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  1. I really hope not.who will want to play for him?......
  2. i have to say im now considering this next season if things dont change much during this off season.
  3. i cant honestly see what matt diskin can do about this abysmally inept display now.....he says that we have to do this and do that this week and blah blah blah....and we never do....but we all know what they are capable of...we've seen it this year!!!! not top 5 material thats for certain, but better than this pap... last week ,and this, some players have just not looked remotely interested or fired up and they have to take that responsibility on themselves. to be brutally honest i cant be a***d with it now and its just a wait for the end of the season. same old Batley...but did i really really expect anything else? no.of course not. just glad we haven't got relegated... like i said on another thread,im done now this year.
  4. once again we look like a side with no organised attack or much in the way of motivation. some players play when they want to and find doing the basics hard. season over for me now i think. too many other things to spend my money on....cant work up any enthusiasm to watch this boring garbage now. hey ho what might have been.
  5. i have to say this may be the most pleasing result of the season so far. well done to all. just like days of yore. good defence 1st half. took our chances 2nd.
  6. tomlinson (this boy never ceases to amaze me) manning jouffret
  7. in the context of things at the moment,i think the win today was absolutely superb.i would have taken that result all day before the game. i nearly enjoyed it more than friday night to be honest ....make no mistake Swinton are no mugs and played some good spirited stuff.we looked out on our feet halfway through the 2nd half but managed to show a bit of composure to finish them off. well done and thanks to all the players and staff for an entertaining weekend.
  8. Brev in for manning and bienek for lillycrop. fair enough.both had good games on Friday but need a rest. id go scott rettie wood smeaton campbell jouffret dom gledhill leak everett brev downs brearley/bienek subs brown butterworth ward taira
  9. Yes.correct.....A fantastic effort by all the players last night.i was utterly and truly made to eat my words and I must confess a tad happy to do so.if we had lost I would have been gutted but happy with the performance..... Well done to the coaching staff too.....and can't fault Rettie his passion and aggression even though he was sent off...it's what we have been lacking these last few weeks. Please please please don't throw it away on Monday.....in the words of the late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis....."just win baby!".
  10. no Brearley or Galbraith. Everitt at loose forward. Brown on bench.....
  11. we have a set of players with no confidence in the coach or style of play he wants them to play. watch tonight as a team who wants to play for the coach and knows exactly what they have to do,beat a side devoid of ideas and motivation.
  12. i see sam wood and reiss butterworth are in the squad for tomorrow.
  13. i thought brambani had a good game on Sunday. would definitely have him in my side this weekend.
  14. its the first time I've seen a prop make a 40 metre burst running backwards towards the opposition's line ?
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