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  1. Levy Nzongzou

    This fella must be dizzy.....played for us DR, signed for haven on loan, played against us, played for us on DR again n now gone on loan to Swinton.....and we're only a few games into the season! If that doesn't tell you there's something wrong in rugby league then nothing will ๐Ÿ˜ 
  2. 2018 shirt

    Didn't see the Salford bit on it.....bad enough being DR with em and have their name splashed all over the arms, put me right off it
  3. Salford Dual Reg

    Absolute joke shop....only our sport can have a player at 3 clubs within a week .... play for us 1 week and be against us the next week and still doesn't belong to either team....thats how desperate rugby league is!
  4. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    R34 I think it's for the accounts for the season before championship as they are dated Oct 2016
  5. Sunday - Whitebank

    Why's 377 crowd shocking? I expected less would turn up.
  6. 2018 shirt

    Immoral, unprofessional and embarrassing, end of.
  7. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    305k debt I expect that will have improved with a season in the championship and the increased revenue.
  8. Sunday - Whitebank

    ยฃ10 it is folks ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’
  9. New shirts

    I guess the team will play in last year's kit with black tape over the old names as has been done a number of times before. Joke shop and its embarrassing. Things could be worse, just think if Dave N hadn't revamped the club website and media voluntarily, CH has absolutely no idea
  10. Dual Reg.

  11. England vs Tonga You Tube highlights

    1064 what are you sayin after Saturday's performance? Eat them words eh!
  12. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    The point tandle is making is the club is cash positive before the season starts with the RFL payment and season ticket payments up front not to mention sponsors etc. Every club has revenue from home fixtures to balance the away fixtures. During the off season the majority if not all players aren't being paid by the club. With regards to VAT payments, these are submitted quarterly based off what has been invoiced during that quarter. Failure to pay results in warnings, fines and ultimately winding up orders. So failure to pay to the level we have is dodging tax and embarrassing to the club and its supporters.
  13. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    and we can do absolutely nothing about it unless someone turns up with a big stash of dough โ˜นโ˜น
  14. It's that time.......again! HMRC

    Agree there's more and I get we can probably only pay at the last minute. But why are we always in the main press about it? When did you last see other RL clubs on BBC website more than once for paying up late?
  15. First game-Whitehaven away.

    Had a quick scan through the fixtures and my 1st thought was what a dreadful league this is. There's about half a dozen games I'd consider as mildly exciting, the rest will be an effort to watch. Anyone who thinks were gonna get crowds of over 400 for these games (excl Bradford) needs their bumps feeling