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  1. Hornetto

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    They are valid for the duration of your passport.
  2. Hornetto

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    Start early, work with the authorities, engage the help of the RFL, don't lie on your applications. We managed to get 18 players out there on one member of staff and a couple of volunteers. If a SL club can't handle a bit of admin it's a poor do.
  3. Hornetto

    Leigh fixture

    Damned if you do...
  4. Hornetto

    Leigh fixture

    Damned if you don't...
  5. Hornetto

    Next coach?

    1 post: 'I heard a rumour'...🤣
  6. Hornetto

    toronto game

    If you're booked with the official trip, the ticket is included in the price anyway.
  7. Hornetto

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    He mostly didn't want to be associated with a daily commute from Chesterfield after his wife gave birth to a new baby.
  8. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Any merger would get blocked. But the membership that was open-minded enough to run with a co-operative model is also open-minded enough to question whether the maximum number of members we are able to attract is sufficient to fund the next decade's progress at the rate of the last one (2 promotions/Two trophies) - and the answer was 'let's investigate what's out there'. A majority ownership/private investment model (51:49) would fulfil that, but other models might suit us better. I think it's good that any organisation takes a long, hard look at itself and tries to find a better way to grow and succeed and I'm proud that my club has the confidence to do that. Clearly, if we had 20,000 members paying £50, we wouldn't need to have the fans' online bucket collection - but it's incidents like that, that make exploring alternative business/finance models critical to future growth/success. We also have another 20 years outstanding on our lease at Spotland - so it's unlikely that we're going anywhere.
  9. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Is there 80llocks. Just someone knitting random facts together to troll the board. The easiest solution would be for the majority of the game to cut SL free to follow its own destiny (people will soon get bored with watching the same 10 teams play each other week-in, week-out) - and seek a new way forward for the remainder, with the new body given rein to seek its own media deal.
  10. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    The Hornets sporting foundation does coaching in schools and community organisations every day of the week - but it's not like we have a 'department' of people delivering a highly co-ordinated programme: we have a single community coach who busts a gut to get a ball in more kids hands across the Borough. This day to day struggle to deliver coaching/fitness/lifestyle stuff is pretty common in clubs across the RL/NCL. But why put funding there when you can give it out to clubs with no governance so they can hand it out to superannuated NRL rejects at 'super' clubs playing in front of 2,000 people in empty stadia? Might be moot anyway, New Super League CEO says he wants to use the Premier League as his model for success. I fear he's in for a shock...
  11. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Yes - this.
  12. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Not at Rochdale Hornets - it'd come down to a majority vote of the membership. You people have no idea of the contingency plans we had in place when the club was rebooted in 2009. In the event of a merger, we'd go back to page 1.
  13. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    I watch my team because its represents me and the community I live in. I like the fact that we play other clubs like ours. If I wanted to watch a 'super' club in 'super' league, It's easy enough to do that now. But I don't. I don't care if we're small. I don't care if we struggle in the Championship. I don't care if other clubs win more games than we do. My club is - literally - mine. Yes, I'd love us to have bigger crowds so that more people could enjoy it too. And yes, I'd love us to have more revenue and more cash in the bank. But some Super League clubs have had millions and millions of pounds through their hands and are no better now now than they were 20 years ago. My club is what it is - and I'm with it for the duration. Rugby League used to be a broad church with space for small battling clubs, but now every club has to be a slick corporate machine to be valid and credible. If my club merged, I'd go watch Rochdale Cobras.
  14. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    I'm as anti- a cumbrian merger as you guys. It's a rubbish idea from people who've never been to West Cumbria.
  15. Hornetto

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    He's trolling you/us. Got nothing to go on at all.