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  1. Id argue we are further behind the aussies than we have ever been. Super league has been a failure for the game but a success for the teams in the super league - they stole our game. Hard to believe they wont have the fixtures confirmed for the super 8s until wednesday - how are the team at home next weekend expected to sell those games at such short notice. They could have had the fixtures organised in terms of which position plays which at whose ground and when well in advance of the end of the season and then once the final positions were confirmed everyone would know the schedule of games.
  2. All the other 'vistitors' were not full timers and all have limited resources so that isn't an explanation. Bottom of the league and getting beat every week, why would they look forward to another hammering against a team of full timers unless they were going for the holiday not the 'game'.
  3. ludicrous that a ban starts even though it is being appealed. Start of the ban should be held up until appeal heard (principle of natural justice). Frivolous appeals made strategically to delay a ban can be dealt with by increasing the length of ban for any frivolous appeals. Are there really no talented people interested in running the RFL? How has the game survived so long in this country with the folks we have had running it? And how do they manage to get into these positions in the first place? Answers on a postcard please.
  4. Its the RFL...what do you expect - I am sure the board members hated the thought of having to go to Rochdale and Workington and the like..... Fiji v Cook Islands will fill St james Park eh? Why not send them over to play in Toronto? I am sure the stadium criteria dont include anything to do with spectator comfort so the bare aluminium benches and absence of any cover will not be a problem in November....I expect .the criteria are all concerned with how much do ray me can be made.
  5. Just received this offer from RL in case anyone fancied the cup final. I think RL are shooting themselves in the foot on this. Folks who pay full price by buying their tickets early then find themselves sitting next to folks who paid far less so they dont bother buying up front next year and we are in a downward spiral. Rugby's showpiece match – 40% off tickets This is the big one – rugby league's most prestigious match will sizzle on the iconic turf of Wembley Stadium, and you can be there with a huge 40% off tickets. As a Be Inspired subscriber, you've got access to this exclusive discount on category five and six tickets for the Challenge Cup final on 26 August. Just use the code BEINSPIRED and enjoy the action for as little as £12. And as a bonus, if you use the code you'll automatically go into a draw to win a night for two on the eve of the final at the 4-star Hilton, right beside Wembley. With a Wembley FanZone packed with food, local ales, live music and more alongside the on field action, this will be a day to remember.
  6. He played 14 games on left wing in1971-72 scoring 5 tries, two in his second game in a losing cause at Whitehaven and a hat trick the following game at home to Huyton.
  7. Yes he was at the end of his career, but like most of the experienced pros Myler signed he was still a productive player and helped transform the team from a bottom feeder to one of the strongest teams in the league. Interesting to read the obit in the Warrington press. Having spent most of his career at the Wire he left for his home town Saints in 1970 when the Wire were struggling financially. "Brian left in 1970, nearly 13 years after he first appeared for the club, to move to St. Helens. Despite playing for his home town team, he did not find the experience as memorable at his times at Wilderspool. He said: "It wasn't the same as Warrington. We even had to wash our own kit! I went on to Rochdale for a couple of seasons after that and had a good time there though." It was a great time to be a Hornets player or fan. RIP Brian.
  8. great results all round....could do with swinton taking points off Dewsbury next week and then good performance against the stalybridge roughyeds. Can anyone explain to an out of towner how the post season games work this year...I dont expect Ill like it but then i know Ill only have to wait. month or two before its changed by those folks in Leeds.
  9. can find out the details on the club website
  10. great result...anyone at the game care to provide a report?
  11. full game on TV in Canada at midnight (5 am UK time)
  12. What part of the word innocent do you not understand? And I suppose cruise missiles killed no (innocent) libyan teenage girls. None of this makes what happened yesterday right. But it might help to understand some part of why it happened.
  13. Thats the country we attacked with cruise missiles in 2011 and left it in a state of chaos from which it has never recovered. Not in any way suggesting that justifies the senseless, inhumane and brutal attack on innocent young people, and hopefully the associates will be apprehended and face the full force of law. But if the west stopped attacking other countries and influencing who their leaders should be we might not face quite the same level of hatred. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria .....I am trying to join the dots.
  14. Good to know the fans managed to organise visas OK.. Maybe the club should have asked them for help.
  15. I was at the game....cold and wet. Like watching a challenge cup tie between two very unmatched teams. Would be good to know when each of the teams arrived in Toronto. Hell of a trip for part time players fitting the game in between shifts. Only part time sporting comparison locally is indoor lacrosse, but those blokes are on around a grand per game. Lots of freebies going round in the last two days which might have boosted the crowd.. Many there out of curiosity ...and it was a weekend when both the baseball and soccer teams were on the road. The west stand was not originally open but was eventually opened as an overspill, altough there was still plenty os room in the far end of the east stand. Stand of course is used loosely, aluminium benches on concrete terraces. no reserved seating and of course no cover to protect against the elements (bitter cold wind and rain in early May, scorching sun in July and August. UK fans considering a trip be prepared for the canadian crowd.. They dont go to watch an entire game (or even half) but continually walk up and down the stands visiting the concessions and bathroms... a sort of sporting ADD. Also today huge queues at the one box office before the game and one entrance open. Probably worth purchasing tickets in advance online to avoid the queues.. There is a discount for advance purchases although this is wiped out by the on line service fee. I dont think the game was televised in Canada...certainly not on any of the main sports channels and there were no programmes so little to promote the playing staff and what was going on...very poor.