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  1. I am premier sports subscriber watching on sky box but can never get it to work online…
  2. https://twitter.com/superleague/status/1562893434184237056?s=21&t=KQPzbzzZwNOMd4KFl0Nvig
  3. I was canvassing the opinion of neutrals of the severity of the ban, after reading opinions I believe it should have been a two match ban and can see why the disciplinary panel picked it out whereas seeing it live there didn’t see much wrong with it. The Wigan fans who were close to the tackle hardly made a murmur about it…
  4. Fantastic commitment by our team, Wigan never really looked like winning. 80 minutes performance in the heat and hardly a mistake. We lost hood and fifta today and still put in that display. Jacob miller was outstanding.
  5. It’s nice to see Castleford have started knocking wheldon road down but you would thought they would have cordoned off the area before demolition began??
  6. https://twitter.com/superleague/status/1556293102125678596?s=21&t=rM8-Y-9IaJXGqG81Gpj5aQ
  7. I’m sure I heard the video referee said he grounds the ball before touching the flag which he clearly doesn’t so what hope is there?? I’m surprised he didn’t just agree with robert hicks and say it was a try even though his foot touches the line before grounding…
  8. Great performance, 5 day turnaround after giving everything against st Helen’s, lost two players from that and the ones that came in didn’t let us down . About time we beat Cas, what a try by David Fifita!!! Great to see onto next week…
  9. Isn’t it great to give people chance to slag wakefield off?? Especially when the club are actually doing something about the ground!! Thanks…
  10. Top quality young nrl player, has a parent from Yorkshire, it’s a yes from me.
  11. At least it’s settled now we can sign some new players for next season.
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