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  1. Away shirt

    Gentlemen,I think the time has come to put an end to this topic.I really do not want any town fan having a pop at eachother,its the time for a of us townies to unite has one and get behind our club for next season.I do seriously respect you all has true town fans and you are all welcome on this site,and without you lads and lasses we would not be able to promote our club has much has we do.Thankyou,have a good night&morning? See you all in 2018....
  2. Away shirt

    GT.I do not think anyone has asked you to apologise for anything.I can tell you that this IS the town forum and not the haven one but,there are a few haven lads that do post regularily on this site and are quite welcome indeed,The P155?? Do you not mean the P45 has it was a long time ago GT.
  3. Away shirt

    Also i noted that GT said it was a comparison???,if he had not brought the question up there would be no need to compare anything.Its not that i am trying restricting anyone's right to have a pop at the neighbours,i personally did not feel the need to bring them haven shirts into the post.I will shut up now before the moderator bans me for using foul and offensive language..😄😄😄😄
  4. Away shirt

    Troutmaster: Gary McKeating.I was just questioning why Geordie townie had to bring the haven club into a topic about away shirts.I understand he has no liking for anything about haven,but what has the town shirt anything to do with Whitehaven,that is all i was questioning.On i think 2 pages of the topic not one townie mentioned anything about havens gear until GT brought it up,now if i am wrong to have questioned his post feel free to to chastise me,anyway,Happy new year to town fans here&abroad,and wishing all success to our club in 2018.
  5. Away shirt

    MODERATOR:Geodie townie,Why do we have to bring Whitehaven into our Away strip topic.I take it you do not like anything that is haven but,haven's gear has nothing to do with towns gear,let's just cut out anything about whitehaven and their strips has it's their choice on what they wear just like it is for ours.Happy new year to all our posters and the same for our haven lads that contribute to our forum.Thankyou one and all.
  6. Happy new year.

    MODERATOR: On behalf of myself and TotalRl i would like to wish all town fans a prosperous and a Happy new year.I would also like to wish all fans of Rugby league best wishes for 2018.
  7. Town website

    just bought a nephew one of the new hoodies,I like the new club badge design and it looks proper on the hoodie.There is some class gear for sale,i might save up and buy myself one of the 1/4 zip tops has they are real good.Pop in the shop and you will not be disappointed....
  8. Town website

    Sorry,going off santa claus for a minute I have just read a post on the haven site regarding Jason mossop.The post go's onto say they reckon he will be announced tomorrow has signing for Whitehaven,what do you lads and lasses think or feel about losing Jason??PS:Santa lives in the north pole just outside of aspatria hehehe.....
  9. Fans Forum Announcement

    Town gear expected 9th December.
  10. Pre season gym

    MODERATOR: Here we go again,can we please put a stop to this "TROLLING".I will decide if it is trolling and you guys and girls will certainly put me right on that score.1 post from miaow and suddenly she is acused of being a troll,when she is only letting you know how the boys are doing in the gym,lets get on with your comments and cut this trolling ###### out.Thankyou..
  11. How many more?

    Moderator:I have been reading the previous posts and, have to agree that it is Embarassing to say the least.I have noticed some of our members are quite KEEN!! on having a go at our neighbours when they have a problem, and some of you relish in taking the opportunity to have a good old ###### take at them.A couple of you,and you will know who you are, are like two kids in a play school squabbling over a toy,I would like to remind you that you are talking about former, and incoming players,Please can we get back to some normality and continue with some dignity for yourselves and the players, and start acting like the true supporters that you are, and, let's stop these silly little arguments that have marred a good topic.Thankyou
  12. How many more?

    Howarth out for a few months due to an Elbow surgery.
  13. Carl Forber

    MODERATOR: Please ignore posts by a steven dawson,He will not be on much longer..
  14. Carl Forber

    Unicorn106,On a more brighter note i guess us old dinosaurs has you put it,Is i used to frequent them old places myself so i guess you are in your older age bracket like me,I used to love banklands and the old tin mish,never cared for slypt disc though,thanks for bringing some old memories back to life fella...
  15. Carl Forber

    Unicorn106,Sorry if the post was not your liking.I can understand your feelings about the haven fans being passionate but the hating thing is just a few,just like yourself hating the haven fans.I have a lot of fans who support haven and i do not believe for 1 minute they hate us, and has i have said there are one or two maybe, just like you who hate them,and you and a few more are the reason why the two clubs are struggling to keep both clubs heads above the water.I do not mind going through to haven to watch a game,i go to see other players like the Toronto game with its stars,but i am sorry you did not like my post but everyone has the right to have their say on this forum just like you have.UTT...