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    Parksider, that's the whole point - you don't debate! Instead you rant and I'm old enough to know the difference. You will convince me that your arguments have merit when fans in number are rocking up week in and week out to support the storied old clubs (many of which I remember from my childhood) but endlessly scorning those who are trying to ignite enthusiasm and fan interest on another continent in an effort to grow the game isn't helping the cause rather it's simply downplaying the efforts of people like David Argyle who are putting their money where their mouth is. I, along with the THOUSANDS of WP fans (9,266 at the Broncos-Wolfpack MPG!!) both new and old attend all home games, some of us (admittedly not yet in the hundreds never mind thousands) also attended "away" games in 2018 and will do so in 2019. I'll bet, when, not if, the Wolfpack get into Superleague or, as is possible, this year reach the Challenge cup final we will be supporting them in large numbers, I know I'll be there and in that vein I'd like to know what you are doing to put bums in seats..tell us..please....
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    Why did he forget something when he left?
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    Rugby League on the news on Colombia
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    New York Rugby League could be given the green light to join League One for 2020 before Christmas.
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    Watch it back on the Full Eighty Minutes Twitter Periscope here:
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    I hope Beaumont has him over and ruins him like everyone else, not that there's much to ruin. I thought he was the right person in the beginning, time always tells the truth, let's get someone who wants to be successful at Fev. '83
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    Almost. A PE teacher from Huddersfield.
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    Do Canberra not have a main sponsor then??
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    That doesn’t make sense in a sporting context. There is well over 100 years evidence to show that sugar daddies back up the majority of clubs for the vast majority of time and that there are pretty much no sporting clubs who would never have gone bust without at one time or another without sugar daddy support.
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    As a Batley fan I do think a little more thought should have been used before naming this thread The lad certainly has bags of promise but he’s a long way of being king this time next year he may have earned that title He’s a team member of what looks like a good squad that been put together this year and I do hope we can shock a few teams this year I think we’ve added quality and retained quality so bring on the season !!
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    Widnes were once the World Club Champions when they defeated Canberra,coached by Tim Sheens. They later had an owner named Vaughan and ran into financial difficulties.Years later they were in Super League. Man City were in the 3rd tier of professional soccer.They are now one of the richest clubs in the world. Part time rugby league clubs existed,and some prospered,in a semi-professional sport,long before Sky TV existed. Supporters of the game have no control over the owners. I struggle to see the sport existing when only half a dozen clubs along the M62 are involved. My opinion differs from yours. Times and circumstances change.
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    Where are the York fans laughing? Simply said James Ford won’t leave York for Fev, that’s all. Not because we suddenly think we’re better than you but more because he’s literally just agreed a full time contract with us.
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    Because we didn't have the foresight to have a referendum on either Remaining in the EU or leaving on the terms agreed in a detailed government white paper. When the Scottish voted for independence, they did so with a 670 page white paper to tell them what independence looked like. We had a yes/no question, meaning Brexit can be interpreted to be whatever vision the person answering the question decides upon.
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    Who cares. As long as the Super Greed clubs are ok everything is wonderful - right? Lets just keep telling everybody the game is thriving and expanding because some of them actually believe it. Good luck to Keighley. Great club. Always enjoyed visiting. You are not alone. Most clubs below the elite league are in far more trouble than people think. My first and last post on this subject and I won't be visiting it again.
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    I'm not confused between the two as I aren't even sure what they mean. All I'm saying is that there wasn't this time when everything was cushty thanks to being in the EU. So to present leaving as being the crazy option doesn't ring true to me. All that will happen is they'll blame something else for messing stuff up.
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    With all respect I don’t know how it’s possible to separate the two . It’s youre baggage , your record that you carry around , in life and from job to job . And especially in the public sphere . And it’s fact so fair comment . And this guy not only committed very serious offences , but even before he’s had 7 clubs in 5 years and had recurring disciplinary problems . You go with the coach and hope for the best , but you’re entiltled to look at all the factors involved and what you’re taking on if you do . As we saw last year it can go one way or the other with these punts . And all you have as a guide is what’s on someone’s CV .
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    Will it ever change? The Clubs are the employers of the players. The Clubs win the massive TV deals for their product. This game does not compare to other Sports where there are massive Media deals to showcase Internationals, in many cases its lucky to break even like last years World Cup. There is a saying in Sales that a product is only worth what the market is prepared to pay for it, its a fact. Last years World Cup failed to live up to expectations at the grounds for many reasons, I went to the Semi and Final and was disappointed to the point I probably will not go again. England can not be critical of the Southern Hemisphere when their own back yard is a total shambles. The fact that PNG, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga have been brought on, has much to do with the NRL, Australian heritage players and the opportunities they get. The GB tour will be a disaster IMO, may as well call it the Titanic tour.
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    1) ... has your mum banned you... 2) ... fly by night pair of chancers ... 3) ... with his machinations ... just wants a plaything 4) ... encouraging keyboard idiots ... We will of course have no name calling here. It could be an elaborate joke of course. Or trolling. Or, indeed, withdrawal symptoms.
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    All fair, my commentary is more on the marquee signing thing, which has always been a bit of a bugbear. I expect marquee signings to be big-name exciting crowd-pullers, and I think Lolohea and Hurrell fit that bill more, rather than Merrin because he gets paid more. I am not a fan of clubs announcing marquee players - just make the great signings and don't put pressure on the likes of Merrin to justify a huge price tag. But, a top draw forward and leader can be worth their weight in gold, a little like when Wire signed Adrian Morley, it was a game changer (although he had the big name to go with it). I do agree with your comments, I think Leeds have tried to be more shrewd, particularly with overseas signings, and this does look like they are being bolder and going for bigger names, which is not a bad thing for the comp.
