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  1. I said to dave clark we were short of two big frontrowers 6 or 7 weeks ago,he said we will be ok????well it showed 2day has well has the last 4 games.All the Div1 teams are well prepared up front,just take keithley, big pack,i think we are, or,not far short of the smallest pack in Div1,was not there 2day so really cannot pose a comment on how good or bad we were and, i am not going back until we get a team that can compete even if we lose, but, have the personnel to compete in the forwards.I wish we had a few more fellas like scholey.
  2. Wonder if we are going to sign ben milburn,good young player is ben,get him snapped up if finances are available.
  3. Hya mate,not to sure about that.I have watched him a couple of times and was impressed in what I had seen,his dad was a good player at town and I think he went back to Barrow and so maybe his son is still with them.
  4. is marwoods son not playing for anyone,Would fit the bill in div 1.I think he played hooker,or maybe a halfback???
  5. Thanks also Gary,sorry to bother you with you being abroad.I also understand what you are saying especially on the ins and outs,you only need one player to convince a few more to a new club, but that's the way its gone on for years and it is a short life in rugby league so I can understand where they are coming from.take care Gary....
  6. Hi Gary,Pleased to hear that at last Workington town have someone who us fans can relate to.I know it is hard to reveal all you have at the moment concerning new and existing players but we has town fans have been starved for years on any info about players coming or going but now we have you in place Gary, it would be brilliant if you could keep us townies updated on new signings and, on our position on players leaving and ones who we still have left to resign?.Thanks Gary,I know it might be too much to ask but we town fans are chomping at the bit to get players into the club and who, if you can what dave's got in his locker on who he would like to bring in.Thanks Gary.
  7. I know all about young Williamson has his grandma lives next door to me and liam was always in our garden, and, he had a good tutor in his dad gary who was a tough young hooker in his day,i have watched liam only twice in his career but his mam always kept me in touch of how he was going,on the other two boys I have very little knowledge on their playing abilities.
  8. haven13,i am not knocking haven and the more locals the better I would say,but,if haven are going to sign six more locals where are you going to play them,you could say they can go back to the local clubs but they are not playing for haven,i would have said get shot of the travellers and then you could play all the locals.I am sure town are going down that route and to be honest I am worried about being slaughtered every week,we all would like to have a full local based side and one that at least could be really competitive,but if town have to go down that route so be it.
  9. I am not really sure about young smallwood,i hope he can prove me wrong big time.I can only take the word from young gilly who has watched him many times,and,if he says to me he will make it, I will be happy with his judgement.
  10. Anon,i was not reffering to the payment of players mate.I was just giving credit to the haven fan who I understand was shaun(haven94) for coming up with the idea,i might be wrong with haven94 but whoever suggested and put into play deserves the credit that's all,we also have some bright lads who has I say could come up with something along the same lines,and town4me,troutmaster,they have already offered to donate,so,if anyone can come up with a plan you have £30 in the pot start with.
  11. No it will not,but at least give them some credit for having a go to raise some funding for their club.I would like to think some of our younger town supporters might also give it a thought and start a similar format to what the haven fans have done.
  12. MODERATOR:I have already spoken about the the little ###### for tat silly snide remarks,for gods sake cut it out.jonnyrl,has I have said on another post,you seem to enjoy winding the town fans up and without any reason to,calm down fella, and that go,s for our town members,some of you should know better,keep it calm boys please.
  13. Morty,I can confirm to you and anybody else that likes to start rumours that Jarrod "DID NOT" train for Barrow this week,last week,and the week before.I know you are big rugby league fan but you should not spread rumours until you actually see Jarrod in the barrow shirt,it may turn out he might decide to go to Barrow but, until then, HE HAS NOT TRAINED WITH BARROW FULL STOP.Thankyou....