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  1. troutmaster

    Good luck

    AB Knight,You can certainly say it out loud.I am not knocking the recre but the little stand is not the best for viewing the game from,i use the steps beside the clubhouse and find it far better,but not in the rain mind you its the Kells end for me then..
  2. troutmaster

    Good luck

    Hya Uni,The team bus was the black one and the other 2 buses were the white one's.I could see both buses from the grandstand, and there was very good support from York in the grandstand alone to warrant more than a 100,but, whatever fans came from York they were very vocal.Has i have said previously,i hope York win the league, and i have got to give a big rap to the York coach for giving a talk to the town lads after the game,Thats what makes our sport "GREAT",Well done Mr Ford..
  3. troutmaster

    Good luck

    I will second that,There was a good turnout in the stand and a few supporters and cars on the car park more supporters around the ground, and,ifanybody looked there were two coaches aback of the old training ground has well.I have to say congrats to York on their win,a bit peed off with two kicks that they gathered so well to win the game,but our lads tackled their socks off and Elliot miller was deserved MOM but Olstrum worked his butt off.I hope York win promotion up to the Championship and we beat Bradford in the final..
  4. troutmaster

    What a great gesture by Town....!!!

    well said CD,Dan is a fantastic Speedway rider, and you are right,It is a great gesture from our club to help and assist Dan in his recouperation from the horrific crash last night..Well done Town.....
  5. troutmaster

    Challenge Cup Yawnfest

    What was wrong with match GT,I thought it went well especially for the Catalans, and Warrington, they were well poor, but still a decent game.I to was disappointed with the crowd and, i agree that the RFL are killing the game fast and they need to be changed quickly has next thing they will be having invite to teams from Africa and elsewhere next..😉😉
  6. troutmaster

    club shop

    Thanks for that..🤗🤗
  7. troutmaster

    club shop

    Thankyou,will be down on Sunday..
  8. troutmaster

    club shop

    I agree,The Town shop had a good range of Town attire,but there isn't a great lot of items being X4 sizes.I did have one item that i ordered so, maybe that might be my best bet,and looking at the photo's there is a wide range of gear that i liked and will pop down soon..
  9. troutmaster

    Town 1st win at Bradford....poppyco*k

    You certainly have a knowledge of the game CD,Especially for your true blue Town.👍
  10. troutmaster

    Bradford Predictions

    I, at times compare Mr John Kear with Mr Steve McLaren the football coach?.I look at it like this, they have both coached at top clubs and neither one has done any f@cking good,They have both got the talk and stupid owners have been taken in with there chat,a right pair of ######s and, guess what,Leon&Kear are on super league tonight @11.15pm.
  11. troutmaster

    Bradford Predictions

    MODERATOR:The reason town fans get banned is because "some" town fans decide to take it to far and they know who they are,and thats the reason full stop.If anyone can do the moderators job please step forward you apply to the admin..Thankyou..
  12. troutmaster

    Bradford Predictions

    Great game Town,I never fancied them to beat the bulls with losing to a low score,but,what a bloody win,well done lads and,Mr Kear will not like to be beaten at home again....
  13. troutmaster

    Bradford Predictions

    40 v 18 to Bradford,Would like a lower score but Mr Petty Kear will have them fired up to create as big a score possible.I see Chisolm is now spouting we owe them one,never said that v York, tosser..🤬😭
  14. troutmaster

    Coventry reaction

    I have to say Coventry were a big pack and through about well and the little half back controlled the game well for them and never gave up,congrats to them..
  15. troutmaster

    Coventry reaction

    I agree with Wonky,It was bloody awful to watch.The game with Keithley was not much better today.I have to say the ref was awful but so were Town,dropped balls, passing the ball,knock on's,has someone has said already,go to Bradford with that attitude we will get steamrollered.