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  1. Not shooting in cold blood in the street. But the milk shake thing just makes them look what they are, pathetic demagogues. Especially Tommy Robinson, who should be locked up..
  2. But you must admit it's better than shooting them in cold blood in the street like Jo Cox.
  3. According to today's Observer, Mcdonalds have banned the serving of either milkshakes or ice cream near any venue where Farage is appearing.
  4. I objected to the Iraq war. What was a Labour leader doing getting into bed with an extreme right wing regime in the states, because make no mistake, John Bolton, who was behind the Iraq adventure, and is also currently manoeuvring against Iran, is a very dangerous extremist who could plunge the world into war. IMO after 2001 Blair began behaving like a Tory PM, certainly where foreign affairs were concerned. But of course the Tories hated him regardless of this, because he was keeping their snouts out of the trough, and used Iraq as a stick to beat him with.
  5. Calling someone you disagree with "repulsive" doesn't sound like you are. I'm sure you'd be quick to complain if someone said the same of you.
  6. It may not be a direct comparison, but both areas are very strong Union areas, and winning fans over will be difficult. Obviously the other problem in France is the distances. Three hours by road from Toulouse to Perpignan. France has the same population as the UK and is possibly three times the area. I went to Toulouse in 2017 to watch Fev play. The ground administration seemed a bit lax. Many people got in for nothing. TBH I can't see it thriving in SL. Toulouse is great for a visit though. If the big bash was there I'd be off like a shot.
  7. Many people on this forum disagree with your views profoundly. And we say so. What happened to "I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it?" (Voltaire)
  8. Heseltine did everyone a favour, including the Tories. She had clearly become seriously unbalanced between the summer of '89 and the autumn of '90. Her humiliation of Geoffrey Howe, and his resignation speech was what caused her downfall. Had she remained they'd have been annihilated in 1992 election. As it was Major rescued it for them, but unfortunately for him he was confronted with the unholy mess left behind by Thatcher and Lawson. Normally that's what confronts a Labour administration when it comes in. He and Ken Clarke dealt with it, and for the most part put things right but unfortunately for them the consequence was the holocaust of 1997.
  9. I was in favour of Les Catalans, because I saw it as a way of reviving the game in France. But now we're to have another French side engineered into the British Super league, for me that won't accomplish the revival. IMO the efforts should go into building a French league back to where it was pre Vichy. Otherwise, like Celtic Crusaders, with no real local infra structure, it'll collapse.
  10. And I'll be joining him. It feels really strange. I've always voted Labour, but not this time. I think those of us who support Remain need to send an unambiguous message that we want another vote. As far as I can see this is the only way to do it. And waken up Labour to what the real Labour people want.
  11. Why were you expecting a more competitive game between Rovers and York? We beat them by a similar score on Good Friday. Why weren't you disappointed by Toronto hammering Toulouse? Do you like many other members of this forum have a down on Fev?
  12. But there are laws protecting employment and Dyson wants to remove them. The Tories, by the removal of Legal Aid for employment claims have already made it difficult for employees to seek redress. Dyson wants to make it impossible. He wants to take back control in other words.
  13. Why is it a shame? Fev haven't won one of their Blackpool games until today. They broke their duck. I don't reckon that's a shame.
  14. he wants to hire and fire without having to give a reason. That's the sort of control these people mean.
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