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  1. How many of our lads will either have to take time off work, or play having done a days work (or part of a days work)? Does seem to represent an additional hurdle not faced by the home team.
  2. I share your sentiments, but at the same time I think the introduction of SL and the FT status of SL clubs (and a sprinkling of others) has produced an increasing gap in fitness levels. Prior to super league the difference between top division and second division was predominantly talent , not fitness. All players had other jobs and trained in the evenings. Now there is such a gap in fitness that these games present an increased risk of injuries to the PT players. Lets hope we catch them on a bad day and we avoid any serious injuries.
  3. For anyone driving who has not been to the stadium before DONT park on the club car park. In addition to cost, for safety reasons cars are not able to exit after the game until all the foot traffic is gone, usualy 15-20 mins (though its a couple of years since I have been) Alternative, as you come off M60, at the roundabout take the exit after the road to tha stadium. There is a small free park at the churchyard there and free street parking on the road which runs up the back of an estate. Its 10 mins walk to stadium maximum.
  4. Great result well done everyone
  5. Major league sports in NA have not allowed shirt sponsorshib beyond the manufaturers logo, not a case of them not bothering with sponsorship. The one exception has been major league soccer, though many would argue it is not a ‘major league’ in the same sense as nfl, nba, mlb and nhl. NBA have recently loosened regulations to allow some very modest shirt sponsorship that is highly regulated. I think NHL might be about to follow suit but NFL and MLB still advert free.
  6. Strictly speaking they havent got a good ground, the council have a good ground and it appears they might not have been paid by the chemics (apologies, never accepted the vikings name) for their use of it ...therein lies part of the problem. Isnt the ground used by other teams as well? If so the council might not be dependent on having the RL team play there if they cant pay a market rate.
  7. Is he a regular or were the TV cameras something to do with it? Did he pay 18 quid out of pocket? Not expecting anyone on here would know the answers, but questions that crossed my mind.
  8. We do have a former England teamate of Terry as RL president....I am not an instagram user so wonder whether el presidente has been hitting social media promoting our great game.
  9. but it’s a derivation of the crest...not a cartoon red devil. Anyway so long as the cartoon hornet is bringing in hundreds (thousands) of extra fans I’ll be happy, I just won’t buy any of the stuff. Appears like branding has overtaken performance on the key performance indicators checklist.
  10. Its remarkable how clubs like wigan and man U have been been left behind in this marketing/branding revolution. The crest disappeared when the name of the town disappeared from the clubs name. Fortunately the towns name was later restored so there is hope for the crest i suppose.
  11. Yes, I dont think I am alone in yearning for the return of the traditional coat of arms crest on the Hornets shirt....otherwise the strips are both very impressive. Its been suggested the cartoon badge is aimed at the you ger generation....if so I hope its reflected in match day attendence.
  12. to hornets fans the world over. Here in brisbane its king prawn and lobster on the barbie as we get through a weekend of 38 degrees. Hope the weather is being kind to those of you in Rochdale. Ill be there in two weeks time. Onward hornets onward
  13. Clem Atlee was prime minister last time Rochdale Hornets won at St Helens.
  14. Seriously, I am not sure thats the answer. If members of the public want information on the club they have to phone the club up? I am sure the club staff are already stretched as it is without taking calls of that sort. What is the problem with having listed under the current heading 'Directors' the name of the clubs directors? I am obviously missing something here.
  15. Sorry dont do twitter. Checked the clubs own website. Under our club is says directors and under that tab it lists only Paul Omerod. Maybe its my computer playing tricks or maybe its somewhere else on the website but I cannot find it. You would think the directors should be listed under "directors" and maybe they are..
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