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  1. Anita Bath

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    but it’s a derivation of the crest...not a cartoon red devil. Anyway so long as the cartoon hornet is bringing in hundreds (thousands) of extra fans I’ll be happy, I just won’t buy any of the stuff. Appears like branding has overtaken performance on the key performance indicators checklist.
  2. Anita Bath

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Its remarkable how clubs like wigan and man U have been been left behind in this marketing/branding revolution. The crest disappeared when the name of the town disappeared from the clubs name. Fortunately the towns name was later restored so there is hope for the crest i suppose.
  3. Anita Bath

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Yes, I dont think I am alone in yearning for the return of the traditional coat of arms crest on the Hornets shirt....otherwise the strips are both very impressive. Its been suggested the cartoon badge is aimed at the you ger generation....if so I hope its reflected in match day attendence.
  4. Anita Bath

    christmas greetings

    to hornets fans the world over. Here in brisbane its king prawn and lobster on the barbie as we get through a weekend of 38 degrees. Hope the weather is being kind to those of you in Rochdale. Ill be there in two weeks time. Onward hornets onward
  5. Anita Bath

    RL's longest hoodoos

    Clem Atlee was prime minister last time Rochdale Hornets won at St Helens.
  6. Anita Bath

    Members Meeting

    Seriously, I am not sure thats the answer. If members of the public want information on the club they have to phone the club up? I am sure the club staff are already stretched as it is without taking calls of that sort. What is the problem with having listed under the current heading 'Directors' the name of the clubs directors? I am obviously missing something here.
  7. Anita Bath

    Members Meeting

    Sorry dont do twitter. Checked the clubs own website. Under our club is says directors and under that tab it lists only Paul Omerod. Maybe its my computer playing tricks or maybe its somewhere else on the website but I cannot find it. You would think the directors should be listed under "directors" and maybe they are..
  8. Anita Bath

    Members Meeting

    Seems odd that there is no publicly-available information on who the board are. Maybe membership organisations dont have to publish though - but you have to wonder why they would not want to. If it was a limited company they would be required to publish who was on the board. Difficult to know whats going on, either as a member of the public or apparently as a member of the club.
  9. Anita Bath

    Members Meeting

    According to Website, under directors there is only Paul Omerod listed. Is the website out of date or are we really down to one person setting the direction of the club?
  10. Anita Bath


    14 quid for a pre season game seems a bit steep.
  11. Anita Bath

    President of the RFL

    Thank God I am not alone in questioning this appointment. While a recovered alcoholic might be better than one who has not recovered, I think we might be able to find a few impressive folks with long and admirable histories in the game who have never been an alcoholic. I suppose that isnt saleable any more.
  12. Anita Bath

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    Will he be able to get a visa for Canada? Or will he be the first president unable to visit the clubs and competitions he presides over?
  13. Anita Bath

    President of the RFL

    So we cant find someone steeped in rugby league to appoint to the post? Its a disgrace that from among the many folks who have served the great game so well as players, officials or administrators we cannot find one to honour with this designation. Instead we find a recovering alcoholic from a different sport. A very poor reflection on our game. Im glad harold shipman is dead......he might have been considered for the postgiven he helped folks with depression , gambling, drug and alcohol addiction. He also served at her majesty’s pleasure. Maybe those are the qualifications. I suppose that means the president of the RFL wont be able to get a visa to watch the sport he presides over in one of its growing markets.
  14. Anita Bath

    President of the RFL

    What are the qualifications required for this position? And how does Mr Adams satisfy them?
  15. Anita Bath

    Dale chairman Chris Dunphy

    I am struggling to find out who is on the Hornets board on the club website beyond Mr Omerod. Can anybody provide the link.