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  1. Anita Bath

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Its the rugby football league...... last bastion of the 19th century. Home of the quill pen and inkwell. They really should relocate the office to Beamish
  2. Anita Bath

    Members Meeting

    I dont see anything on the club website about membership. It used to be you could become a member on there a link somewhere?
  3. Anita Bath

    Now for the final tests

    definitely we should be willing swinton to victory.
  4. Anita Bath


    good luck to the lads today. I am at the NRL grand final... but I know where I would rather be. Oneard Hornets Onward
  5. Anita Bath


    A plague on everyones house. For an organisation’s members to vote to change the way a season concludes with only two games left suggests that the organisation is not fit for purpose. Every other sports organisation, professional or amateur, will be laughing at the rugby football league and its members. What does this mean for next season? Should teams believe the structure of the league at the start of the season wil be what determines P & R at the end of the season? I suppose with two games left there is still time for things to be changed further.
  6. Anita Bath

    The Battle at the Bottom of the Championship

    Astounding that neither the swinton nor rochdale pages on this forum had any discussion about the game before or after. Very sad for two proud clubs.
  7. Anita Bath

    Johnathan Thurston (Merged Threads)

    I was lucky enough to be at the. game and then at Sam Thaidays last (regular season) game for the broncos today. Titans asked all fans to stand and applaud during the seventh minute of the game for #7 thurston. When he heard about the plan he said it would be rather embarrasing if at that time the cowboys conceded a try...which is precisely what happened. Is their any limit to the blokes gifts?
  8. Anita Bath

    Killer to Leave.

    And look what good it’s done them ... the game is on its ar*e. Did we need to adopt a carton character to sell shirts and the like? Funnily enough Manunited have a crest, Liverpool have a crest, New York Yankees have had the same logo for 100 years. Anyway it’s just an opinion. I want the club to thrive but no desire to wear something with a cartoon hornet, or rhino for that matter on. good luck with the shirt sales Clearly it must work for Coventry (coventry? Please...let’s be serious)..Folks wearing those bears shirts must have been in the top deck at Wembley. They must have sold well cos you don’t see any in the shops.
  9. Anita Bath

    Only bottom club relegated

    Can anyone explain who decides on this? Is it the clubs who vote on it, and if so is it a secret ballot or can we learn whick turkeys vote for christmas. If the clubs dont get a vote why would they continue as members of an organisation that has no strategic vision. Time to break away and let the numpties have their super league plaything and as many non UK teams in it as they like.
  10. Anita Bath

    Killer to Leave.

    Brilliant...I was an outspoken critic of the dumping of the coat of arms club crest when the cartoon character was adopted and all visible links to the town were removed. I would wonder why it would be kept for want to associate with the club and having the official club crest is on their personal paraphealia is probably the best way. My traditional Hornets blue shirt with red and white hoops and original crest is now back in fashion. Not that it was ever confined to the back of the closet. Wore it with provide continuosly including at last years world cup.
  11. Anita Bath

    Only bottom club relegated

    Leaving us only hours away from the next stupid suggestion coming out of RFL HQ
  12. Anita Bath

    Only bottom club relegated

    We are a few weeks from the end of the season and the RFL still to decide how many teams will move between divisions. You couldnt make this up could you.
  13. Anita Bath

    16 players!?

    Yes and there are a lot of folks who were abused by politicians, football coaches, celebreties etc etc because people said nothing when there was nothing nice to say. I expect it is one of Harvey Weinsteins favourite expressions. The most stupid saying I have ever heard. said in a cartoon and where it should have stayed. What next...”Jim’ll fix it”?
  14. Anita Bath

    NZRL to block Aus V Tonga Test

    They might have the luxury of choice but in Rugby league they dont have to make that choice...they can play for both countries, as many of them have. Choice means giving something up to get something else. RL are so desperate for competitive international games blokes who arent good enough to play for their chosen team can play for the team they chose not to play for originally.
  15. Anita Bath

    Super effort...

    obviously we are in a league of two mini divisions. The full time clubs fighting it out for the top four and the part time clubs fighting it out for survival. We just haven’t picked up enough points against our part time peers and good performances against the FT outfits count for nothing. The same split is found in the division below us with a clear distinction between the traditional clubs and the new teams. That happens year after year. how can that be good for the game? I suppose RFL will have some spin on it to try and have us believe it’s been a massive boost for the games popularity.