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  1. This is the week when all world cup teams have to submit 40 man squads but they are not for public consumption! I suspect the reason is there are no restrictions on how many squads you can be named to (only in RL eh?) So for example Both Fiji and Australia are expected to name Jarrad Hayne and Semi Radradra in their teams. Somewhat reluctantly I accept the notion of players playing for countries with which they have only tenuous links but surely this should be a once and for all choice. Quite possible you could see someone facing up to England for Samoa in June and then facing them for New Zealand in November.
  2. Toronto drawn away for the third time . . . . is this bad luck or fixed because of winter temperatures/conditions? The Major league football team doesn't play its first home game until March 31st (weather permitting).
  3. I subscride to digitl edition of big league.....only 40 aussie dollars a season.. Probably cheaper than postage! RLW had competed with Big League since 1970 so cant just be that can it? I understand it was bought out by a company who wanted another title that RLW owners had and had no interest in continuing RLW so simply dropped it.
  4. while there is no way I wanted York to win, the cup has lost its romance to me with the various changes and the way superleague teams and the RFL approach it. One less game which helps avoid injuries. Well done and good luck to York. I remember getting stuffed 24-2 at wigginton Road in the cup way back in the 60s, so on that basis we are getting better!
  5. For those of us with interests in Australian league it will be sad news that Rugby League Week is ceasing publication. When I lived down under for a year i looked forward to picking up my copy at the station every thursday morning.. Kept reading it from afar over the last twenty years. Proper journalists and great coverage of the game. Had great articles on the history of the game and celebreties of years gone by. Big contrast with our own rugby league world...the latest 'beatles' themed edition being the latest in a fall in standards. Oh for the days of Harry Edgars open rugby again.
  6. wha do you mean"..better put a vest on"... we only take it off on sunday night for our weekly bath!
  7. Won

    From the video looks like a good 'old fashioned' game with two strong tackling teams in very poor conditions. Far prefer these games to 34-28. On the video (I wasn't at the game) it looks like the sin binning incident is one of those decisions that could have gone either way (who would be a referee!) so we were perhaps unlucky with that. In the same light, was the decision on the penalty at the end of the game similarly 50:50 particularly given the conditions - or am I missing something. Glad it went 'our' way - thoughts from those at the game?
  8. "kept getting very kickable penalties against us" Maybe we kept giving away very kickable penalties by our actions. I can never understand the notion that penalty counts should in some way be even - only if the two teams commit an equal number of offences. Yes I moan at referees and shout that they are one-eyed fatherless the heat of the game.....but in the cold light of day and excluding the emotional pressures of game day do we really believe that they have favourites and that those favourites do not include ourselves? The persecution complex does us no good.
  9. Well if you are so sure referees have favourites I dont think it is worth me or anyone else going again.. Cleary the refs favourites will be given every opportunity to win so its simply another form of professional wrestling . . outcome predetermined. We must have been favoured by a lot of referees last season. Of course I dont believe any of the above and I dont think you do either.
  10. You don't really believe a referee has favourites do you? While I can accept that all referees can (and do) make mistakes (just like the players and coaches) - and some make more than others (just like players and coaches) - your suggestion that they have favourites undermines the credibility of the competition. It would be good if there was a bit more competition among referees so that those who under perform could be replaced but my understanding is that there is a shortage of qualified referees. If we believe that the standard of refereeing is too low we need to find solutions to that problem - afraid i dont know what they are - but implying or accusing them of having favourites is unlikely to solve the problem. Generally the games we win are the result of us being the better team and the games we lose generally the opposition are the better team. With the benefit of hindsight and setting aside emotions I cannot recall a game 'won' by a referee.
  11. Yes brelly got both trys but it was a John Player cup game. He also scored our only try in the league game later the same season but we lost that one. Last time we won in a league game there Harold MacMillan was PM. it was 55 years ago! October 1962 22-7 and Bradford (Northern then) were on the point of going bust! Some things never change! Fantastic result.
  12. That would be great..two league teams in that League hotbed of coventry.
  13. the same club that went bust in the 1960s?
  14. Only the RFL would let an entirely new club enter half way up the league structure.
  15. looks like there will be an odd number of teams in the division. Surely too late to add a team from below.