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  1. That is to accomodate Football league pitches.The speedway track has been halved..
  2. I heard the pitch is going to 120metres x 70metres,it is huge and looking at the ground it closer to the stands than before by big lot..
  3. Really good turnout for the march for the stadium,I estimated around 3 to 4 hundred amassed in the hub.I was pleased to see quite a few ex councillors including Alan smith,I had hoped some councillors from the new Council would come down and see, and hear, what the people of Workington thought about their input but never seen anyone around.I left the march at that point and went to tesco but joined the march in the cricket ground, and to be honest there seemed more people had come to the ground than what left on the march.I spoke to some people about the march and their biggest regret was non of the new councillors showing face,i think it would have been better for them to show up and listen to some of the views of the marchers,but all i was told that they hadn't got the guts to show face..
  4. Sorry if it came out for you like that for you,Maybe thats the reason why other posters have had the same thinking.I write whilst trying to remember at the same time has i am not one for writing notes before posting?,anyway,sorry for the misleading post,i will try to do better next time.
  5. Sorry for the late reply,The gentleman i was with at the ground who told me.The fella said that the council had told the contractors to cease work because of the ground conditions,i could not argue with him about it,you alway's take their word to what he was saying to me and to be fair you cannot call him a liar has he is on site....
  6. You are older than me Sandy,its more up your age group than mine?
  7. Thanks jim,It really hurts you to know i got it right,but hey,you have a good day fella.PS:Why do you have to involve haven fans in something that has got nothing to do with them lads.Once again you open your mouth andfalls out...
  8. Someone at the ground,cannot say anymore,He was right,the equipment was all removed because the pitch was waterlogged and i seen it also.The equipment he said had gone to a job in Penrith and all that was at the ground the following day was a pickup truck,so i do not know if it has been seeded yet,do you?...
  9. Sorry about the video,just go's to show i should to static shots haha.....
  10. Just popped down to the ground to see the progress on the ground,Well I was surprised that there is not a single vehicle on the field area.I Have been told that the council has stopped the hire of equipment and they would only know why?,The equipment is now on a job at Penrith so god know's when the field will be finished and the grass has not even been laid,if things go on as they are will we have a field to play on if the reds have to leave Borough park next month so where are we going to play.It might mean we will have to beg the zebras for a loan of their field,what bloody calamity this new council are causing,only been in a few weeks and they are wrecking sports out of Workington altogether. 20190606_135328.mp4
  11. The new council are just running the clock down and there is nothing we can do about it,They will just keep putting meetings on the backburner until the RFL step in and say,sorry,there will be no games for Workington town or CUMBRIA.I really think the two clubs should get together and wake up this farcicle crop of people who are a collective bunch with no idea on how to run a business has big has Allerdale,The deputy couldn't even run a proper job of any party he has been associated with,He even done the dirty on his conservative councillor that invited him into the cons party,I would not trust him with a bargepole never mind a deputy of Allerdale,and how have we managed to elect someone in has the leader who is from Wigton?,I really thought the Independent party would have stood their ground and backed the new stadium has a few of them were actually efficient at sport,but it looks like they have let Workington town&Workington reds down the bleeding swanny,shame on you lads,hope you put more into the next 4 years better than you right now....
  12. What was the final score anyone?
  13. Apparently not in Allerdale,Has i have already said,The Labour party who were in control of the Council did not think to ask for references to join, and then to be a councillor until he decided to leave and join the Independant group.So now he is the Deputy mayor and his wife the Mayoress of Workington,What the hell is going on in our Town at this minute,i hope the Independants dig their heels in and instruct him&her to resign from there duties and give the job to a person who has done their duty's in the council whatever there alliance....
  14. Injury free,Thats all we need.It is a very strong side that Leigh are putting out so they definitely mean business.
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