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  1. weloveyouwakefield2

    11 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 3.15pm (BBC Two)

    Kicking game today has been dreadful, coupled with the defence down the middle and the attack in NZ’s 20 has been sloppy. The referee in the first half allowing nz to hold down too long has added up to 34-0 so far!
  2. weloveyouwakefield2

    Wales v Ireland live on bbc

    Red button 2.50pm Wales v Ireland sky channel 980. Don’t think it was there before!
  3. weloveyouwakefield2

    We Will Remember Them

  4. weloveyouwakefield2

    11 Nov: England v New Zealand KO 3.15pm (BBC Two)

    I don’t know if this has been posted from Tuesday but anyway. so we remember them.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2018/11/06/englands-test-kit-poignant-tribute-rugby-league-victims-great/
  5. weloveyouwakefield2

    2019 kits

  6. weloveyouwakefield2

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    A matchday shuttle bus service operated by First Leeds Buses, numbered R2, departs from Sovereign Street, adjacent to Leeds station, to the stadium. The service departs 90 minutes before kick-off and runs at frequent intervals. At the end of the match, a frequent service will operate back to Leeds city centre. :for Leeds Utd games so probably same?
  7. weloveyouwakefield2

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

  8. weloveyouwakefield2

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Confirmed, welcome back Danny
  9. weloveyouwakefield2


    Film from 1981 won an Oscar here is a picture clue , what do you think the answer is? Ben Hur?? 😧
  10. weloveyouwakefield2

    2019 kits

  11. weloveyouwakefield2

    Danny Brough signs for...

    But we have just signed Ben Reynolds and have Ryan Hampshire? Surely the 36 year old will pass on his knowledge to those two hence the signing?
  12. weloveyouwakefield2

    27 Oct: Papua New Guinea v England Knights

    Mmmm Barbecue Corned Beef... yum yum..
  13. weloveyouwakefield2

    Agar in! (At Leeds)