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  1. This photo is from 1962 at Belle Vue , Wakefield fan Jon noble found it in his loft, quite a iconic picture I think I doubt many were taken at this event. so anyone know what the event was ?
  2. Poor second half after being 34-0 up at half time! highlights include Mason Lino 37 successful conversions out of 37 attempts then he missed! he was sin binned and David Fifita took over the goal kicking!!!
  3. Apparently there will be more rugby on sky sports mix channel in the next few weeks. I pay for sky sports hd but sky sports mix isn’t included so I watch that in normal definition which is rubbish!!! Why they do this is beyond belief?? Sky sports hd should mean all sky sports channels??
  4. Lost joe arundel in the warm up and matty Ashurst for most of the game, discipline not good but desire and will to win superb
  5. Wow what an inspirational family, everyone should watch this and think well maybe my life isn’t that bad after all…
  6. Hope Andrew is ok after been put in a induced coma, doesn’t sound good.
  7. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/uk-sport/19504379.wakefield-receive-interest-job-minute-head-coach-chris-chester-sacked/ so Chris Chester agreed a one year extension? And Michael Carter will honour that agreement.
  8. Chris Chester lovely bloke and has done some amazing things with the squad he had but his time was up end of last season IMO. The players at Wakefield obviously need a shake up and we need someone to do that especially with the possibilities for next season. Cheers Chris thanks for the memories but time to move on.
  9. Is this why the Aussies didn’t want their players coming?? They can’t help themselves!
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