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  1. no Brearley or Galbraith. Everitt at loose forward. Brown on bench.....
  2. we have a set of players with no confidence in the coach or style of play he wants them to play. watch tonight as a team who wants to play for the coach and knows exactly what they have to do,beat a side devoid of ideas and motivation.
  3. i see sam wood and reiss butterworth are in the squad for tomorrow.
  4. i thought brambani had a good game on Sunday. would definitely have him in my side this weekend.
  5. its the first time I've seen a prop make a 40 metre burst running backwards towards the opposition's line ?
  6. Brambani passed to him and Smeaton dropped it but then he told Dom it was a lousy pass. Dom disagreed.....storm in a teacup. we were ok today. dropped too many passes and were on a hiding to nothing really. thought all the props worked hard and halfbacks tried to create chances. Brearley had superb game.
  7. no Brown,Downs,Galbraith,Walker or Russell and Wood in comes Brev,Rettie,Brambani,Hemingway,Yates and Ward. should be interesting selection. id go scott,rettie,smeaton,tomlinson,campbell,jouffret,yates,everett,leak,ward,brev,manning,dickinson subs brearley,brambani,lillycrop,taira
  8. as you say,all this is conjecture is immaterial really, because he wont be leaving (if indeed he does) until the end of his contract,whether we are relegated or even if we lose next week. we all know that..unless he resigns. but i can't see that happening either.
  9. you're correct. i should start being more forthright and frank in my view. less objective.
  10. and we were garbage in the 2nd half.
  11. or if your coach hasn't got a clue how to motivate or organise. Lee Greenwood seems to be doing ok up at Dewsbury on a shoestring budget.
  12. well done to your boys today. just shows what can be done with a good coach who knows how to organise and motivate a team and players who want to play for him.....
  13. and to think we let patch walker go for Jouffret... Diskin's team now.. good grief ?
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