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  1. Can't wait!
  2. We are targeting this game and if we win we will be 3rd after 23 rounds, what a achievement saints played well last week and we need to stop roby but I'm confident we will have enough go forward to win a high scoring game. Wakefield 28 Saints 22
  3. http://ulsterherald.com/2017/07/15/mcmenamin-combines-passions-wakefield-trinity/
  4. Hope this link works because this is brilliant
  5. Josh Griffin As I played for Stanley as a kid I will be donating my playing boots from last years MPG to the fund raising event on Friday being help at Stanley rangers ground. Please get down and show your support. Share this
  6. "We are at Stanley Rangers Open Age appealing to the local community business's for donations of raffle prizes to raise funds for Evan's benevolent fund on Friday evening at the club off Lee Moor Road Stanley. It would be appreciated if any one was willing to donate if they contact Rachael (on behalf of club Secretary J. Lord) 07483 800 618 if they are willing to support. Thank you on behalf of Stanley Rangers rugby club."
  7. From Steven Abraham It is with a very heavy heart that I am letting you all know that Evan has passed away peacefully this afternoon. Evans family are overwhelmed by the support they have been shown over the last 48 hours. They explained that Evan's injury was a freak accident and it was playing the game that he loved so much. They have asked for a decree of privacy at this very difficult time which I am sure everyone will appreciate. Evan you were a fantastic lad so tragically taken from us. You certainly leave a stamp on my heart young man. Fly high buddy. RIP Evan Hawksworth.
  8. http://www.rugbyleaguecares.org/news/article/339/club-statement-prepared-with-the
  9. Can't we just have a rugby league channel for say £10 a month? They would more subscribers if they did this than this fudge!!
  10. Really hope this lad ok, say a little prayer for him tonight.
  11. Joe made up for it with the ball steal? We still should have won after Cas came back into the game. Gutted to lose a game in which we played our best 40 minutes this year.
  12. All in one motion he puts the player to the ground with Liam Finn on top, he doesn't drop down on anyone? How else you supposed to tackle?
  13. Reece Lyne two match ban for this, what did he do wrong?
  14. Sky use Stuart Cummings to guess what the video ref might be thinking, the BBC use the actual video referee. If the BBC didn't use the 'cross code superstar ' their coverage would be spot on and you wish they had a live game on every week..
  15. Good squad named , thought we might rest a few for Salford but no. Didn't think we would win last Sunday, so we can win at home