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  1. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Sam&foster were training.

    Gordon has a broken leg and dislocated ankle..
  3. Haven reaction

  4. Haven reaction

    No sideing with anyone TT,I and Admin do what we feel is right at the time.I have had a post from Anonymouse and suggested he contact Mr Drake at Admin to try to get reinstated to the forum, and I the Moderator now feel he was harshly dealt by myself but with no help from anyone,and could you please refrain from using the word poison to anyone on this forum..Thankyou..

    Ref looks a 12 year old?????

    Rango,You are so funny..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣?
  7. The autopsy on the game.

    Billy bob,We are looking for another Moderator for this forum.I can see an opportunity for you has you seem to know how easy it is to run has a Moderator,Mr Drake would be happy to hear from you.I certainly would be happy to stand down for you to replace me,and, anyone else who fancy's the position please let the Admin know.Thankyou..
  8. Karl olstrum

    After some deliberation,myself and admin looked at his posts from way back and i decided that Anonymouse would be removed from the forum.I have to say that it wasn't easy to make my decision but, in the interest of our other members, Anonymouse showed no genuine respect or support for anyone but just sheer negativity to many posters on the town forum.MODERATOR:(trouty)
  9. Dual reg with leigh

    The way things are going, there will be some people getting a ban order against them.One of our forum members has just posted about a slanging match becoming a chore,do what he proposses and PM yourselves to save us all anymore of your bitterness to eachother..Troutmaster. (Moderator)
  10. London Skolars Prediction

    I am not saying that the guy? has not been to a game but can you prove it SS, but he is on the town forum has a town fan.I to have had my doubts but,until you can prove to me and the other townies he supports someone else my hands are tied.I have to profess my powers of deduction has never been good i can look to you SS to keep me right😁,meanwhile i do appreciate your post SS,maybe not answering him back might be the sensible thing to do.just saying?Trouty...
  11. London Skolars Prediction

    MODERATOR: Now then lads,lets keep it sensible please.Anonymouse&Seaton sandy,you two are like old washer women on the pit top and both supporting the same team(I think?).
  12. Squad v London Broncos

    Where is our hooker from the wolfpack,is he injured??..
  13. West Wales Raiders predictions

    Fui fui moi moi was in the directors box,looked good with a pint in his hand🤗welcome to Cumbria fui.Oh,he even had a town top on..🖒
  14. Disgusting fans

    MODERATOR:I hid the topic thinking it would run out of steam,but now it seems to reared its ugly head again and until final confirmation of any real evidence i will hide it again.I would ask if any fan has any real substance to show both sets of directors then its time to shut this topic down
  15. Disgusting fans

    If you have footage of the town fans racist behaviour,why has the footage not been shown to the town directors?