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  1. Our new position in the EU

    They won't want to punish us, just screw us.
  2. The Northern Powerhouse is coming - in 30 years. Cameron sat in the Look North studios in Leeds around about 3 years ago today and said work had already started on Manchester - Leeds electrification. Apparently he was lying. It could take up to 30 years to happen. The distance between Bradford and Manchester is 30 miles by rail. It takes an hour! This government don't care about the North. They are a joke.
  3. And after all this government are known for being sticklers about sticking to the law.
  4. I can't prove it Martyn, but I'm certain you once posted that very belief on this forum. When anyone on here is accused of racism, you always seem to be there to deny they are. It's very noticeable.
  5. I remember Leeds playing Rangers in the old Fairs Cup 50 years ago. I happened to be in the centre of Leeds completing on my first house. City Square was like a madhouse. The went through Leeds like a dose of salts. A few weeks before the tie, a well knownLeeds gay bar had been highlighted in the NOW (the homosexual act was till a crime in those days) the Rangers fans wrecked the joint. It used to be said that Liverpool and Everton were sectarian, but not so much today. My old boss (a freemason) used to hint very strongly that Man U was dominated by Catholics, again I wouldn't know.
  6. I have spent my entire working life in the construction industry, believe me Tarmac Construction and its successors were notorious for this behaviour.
  7. Come off it Martyn, according to you no one is ever a racist. Racism doesn't exist. According to you it's a thing of the past in the US, whereas it's very much alive and kicking.
  8. As I have highlighted above, skating on thin ice ethicswise was IMO bred into the culture of the original business, and has finally found them out. Their employees and creditors will no doubt have to bear the brunt of this behaviour. After all weren't this company involved in the illegal blacklisting of workers,
  9. Aberdeen won in 1984/'5, and as I say above, I reckon it was due to North Sea oil money. What puzzles me is why it never happened again. Jack Walker shoveled money into Blackburn so they could win the Premiership, and then retreated. What puzzled me is why some multi-billionaire (Brian Souter perhaps) hasn't seen a chance for self glorification by a similar feat in Scoltland (or Fev for that matter )
  10. But the door was open, and no one else was able to take advantage.
  11. I once attended a creditors' meeting in Leeds (not my first) and before we could start we had to wait for a barrister to come so that one of the directors of the insolvent company could swear an affidavit, she came, in her gown and wig, and he signed. I was told afterwards that she got £100 for that. She was there 2 minutes
  12. Tarmac (Carillion's core founder) were notorious for "screwing the subbies." It was the QS's job to do this.
  13. But from what's been quoted above, the crowds that the rest draw don't seem to make financing another club a worthwhile project. Even when Man City were struggling, they were still getting big crowds. Plus of course the fruit from the Premiership money tree was there for all to harvest. Apparently "the old frim" apart, there is no money tree in Scottish soccer. The whole thing is a mystery to me. When I was more interested in soccer than I am now, the English League was full of Scottish players. The Scottish World Cup side of 1974 contained 5 of the Leeds U championship winning side from that season plus Denis Law. Are they no longer producing these players? Or is it that they're not as good as the imports from the rest of the world? As I say I'm pretty ignorant.
  14. But you can't stop it. It's human nature, all you can do is to try and control it.
  15. Obituary Thread - 2018

    No age. Many footballers, especially from this era, seem prone to early deaths, I wonder why.