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  1. Embarrassing, to say the least

    Cheers M.R. You too.
  2. Embarrassing, to say the least

    Yes, we had a pretty ###### shield run-in - but we stayed up! That was always the target for this season. And we achieved it. Yes, the Bradford game was a shocker, but it was a dead rubber and we were down to our last fit players. And Bradford can celebrate all they want that they 'went out on a high' - i'd rather stay in on a low. Everyone had us nailed on for relegation this year and we've proved all of them wrong. We finished above two established championship sides - and beat Bradford twice WHEN IT MATTERED. Yes, losing at Bradford and getting a soaking wasn't the best way to end the year, but I'd rather be where we are then where Bradford and Oldham are. One awful result in a season where we've confounded the odds and stayed up. Embarrassed? You should all be delighted. Yes, it's been a scramble and an ugly scrap, but we got there through hard work, unity and belief. We went up as champions and stayed up. Your team - your club! - has done you proud this season.
  3. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Absolutely wrong. The previous administration mortgaged their share of the stadium against a loan from the RFL and then went under. The RFL took the 47.5% share in the stadium company in lieu of the debt. The reformed supporters co-operative had to negotiate a tenancy lease with the the football club to play at Spotland. The RFL sold ITS share of the stadium back to the football club and as part of that process, the supporter-owned co-operative renegotiated a 25 year tenancy lease. The co-operative has NEVER owned a share in either the ground or the stadium company and runs on a prudent budget based on its projected revenue for the forthcoming year. So the 'Nice Amount' you speak of doesn't exist. It won't 'last' us at all because it doesn't exist. We live week to week, hand to mouth like pretty much every other part-time club. Indeed we ran on the Championship's smallest budget this year and managed to stay-up. Supporter ownership and prudent financial management works for us - other clubs should try it.
  4. Super 8 s

    The equation is simple: match or better Oldham and Swinton's results and we stay up.
  5. Super 8 s

    Yes. points carried forward, Bradford can't catch us.
  6. Now it's the ref's fault! You guys are gold. Well, silver actually...
  7. Not sure you'll get it with MacNamara in charge: he'll have 'em playing like a Yorkshire side in no time.
  8. We won. That's the relevant bit. Yes - we were very, very special on the day. Found a way to to win - and won. The whole point of having 'tactics' is that you can frustrate and outsmart the opposition. Which we did. Toulouse and their fans didn't like it one bit. Face? Bovvered?
  9. Just don't dare go down there and give them a game. They'll just moan like the feck - and remind you of it a year later.
  10. Still crying about this? get over yourselves.
  11. "ROCHDALE STYLE" - I love it. Bitter? Not much.
  12. Super 8 s

    Still waiting...
  13. Class tells

    No games this coming weekend. Everyone gets a week off ahead of the 8s.