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  1. Stadium's.

    I've been half-drowned and baked to a crisp on the hill at Leichhardt; seen a massive crowd go nuts on the hill at Belmore; sat in almost complete silence on the hill at Jubilee Oval; got fried on the hill at WIN stadium; had calamari and chips with a bloke from Oldham on the family hill at Cronulla; took my other half to her first NRL game on the hill at Manly; camped out picnic style on the hill at Newcastle, frozen my nuts off on the hill at Penrith and spent many a happy afternoon on the hill at Henson Park. I love a ground with a hill, me. Closest I've got in this country is Stanningley!
  2. Rochdale Hornets

    Cheers Ben
  3. Rochdale Hornets

    Thanks everyone. Thanks too to those who contributed to the ACTUAL bucket collection at last night's game - an additional £307 raised. We're about a quarter of the way to our target.
  4. Rochdale Hornets

    A bit of a Friday bump. If you'd like to help, visit our online bucket collection at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tlcrf80minsbucketcollection Every Little Helps! Ta!
  5. Rochdale Hornets

    Easy now...
  6. Rochdale Hornets

    Aye - we're all over social like a rash at the moment - just passed the £1,000 mark too! A phenomenal effort from everyone. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tlcrf80minsbucketcollection
  7. Rochdale Hornets

    Just seen that. Thank you ever so much. We've also just gone over the £1,000 mark - so many thanks to everyone who's contributed. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tlcrf80minsbucketcollection
  8. Rochdale Hornets

    There you go - virtually family ha ha
  9. Rochdale Hornets

    BUCKET COLLECTION LATEST: http://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/50870/supporters-aiming-to-raise--
  10. Rochdale Hornets

    We do all of those things: If you fancied being a Platinum Member, it'd cost you £500 a year spread monthly. Standard is £20, Bronze is £60, Silver £120 and Gold £240.
  11. Rochdale Hornets

    We'll enlist him under a pseudonym.
  12. Rochdale Hornets

    I just paid this year's - and next year's! I'm in over my head ha ha...
  13. Rochdale Hornets

    Dave got in first. What he said ha ha.
  14. Rochdale Hornets

    Thanks Adey - it's appreciated. Drink's on me at our fixture next season.
  15. Rochdale Hornets

    It was ever thus, I think, but the parachute payment (500k, I'm told) does feel like a bit of a kick in the nuts for other Championship clubs - and the game as a whole. But as Derek Beaumont said, it was in the 'gift' of SL clubs to make that payment and they did. All you can hope is that they invest it wisely. Hornets have been hit by a bit of a double whammy - the club's (previous) main sponsor went bust owing a five figure sum they'd committed to, and another sponsor pulled out at the last minute. That in itself put a real dent in our 2018 budget. The we had the Batley game wiped out courtesy of Spotland's horrendous pitch, which not only deprived us of our big Championship opener, but wiped out 30% of February's forecast revenue. CEO Steve Kerr is doing an amazing job keeping all the plates spinning, but the quite literal bottom line is that we have a hole to fill ASAP. If anyone is feeling munificent, please do click the link above and chuck something into our 'online bucket' - if 500 RL fans donate a tenner, we'll hit our target.