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  1. Not quite true. Gateshead finished above Leigh that year but opted to go down a division due to having financial difficulties, thus saving a dreadful Leigh side's skin right at the death.
  2. The board can co-opt people onto the board if the numbers are down - always have done in the past and probably always will. I just hope we'll get the opportunity, as debenture holders, to have our say at an AGM at some point. Directors come and go, but as long as the people who come in add something and keep the club moving in the right direction, that's ok by me.
  3. Cheers, John!
  4. I've just sent a message to John Drake, the site admin: "Hi John, I'm a Barrow Raiders fan and there's a problem with our part of the forum you might be able to help with. A newly-joined member called 'Blapakempuz' is doing nothing but post spammy-links to dodgy online streaming sites. Can you delete him/them or something? Cheers Dave W"
  5. I remember a thread from a few years ago suggesting an electronic scoreboard, but it was deemed way down on the list of priorities at the time, given the state of the ground (and finances!). Hats off to Pipework Services and a big thanks
  6. I agree, Michael. All in all, yet another nice little ground improvement, and for not a lot of money (I presume), though I have a couple of minor observations: It couldn't be seen easily from the Raiders Bar area (too narrow an angle), hence not visible from all areas of the ground. Perhaps the manual scoreboard currently located in that corner of the ground should now be moved to a different location? Behind the posts on the railings at the Duke St end perhaps? With my poor eyesight the intensity of the luminosity of the LEDs made it difficult to read! Anyone else experience this? I wonder if it could be "dimmed" ever so slightly? Very minor quibbles (I just like moaning ).
  7. This thread reminded me of my early days as a Barrow away supporter, 30+ years ago, having a pie thrown at me on the way into Watersheddings on my first visit there and thinking "What a waste of a good pie!" Now I know they were just Hollands, it's understandable on a whole new level Best of luck for the season!
  8. No official announcements yet and I can't find Jamie Dallimore on Facebook. Do you have a link?
  9. Done. I've sent you an email.
  10. I've moved since I bought debentures, atp. Could you PM me an email address, please? PS: It should have read "Debenture holders" ;-)
  11. Don't think you're being disregarded or rubbished, Pete. You've provided an explanation from the club's perspective and you're getting feedback on what *some* fans think. What's the problem? I for one welcome the club's initiatives at getting fans through the turnstiles but you should maybe think about doing something for the season ticket holders who stumped up their cash up front? A voucher to spend at the club shop or something? Every £2 off the admission fee is an extra £2 less value for money for season ticket holders. (I didn't get a season ticket this year, btw: I had too much going on to get round to getting one this year)
  12. I don't object to sports teams supporting charities but they shouldn't be taking money off them for shirt sponsorship. It just seems immoral to me. It would have been cleverer for AFC to do it for free. It would have been great publicity and win/win for both of them. £8500 is small change to a millionaire like Paul Casson but a lot of money for a charity like the hospice, who, iirc, were in dire straits financially not so long back. It seems to me to be a spectacular own goal for both parties.
  13. It says £15/£10/£5 on the poster, which are the usual admission prices. What's the reduced ticket price? Wrong version of poster? I taked SJD's point though - although these promotions are designed to try and get extra people through the turnstiles, there's a balance to be drawn between doing this type of promotion without disillusioning the faithful.