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  1. Can’t you go to video when you’re 5 metres offside?? How obvious does it have to be??
  2. What about his kick off that went straight into the arms of Ben Jones Bishop that kept us in with a chance?? Amazing skill...
  3. weloveyouwakefield2

    Shaun Edwards

  4. weloveyouwakefield2

    Tom Johnstone out for the season

    He struggled when he was out in 2017 and now he’s in the same situation! To do one acl is unlucky but two in the other leg is awful! I feel sad today, rugby and life isn’t fair!!
  5. weloveyouwakefield2

    Shaun Edwards

    Wigan announce he has got a three year contract and Shaun Edwards says he still hasn’t seen a contract... bizarre situation..
  6. weloveyouwakefield2

    15 Mar: SL: Hull FC v Wakefield Trinity KO 7.45pm

    I hope Tom and Bill are ok! Amazing performance by our team
  7. weloveyouwakefield2

    New Grounds.

    https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/wakefield-trinity-to-buy-belle-vue-ground-after-3m-loan-from-council-1-9648777 hopefully very good news!
  8. No idea what the score will be but I hope we carry on the good work of last week. Don’t like this weather though it’s been snowing not far away..
  9. He got it wrong when Clarke went down with cramp and he gave holding down with no Catalan player holding him!
  10. Stepped up last night in ‘the big moment ‘ to back up Ben Jones Bishop and score that killed off Leeds. Does that make him a great player then..🤪
  11. Bill Toupou outstanding 🤩
  12. Just the three tries tonight but a couple of mistakes 5/10 for Tom... 😂
  13. weloveyouwakefield2

    Widnes problems

  14. Not a classic by any means but this was a great try.