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  1. Tyson would be a great signing for us. His best rugby ahead of him.
  2. What he said
  3. Yeah that's right,only the 5 or so members of the aging self proclaimed "barmy army" should ever be allowed to watch or have an interest in the club again.
  4. What a pointless post.
  5. I agree nothing wrong with a bit of self belief.
  6. Awful news thoughts are with his family. Puts things in perspective.
  7. Dissapointed that this supplier has gone the way of all the others. Good designs that had a bit of street cred for our younger fans.
  8. Well said Suzzy. Hate it when individual players get singled out not justified either in Grimsshaws case in my opinion. Be good to see him play as a half.
  9. 4 points minus the 2 he gave away with the dumb headshot. Productive afternoon.
  10. Palfrey wasn't at his best his kicking game was well off. Although having said that his kick off that found touch and the kick from the touchline were vital. Pack worked hard and dug deep when it mattered. From Swintons perspective what us the point of Josh Barlow? Lots of jumping around shouting gesturing and acting the hard man but you could count his carries on one hand and his tackles on the other.
  11. What they said
  12. Debatable about how much money if any he as put into the club. No other club in Rugby League and probably in any other professional sport is run on this model. Pro rugby survives in Oldham despite him not because of him. Pro rugby in Oldham is punching below its weight because of him.
  13. The try scoring loanee was playing for Halifax.
  14. Mentions talks with latics and potential investor willing to put up 100k.