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  1. Izaac Farrell

    Batley - 24 Wakefield - 12
  2. Todays game

    And some Batley fans............
  3. Best player I've watched since Wally Lewis.
  4. New season shirts

    I rung up and ordered mine on Friday morning.just waiting for a call to go pick it up
  5. Completely agree. But have we the halfbacks and players to play in this style and make the correct decisions under pressure at this level?
  6. You could argue that,I agree,but I think we'd have been better trying to build a bit of pressure. Still had four tackles and a bit of time.
  7. Fair enough. But 2nd tackle?.......
  8. But thats my point. We have players who DO make these mistakes. Australia don't. Hence we lose. Again.
  9. We haven't got the players with the skill levels to make and execute the right decisions at crucial times. 2nd tackle and five metres from their line with 4 mins to go.we kick aimlessly through to no one. Kangaroos wouldn't have done that. Sets and offloads blah blah blah.........
  10. New season shirts

    Figure hugging or not,I bet you wish it was a 'Jowsbre' shirt he was wearing......
  11. Kev nic and winner

    Gary Barnett,Nigel Craven,Graham Middleton,Tony Walton,Paul Gledhill,Brooky (prop forward-i forget his first name),Mark Bownass,Richard Price next to Carl Gibson,Steve Walker at the other side of him....
  12. League Express this week

    Well Fev have announced the signing of Ridyard from Leigh so I'd expect Thackeray or Briggs (or both) to move to pastures new now.
  13. New season shirts

    Yes. Cerise and fawn hoops. Worn by the club after formation in 1880.
  14. Try record

    I remember seeing Offish score 10 against Leeds in a game (challenge cup?) where Gene Miles played like a basketball player and set up nearly all of his tries. I also remember seeing Tommy Oldroyd score 5 in a game at Hooker over in Lancashire, but can't remember who we were playing.