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  1. I'm missing Maesteg, Lamport Stadium and Queensway stadium - all new to League 1 this year. And Trailfinders Stadium which I'll miss - because I'll be at Leichhardt Oval. Other than that, got the lot (and yes - it took the fat end of a lifetime, only getting Toulouse in last year)
  2. Not labelling everyone at all. Just the majority.
  3. But you can leave a union you've signed up to. If only I had an example to hand...
  4. Especially if it's 'the will of the people' - which now seems to be the ultimate negotiating chip.
  5. Always happy to educate and entertain.
  6. Nailed that argument. Top debating skills.
  7. The English are little Englanders. That's at the heart of the issue.
  8. Oh it's a lovely country - just run by pricks.
  9. More than they ever will shackled to an inward-looking basket case like England.
  10. Scotland is just taking control, getting its country back, laying the foundations for making its own laws rather than being governed by faceless mandarins hundreds of miles away...
  11. But shouldn't it have a silver back? I'll get me fur coat...
  12. As a bit of context: I can't actually remember the last time we had a crowd over 2,000. The Championship is a massive learning curve for a supporter-owned club run on volunteers. People in the town get that. As we stand, we are excelling massively. It's tough and every week is a learning exercise. We'll take the learnings from the Hull KR game as we have from every game since 2009. Pre-warning: Oldham only have one tea-bar too. Take a flask.
  13. So not getting a pie ruined your day? Given where we've come from since 2009, I think we're doing ok. Better to be a small club heading up and finding ways to handle the big time than a big club heading down and struggling with the small time, I reckon. I'll bring a bovril over to yours for you - make up for your disappointment.
  14. The A627M El Clasico will be an absolute cracker. I'll take a win of any shade. Elsewhere (and it's all heart and no head) Swinton Lions to deliver a miracle. Batley Bulldogs to put the cattle back in their box. Hull KR by a cricket score. London to nick a tight one. Sheffield to spring a shock.
  15. Cheers Trojan - thought the Fev support was a bit flat and when it became clear that the game was going to be a tight one, the Fev fans round us just started getting on their team's back a bit. When we went behind, our response was to give it a bit more welly. We're the club in microcosm, really. Small, big-hearted and always willing to give it a dig because we think it makes a difference. Couldn't 'speyk' Monday morning. See you at ours later in the season.