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  1. There's only an RFL change to the league structure that will stop us being relegated, I can't see us winning another game
  2. Take a bow Adam Clay....week in week out he hammers the stats, unsung hero this lad
  3. Perfectly summed up Tosh....we fight on!
  4. Put everything in context, injuries everywhere and 2 Dewsbury tries off a charge down n a lucky kick bounce off Oldham players leg, it's not that bad We are desperately thin on the ground. The DR with the giants has been a terrible decision, should have bit Leighs hand off in pre season. A fully fit squad with DR in the right places and we would have hammered them. Think it's time to press the panic button and get some SL youngsters to boost us, not cast offs from the club's around us. Get em bedded in for the bottom 8s and get us out of the mire.
  5. Here's one.....Scott Ransons last minute try at Salfords old ground The Willows, Barrie Mc threw a long ball (probably the only 1 he ever did) on half way to Scott who sprinted down the line and stepped Aussie test full back Gary Jack to go over and keep us in the top flight....Beauty!
  6. Andy Goodway Knocker Norton Ellery Hanley at Bradford was on another level
  7. Tempted to predict a good hiding as I did last week 😂😂 Come on Oldham!
  8. Yeah I did the same, massive turn around from last week's shambles with a fantastic win, well done boys!
  9. Bradford by 14
  10. Dreadful performance, waste of money n a waste of a lovely Sunday afternoon 😠😠😠
  11. Fantastic touch, good to read and a great idea, well done! We're a million miles ahead from previous years on the social media front, well done to all involved
  12. Well done again Dave. Can you get that on the clubs website n more importantly the Facebook page then it can be reshared?
  13. Like that shirt a lot
  14. Herbie you're bang on about some of the chanting, a load of the over the top insulting comments were embarrassing, unnecessary, just support your team
  15. RoughyedsMad you are indeed mad. We were beaten fair n square by a bigger side. I am a bit worried by our form n some of our defence but it's form in the league that counts.