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  1. Clearly another Lib/Dem kipper, two faced and gutless. He must have been given what he let the Tories get away with when he could have made a difference.
  2. Oppositions don't "U turn" they may change their policy. But they are not the government, and there is no election campaign at the moment. The time to quiz an opposition about their policies is when there is a realistic chance that they will be the government, i.e. during a General Election campaign. Parties redefine their policies in opposition, that is one of the few luxuries of not being the government. The Tory facebook "U turn campaign" is aimed at distracting attention from the total mess they currently find themselves in.
  3. Been looking at Facebook Cookey? Tories asked to recycle fake news about a Labour U turn on student grants? Can't you think up your own topics?
  4. If you'd travelled around North Yorkshire (as I used to during the referendum campaign,) you'd have seen every farm structure visible to the road daubed with pro Brexit slogans. I hope they enjoy it now they've got it.
  5. Were you at the same game I was? TO's first try came from a knock on decision by the ref. It was clear from the way the ball came out that the TO player had knocked it out, and after the tackle was complete too, so correct decision, hands on the ball, penalty to Fev, instead scrum and TO try. Second TO try off a forward pass. And you have the cheek to say Fev's scores were courtesy of the referee. Then we have the travesty of Fev defending 40 tackles inside their 20 metre zone, as 50/50 decision after decision went TO's way. That really took some steam out of Fev which allowed TO to win the game in the dying seconds. TO have some nice footballers, but if any team were robbed by the ref on Saturday it was Fev.
  6. Soon be parkin season again too! Very uncool, very bad for you. Full of sugar and treacle. And absolutely delicious. Can't wait!
  7. I knew that the electrification of Sheffield to London had been cancelled. After Cameroon told bare faced lies about it on Look North just before the 2015 General Election. How long before Manchester/Leeds electrification goes the same way? He claimed work had started on that too!
  8. I have an Indian recipe book somewhere with recipes for (beside curries etc.) Indian deserts and most of them call for milk to be reduced by heat, in other words condensed.
  9. I think many of the things that are now happening as a result of the cuts are what the economists call "lagging indicators" They cut and cut and nothing appears to happen, and then suddenly the effects start to be felt. It's like the Brexit decision, nothing happened at first, but now the chickens are coming home to roost.
  10. Was it Nestle's condensed milk (cream?) you used to be able to get in tubes? (like toothpaste)
  11. Ali oli is a Catalan dressing made from garlic, and olive oil. Aioli is garlic mayo from Provence. They are both nice, but are different
  12. What a surprise. So they've cut spending on the NHS and the long running increase in life expectancy has slowed. And they've cut number of police and the crime rate has increased. No scientific proof, just a co-incidence.
  13. I've never liked salad cream, from being a kid. I think it tastes really nasty. I love mayo, I'd kill for really garlicky ali oli.
  14. I always thought it was called Little Germany because of the architectural style of the buildings.