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  1. As an aside, Toulouse actually have a player who was born in Toronto. Johnathon Ford (Toronto, NSW, that is)
  2. The thing that gets me about this non-try is why Hewer never went to the video ref to check the grounding/whether there was a foot in touch? The ref confers with the video ref in every televised game anyway: Perhaps the powers-that-be should consider having the video ref check the grounding whenever a try is scored as a matter of course?
  3. "Oh I'm sorry Mr Referee, sir, you've made a mistake awarding me that try and you should strike it off forthwith: I cannot tell a lie ; I inadvertently lost control of the ball as I was diving over to score" 👀
  4. Dave W

    Sunday v Swinton offer

    We've been on the wrong side of the cut as a result of previous restructures in the past, so I'll take survival however it presents itself!
  5. Dave W

    Jackson Hastings

    Many people reckoned Kevin Hastings to have been the best stand off never to play for Australia. Unfortunate to have been at his peak when the likes of Wally Lewis and Brett Kenny were at theirs.
  6. journeyman ˈdʒəːnɪmən/ noun 1. a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding. "a solid journeyman professional"
  7. Dave W


    Agreed. Stupid of the steward to ask him if he did it. He was bound to deny it. It should have been a case of them TELLING him, "ok fine, if that's what you say but if we hear you shout anything racially offensive then you'll be asked to leave the ground". That should have nipped it in the bud. Not sure how clued up the club and stewards are on zero tolerance/kick racism out of sport but making people who report issues look like liars isn't the way to go. Is the problem lack of training on the part of the stewards as to how they are supposed to handle such situations?
  8. Dave W


    I saw something about this on the Twitter feed. Don't think it was racist chanting as such: From what I read it was some old bloke! They even put a photo of him up. Don't know how it panned out but from the tweets I read it seems that a couple of younger lads confronted the old bigot and ended up getting thrown out by the stewards for standing up to him!! If this is the case, the club should: - Identify the racist and ban him from the ground. - Apologise to the lads who stood up to the racist. - Have a word with the stewards with regard to their role in this.
  9. Dave W


    There should be a pinned link on here, on Facebook and on the Twitter page. It was easy enough to find on the club website but it needs pushing on all social media outlets. Anyway, here's the link: Just Giving Page
  10. Dave W


    This wouldn't be the same Curtly who was posting on here as "Barrow Til I Die" a few years back, would it?
  11. Dave W


    We're well clear of the bottom three and that's the must important thing. I quite fancy us to win next week. The lads will have good memories of last year's visit. Blackpool here we come!
  12. Dave W

    Travel to blackpool by train please read

    Cheers anyway. I'm sorted out myself now.
  13. Dave W


    First away point of the season. We don't travel well, do we?
  14. Dave W

    Travel to blackpool by train please read

    Might be interested if the mini bus is coming back after the last game.