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  1. Dave W

    19 fit men

    Do they still do the warm pork pie with mushy peas and mint sauce? Food of the gods!
  2. Dave W

    Starting line up for Batley

    ... Or Jake Carter's mother?
  3. Dave W

    Starting line up for Batley

    Is this your obsession? Does he owe you money or something?
  4. Swap out the words 'Rugby League' with 'Football' or 'Cricket' or indeed *any* sport covered by Sky Sports and you've pretty much nailed their entire marketing strategy.
  5. Dave W

    Swinton and Wigan continue dual-registration

    TBH, the only thing that steered Swinton away from relegation last season was the last minute restructuring of the lower leagues.
  6. Dave W

    League 1 restructuring

    I'd get rid of L1 altogether and have two parallel conferences of 10 teams (lets call them Championship A and B). Everyone plays every else in their division home and away + 2 home and away games with teams from the the other conference. The top 2 in each division go into the end of season play-offs, with the fifth team decided by a 2 leg play-off between the third place team in each conference
  7. Dave W

    2021 World Cup venues announced

    I hope the new Workington stadium gets built and we don't end up with another Whitehaven fiasco.
  8. Dave W

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    I must say I was pretty appalled at how our announcer royally screwed up the PNG lads' names when they were introduced at half time : They're not *that* hard to pronounce! Would it have been that much of an effort to get them written down phonetically?
  9. Dave W

    New Signing

    Hamani Tuavo, iirc. Sad to hear they're both no longer with us.
  10. Dave W

    New Signing

    Also, his brother Adam played for us once on dual reg in 2014 when Goulding was coach. Have we ever had two brothers from out of town play for Barrow but five years apart from each other?
  11. Dave W

    New Signing

    Excellent signing. According to Wikipedia, his nickname's 'Walney' so he'll be pleased we've named an island in his honour.
  12. Dave W

    Leeds South Stand opening

    What I'd like to know is did anyone nab the spiral staircase that used to go up to the old commentary box? It would be nice to think it didn't just end up in a skip.
  13. Dave W

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    1. Fits into my wallet no problem. 2. It's quite clearly card, not paper.
  14. Dave W

    Steve Neale NWEM

    West Wales Raiders' Twitter feed has over 10000 followers. Make of that what you will!
  15. Dave W

    Steve Neale NWEM

    You don't even have to set up a Twitter account under your own name and it takes two minutes to set up a "valid" Gmail account under a pseudonym in order to be able to register. Also, personally, I think it's an absurd idea to give funds to clubs based on Twitter followers due to this massive loophole: You can "buy" a 1000 followers for around £30. I don't know what the deal is with funding in this regard but even if the RFL only give clubs, say, £500 for every 10,000 Twitter followers, it makes a mockery of it all if you're able to purchase 10000 followers for £300. Every £300 you spend, you'd get £500 back. Ker-ching! The RFL can't even perform basic due diligence, how the hell are they going to monitor and measure individual clubs' social media operations?