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  1. Norway is a very wealthy country. The state kept the lion's share of their North Sea oil and gas revenues instead of doing what Lawson did, frittering them away in tax cuts for the well off.
  2. 48% of those who voted, voted to stay. Large numbers of those who voted leave were presumably misled by the £350m per week claim and the constant anti EU publicity put out by the Sun Telegraph and Mail over the years, much of which was lies. Once the consequences of Brexit are seen in terms of increased prices, loss of employment etc I think many people will change their minds. Then will be the time to demand another vote on the terms that have been offered, before its too late.
  3. But the opposition have no one capable of pinning her down. Corbyn must go before Labour disappears completely.
  4. Not if Brexit starts a stampede for the exit which leaves the Eastern European members open to Russian bullying.
  5. I didn't vote Lib/Dem at all. Had I lived in a constituency where they stood a chance I may have done. But I certainly think many people voted Lib/Dem to keep the Tory out. Most of them put off Labour by Iraq. I find it hard to see a situation where the position could be reversed. IMO Tories vote Tory no matter what at General Elections.
  6. Well Brexit will certainly take Europe along the road back to cold war.
  7. Just like that! Tommy Cooper's been dead over thirty years! Perhaps Bo-jo could wear a Fez!
  8. Well they were called the Liberals in those days. The leader was David Steele, but they still believed in coalition. The Dems bit of Lib/Dem came from the SDP which was a breakaway from Labour. They formed an alliance with the Libs in the eighties, - object a coalition government.
  9. Clinton is unpopular largely because of the ###### put out by the Republicans. Much of it not true. I'm sure she's not whiter than white, after all this is politics. But to elect a man who lies without thinking. Who has refused to reveal his tax affairs, and who is strongly connected to Russia is beyond belief. Presumably intimidation at the polling places also affected the result. When Trump has destroyed Obamacare and they are back to 20m + people without health care will they finally sit up and take notice? TBH I'd have thought that the constituency who voted for Trump are those who will suffer from its abolition.
  10. Surely Trump will just deny they ever happened. And everyone will believe him. It must be true because The Donald says it's true.
  11. If any more proof were needed that Corbyn is not the man for the job, in today's Observer, Holocaust denier David Irving is reported as thinking him "a fine man!"
  12. It was the only previous occasion when they had the chance to be in coalition, which was their policy then and according to you is still their policy today. I believe that a wiser man than Clegg (Cable say) would have opted for support rather than coalition. Once the Tories are in it's hell's own job to shift them, because of the weight of cash and media support. Plus of course use of public funds to ensure they stay there.
  13. Yes gingerjon hasn't learned that we should be able to disagree without being disagreeable.
  14. But there was no need for a coalition. If the LD's are so keen on coalitions, how come they refused to go into full coalition with the Callaghan government and only guaranteed support on financial measures? They could have done the same in 2010, they didn't. They jumped into bed with the Tories because basically they wanted a go at government. Well to quote Norman Lamont, they found themselves in office but not in power.
  15. You are talking total rubbish. Typical LD double talk. The "reforms" were entirely the work of Lansley and his cronies, nodded through by the LD's If I was tempted to vote LD I've certainly been cured of that temptation by this exchange. The NHS under Labour had never had better approval ratings. OK they were shovelling money in, but it was paying dividends in improvements in health care. As soon as the Tories took office they commenced to dismantle and rubbish everything the previous government had achieved and Nick and his mates allowed it to happen. Well they got their comeuppance in 2015 and anyone tempted to restore them to office should be shown this exchange.