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  1. Just don't get stuck into the putains by mistake...
  2. Really cheap, crappy chicken roll - the best filler for fishing sandwiches by some distance, Followed by Shippams crab paste on white bread. Yes.
  3. Ooh - ANOTHER trip to Toulouse...
  4. My understanding is: Teams finishing after 23 rounds between 5th and 12th in the Championship play in the "Super 8" group: "The Championship Shield". Each team playing each other once more (Top four teams 4 at home/3 away. Bottom four the opposite). The points from the original season are retained. Following the additional seven rounds a four-team play-off takes place pitting 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd, with the winners playing each other in the final to win the "Championship Shield". The two teams finishing at the bottom of this group of eight are relegated to the 2018 Kingstone Press League One.
  5. I'm missing Maesteg, Lamport Stadium and Queensway stadium - all new to League 1 this year. And Trailfinders Stadium which I'll miss - because I'll be at Leichhardt Oval. Other than that, got the lot (and yes - it took the fat end of a lifetime, only getting Toulouse in last year)
  6. Not labelling everyone at all. Just the majority.
  7. But you can leave a union you've signed up to. If only I had an example to hand...
  8. Especially if it's 'the will of the people' - which now seems to be the ultimate negotiating chip.
  9. Always happy to educate and entertain.
  10. Nailed that argument. Top debating skills.
  11. The English are little Englanders. That's at the heart of the issue.
  12. Oh it's a lovely country - just run by pricks.
  13. More than they ever will shackled to an inward-looking basket case like England.
  14. Scotland is just taking control, getting its country back, laying the foundations for making its own laws rather than being governed by faceless mandarins hundreds of miles away...
  15. But shouldn't it have a silver back? I'll get me fur coat...