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  1. Not mixing up with football at all. When Borough Park in Blackpool got demolished, the rugby league club limped along for a few more seasons, leading a nomadic existence of diminishing returns. One of these seasons was as the very short-lived Springfield Borough in Wigan. Chorley Borough, Trafford Borough and Lancashire Lynx (they played at Deepdale) were other legacy Blackpool Borough clubs.
  2. I'll get the ball rolling. Speaking for myself, I haven't been to all the current grounds by any means, but this made me realise how many old grounds (and some clubs) no longer exist. Here's a list of grounds where I've seen Barrow play but are either defunct or RL is no longer played there: Carlisle - Brunton Park/Gillford Park Runcorn - Canal Street Chorley - Victory Park Wigan - Springfield Park (turned up at the ground, but the game got called off due to a frozen pitch so never actually saw Barrow play) Preston - Deepdale Mansfield - Field Mill Barnet - Copthall Stadium (now redeveloped as Saracens' ground, Allianz Park) Blackpool - Borough Park, Woodlands Memorial Ground (Fylde RU) York - Clarence Street Bramley - McLaren Field Doncaster - Tattersfield Oldham - Watersheddings Hull - Boulevard Warrington - Wilderspool Wigan - Central Park
  3. NW Crusaders have put the full game up on YouTube, in two segments: First half here: It would be nice if there was to be an "official" DVD made available but this is better than nothing. Well done Cru!
  4. The Toronto/Oxford game was around 21:00 UK time. I presume it'll be same kick-off time for Barrow. Unless the team bus gets caught in heavy Toronto city traffic, that is...
  5. Bill Werbenuik?
  6. Cheers Mike. I've emailed him 😀 If anyone will know, he will.
  7. Cheers for the info, Donald. I certainly can't remember Barrow ever conceding 42 points and winning, though. There was a mad game against Hunslet at Elland Rd we played (late 80's?), but think that might have been a 42-all draw or a 42-40 win. Someone'll know I'm sure.
  8. This unusual slugfest of a scoreline raises a couple of interesting questions: 1. Is this the most points Barrow have conceded in a game, but still managed to win? 2. Has any team ever scored 42 points in a game but still lost? Any statisticians out there who might shed light on this?
  9. Forgot about 1993 when we lost 54-18. If we continue at that rate of improvement, we should have the measure of them this time out and win 18-36.
  10. Anyone else who was there the last time we played Leeds at Headingley, in 1990? I'm sure we'll put on a better performance than we managed on that day! All we have to do is concede fewer than 90 and score more than 0 :-) A home tie would have been nice, but this should be a decent payday at least
  11. The reason I ask is because, according to the laws of the game, the poor old touch judge doesn't appear to have an awful lot of power when it comes to what happens on the field of play: "Enforce Laws 2. The Referees shall enforce the Laws of the Game and may impose penalties for any deliberate breach of the Laws. He shall be the sole judge on matters of fact except those relating to touch and touch in-goal." "Changing decision 9. The Referee judges on matters of fact and shall not subsequently alter those judgments. He may cancel any decision made if prior foul play of which he had no knowledge is reported to him by a Touch Judge." "Accept Touch Judge decision 10. The Referee shall accept the decision of an official Touch Judge relating to touch and touch in-goal play and to kicks at goal." "Touch Judge 11. Each Touch Judge shall remain in touch, one on each side of, and near to, the playing field except:– (a) when judging kicks at goal (see Section 6) and (b) when reporting a player’s misconduct which has escaped the notice of the Referee." Are forward passes "foul play" ? It doesn't look to me like touch judges can call forward passes, even blatant ones, unless the referee asks them.
  12. Are touch judges allowed to call forward passes?
  13. Not quite true. Gateshead finished above Leigh that year but opted to go down a division due to having financial difficulties, thus saving a dreadful Leigh side's skin right at the death.
  14. The board can co-opt people onto the board if the numbers are down - always have done in the past and probably always will. I just hope we'll get the opportunity, as debenture holders, to have our say at an AGM at some point. Directors come and go, but as long as the people who come in add something and keep the club moving in the right direction, that's ok by me.
  15. Cheers, John!