mods please close this down as these figures can be damaging
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    I’ve been to the Skolars game the last 4 years & today’s was a disappointing performance from a Skolars team that seem to be suffering from senior players leaving/retiring & newer players needing time to get to know each other. However to quote another thread ‘This year Wigan brought 13 first team squad members and of those 7 have played in SL. Hardly an under19 side. ‘ it’s not surprising that Wigan performed so dominantly. Credit needs to go to both Skolars & Coventry for arranging these fixtures & testing themselves against superior opposition - not only raises the profile of the game, but also gives kids in London & Coventry an viable alternative to union. Much respect for Wigan/Leeds to get involved with supporting the lower division too.
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    still waiting for news about an Australian broadcast deal... I’d like to watch a game or two.
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    Lucky for big Dave his good mate Karmichal Hunt also has plenty of time on his hands these days so they'll both be able to spend there days perusing other pastimes they have in common .
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    Not all but lets compare sl to nrl. Crusher cleal he found steve matai playing 2nd division auckland comp put him in qld cup feeder manly side rest is history. Or these days storm have recruitment on fiji, nz, png to scout best unknown talent. Superleague clubs dont even have recruitment officers in southern england nor france. Its simply a catalogue of ex nrl players with a mangement group. You think widnes would sign albert Bros or the tragically deceased ottio without watching world cup.
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    ok so just confirming that it's the same as last year but we will get the playoffs as well in Canada! https://www.torontowolfpack.com/2018/01/18/toronto-wolfpack-confirm-broadcast-partners/
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    It's not a good rugby tour if nobody has been sent home.
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    The ideal future scenario for me would be CBC gets the rights for Toronto and Hamilton for national broadcasts. The time of the games would work and make it unique on the main channel and they would get pretty good ratings reviews after just a few games....I know CBC has really cut back their sports budget though, but it would give us the exposure we need/crave. This whole TV contract thing has to be properly sorted out within two to three years max./still lots of time but the clock is ticking.
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    You betcha. January has to be the glumest month of the year, compounded by the lack of sport I can watch. Roll on spring/summer, roll on the warm weather, sunshine, shorts and t shirt, Ice creams, ice cold beers in the beer garden before the game, cant wait for newcastle and cc final. Roll on super league