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  1. Toulouse whose going

    I used a French car share app called Blablacar and managed to book us a lift to Carcassonne on Sunday for €7.50 each. That was a relief, I can tell you!
  2. Toulouse whose going

    Three of us travelling over as well, wondering how the hell we get back to Carcassonne on Sunday when there's a rail strike on! Excitement in several shades.
  3. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Whether the game goes ahead might depend on whether Dewsbury can actually get up here or not.
  4. Today’s game with Leigh

    Who would have thought, with our first three games being London away, followed by Toronto and Leigh at home, we'd be fifth in the table? Incredible stuff. The season starts now!
  5. Toronto

    Brian Noble had plenty to say about that particular incident. Nothing at all about the disallowed Barrow try.
  6. Toronto

    I suppose you're right. If match officials fail to see things that happen right in front of them, it's only right that they balance things out by making decisions based on things they didn't actually see properly.
  7. Toronto

    Having watched the match back, I think Barrow were a little unfortunate to have had the try ruled out on the stroke of half time. The touch judge raised his flag to indicate that the ball had gone out of play, but the camera shot down the line looked to me like neither the ball nor the player's foot touched the whitewash. It went unmentioned by the TV commentators.
  8. Toronto

    Freeview 95 and Freesat 252
  9. Toronto

    For anyone who's interested (lol) the replay showing of the game is on TV tomorrow on Freesports at 17:00 and again on Tuesday at 12:00.
  10. Jono Smith

  11. It was the right decision to start at the bottom and work up but I wonder how acceptable the current travel and accommodation arrangements would be to the big teams? It might be a case of them telling Toronto to pay up for 30 business class tickets and 6 nights three star accommodation for everyone rather than camp beds on a campus. Things could get expensive for Mr Perez. Who would be sucking it up then?
  12. I'm just looking forward to seeing Toronto properly tested tbh. With regard to the flights, I know the part-time teams saw the whole "visiting Canada" thing as a big adventure, but I wonder if the full-time teams in the Championship might prefer to fly out to Toronto earlier in the week to give themselves time to adjust ahead of the games? If they choose to do so, I wonder if the flights still be subsidised? Does that offer only apply to the Thursday flights?
  13. ...and I wouldn't mind betting that Toronto (being a full-time outfit) will be flying back to England on a Monday flight so they can re-acclimatise quicker in advance of the Magic Weekend game. The Championship part-timers coming to Toronto will be on the subsidised Thursday flights, I'll bet.
  14. I'm glad you've taken note of the tremendous advantage gained by playing teams suffering from jet lag every week. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on the Wolfpack.
  15. Maybe I didn't put the point across properly. Under normal circumstances, the Wolfpack would have had to play Toulouse in Toronto and then fly to England the following week to play Leigh in Blackpool. Already being in England means they avoid jet lag and all the other logistical difficulties and disruptions associated with having to fly from - and back to - Canada.