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  1. 🗣 ‘Some people just want a slap on the back of the head when they write things like that.’ 🏉 Castleford Tigers coach Daryl Powell shoots down ‘scurrilous’ Bill Tupou report, well said Daryl!
  2. Wait a minute so Michael Carter is lying then not the Cas fan/player???
  3. Who is right? The Cas fan who heard it from a Cas player or Dave nosey Parker? It’s a tricky one..
  4. weloveyouwakefield2

    Tom Johnstone

    I dont who the best is, Makinson is fantastic, as is Charnley and McGillvary. I just hope Tom gets a chance
  5. I hope ‘superman ‘ is ok ....🙁
  6. Been to Huddersfield twice this season and we get well beaten. Didn’t go last night and that happens!! ...not going again...
  7. weloveyouwakefield2

    McNamara must go!!

    If he reads this He will say “Who’s The Daddy..” ....sorry...
  8. weloveyouwakefield2

    Bravo BBC

    A mention to mark chapman, far from a rugby league man, listens very carefully to his guests , feeds off them to ask intelligent questions instead of cleached , patronising rubbish we had to put up for years! I can never believe Jon Wilkin who sounds very intelligent and insightful on TV then when he plays he seems to be a proper knob !! Robbie Paul running on the pitch is still ridiculous though...
  9. weloveyouwakefield2

    New league structure revealed

    Funny how Bradford are in second place with 5 games to go in their ‘iconic ‘ ground and the RFL come up with this...
  10. weloveyouwakefield2

    Bill Tupou

  11. Here you go see for yourself. http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/hull-vs-wakefield/49776
  12. weloveyouwakefield2

    Jet 2 should be ashamed

    I doubt writing on the internet or tweeting jet 2 will affect Jack? Yet being at a airport check in desk being asked to prove your disabled before you can get on a flight might do?? Just a thought... how does a company which got told on numerous occasions that a boy with a disability is flying ‘forget ‘ to let the airport know he is coming??
  13. weloveyouwakefield2

    Martyn Sadler

    Belle Vue was sold by the bank of Ireland and Sir Rodney Judas Walker told the club not to bid on it because it would push the price up for York Court. Ended up York court bid peanuts and the 88m group bought it!. Now mr box is trying to elbow the community stadium group HIS council set up from negotiating and talk to a fantasy community trust headed by Rodney walker!!!! Nobody ever believes this will happen because they are all liers and only interested in saving face. This Wakefield in no mans land and if you had a billion pounds you would struggle to build a stadium because of the people in power!!
  14. weloveyouwakefield2

    22 Jul: SL: Wakefield Trinity v Hull FC KO 3pm

    Fastest prop forward in the West??