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  1. Adding to Cliffords list (think he means jordan turner) Josh johnson Nathan Mason Danny Yates Ryan Maneely Chris Bridge Gareth Owen Phil Joy Plus a few more coming through at academy level at Castleford Bradford Huddersfield and Warrington.
  2. Cant believe that people use the phrase "small club" as an excuse! Oldham should never have been put in the position to be referred to as a small club! Such a waste of 20 years.
  3. We seemed to lose momentum when kenny Hughes went off then really struggled to get it back. Half backs not good enough. Our yardage sets were fine and got us in good ball. The problem is when we got there the halves had nothing to offer. No one in the team runs a line so the options for half backs are limited. Dissapointing but our style of play is suited to Bower Fold so hopefully pick up enough points to stay up.
  4. Dreadful idea. Heritage numbers should be about just that. Heritage! The heritage of our club does not go back only 20 years! I'd its done do it properly and start from the beginning. All this 20 year anniversary rubbish just to feed one man's ego .
  5. In the Avro tweet it doesn't say anything about RFL standards. It just says the standards required. Could be those standards have nothing to do with rugby league at all.
  6. Leave it out?. It's a discussion forum. I had my say and offered my opinion. My opionion is that if the right people were in charge of our club then we could be In a position to be involved in a level 3 academy similar to the one at Hopwood Hall that Hornets have an interest in. The right people aren't In charge of our club.
  7. You have actually proved my point. well done,thanks.
  8. The current owner has had 20 years! In this time despite starting with a clean slate and a fan base of over 3000 he's turned us into a nomadic small club! some people seem happy to accept this. He's failed in attracting the right calibre of people to grow the obvious potential. Bit harsh! Not nearly harsh enough!
  9. In my opinion the academy structure needs a total revamp. Kids should be playing in town teams coached by high level professional coaches up to under 16 level. The better players would then sign under 18 contracts with pro clubs and then go on to under 21 reserve comp. Oldham is still a hot bed of young talent. A well set up junior academy in this town would be great but would we just be producing players to be picked off by Wigan,Saints,Leeds and even Salford and Leigh.? At this momen, in time there are under 16s lads from Oldham playing scholarship rugby at Warrington,Saints,Huddersfield,Salford and Castleford that I know of. It is an on going scandal that our club isn't run by people that can tap into this huge potential.
  10. Not another argument involving a member of the ever so professional stewarding team..?
  11. OLDHAM rlfc clues in the title.
  12. Two Bobs is no longer at the club.
  13. Connections with the real rugby people in town? With former players from Watersheddings days? In order to feed a certain ego the club is actively celebrating a 20th anniversary as if the previous 100 plus years didn't exists. Part of the problem maybe? This club is built on sand.
  14. I'm a big Tyson fan but he's much better than that show today. Better suited to back row in my opinion. Not got a problem with singing for your own team but one out silly chants just get annoying. If you all hate Rochdale clap your hands?? Give us a break bad impression of our club. Grow up.
  15. Lots of hard work to do before the season starts. Credit to Rochdale they controlled the speed of the ruck and stopped Oldham gaining any momentum. When they had the ball their forwards made the hard yards and the half backs made good decisions at crucial times and took their chances. No complaints at all about the result. One thing I would complain about is the small group of drunken loud mouthed middle aged men behind the posts first half. Do they realise how ridiculous their childish chanting sounds? Some people need to grow up.