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  1. No Powell didn't join his hometown club, he's from Ackworth, usually a source of Fev support. He's a great coach, but he was gutted when he left Fev, in the interview after his last game at Mount Pleasant he was nearly in tears. Had it not been for the iniquitous licencing, he'd probably still be at Fev and Fev would be in SL! Another good reason why it should never come back.
  2. With regard to Trident, I went to "An Evening with Michael Portillo" in October 2015. It was mainly about his post politics career, but at the end he invited questions, and among the many sycophantic ones (It was in Morley and Andrea Jenkyns had just unseated Ed Balls) was one about defence. Now Portillo had been defence secretary and he said Trident was a waste of money, and no deterrent at all in his opinion. Why? Because we can't use it without asking the Americans' permission. So basically we've spent billions on a deterrent that wouldn't deter next door's cat.
  3. There's only one way to pay for more defence spending, and a decent NHS. And that's tax increases. Taking back the huge cuts in corporation tax would be a start.
  4. I'd pick John Davies every week! He never has a bad game. What a brilliant signing he's been for Fev.
  5. Play the rounds at regular intervals between League games, in February, March and April, as the County Cups were played in August, September and October, with a final early in November, same thing really, just different months. Perhaps the Beeb would be happy to show them on Saturdays when the don't have a 6N game.
  6. Or play it early in the season like the County Cups used to be, with the final reverting to May.
  7. Or there was my own favourite moment, 7th May 1983!
  8. No, not them down the road, Leeds, Hull or Wigan at home for me. Big crowd, Hull would be my fave.
  9. But the reason May is having an election is because she can't get the policies that she wants, like more grammar schools throught the Commons. With a 100 seat majority she'll be able to do exactly as she likes. And who knows what horrors the Tory right have in store for us? Let's not kid ourselves, the likes of Philip Davies are unreconstructed Tory cavemen.
  10. I agree with Andrew Rawnsley in today's Observer. It is clear the Tories are going to win, what all the opposition parties should be doing is trying to keep down their majority, so that they can't do what the Tories did between 1983 and 1992 and introduce more and more right wing policies. Plus of course make May accountable for her actions in the Brexit discussions.
  11. If the Lib/Dems are the only party to back another referendum on the Brexit terms, won't this give them a boost? Especially if Labour stick to their pro Brexit stance? Will Remain Tory and Labour supporters feel on the one hand they can't damage their party's chances, and on the other that their party has no chance anyway, and feel free to vote Lib//Dem especially since Faron has promised "no deals" with any party?
  12. Presumably it was a matter of priorities. But remove it they did, and aren't we forgetting just who introduced in the first place.?
  13. Wait and see. The lunatics are running the asylum in the Tory party, that's why we're in a mess over Europe. I'm sure the likes of Philip Davies and his cronies would love to see it re-=introduced
  14. Let's not forget that it's only 14 years since the Labour government repealed Margaret Thatcher's gay bashing Section 28. I've no doubt there are Tory MP's today who would love to see its re-introduction.
  15. no he said he'd remain neutral, and then didn't