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  1. That would be great..two league teams in that League hotbed of coventry.
  2. the same club that went bust in the 1960s?
  3. Only the RFL would let an entirely new club enter half way up the league structure.
  4. looks like there will be an odd number of teams in the division. Surely too late to add a team from below.
  5. And among my three would be biffos winning at HKR in the cup. Become rare event for a club from outside SL beating one of the big boys. Nowt like slapping each other on the back....until our next game.
  6. If there were to be only two rugby league teams left on this earth I would want them to be us and the biffs....dont get half as much pleasure beating anyone else! On to Stalybridge!
  7. Holliday didnt sign until November that season, oddly enough making his debut at Whitehaven in the league game, kicking three goals in. 12-6 win. In the Lancs cup tie Henry Delooze started as goalkicker. and got 1 then new signing Tom Brophy took over and kicked two more.
  8. 1972-3 season Lancs Cup first round won 24-19 at Whitehaven. Brelsford scored a club record 5 (five!) tries and his centre partner (myler) scored the other try...obviously he decided to take things into his own hands! Obviously we didnt have a goalkicker that day! Merry Christmas everyone
  9. Also coached Widnes and was Great Britain coach on the 1984 tour of Aus, NZ and PNG.
  10. His appointment transformed the club overnight. Wonderful times where we competed at the top level. Some terrific games at the athletic grounds.
  11. Are the laws of the game optional then?
  12. Bottom line is that the pitch dimensions did not comply with the laws of the game and as such render the game void. I presume TV money convinced the two teams to play. I am guessing that if any club was found to be playing on a pitch that 'satisfy the laws of the game they would face penalties (fine, points deduction etc). It literally is a law for one but another law for others. Is anyone carrying the can at the RFL for this screw up
  13. equally concerning but when the governing body cannot organise a match that complies with the laws of the game I believe they are beyond incompetent. You couldnt make this stuff up
  14. It appears the rugby league managed to commit to playing the 4 nations final at a ground that doesn't satisfy the laws of the game as well as risking compromising player safety. Where does this incompetence end? So long as the bar is long enough in the corporate facilities, I suppose all will be well.
  15. We used to play quite a few friday night games at the Athletic Grounds in his day and there was nothing more warming in winter than seeing him burst through the line under the lights with the ball under his arm.