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  1. It says on 'Jowsbre's' Twitter feed that Macaulay Hallet was sent off near the end. Why? What happened?
  2. Dewsbury scored. 14-6
  3. Thank goodness for that.
  4. Rettie at fullback? Smeaton on the wing and southernwood in the centre? 8-0 down.........good grief. I was going to go up to the mount today but just couldn't be bothered. How sad after last year.
  5. I've never understood my fellow Batley fans' angst for little Gareth when he's played on the opposing side. In both spells at the Mount i always thought he was a good scrum half,had a sound kicking game and played reasonably well,always giving his all....or so it seemed to me....but hey ho. He'll probably have a blinder on sunday,kick the winning goal,with a couple of tries for Hallett and one for Alex Brown in a close game. 20-18 to the Rams.
  6. Found not guilty on both charges. For the abusive language red card against Oldham And tripping in Dewsbury game. Some good news.
  7. To be fair you left yourself wide open.
  8. I've watched Batley teams over the last 3 decades that had a quarter of the talent that this side had but we're coached superbly well. That's the difference. I think until Mr.Diskin leaves the club I shall echo BTJ's stance and not attend any more games.
  9. I said a month back that we all know how this will end don't we? Either in the next few weeks or at the end of the season. Just a matter of time. By the way I bumped into a well respected ex Batley coach during my sojourn in Bradford yesterday and the first thing he said when I told him we'd lost was "should have appointed linners as coach"......
  10. Toulouse at home next week. Coach under pressure. Dreadful performance after dreadful performance. Sound familiar chaps?.....we all know what happened next don't we? Here's hoping eh?
  11. Craig Lingard for coach. Diskin out.
  12. Then whose problem is it?
  13. Time for a huge huge change now. Diskin has clearly lost the changing room and the players cant be arsed. If mr.nicholas does not act now then on his head be it. Dewsbury were slightly better than us but good grief!!!!!
  14. Two woefully garbage sides. Dreadful match.