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  1. A sad news week

    Very sad news on all accounts. Condolences to both Ena and Geoff and their respective families.. Great fans we can ill afford to have leave us.

    Funny really because they are yet to win away this season (in the league) - so its not all down to the pitch - could his player recruitment, team selection, tactics have something to do with their record I wonder. I expect if current form continues and they go down hornets will be to blame.
  3. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Game times were horrible? How come Canadian TV shows multiple live NRL games every week at 'horrible' game times?"But hey who like(sic) facts and all that eh?"
  4. Onwards to 2018

    And all the best for a great season for you lot, after the law cup! Would be great to have us reunited in the same division in years time and there is only one way I would want to see that happen.
  5. Super League restructure coming

    The term soccer was first used by public schoolboys and the amateur players of the 19th century.. The two codes at the time were rugby football and association football.. The posh lot shortened these names to rugger and soccer. Soccer is used widely in UK (perhaps moreso than rugger) with TV programmes (eg soccer saturday) and magazines (eg world soccer) having used the term. The real oddity is how gridiorn became known as football given there is only one position in the team that ever uses a foot to propel the ball.
  6. Cannot agree with the wording - it implies the ref on Saturday was 'partial'. Would make more sense to petition for neutral country referees - I think Mr Cecchin was impartial.
  7. World Cup Final

    yes good to catch up with you DD. Hornetsshirts wore with pride at the game.
  8. 2018 Series v NZ

    Are the Anfield lot able to lay out a pitch that meets the RL laws of the game this time?. If not why on earth were they even considered?
  9. Media Watch World Cup

    i trust you didnt include the press in Canada, you know that country that is the new horizon for northern hemisphere rugby league. Fancy scheduling a world cup at the same time as the start of the curling season.
  10. four groups of three teams with best four teams seeded to avoid each other in group play. Top of each group into semi finals.
  11. Too long between WC pool matches

    God help us when its held in North America then. Those countries dwarf the land of 'golden soil and wealth for toil'.
  12. Warmer winters? I think you mean west coast as opposed to western Canada/US. Alberta is probably the snowiest part of Canada and one of the coldest.
  13. The only people who spend 30 quid on breakfast in australia are those on expenses from BBC or RFL. Get real Mr Woods.
  14. 2025 WC in North America seems Misguided

    Have the dates been set, because unless it is played during the normal months of both NRL and SL seasons, it will clash with the NFL season, as well as the college football season, the NBA and the NHL seasons. Oh and major league soccer is at the play off stageWe had better target baseball fans, orr at least those whose teams havent made the world series.. Its the busiest time of year for the maor sports calendar. So good luck getting any attention in the North American sports media.
  15. Dont understand why anthems are played at club games, its not like they are representing the country - for heavens sake the toronto players dont even live in the country! It a major issue of course in the 'big leagues' in North America at the moment - all about jingoism - follow the football example - no nationalism at Champions league games never mind league games.