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  1. MODERATOR:There is a lot of ifs and buts in this topic and no one has a solution so,i think we will put this topic to sleep.On a personal note I know Scott is a massive town fan who doe,s an awful lot of work behind the scenes to raise money for Workington town and also runs the buses for the derwent park supporters club,i think Scott has already owned up to having been part of the incident at the York game and fair play to him has already apologised to the club and all involved,and I think it is now time to put this to bed and lets get on supporting the club in the 8s.Thankyou......
  2. What my beef is,why are we playing Howarth has the hooker.I am mystified by that,you do to play a player of his ability at bloody hooker,I think he would be more beneficial playing at loose forward and who ever chose to play Callum at 13 has no idea how to pick a team.I know I have been banging on about a shortage of props but,hells sake we have to get some in pretty quick,how about tapping Wigan up ,or,Huddersfield on a months loan,anyway I think the truth about Brett his he has a new girlfriend and perhaps that's the reason for his slow start.In all seriousness we do need to pick up our game or we will be absolutely slaughtered v Toronto.
  3. I was told by a councillor that 2 people high up in the council sold the land without informing the council itself, now we all here rumours but,it is beyond belief that those two people had the gaul to sanction this without a full council sitting,if this is true, or, actually allowed then this his a disgrace and makes a mockery of them all,i hope this get resolved quickly and those people that did this are actually dealt with in the appropriate manner.I have to admit he never mentioned who the two were but, he did know and did not disclose them to me.
  4. MODERATOR:With the current situation regarding the incident that has occurred at the Hunslet v Workington town, I have decided to pin the posts today,and, with the RFL now looking into the event I think, and, hope you all agree with my decision.Ilove to see good banter going on between all visiting fans from all clubs but,it is now becoming a bit of a slanging match has to who is right and who is wrong.The RFL will, I hope, come to their conclusion quickly and, we can ALL get back to to posting about the game we ALL love and that is Rugby League.Thankyou everyone....
  5. MODERATOR:Lets not get into this silly backbiting mullarky again,you are all town fans so lets behave like grown ups and cut this silly tillytattle and get back to constructive posts again please.Thankyou......
  6. sam has a new shift pattern which at the moment restricts him from playing or training,lets hope he gets things sorted to come back to town.
  7. MODERATOR:The member simon1984 has now received a ban from the Workington town forum after several messages warning him of his consistent trolling of other members.I would appreciate all our members to not take this has a victory and start to have a go at him,let's PLEASE keep this civil and not let yourselves down just like the above member did.Thankyou.....
  8. well done maudling,3 tries an his debut....
  9. cheers mate.
  10. and did haven draw with Newcastle????
  11. any info on try scorers please???
  12. I am not sure TA,just what I was told that they were at a wedding unless,that is next appologies if I am wrong.....
  13. karl was at a wedding along with shackely,nothing sinister there fella,s...
  14. MODERATOR:I would ask all posters on this forum to please refrain from using unneccesary pointless inane slurs to other posters EVEN!!!! if they need it,lets just keep a cool heads even if you feel you are being taken for a ride,the pen his stronger than the sword even if it is a blunt 1 LOL.....