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  1. Wonder what our leader thinks about this. Personally I feel a massive injustice because of all of the pain we went through. Lost count of the number of times I've said it can only happen in Rugby League!
  2. Hear hear and much appreciated
  3. Dave, that is fantastic, dropped straight into my calendar, thanks very much. Small thing but another example of the superb work you are doing for the club.
  4. What on earth is happening? We're actually getting into the 21st century! Fantastic news
  5. and Turner chiming in at full back...
  6. Different DR club maybe
  7. Fabulous signing......and welcome back GT. Really looking forward to next season. Possible changes on DR front may mean we might not make many more permanent signings.
  8. Notice the club website has answered this, £2.5k paid off already, great communication, buried any rumours straight away.
  9. you've "bulled" it up too much then?
  10. May be DR with Leigh?
  11. Are Huddersfield our DR club next season? Has this been confirmed?
  12. Ha ha ha good one UR
  13. Fair play to the fat controller, crackin off season so far with more to come. It's only October and we're talking season tickets and merchandise, heavens above!
  14. ...and the better new players about to be announced
  15. Simon Haughton?