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  1. troutmaster

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    Forrester played at 6 for our acadamy side along with Olstrum who was in the centres,Olstrum was running riot back then scoring for fun.I am not quite sure if it was an academy side? but they were all young lads around 16+ and Forrester was a cracking young stand/off back then..
  2. troutmaster

    Border News

    His dad use to play for town,his dad stephen was a good stand off beside young kitchen at the scrum half.I agree with the above comment(wish you had a smaller monicker😄) about baby Weir doing their social media, and he does the interviews with Coach Foster after the games..
  3. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    MODERATOR:Thankyou all for your contributions to the Haven reaction topic,You all have had some very good points to make regarding the game, both on, and off the field.I now think it is the time to bring it to a close,The reasons why are at most trivial, but both set's of fans are straying a little off the original topic,I do not want to spoil a good argument, or start one (sorry)but with the intentions from both haven and town getting more personal,its time to close the topic about both clubs.Thankyou once again,I look forward to more posts from all fans again..
  4. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    MODERATOR:Have you ever thought of giving his posts a miss,It could turn out to be divorce if you dont watch out..If he is stalking you?you have been told often enough to delete his post in the box in the top right hand corner.Give it a go please...
  5. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    Have to agree with you on that one,He certainly looked lost playing in the centres? but i think Kurt would have added a bit more fight in the pack.On the post from Onreport,We need Centres,but we certainly need another half to cover for forber and doran,but finances would dictate to whether that was possible..
  6. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    Marrafan,Anyone one who makes remarks that are in my opinion are not rugby league supporters they just xome to cause has much trouble has is posible.I still say that the actions from some haven players was not what all us supporters want to see,even you yourself.I watch rugby league,and have always supported both teams in Cumbria,certainly my team is Workington town and have supported for well over 50 years but,i went to see haven for over 5 years and always stood with old father Todd in them days,the haven Directors would always have a crack has they knew i was a townie, but them days have gone and now we see a new era in all sport of which is not what we all want to see.Good luck for the rest of the season Marrafan..
  7. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    I was thinking,What a comeback from Town,What i wasn't expecting was an even better comeback from Whitehaven in the last 5 minutes,give them their due's it was a storybook fightback.After all the elation for haven what came next i would describe has the worst in rugby league,Alright,I know,In the heat of the moment things were done by ex players from town at haven that made me think whats gone wrong in our great game.I know they were goaded by some town fans, but to reach to the bottom of the sesspool like they did was not a rugby league reaction all supporters like to see.The player/coach from haven should be disgusted at his own reactions, and i hope he has calmed down to realise he holds a job at haven many would give their right arm for, and, Even held in high esteem by myself,but it was tasteless from a man of his stature,but we all live another day,haven have their deserved win,town will live for another day and look forward to reversing the score,but not in such a dramatic fashion has that one..
  8. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    Not knocking the lad at all Havenfan13,i have a great respect for Jason has a player and friend.Of course he was celebrating with his team mates the town lads would be the same,but i just think jase went a bit over the top which is unusal for him,but its over and done,well done haven and town live to another day when we meet again..
  9. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    Yes right to the end marra,i certainly expected more from Jason but we have to just suck it up, and our time will surely come again marra..
  10. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    MODERATOR:Notsadaftasilook,Your post has the good,the bad,and the ugly.Why criticise mossop or any player has graceless and money grabbers,they have a short life in rugby league and many more players do exactly the same.I am sure you do not know mossop in person, or i am certain you would regret that statement,shocking individual he is not..
  11. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    There are some people going on about the coach not giving an interview,lets think for a minute,we have a post saying he was watching the cup final in keswick? Now i am not going to disagree with him but he could have stayed at the ground to watch the final,even without giving an interview.I suspect he had more pressing things on his mind and not by being beaten by haven,well done to them,kept going when we all thought they were finished but credit to their goalkicker for a massive kick to win the game..
  12. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    MODERATOR:The coach has every right to whether he interviews or not,I am sure many more will agree with you, but, its his choice to not be on the media, but thats life and we have to get on with it..Thankyou..
  13. troutmaster

    Haven reaction

    Well done Whitehaven,Down and out, one silly kick, 2 tries, allover for town.When will we ever learn to run the time down when it is the bag..????
  14. troutmaster

    Town v jam part 2

    MODERATOR:Now then Trueblue,we do not like mentioning finances tut tut...😟
  15. troutmaster

    Professional rugby in Cumbria

    The last few sentences hit the nail on the head,It only comes down to bad management and thats the first thing that needs to be addressed..