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  1. As you say, just got used to the England logo and now this new one, which is... er...
  2. Not sure it's an improvement on the old one.
  3. Yes it's a great, fascinating city with great knockers and - when I wasn't clinging desperately to a lavatory - we walked pretty much all of it. Mostly sulking that we lost
  4. Unfortunately, yes. Had to test my French at the Pharmacy for Diacalm and paracetamol before going back for a long stare at the back of the bathroom door. I blame the fish salad.
  5. The odd thing was that he'd already shaken hands with three or four players and then laid into the next one. Even if someone calls you a c**t or says your mum's fat, just laugh it off and say you'll remind them of that next time. Tyson was one of the few Oldham players to give it a real go on Sunday and you can't afford to lose that level of 'heart' - but I do think he's looking at a sizeable break. See you at ours in March.
  6. Sheffield, I think. Bit of a basket-case. Bradford is a tricky one - still think they'll come strong with a pile of cash behind them and Toovey on-board. But we catch them in round two, so hopefully early enough for them to be undercooked. If - and it is if - we were to win at Odsal, that would mean Bradford would have to win 8 games more than us to finish above us (-12 = 6 games + one defeat = a 14 point differential). Having stayed up once, I think Oldham have enough nous to do it again, and I think Swinton are stronger this year. I'm hoping Bryan has it right (Bradford fans have just sat back and waited for some Charlie big Spuds with deep pockets to rock up and hand them a competitive team on a plate) and that the Bulls struggle. Exciting times.
  7. I did give it a go - twice! There are no official RL packages, so you have to make your own way. Flights last year were awkward: returns to M'cr were out Friday and back late Monday night which needed two days off work. Add 3 nights accommodation and it was clicking up over the £400 mark before you've got spends on there. We also had to kill two days in Toulouse after we got hammered in the league game. And I had appalling food poisoning, so all-up not a great experience. For the final I only took half a day from work to fly Friday afternoon, had one night in Toulouse and took a punt on flying back on the Saturday night - to GATWICK! Was lucky to bum a lift back North, as the flight got in at midnight (I didn't really have a 'plan' beyond 'get to the final and get back into the UK asap'). That option cost about £250. The club did try and organise a trip, but it was £400 and they didn't get enough people to make it viable (that's a fortnight's wages for some people - and you can do a fortnight in Tenerife for less). If the RFL could put together a one night + return flight deal for around the £250 mark, it might get some take-up. But - for now - fans are on their own.
  8. Bossed it completely, once we'd pulled it back to 6-all. Some sterling defence on show. Oldham scored at the death to give it the appearance of a contest. A really solid showing. Oldham clearly with some work to do - a bit short on ideas we thought, and no real 'threat' player.
  9. We were scheduled to play it at Spotland, but the football club got a home draw in the FA Cup, which scuppered that. My understanding is that Warrington were committed to the Saturday, so an alternative was sought. I like the idea of a bit of an 'on the road' game, with a new ground to tick off.
  10. Black Kappa t-shirt off the market £3.99
  11. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein
  12. Fans/clubs have to go with the model they're comfortable with. We didn't have loads of people beating the door down to take us over, so it was that or die. I'd like to think we have enough to have a decent shot at staying up regardless of where Bradford started. Your Friendly with Huddersfield still on the cards for weekend? How are you getting a team out? (Assuming you know, Adey).
  13. This just landed in my inbox: http://www.runningrugby.com/accounts-funding-and-financial-services/chalmers-and-lowe-revealed-as-owners-of-new-bradford-club/ Supplements what's already out there.
  14. I'd say yes - but I am biased...
  15. Full-timers on their own patch? Means nowt - ask Toulouse