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  1. Thanks but I thought there wasn't any assets left? Hence administration then liquidation, its hard to believe what is left will get to £230,000 isn't it?
  2. just a question apparently the administrator ran up a bill of £230,000 how does he get paid? anybody know??
  3. Does that make Nigel Wood , Dot Cotton??
  4. Omari Caro " Imagine having to refresh twitter to find out whether or not you have a job... lol"
  5. we have a 'winner' apparently! Hurrah hope the future of Bradford RL is much brighter from now on!
  6. The RFL 'feel good on Friday thirteenth ' after good news on Sheffield and York today will be announcing A new Bradford club , Bradford Thirteen !
  7. Michael Carter on Twitter has said the administration bill for bb is £230,000 and the administrator was on holiday for one of the 8 weeks wasn't he? Absolute scandal...
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/bradford-bulls-future-still-doubt-9533602
  9. I can see 10 first choice players, when do billy slater, cooper Cronk and Jonathan Thurston arrive??
  10. I hope the Bulls survive and the people buying the club has big pockets!
  11. "People tell me League fans are nicer than Union ones..." Those people are spot on Carol
  12. I see, why couldn't they just say that then!
  13. What does this mean?? https://www.castlefordtigers.com/mobile/article.php?id=5074
  14. Staying at Wakefield for 2017 https://twitter.com/wtrinityrl/status/792818719223324674
  15. Dave Woods of the BBC says 330k people watched the game on the red button..