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  1. To be fair we were lucky to be winning 38-0 at one point, but joe westerman was the best player on the pitch and then he went off.
  2. Your such a positive person agbrigg do you sit in sugar lane cemetery instead of going to the game?
  3. Last tackle ball carrying arm was not on the floor and jay Pitt’s stole the ball??
  4. the touch judge recommended a yellow card the referee overruled him. Player welfare?
  5. I believe someone posted these comments on Facebook whereby the poster was named and a profile picture of the man and his family were showing. Hence Michael’s comments on the person and his family.
  6. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/wakefield-trinity-death-threats-carter-20523560
  7. Anyone else thinks it all sounds positive? But in typical rugby league fashion they will get it wrong somewhere?? If there is a deal for the bbc that’s very positive but the internet is the key, rights to stream are the future and need exploiting to the full.
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