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  1. thecrab

    North Wales Crusaders

    Yeah of course we've got to try Failsworth, everything to gain. I think you're right Moorside and it's not just Oldham, a lot of people have fallen out of love with the game.
  2. thecrab

    North Wales Crusaders

    Sadly I think the rallying call will fall on deaf ears, we're not playing well and who is up for watching the north Wales Crusaders? 350 tops. We're in a right mess here!
  3. thecrab

    Keighley Away

    Where we finish in the league is not the issue, we're getting beat home n away by teams I would hope we would beat e.g. worky huns keigh etc. I can't see us coming through the play offs and getting promoted at this rate; and another season of league 1 will be a disaster 🙈 love your optimism though 👌
  4. thecrab

    Keighley Away

    Bad defeat that 15-8, will struggle get back up now
  5. thecrab

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    The RFL need to make bold changes, the league structure doesn't work, Dual Reg doesn't work, the allocation of money doesn't work, the game is dying. Then the club needs to make bold changes, some fresh air, some impetus, a new start because the club is dying.
  6. thecrab

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    Nearly as many points as speccies
  7. thecrab

    West Wales

    90 start for West Wales with the bookies 🙈
  8. thecrab

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    370.... seriously who wants to pay £14 to watch something that isn't even going to be a contest?
  9. thecrab

    Dual Reg with Leigh

    Does this mean Leigh will be getting players from us? 😉
  10. thecrab

    Workington Town

    Incredible stats from
  11. thecrab

    London Skolars

    R34, Can't blame any so called fans picking and choosing their games against some of the teams in this league and in poor surroundings. London Skolars at home holds very little interest for me and many others
  12. thecrab

    Hemel Hempstead 12.05.2018

    Nzongzou played for us again ??? Thought he was at Salford , Whitehaven , Swinton?? RL joke shop
  13. thecrab

    Levy Nzongzou

    This fella must be dizzy.....played for us DR, signed for haven on loan, played against us, played for us on DR again n now gone on loan to Swinton.....and we're only a few games into the season! If that doesn't tell you there's something wrong in rugby league then nothing will 😠
  14. thecrab

    2018 shirt

    Didn't see the Salford bit on it.....bad enough being DR with em and have their name splashed all over the arms, put me right off it
  15. thecrab

    Salford Dual Reg

    Absolute joke shop....only our sport can have a player at 3 clubs within a week .... play for us 1 week and be against us the next week and still doesn't belong to either team....thats how desperate rugby league is!