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    Can you tell me how old you are, and why you hide in your bedroom behind the security of your computer, and post this sort of garbage? If you haven't got the manners or intelligence to engage in the debate there are surely some games you can play on your computer? Or has your mum banned you from those?? You are as usual trying to equate a 140 year old club, in a town rich in RL history, with two great amateur/junior clubs, who have in my memory won the Challenge cup and won the championship, with a fly by night pair of chancers who promised to provide some RL infrastructure in terms of players and commercial income in terms of a TV deal. How many many more times will you and the others ignore the fact they delivered neither of these things with the obvious question about whether they ever intended to deliver these things or were just blagging their way into the RFL because one rich man - who refuses to support Canada RL as was set out in League weekly - wants his own RL club and refuses to buy one here which he clearly can given his machinations with London Skolars. The massive difference between Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Argyle is Mr. B was prepared to put investment into the northern game here, rejuvinate a grand old club, and inspire the local junior game - in which he planned an academy. Argyle just wants a plaything, and he expects us all to travel a 6,000 mile round trip to support that, whilst he and his sidekick offer nothing at all in return. Not today not tommorrow but ever given the RL world cup is dead there and they don't support NA junior RL, they didn't want home grown players as Tex points out, they just want to muscle in here and drag away the players the game here develops. Notwithstanding the glaring fact that Perez pointed out that TWP would be of no value to the game here on their own. As I set out for you and others every North American club coming into SL is a nail in the coffin of the game here. London in and Widnes out is hardly good for Superleague as much as I love London. Leigh out from 11th. position when they would have (under a sensible system) been able to open an academy, build on their 6,000 crowds and build up the Leigh.v.Wigan Derby games which like it or not are what our game is all about....was a disaster What price Toronto in and Salford out next. Salford by their own admission no longer have a rich owner, and with O'Connor and Beaumont walking as I said in a previous thread professional RL in the old boundaries of Lancashire will recede to a small triangle of land between Wigan, St. Helens and Warrington. Do you not get it that if the game collapses here on the M62 and Argyle doesn't build the game there (which he clearly is not doing) we are dead. And so those who think TWP are important to the game really do need to set out exactly why? Please tell me, please explain how? Just calling me names, and encouraging keyboard idiots to cheer you on is in no way debate?
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    Yes, but they are club games, which personally speaking I have very little interest in watching. It's great that you do, but my point was that for those of us who don't, there isn't much else. Contrast that, say, with me being able to watch England rugby union play maybe ten times a year (as well as watching other international matches not involving England). Like I said, it wasn't a complaint about rugby league - the sport does what it can and you can't create matches out of thin air - but rather an observation that for people like me, there's not too much on offer. None of those reasons apply for me. I don't watch because I'm not interested in club RL. I'm the same with club RU. It's not an idea that I would be expecting to transform the fortunes of rugby league and attract millions of new people to become regular fans. It was just an idea for creating hopefully another small cog in a much larger wheel - another outlet for the game to showcase itself, and for people who don't normally watch the sport, to see it. Put it this way - if I asked one of my friends (many of whom watch and attend various other sports) if they wanted to come round and watch, or even better to attend with me, a rugby league match, the first thing that they would say is "who is playing?". If I reply with "Wigan v Warrington", I can pretty much guarantee you that the answer will be no. If it was a Challenge Cup final, then maybe, but even then I wouldn't fancy my chances. It's just not a fixture that would hold any appeal to them as a non-fan (if I can put it that way). If, however, I said it's England v Australia, I'd have at least a chance of them being interested - likewise if I said "it's West v East in a rugby league origin and told them that it's the best players playing etc.". The relevance of this is not that people who watch the occasional rep match are going to become diehard fans, standing on the terraces at Leigh or wherever - I'm not suggesting that at all. However, rugby league needs to try and establish a large pool of people (a bit like myself really) who are happy to just watch the sport maybe four or five times a year, when it's an international or a special event. That is what gives rugby union it's power and success - not loads of people attending matches for Exeter and Northampton, but a whole load of people whose level is to watch and support the England team. With that wider support base, rugby union is able to sell merchandise and it has a presence that it can capitalise on financially and, ultimately, for the good of the sport, and to re-invest and help the sport grow. Now, I'm not suggesting that rugby league can do the same, because there just aren't the international teams for England to play. That is why it needs to maybe try and be a bit more creative and find other avenues. Why not a Roses origin match - Yorkshire v Lancashire? That would have some wider appeal in the country - providing that the sport made it into a success and into spectacle. The problem with rugby league is that too often it looks at the negatives - it looks for reasons why it can't do something, rather than reasons why it can.
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    Im a contrary so and so, so I,ll go against the grain and say i would welcome a PROPER, WELL ORGANISED GB Tour...im an old(ish) git, and GB was the reason myself and many other people from the non heartlands got in to the game(I lived in the RL hot bed of East London, just as an example). Speak to people who may have had just a passing interest back in the day, and they are likely to remember the iconic GB strip/brand(I hate that word) more then the latest England effort. Dont get me wrong, I can see the pros and cons certainly. Just seen Mr Rimmer after the NZ game, and why oh why cant someone in our sport, just for a refreshing change, come out and go "Yep its happening, details to be released in the next few days, its all sorted etc", instead of all the time "We are just waiting(insert excuse here) for etc etc"!!!! Annoys the swear filter out of me...I mean how hard is it....really?
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    Thanks pal. Hahaha if we don’t make it all blames on you 😉😉

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