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  1. This built up Friday special signing reminds me of the Simon Haughton announcement a few years ago, what a pile of ###### he turned out to be so I'm not holding my breath
  2. It's been said before, until CH goes we will endure the same p1$$ poor club management causing the club to fall to new lower depths every season.
  3. Dave I don't see the point of making the play offs unless we're serious about mounting a challenge. We've no chance of beating Bradford or York let alone all the others that have beaten us recently. Not strengthening the team tells a big story, we are resigned to another season in this pitiful league.
  4. Game over now folks....league 1 next season without a doubt with less money and even lower crowds
  5. It looks like he kicks the ref from behind when running back. God knows why. I guess the ref didn't send him off because he didn't see it and thought it might have been accidental. Agree with others that despite this stupid act we should look to sign him next season, been fantastic with langers in 2nd row.
  6. It's happening already, they'll be down to the bare bones by the weekend, easy pickings for the SL clubs trying to fend off Toronto and Toulouse in the 8s.
  7. It's highly unlikely and with Friday looming large they're leaving quickly. Jonah will be back at Leigh for sure.
  8. And to make matters worse our latest DR arrangement with Leigh is about to go right down the pan. They're offloading players left right and centre to cut their losses because they can't make the 8s so we've no chance of getting any players from them on DR.
  9. Yeah of course we've got to try Failsworth, everything to gain. I think you're right Moorside and it's not just Oldham, a lot of people have fallen out of love with the game.
  10. Sadly I think the rallying call will fall on deaf ears, we're not playing well and who is up for watching the north Wales Crusaders? 350 tops. We're in a right mess here!
  11. Where we finish in the league is not the issue, we're getting beat home n away by teams I would hope we would beat e.g. worky huns keigh etc. I can't see us coming through the play offs and getting promoted at this rate; and another season of league 1 will be a disaster ? love your optimism though ?
  12. Bad defeat that 15-8, will struggle get back up now
  13. The RFL need to make bold changes, the league structure doesn't work, Dual Reg doesn't work, the allocation of money doesn't work, the game is dying. Then the club needs to make bold changes, some fresh air, some impetus, a new start because the club is dying.
  14. 90 start for West Wales with the bookies ?
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