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  1. Michael Monaghan

  2. Sky sports

    Yes just for sports on top of my basic package.
  3. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    its not hard to do! just say sign this within two hours or its off the table and we wont get as much next time they offer....
  4. Sky sports

    I do the same then last month I got a letter from sky saying I could have all sky sports channels for £15 no contract, guaranteed for three years. So I took them up on the offer!
  5. The Revolutionary Code

  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/56099578263/permalink/10155471337898264/ Straight talking as always, I personally can’t help thinking if we had someone like him in charge of the purse strings at the RFL we might have more money to develop the game...
  7. Tom Johnstone

    I expect him to be a great SL player, he COULD be a great international player but we dont know yet...
  8. Tom Johnstone

    Watch this Tom Briscoe has never been this good!
  9. Tom Johnstone

    You heard wrong pal!
  10. Tom Johnstone

    Sorry I don’t know who took this to credit them but what a photo!
  11. "The Kenny Sterling Shield".

    Great to see former players been honoured, you should never forget your past whilst looking forward to your future.
  12. Tom Johnstone

    Looked just as fast, agile, strong and skilful today after 8 months out. If he manages to avoid injuries this year anything is possible. The most exciting young player at Wakefield since Henry Paul? Can’t wait for the season to start and watch Tom running down the wing
  13. scrumdown

    great game fev v Hkr in the mud.
  14. scrumdown

    I remember David ‘Salford ‘ Watkins on it, when Wakefield played Salford on it all he talked about was Salford! If Wakefield scored all he mentioned was how bad the defence was.. Apart from that it was ok, set the video to record on a Sunday night and pray it worked:)
  15. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    I have no idea how 2018 will pan out, there are numerous candidates for the top 4 positions . Anyone who has luck with not many injuries could make it, can’t wait