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  1. Hornetto

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Saw Rugby League here: Mountain Ash, South Wales
  2. Hornetto

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Kells, Cumbria - it's a long way down on that far touchline...
  3. Hornetto

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Gosford Stadium's not bad either.
  4. Hornetto

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Terrigal Oval, Central Coast, NSW isn't bad (couldn't find my pic, but this grab from Google Earth is from the same spot)
  5. Hornetto

    Good things about this season

    - Hornets fans singing the house down at Toronto - and Toronto fans getting getting involved in some great conversations after the game about RL in the UK: hungry to learn and very passionate. - Hornets fans singing the house down at Sheffield as we produced a last day houdini act to secure Championship status for another year. - Completing the Hornets World Tour of Toronto, Toulouse, London and Blackpool. - Ticking off new grounds/clubs in the Sydney Shield and the Ron Massey Cup (and foregoing an NRL game to do so in one case).
  6. Hornetto

    A better dawn.

    I hope so - we NEED an A627M El Clasico in our lives
  7. Hornetto

    Featherstone Rovers

  8. Hornetto

    Killer to Leave.

    It's the 21st Century mate - it's all about branding. We have one of the greatest names in RL, but never had a Hornet on the shirt. Why would a new generation of fans identify with the crest that they see on their bins? It's a modern, evolving world and you have to go with it or you'll get left behind. Leeds have a Rhino, Catalans have a Dragon, Warrington have a Wolf, Batley have a Bulldog, Dewsbury have a Ram, Keighley have a Cougar, Coventry have a Bear, Huddersfield - the home of the game - have a Giant. Wear your old shirt by all means - but the future is that way and that's where we're headed. Cue the deluge...
  9. Hornetto

    Only bottom club relegated

    Just a bit: The Ten Million Pence Game
  10. Hornetto

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    They are valid for the duration of your passport.
  11. Hornetto

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Start early, work with the authorities, engage the help of the RFL, don't lie on your applications. We managed to get 18 players out there on one member of staff and a couple of volunteers. If a SL club can't handle a bit of admin it's a poor do.
  12. Hornetto

    Leigh fixture

    Damned if you do...
  13. Hornetto

    Leigh fixture

    Damned if you don't...
  14. Hornetto

    toronto game

    If you're booked with the official trip, the ticket is included in the price anyway.
  15. Hornetto

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    He mostly didn't want to be associated with a daily commute from Chesterfield after his wife gave birth to a new baby.