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  1. More modern than this?
  2. It was the football reference that threw me.
  3. You've lost me, mate.
  4. TBH, they have reformed more times than Doctor Who.
  5. And as we beat 'em I don't give a monkeys.
  6. Robins fans called a Hornets supporter, her 10 year old daughter and her 70 year old father 'Rochdale c * nts' yesterday. The fan concerned had to move her daughter as the fans concerned told her they'd 'say what the f *ck we like'. Acceptable?
  7. Our jersey IS our heritage jersey - RWB 'oops a la 1920s
  8. Brought in Gav Bennion, Jake Ecclestone and Miles Greenwood from Halifax, Gary Middlehurst has come back as has Danny Bridge on a month's loan to cover Jono Smith. Also Lewis Palfrey at 6. Sounds like a lot of changes, but the bulk of the squad are from last year. Any of those considered 'major'? We've replaced a full-back (Wayne English retired), replaced a prop and added a couple.
  9. Ha ha - they could start the super 8s tomorrow for me. These are certainly interesting times - and Toulouse's defeat v Sheffield will raise a smile amongst Hornets fans.,
  10. Kaboom!
  11. Palfrey and Yatesey bossed it totally at half back. The game's just going past Pryce - even at this level. Lilley kicked for a couple of slutchy tries, but vanished once the Hornets pack got on top. Hornets were magnificent. And the fans were great too - outsang a big Bulls contingent who baled with 10 to go.
  12. Bulls now have to win NINE more games than Hornets to finish above us. Set your SatNavs for Hemel, Bulls fans.
  13. Easy metres up the guts of 'em all day. Easy metres in every tackle. We basically rope-a-doped them for an hour and over-ran them in the last 20. Bulls didn't offload from a tackle until the 35th minute. Game's going past Leon Pryce a bit at five-eighth - he has a role, but was a distant second best to Palfrey today. Maybe slot him in at 13? Peltier was Bradford's most effective forward - but he's a big lad and held his own. Both Bradford tries from kicks into the in-goal squirting loose in poor conditions. Toovey has his work cut-out.
  14. Danny Yates schooled him today.