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  1. Jono Smith

  2. It was the right decision to start at the bottom and work up but I wonder how acceptable the current travel and accommodation arrangements would be to the big teams? It might be a case of them telling Toronto to pay up for 30 business class tickets and 6 nights three star accommodation for everyone rather than camp beds on a campus. Things could get expensive for Mr Perez. Who would be sucking it up then?
  3. I'm just looking forward to seeing Toronto properly tested tbh. With regard to the flights, I know the part-time teams saw the whole "visiting Canada" thing as a big adventure, but I wonder if the full-time teams in the Championship might prefer to fly out to Toronto earlier in the week to give themselves time to adjust ahead of the games? If they choose to do so, I wonder if the flights still be subsidised? Does that offer only apply to the Thursday flights?
  4. ...and I wouldn't mind betting that Toronto (being a full-time outfit) will be flying back to England on a Monday flight so they can re-acclimatise quicker in advance of the Magic Weekend game. The Championship part-timers coming to Toronto will be on the subsidised Thursday flights, I'll bet.
  5. I'm glad you've taken note of the tremendous advantage gained by playing teams suffering from jet lag every week. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on the Wolfpack.
  6. Maybe I didn't put the point across properly. Under normal circumstances, the Wolfpack would have had to play Toulouse in Toronto and then fly to England the following week to play Leigh in Blackpool. Already being in England means they avoid jet lag and all the other logistical difficulties and disruptions associated with having to fly from - and back to - Canada.
  7. The whole thing's a very clever move, tbh. By forfeiting home advantage and getting added to Magic Weekend instead of playing this "home" fixture in Canada at an alternative ground, they no longer have to fly to England for the Summer Bash the following week. In doing so, they've saved a shedload of money on air fares and conveniently avoided having to play Leigh at the Summer Bash while suffering from the effects of jet-lag, Toronto's normal home advantage that they would have actually had to concede to another team for once.
  8. Match Day Next Season

    Bang on! You haven't got next weekend's Lotto numbers, by any chance?
  9. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    Not sure if it's actually RL in the clip (no 10 on back suggests fly half) but it's definitely Tom Brophy 😀
  10. Rugby League Where You Least Expect It

    The opening credit sequence of 1970's action/drama series The Persuaders (it pops up occasionally on ITV4) feature an image of Barrow player Tom Brophy in action (supposed to be the young Brett Sinclair playing rugby at Oxford Uni or something). Brophy's photo was used because he resembled the young Roger Moore. It's about 48 seconds in on this clip :
  11. EGM

    Miller seems a fair bet, but I wouldn't want to put Mammone where my mouth is. Sorry.
  12. Jacket in Raiders Bar

    Maybe they belong to that streaker?
  13. Barrow v Whitehaven

    Well done to Cresta and the lads. A hard - earned and well-deserved victory to cap a superb season. Always good to add yet another piece of silverware to the trophy cabinet. Whitehaven's unenviable cup jinx continues, but I'm sure they'll be right up there challenging with Bradford, Oldham, York etc next season.
  14. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

  15. Toronto Trip Funding

    The JustGiving page was created by the Barrow Raiders Supporters Trust, not by Barrow Raiders, the club. Although done with the best intentions, the idea would appear to have backfired somewhat if it reflects badly on the Raiders in the eyes of some supporters of this and other clubs. We're in the top three, we get more supporters than most other clubs in this league, we won a cup, we got through to the last 16 of the Challenge Cup and we're challenging for promotion. The perception that Barrow Raiders are passing round the bucket to pay for this trip (as opposed to it being a supporters' initiative) when other teams with far tighter financial circumstances have had to do so with few complaints makes us look like whingers.