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  1. Phone wallpaper of new strips
  2. 28-12 to Batley now.
  3. I bought one 2 years ago so thought I'd give it a miss this year. Too much alike. Bought a warm up top this year though and its fantastic. Should be the playing strip in my opinion. Excellent colours.
  4. You say our lads are better athletes. I read an article in a newspaper a few years ago about how australian rugby league fitness coaches were going over to the USA in the mid eighties to study NFL teams' methods to improve their own players back in Australia.this included diets and mental strength techniques. And we all know who have had the most consistently best national team and domestic competition in the rugby league world for decades.
  5. ive been watching the game since 1984 when it began to be televised on ch4 with nicky horne hosting the show. i remain a Cowboys fan after seeing Tony Dorsett run 99 yards for a touchdown. i like the way the game is run with ALL sponsorship and TV rights monies being distributed equally to the teams and the way the disciplinary dept. takes no nonsense and the teams tow the line without question. ive always tried to imagine which players would make the grade in rugby league and reckon lawrence taylor would have made a fantastic 2nd rower with eric dickerson and jerry rice as wingers....
  6. Thanks dd Still prefer the warm up shirt.
  7. Is the away shirt the white one with the photo of the 1896 challenge cup team on it?
  8. Love the warm up top. Reminds me of the 1980 centenary shirt. I will be purchasing one. Should have been the home shirt design in my opinion. I agree with rogerT. Too much like the 2015 shirt.
  9. Rowe 10Day 11
  10. Kevin harcombe anyone?Played one sensational game for us when Wardy took over as coach for the first time then never seen again. A victim of a salubrious bar wench in a notorious Batley tavern I believe.......
  11. I distinctly remember hs co-commentary on the Batley v Oldham regal trophy game in the snow. His excitement and eloquence during the game (especially at the climatic end) was fantastic to hear.
  12. Exceptional post. sums up what most rational fans are thinking.
  13. Michael and Alan are his uncle and cousin.His other uncle is Henderson Gill. Good rugby league stock.
  14. Yes.She's a ball handling hooker..... Boom! Boom!
  15. I used to work with his mother. Ex wakefield academy product.