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  1. Dave W

    Bradford Bash?

    Well don't go then! Personally, I enjoy having a few ales at the seaside, enjoying the craic, meeting fans of all the other clubs and watching 6-7 matches of the sport I support for the measly sum of thirty quid or so.
  2. Dave W

    Bradford Bash?

    It's stupid to even consider moving it away from Blackpool and even stupider to suggest holding at at anywhere other than a neutral ground. I know the overall attendance was down this year on 2017, but 2017 had a 7th game tagged on (the Championship One Cup Final between Barrow Raiders and NW Crusaders probably added 600-700 to the gate). The well-supported Hull KR and Bradford were there, too. This year suffered because there were only six games and three of the best teams had virtually no supporters present (Toronto, Toulouse and London). With 14 teams being represented again, including Bradford and York, it's not hard to envisage a big improvement on last year. Move it elsewhere and you've killed the concept before it's really taken root.
  3. Dave W

    Barrow Afc

    There's nothing to stop anyone cutting and pasting a link on here to any piece of Barrow Raiders related news. Like this for example
  4. Dave W

    Barrow Afc

    I've been supporting them for 40 years, through thick and thin (mostly thin) . Dreaming of better things round the corner is my default setting, I'm afraid.
  5. Dave W

    Barrow Afc

    I think one or two people are looking through rose-tinted glasses about the DJ era with regard to crowds. If you ignore the 'once in a blue moon' Wigan gate (where all their season ticket holders got in for free anyway, IIRC), according to Wikipedia in 2009, our average league attendance was around 1600-1700: It was only the games associated with the late surge to win the title that pushed our average attendances up. In 2010, the average home attendance for the season was 1717. If we have anything like a competitive season next year, watch that average get back up to around 1500!
  6. Dave W

    swinton v salford

    Fantastic. When's this crunch game taking place? 1965?
  7. Is this match going to be livestreamed on the RFL's "Our League" app, or was it deemed too short notice to get a broadcast crew together due to holidays etc? 👀
  8. But it isn't though, is it? Quote from a post further down from a Broncos fan: "The Wolfpack flew back on Tuesday and we fly out on Thursday, returning home after the game on Sunday"
  9. There already is a Cumbrian presence in the Championship - Barrow.
  10. Dave W

    Big signing Monday. ?????????

    Zac Hardaker?
  11. Wednesday, but put 'em on both. You'll not miss the extra couple of quid when you collect your millions 👍
  12. ...and this week's Lotto numbers are 6 9 14 23 34 and 37 Bonus ball 29 😁😁😁😁
  13. As an aside, Toulouse actually have a player who was born in Toronto. Johnathon Ford (Toronto, NSW, that is)
  14. The thing that gets me about this non-try is why Hewer never went to the video ref to check the grounding/whether there was a foot in touch? The ref confers with the video ref in every televised game anyway: Perhaps the powers-that-be should consider having the video ref check the grounding whenever a try is scored as a matter of course?