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  1. BBC News

    England’s game just been featured on bbc news sport section, about a minute story. I just caught it, nearly fell over...
  2. Matty Ashurst

    Signs for another four years at Wakefield, great deal Michael Carter. One of the first names on the team sheet, so consistent fabulous news .
  3. More, More!!

    Every World Cup we get moments of magic produced by the likes of Samoa, Tonga, PNG etc etc these are amazing moments in sport, why can’t we have this every year? Or at the least every two years. Four or even five years is far too long, please, please someone grasp the metal and get it sorted. International RL is fantastic when we get moments like this. Imagine if we got this right, our sport could take over the world... Come on do something about it!!
  4. Complained

    I got this in my spam folder last week, so didnt see it until today! Waste of time...
  5. Vote

  6. Rugby League World - RLWC2017 Special

    Can’t wait for this issue, keep up the good work .
  7. Vote

    https://www.facebook.com/bet365uk/posts/1554072411353957 i can’t believe we are losing this vote!
  8. Jason Demetriou, epitomised our club.
  9. Media Watch World Cup

    Nice to see 5 live bigging up the start of the World Cup on Thursday...
  10. Media Watch World Cup

    Surprised they aren’t having it on sports extra so nobody would know it was on ...
  11. Media Watch World Cup

    Sunday mirror yesterday
  12. Complained

    CAS-4620790-6BTB5S With that case number it will get to the final easily then let all of Rugby down...#banter
  13. Complained

    https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/?lang=en&reset=&uid=934261822 Some people say it doesn’t matter what channel the World Cup is on but I do! So I complained using this form, if you think our sport deserves to be on BBC ONE please do the same. Cheers
  14. Media Watch World Cup

  15. You can still buy tickets here https://purchases.tiketmastas.com.pg/en-AU/events/png vs wales/2017-10-28_15.00/national football stadium/?interface=3&hallmap