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  1. No you said she was definitely the one. And when quizzed about her vagueness over Brexit negotiations, you claimed she was keeping her cards close to her chest. If you persist in denying, I'll look for the posts at the time.
  2. I seem to recall that in 2016 you were quite keen on May. Typical Tory (Saints fan?) you only sing when you're winning.
  3. Whatever the stats. surely you're not trying to pretend that people are better off? In work poverty in this country is notorious. Most foodbank customers have jobs.
  4. The working class voted against an organisation that the Leavers blamed for making them poorer. It's the Tories who have and still are making people poorer, whilst pretending they're not. Sure the employment figures look great, but many of those who are employed are on zero hours contracts, and are probably poorer than they would be if they were on benefits. If one man works 40 hours a week, that's 1 job, if 40 men work 1 hour a week that's forty jobs. I genuinely believe people voted "out" for that reason. Why else would the people of Sunderland vote "out?" They have a hell of a lot to lose.
  5. No idea. Whosever idea it was Cameron used it hopefully to benefit his party. It didn't. And it landed the country in a mess. There's loads of other issues we could have referendums on, like capital punishment but politicians normally have more sense. Cameron didn't. He put party before country. May has an impossible task, that's why she's struggling. And of course the Leavers have changed the ground since the vote. Johnson in particular is a blatant liar. And the press and vested interests let him get away with it.
  6. Yup, I'll go along with that. My suggestion is to build a Tardis, go back to May 2010 and warn Clegg of the consequences for the country and his party of backing Cameron. Makes about as much sense as some of the ideas I've heard recently.
  7. The Leave campaign said time and time again that the EU would capitulate and give us exactly what we want. They haven't, because basically we already had everything we could reasonable expect in terms of concessions and opt outs from EU regulations. That's why Cameron couldn't get a better deal, there wasn't one. Liam Fox said negotiating new trade deals would be easy-peasy, but apparently he was wrong, he hasn't managed to negotiate even the bare bones of one so far. But I think we should all remember this, all our trade deals with other countries outside the EU are based on our membership of the EU. Once that falls, as it will with a possible "no deal" Brexit on 31st March all our trade deals will fall with it and we'll be well and truly up creek without a paddle. The EU are not punishing us, they want us to stay, they are looking after their members. As things currently stand from the EU point of view we are "they" and they are "we". We are outside the club. A lesson could be learned from this. Surely better to be on the inside where these tough negotiators are doing so on our behalf.
  8. Wouldn't know. I rarely look at this forum these days, I just thought today a red letter day.
  9. "May has today finally appointed all her ministers. You can't expect everything to be in place within four weeks. Good grief." This was Saintslass's post on this topic on 17th July 2016. 28 months and 17 days ago. Surely even she will concede that May has had long enough, won't she?
  10. Very disappointed. 5 "tries" chalked off too. This match was my birthday present from my son. The Remembrance ceremony before the game was the high spot which says it all really. You know you side's struggling when the Mexican waves start. I think I underestimated how good Tomkins is. We certainly missed him today. Not surprised Leeds struggled last season, Myler was poor.
  11. I have no wish to refight WWII, It was merely the context for yet another programme boosting the Churchill (Tory) myth, All I wanted to do was to deflate this myth a little, IMO it has real relevance for today. Without the "Churchill won the war" mindset, I'm sure many of my generation, who voted for Brexit would not have done so. I shall now desist from ever posting again on this forum.
  12. Trojan

    Our new position in the EU

    We're not out yet, and we're already talking about tooling up to thwart Johnnie Foreigner.
  13. Trojan

    Hardaker Sacked

    Yes, and they turned Jason from an alcoholic tearaway into a churchgoing, teetotal, upright citizen. The could do the same for Zak.
  14. I think having seen the way people voted in the referendum in places like Sunderland, Barnsley. St Helens, at the subsequent General Election UKIP fancied their chances. I think their mistake was to think the vote was pro Brexit rather than anti Cameron. Cameron, Osborne and IDS, inflicted their austerity policies unfairly adversely affecting places which voted Labour, and IMO suffered the consequences in the referendum. If there were to be a re-run I think in such places we'd possibly see a different outcome, in particular in Sunderland, where they have a lot to lose from Brexit.