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  1. Would love to ask Robert Hicks why he didn’t go to the VR for a Leeds try when the touch judge said he should to check for obstruction....
  2. I’m still in shock we have Ben Thaler, I had to comment...
  3. It’s always been Saturday 6.30pm since the fixtures came out. England FC kick off at 3pm I reckon they will have finished in 3 and a half hours!
  4. Ben Thaler is the ref! I could be wrong but I read that’s the first time for four years he has been in charge of Wakefield in a regular season game... I wonder why James Child has got a championship game? We have had him 9 times this season!!!
  5. I appreciate what you’re saying but One game was on TV and a ref that constantly goes to the VR for seemingly no reason and then on Friday didn’t. Gareth Hewer had no ‘help’ from the vr to fall back on , James Child did but didn’t use it, TWICE!
  6. You missed not going to the VR for a double movement, yet going to the VR when he thought it was no try and it got saints a try...
  7. weloveyouwakefield2

    Who Dares Wins

    Question on quiz show who dares wins, name any of the top ranked international rugby league teams. The contestants were guessing, I think based on countries that also play union because they didn’t really know the answer but they got 12 including Argentina ?? I was amazed by the question and the answers to be honest! The picture is the ones they didn’t get.
  8. Who was blaming the ref for EVERYTHING? Our defence at times was really poor probably because we played on Sunday in a very hot day but when crucial decisions go against you which could have been avoided by the referee going to the VR you have to say that influences the result!!
  9. Two blatantly obvious decisions went against us. James Batchelor should have had a try James Child got it wrong. Zeb Taia double movement and JC gives it. I’m sorry but that’s not good enough. He gave no try for saints but had to go to VR and he gave it. You couldn’t make it up...
  10. Absolutely gutted
  11. We have made too many errors, so have the officials hence were 20-6 down...
  12. We can’t play Sunday then Friday, time and time again we play ok on the Sunday then awful on the Friday. Saints away after we beat them at Wakefield? It’s not looking good...
  13. weloveyouwakefield2

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Yeah why would they be interested in Jake Mamo? Seems a bit weird..
  14. weloveyouwakefield2

    League Restructure Discussion (Merged Threads)

    Why are these people playing with our game? We get a ceo for super League and he comes out with a statement that doesn’t seem to have been agreed... organising a celebration in a brewery springs to mind...