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  1. One man working 40 hour week = 1 job 40 men on zero hours contracts working one hour a week = 40 jobs. This may be an over simplification, but basically that's how it's done. What we should be looking at is in work poverty.
  2. I thought Fax would be positioned for a push to SL this season. But they seem to be going backwards way. I was relieved that Fev had avoided them in the Big Bash, but now I think York will be a tougher nut.
  3. Reading between the lines John Kear sounded less than impressed by the ref
  4. Polls in Labour voting Brexit areas show that the majority of Labour voters want to Remain. There is a large Leave minority and this added to the Tory vote produced a Leave majority. If Labour MP's are seen to have enabled Brexit they'll lose their seats anyway. the 2017 election showed that. UKIP were hotly tipped to take seats from Labour in the North of England, it didn't happen.
  5. Well if we do leave, and Johnson does become PM, and the country does, as predicted go down the pan, I think we should have another referendum on whether to re-introduce capital punishment on a one off basis for the author of our woes, David Cameron. Who apparently thought he'd never have to hold a in/out referendum because another coalition with the Lib/Dems would save him, and then set his attack dogs to destroy the Lib/Dems in their base in Western England. Having done that he blithely called the vote in the vainglorious belief that he couldn't lose. What a piece of work is this man. Never mind May, she may not be up to the task, but it's a difficult. if not impossible task, Cameron must be the worst PM in history. His record makes Marie Antoinette sound prudent.
  6. Trojan

    The 6 Nations hype...

    There's no show without Punch. If Aussie don't play, then Aussie won't pay. Unless some of these alleged Canadians with more brass than sense want to have a go.
  7. Trojan

    The 6 Nations hype...

    They dropped the "home international championship" years ago as irrelevant. Can't see France wanting to play in it, and of course in soccer Ireland play as two separate countries.
  8. Trojan

    Shaun Edwards

    I've just posted this on the cross code forum. He is the key to their success, They won't release him if they can avoid it. And TBH if they want him he'd be a fool to leave - and he's nobody's fool
  9. No Labour whipped against this motion and most Labour MP's abstained. Labour is mandated by its 2018 by a huge majority to call for a second vote, and subject to what happens this week will do so.
  10. There's no doubt in my mind that Boris does and always has wanted to be PM. IMO it was the reason he plumped to support Brexit. He like most Tories thought "Remain" would win, he would then be ideally placed to replace Chillax Dave, who'd already said he wouldn't fight another election. Unfortunately for him his side won the referendum. Whatever the outcome, of Brexit and there has to be an outcome, if he can keep his nose clean, he'll once again be ideally placed to occupy the top job. God help us then, if this self obsessed, incompetent is in charge of our enfeebled newly Brexited country. Another reason why Brexit must not be allowed to happen. Another point, I read today that the vote to prevent our leaving with no deal was only "advisory" not mandatory. So the government can, if it wished ignore this vote. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the referendum only "advisory?" Where's the difference?
  11. But it's nevertheless true, In the run-up to the 1997 I recall a Michael Heseltine jibe. The general public hadn't heard of Ed Balls then, he was a backroom boy. Heseltine said (roughly) that Labour's policy was not all Brown's, it was all Balls'. And he was right.
  12. Towering intellects you say? Like the totally useless David Davis, who couldn't be bothered to go to Brussels most of the time, and when he went didn't take any means of making notes. Or perhaps Boris whose sole talents seem to be self promotion and avoiding the consequences of his costly cockups like the Garden Bridge and the constantly failing "Boris buses" Or perhaps that supreme ninny Jacob Rees Mogg whose only concern is to look move his 7m nest egg to Dublin. Or perhaps Mark Francois whose only clam to fame seems to be the size of his male member. With this lot running things is there any surprise the whole thing is such a shambles. Dave must be really pleased at his creation. I'll give you that there are no prize packages on the other side, but this lot make even Eddie the Eagle's feats look like major successes The only man who could have avoided this and provided a successful outcome was ousted in 2015 and that's Ed Balls. He was the brains behind most of New Labour's successes, why they didn't elect him leader in 2010 is beyond me. Why Milliband didn't have the nous to let him have his head as shadow to Gideon is also a puzzle. He'd have made mincemeat of Osborne, Labour would have won the election and Brexit wouldn't be a problem.
  13. Apparently Facebook was down for a considerable period yesterday. Put me in mind of this (with apologies to Joan Baez) The night they drove old Facebook down And the bells were ringing The night they drove old Facebook down And all the people were singing They went, "Na, na, la, na, na, la"
  14. You were all in favour of Labour electing Corbyn as leader I seem to recall, well he's been leader now for three and a half years and been just as ineffective as you hoped. What're you beefing about. We have a government run by a party that's split from top to bottom. We have ministers like Failing Grayling remaining in office. We have a police force reduced to wringing its hands on the sidelines (thanks to the above named May) And yet the opposition thanks to Mr Corbyn (and you if you are to be believed) is 10 points behind in the opinion polls. The country is a shambles, but as the Beeb was saying yesterday it's all Corbyn's fault! After all he's in charge (he isn't? You don't say) The sooner Labour get wise and get rid of Corbyn, and if we have to have a leftie appoint John Macdonell lead the better. At least he seems to know his ares from his elbow.
  15. They can all get more money as backbenchers, but only as government back benchers, that's why it's so important to Tories to be in power. That's why they hated Blair so much, despite the fact that in his last few years he behaved like a Tory, he kept them out of power, and they couldn't get their snouts in the trough.