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  1. No it's dropped from the headlines because of May's speech on Brexit, and Trump. The problems are still there. And no, satisfaction with the NHS was at it's highest ever in 2010, before this lot got into power and started to underfund it.
  2. In the case of the mess in the NHS, who else is to blame? Most people were indifferent to the EU. It didn't rank highly on most people's list of priorities. But Cameron needed one to keep his party together. And now we're out of the EU. Who else is to blame? Osborne needed to distance himself from the previous government, so he introduce cuts that were deeper and less gradual than their's and caused a major recession instead of minor retrenchment. Who else is to blame?
  3. See above. Get used to it. I'm using the Mail, Express and Sun's idea of the truth
  4. In John's book everything is the last Labour government's fault, "any fule no that!"
  5. But when the increased cost of raw materials, due to the same factor catches up they'll be back to square one, Of course they could always hold down wages, oh wait, they're already doing that.
  6. Here we go. We haven't left yet and the Brexiters are already blaming the other EU countries for looking after their own interests and not ours
  7. Dry up. You're wrong. Admit it for once/
  8. Yes we were. I lived through it, I didn't get it from a site. It (and the Profumo affair) more or less finished the Macmillan government.
  9. Excuse me but this country were begging to be let into the EEC from 1960. Once the post war boom was over, and our industry hadn't used the advantage to modernise and invest we started to struggle.. The countries in the EEC, who had suffered more from the war than we had were doing far better than we were entry became the Macmillan government's priority. In those days it was a rich man's club, there were no rules protecting workers' rights etc. like there are now, and the Tory press were all in favour. In the nineties, in order to forestall a deepening of the EU our government lobbied for a widening into Eastern Europe. And the EU did what our government wanted. But of course with free movement, many of the Eastern Europeans decided they'd try their luck elsewhere in Europe, as the Brits had done in the hungry eighties (see Auf Wiedersehen Pet) And of course when some of them came here we didn't like it. Europe is all about give and take, swings and roundabouts. I feel sorry for our country. We've made a dreadful error. I for one shan't hesitate to point out how big an error at every opportunity.
  10. No one has ever been ruled from Brussels. This is another lie of the anti Europeans. We are and always have been a sovereign nation state/. Every Brussels rule will have been agreed and bargained over by our government. Our country has thrived in the EU. Indeed these last 10 years whilst it hasn't been easy, we've done a lot better than most of the rest of Europe. Primarily of course because we're not in the Euro. Those of you who wanted out, well you've got what you wanted. The anti Europe brigade has for years been blaming everything that goes wrong on the EU. Our turn now. Get used to it.
  11. Apparently West Yorkshire is where the largest number of fights takes place. The showed some kitten on Look North tonight that had been rescued. They were to be used to bet on which would be killed first, they were marked different colours.
  12. When it became an irreversible choice. It's not like a General Election. We won't be able to change our minds in 5 years.
  13. The American Constitution appears to bear a remarkable similarity to the laws of Rugby Union, it can be interpreted in anyway the interpreter sees fit.
  14. I've already said that I don't think Hillary was whiter than white. But most of the stuff she was accused of have been proved to be lies. Intimidation is the problem here. Anyway if you are happy for this virtual criminal to be the most powerful man in the world I wish you well. My personal view is that all of us are in serious trouble if this man does half the things he said he would do. The Chinese are already making threatening noises over his proposal of 45% tariffs on Chinese goods. If a trade war kicks off, we, especially if we're outside the EU will be major sufferers, as we were in the thirties.
  15. As a former company director who's seen how things work from the other side of the fence I take exception to this description of people who different views from you. The Tories were quick to dub Prescott "two Jags" what's that if not the politics of envy?