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  1. I have no wish to refight WWII, It was merely the context for yet another programme boosting the Churchill (Tory) myth, All I wanted to do was to deflate this myth a little, IMO it has real relevance for today. Without the "Churchill won the war" mindset, I'm sure many of my generation, who voted for Brexit would not have done so. I shall now desist from ever posting again on this forum.
  2. Trojan

    Our new position in the EU

    We're not out yet, and we're already talking about tooling up to thwart Johnnie Foreigner.
  3. Trojan

    Hardaker Sacked

    Yes, and they turned Jason from an alcoholic tearaway into a churchgoing, teetotal, upright citizen. The could do the same for Zak.
  4. I think having seen the way people voted in the referendum in places like Sunderland, Barnsley. St Helens, at the subsequent General Election UKIP fancied their chances. I think their mistake was to think the vote was pro Brexit rather than anti Cameron. Cameron, Osborne and IDS, inflicted their austerity policies unfairly adversely affecting places which voted Labour, and IMO suffered the consequences in the referendum. If there were to be a re-run I think in such places we'd possibly see a different outcome, in particular in Sunderland, where they have a lot to lose from Brexit.
  5. Apparently, in the US a 13 year old can't drive a car, buy beer, cigarettes, top shelf magazines, or a lottery ticket, but he can buy a gun.
  6. Trojan

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    73, not a great age (I'm 71!) IIRC he missed the CC semi at Headingley in 1979. Had he been playing I doubt Wakey would have won.
  7. Trojan


    And Odsal is a palace with all mod cons.
  8. Trojan

    Size of your wingers

    Jamie Sandy was not exactly a giant. Neither was Jason Robinson for that matter. Having said that to see Ryan Hall charge out of defence like an extra forward is something worth seeing.
  9. I pointed out that the story about his being a spy could be a hoax like the Zinoviev letter. The rest followed from this. Saintslass can't expect to make unsupported assertions and not have them challenged. Especially when the facts prove her wrong.
  10. Trojan

    Our new position in the EU

    I don't think Brexiters are stupid. No matter how smart we are we all do stupid things from time to time (supporting Featherstone Rovers say) I think Brexit was a stupid thing. I don't think supporting Featherstone Rovers was a stupid thing, but there are plenty of people on here who'll tell me it is!
  11. She claimed to be a student of British History. Anyone who's studied British History should have a working knowledge of the "Irish Question." It's pretty clear from her posts that Saintslass doesn't. I don't think anyone wants rid of anyone else, just an acknowledgement of the facts.
  12. Trojan

    Our new position in the EU

    I learned how to read at school.
  13. It's not an interpretation, it's there in the books, if you can be bothered to read them that is.
  14. They thrashed us at Blackpool last year, but we ran them pretty close at their place in the summer. Time to regroup for next week.
  15. Trojan

    Our new position in the EU

    Not all of them, but quite a lot of them are.