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  1. troutmaster


    Nice player is Sam dowsett,I was a bit miffed when he left town but not sure if it was an injury that was why he left..
  2. troutmaster


    I think i have gotten crosswired GT,I was refering to Sam dowsett going to haven.I seem to think you are on about someone else that had gone to play for them..?
  3. troutmaster


    Pity that,I thought he would have fitted in quite well.The directors must have a different view to me but they are the guys in charge,It would have been interesting to hear if Leon had the same feelings about Callum but its over now and we look forward to getting the likes of Newton back on board with a few newcomers to the squad...
  4. troutmaster


    I am surprised if Town turned him down DKW,I think him and Doran would have made a good pair with Leon at the helm.I would think that Callum was looking to see what was the best for him financially before he made his choice,but if he stays with Haven good luck to him,We will no doubt have someone to replace buffer(FORBER) In the halves has I think Leon will have noticed from last season where we lacked inpact..
  5. troutmaster


    A lucky man Donald,we all wish his kinda luck...
  6. troutmaster


    Well,The best thing to do is not give them a reply.Every off season we get the same old same old of who is going where,Whitehaven have aqquired a new board member who was lucky enough to have a lottery win,and good on him, but everyone has a certain limit to what you can spend.The haven have signed back some of the better players and rightly so, but,you can only spend what you have got unless someone is stupid enough to go down the same path has the last few seasons.Good luck to them,they need us just has much has we need them and i think Leon will know just what he wants, and, i am certain we will see loans and DRs along with some amateurs coming to our club..
  7. troutmaster

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    MODERATOR:A warning has been issued to RayH about his persistent and negative comments,The next one will be resulting in a ban.Trolling will not be tolerated on the Town Forum.Thankyou..
  8. troutmaster

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Thanks Donald..👍
  9. troutmaster

    Official Club Statement.

    MODERATOR:Great to see you back on the Forum Keith,I can say for sure that all the Town Forum members wish you all the best in your recovery and hope to read a lot more of your posts in the future..UTT...
  10. troutmaster

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Just my opinion Geordie,I never realised it would be such an amount like £100,000 for promotion, and that changes things for myself and my opinion.I wish the lads all the luck in the world to achieve promotion, but still think it will be to much especially away at Swinton, but you never know in a one off game anything can happen..UTT..👍
  11. troutmaster

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    I am of the opinion that town do not want to go up this season,I know we get an increase of money for going up but i do not think it will supply enough personnel for the Championship.I might be wrong but that is my opinion.I really would like to see the club go up just to the effing fingers up to the RFL,A bunch of ######s all of them..Tossers..🤡🤡🤡
  12. troutmaster

    Squad for Bradford

    MODERATOR:Cumbria RL,If you make a statement about the Town coach apparently leaving and cancelling the training,and,also taking off down the Motorway leaving men to train on their own,would you kindly provide the evidence to your statement? unless you were with him.If the coach cancels training,tell us why are 10 men still training on their own?, but i doubt that, has there are 3 other Assistent coaches at the ground attending the training.I would be careful to what you say has you are libel to be called a troll..
  13. troutmaster

    Squad for Bradford

    Thought Curwen is injured.
  14. troutmaster

    Bulls vs Town GF predictions

    Sorry,But i have to go with bulls on this one..20v10...
  15. troutmaster

    Doncaster predictions

    Thats exactly why i switched it off,oh and the scoreline has well...