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  1. Thank you. The only spirit i shall be indulging in this weekend will be coming from an optic. Seen this sort of coach/players dispute too many times before and wasted my money hoping it would always come good the next week....or the week after......or the week after that. Only going to be one outcome here. The NFL Coach Bum Phillips said "you fail all the time,but you aren't a failure until you start blaming someone else"...... He also said "There's two kinds of coaches, them that's fired and them that's gonna be fired"......
  2. Halifax will score 30-40 points with ease. No team morale. The players have looked decidedly uninterested these last 3-4 weeks.
  3. As yes. Hallett and Hayward....the new Hinge and Bracket........ But to be honest most of our threequarters don't look like they could tackle a happy meal. Perhaps our new defensive 'system' of leaping to the side of the attacking opposition player and slapping him on the shoulder as he passes is working well for them.....
  4. We'll be 18-0 down after 20 mins. Then score a try,then concede one just before halftime,and just after halftime,then go on to concede another 16-20 points in second half while maybe nicking another try. Our attack will be predictive and boring and defence will be weak,ineffectual and we'll give pointless penalties away. Diskin will then blame the players for not sticking to gameplan and not being tough enough...blah blah blah......yawn yawn...... There. saved everyone the admission fee.
  5. I've seen awful,dreadful and downright lousy Batley sides play over the years. Tasted victory and hugely depressing defeats. I dont really expect success,even after the last few years of relatively good times. i wouldn't be watching Batley if thats what I wanted believe me! Im too long in the tooth to be fooled by Diskin's 'the players dont stick to gameplan,dont do what they're told....blah blah blah' We all know since the alleged James Brown 'incident' that the players aren't playing for Diskin. Sack him? Who knows. But today some players just couldn't be a***d.....and I'll be blowed if im paying to watch half hearted performances. been there and done that too many times over the years.i have the utmost respect for anyone who steps out onto that field for my entertainment,but it works both ways lads. Something has to and will give soon. Hopefully before we end up in the relegation zone.
  6. That Was painful. Im afraid our season has gone down the drain officially. Two poor poor sides.
  7. Judging by some of the comments on our forum,it's not new players we need................
  8. You can't fool the fans. It's painfully obvious the players aren't playing for the coach. Has been since the Bradford game at Odsal.
  9. This is dreadful......Poor in all areas. Weak defending and toothless on attack. Something is very wrong here at the moment.
  10. That had conceded 310 points in 9 games......... That's a worry.
  11. London will score 30-40 points with ease. If our 'systems' don't work i think i shall be picking and choosing my games for the rest of the season.
  12. That in a nutshell is what worries me. We looked absolutely clueless in that 2nd half to me. Diskin has told us most weeks postgame that things need addressing but we seem to be unable to stop teams scoring 20-30 points every game and our attack takes 25-30 mins to get going but things haven't changed in the last 4 games. As someone has already mentioned in a previous thread,i think our problems are just beginning because other teams are working our predictable gameplan out now. I for one have given Dewsbury credit as i thought they were the best team and deserved their win. The referee had no bearing on the result.
  13. Fair assessment.
  14. i do think the rot really began against Bradford. We seemed to look disinterested and gave up long before the end. Since then we seem to have struggled both attack wise and defensively and,along with team selection issues,just look lost for long periods of games. I was prepared to reserve judgement on the 'resting' of players,but after today it's plainly obvious we need all our fit players playing. I'd be playing brambani,southernwood and Maher on Monday. Holmes on bench and Davey at hooker. Walker on bench and drop leak altogether. Bretherton in for day too.
  15. Yes I agree. That was painful to watch today. Things aren't right at the moment,with the players and the coach seeming to be on a different wavelengths.