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  1. Has he resigned/ been sacked yet?? What a disaster that tour was, Wayne says he is building for the next two years? Jeez we are in trouble then! No wingers with pace, too many half backs, no centres, playing a hooker with no pace and leaving him there for the majority of the game. No attacking kicks or variety, etc etc the list of faults is endless!!! the new coach has to start from scratch and yet nobody in authority can see it!! You couldn’t make it up...
  2. In years gone by sky have come in with a offer and the rfl say you have got a few hours to decide if you want it or not or it will be off the table. It didn’t give the club’s much option!
  3. The sad thing about today’s game was they didn’t learn anything from last week, it was worse! Gareth widdops kicks were pointless and they didn’t try anything different. One of the most dangerous kicks was 20 seconds to half time from John Bateman. The knock ons/ penalties didn’t help but the tactics were awful!!
  4. Tonga save international rugby league!! what a great game made up for the one before, wonderful occasion and performance.
  5. The defence and attitude were superb for the majority but the game plan and attacking options were woeful for most of the game. Last tackle plays offered nothing! We have Hastings, widdop, Connor and Lomax who all can play in the halves but nobody takes control! That was a hard game to watch!
  6. Just watched this In honour of Sam Burgess who announced his retirement today watch this. It’s a great programme about a family and person who overcame great adversity to succeed in life
  7. That’s the first thing I thought too... expect Leeds to go in with a bid...
  8. Does it matter which channel rugby is on ? Or on sky when rugby is just on action or arena not main event? despite GB v New Zealand being broadcast at 3.30am! Next week It still didn’t make it to BBC 1.. I can’t believe people who don’t see that more viewers means a higher profile, more rugby on tv in the future and more ££££ through sponsorship or am I just being picky..
  9. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/17970593.chris-brereton-aims-get-bradford-bulls-debt-free-two-years/
  10. Id love to sit down with (st Helens..) Steve Ganson for him to explain those decisions, quite an amazing performance..
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