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  1. I think we are being a little unfair on the travelling haven supporters,i agree that they all seem to have congregated at the end of the popular side but there was a good set of them in the stand and in the enclosure,but has I have said to H13 I did not think they were more than the townies.I was surprised to see quite a few people that haven't been to games of late, but they are more than welcome to come back and hopefully we can put on a better show than today.I have heard certain rumours regarding Karl (olstrum) and I certainly hope that they are not true, but it will come out eventually,and on a side note,it seems to be going around that we have the money to bring in new players, so, why is there a delay has we need them ASAP.....
  2. I also think we play danny tickle in the wrong position,everytime I have watched tickle he has always played in the 2nd row not at loose forwardI understand that leon is the coach but I certainly do not agree with his selections of positions.Just my opinion folks...
  3. Anyone know which club Lancaster came from,i know he was a trialist but to drop young Sutton from the 19 was a big mistake in my eyes...….
  4. We never had any DR anon,it would have been better if we had????.
  5. It looks like it is the only option in getting rid of pryce,I agree his tactics leave a bit to wonder about and the two wings are far to light.If he has dropped Sutton then he should hang his head in shame,a good local lad that signed for town dropped in favour of another winger from god knows where?,its time for pryce to look at his job and at least treat the derby match in its context and not just count it hs basically nothing......
  6. certainly agree on scholey,absolute warrior,and never afraid to take the ball in alongside Andrew dawson…..
  7. A good crowd indeed but I do not think H13 half were from haven,but they certainly lifted their players and that is what crowds do on the big occasions.Well done haven although it grieves me to say it...
  8. Fair play to the haven,best team on the day.I am not sure about the crazy dancing at the end of the game,but they thoroughly deserved their win..
  9. MODERATOR:It looks like certain members are going off topic and it has to stop,We all at times do not agree with eachother, but, let's stick to the topic and not having a go at one another.Thankyou…..
  10. No DR available,with it being easter weekend all DR players will be at their own clubs?.Am not sure what is happening with Karl, but we will get to know soon enough, but it looks has though we will be very short of playing staff.It is a good job we got hold of Farell for the halves and is penky available for the game,I think we will be short on our back division but hopefully we get Barnes back in the pack.It always happens,we get a good start but suddenly we get a few injurys and we are short of players but hopefully these lads will up their game for the visit of haven.UTT....
  11. on a side note,how did the young Farell play in the game if any?,and did he play in the halves or at hooker....thanks....
  12. I predict an haven win unfortunately,we are very weak in the backs and with penky on leave we have lost the go forward he produces.I think the biggest miss will be elliot,he was really on the ball this season and to be losing him is all season is an other big blow to us fans and club,we really need to be having some new players on the field if we are still thinking about promotion and has an outside bet i wouldn't dismiss haven from going up this year..
  13. I knew about the clubs situation but only heard about a rider or two,thanks for the reply....
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