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  1. Of course posters views matter, even when they are not your views. Reference to the white flag is unfair to those who wave it when joining the bandwagon of bigotry and ignorance.
  2. It makes not one jot of difference what forum members think about the Sun, or what it has done, or what it does, etc. It sells over 1,500,000 copies a day, and in all its forms reaches upwards of 10, 000, 000 a day. Its coverage of sports is in my view a key reason for these high numbers. In adDitton, the Sun reader demographic matches the rugby league fan demographic. I'd say it was important that it covered our game so as to increase awareness in that demographic so finding out what went wrong, who did what and what can be done to put it right. In addition, it has to be remembered that the Sun was originally the Daily Herald, then when that failed, became Labour stalwart Robert Maxwell's Sun, before Rupert Murdoch finally rescued it from bankruptcy and obscurity, creating many jobs in the process.
  3. Not like you to concede defeat so easily.
  4. Anyone know how wearing gums shields affects the ability to cause damage through even accidental biting. No teeth marks, surely.
  5. Well, some of its gone here. https://www.scotsman.com/news/people/bbc-scotland-figures-branded-deplorable-after-21-shows-have-no-viewers-at-all-1-4948119 Enough for 19000 tv licences for ten years. Add to that over paid, over manned, over pensioned management etc, ....
  6. Give over. The guy is clearly excited.... And isn't stream of consciousness the in thing?
  7. There's no need to try to match it, though. Britain's docks were ruined by the unions. Pure and simple. You are too young to have seen this happen and relying on the BBC Guardian axis of missing information does you no credit.
  8. Reminder. I voted to remain (;on thd basis we would drive reform and kill the European Superstate initiatives. I don't want Boris as leader of the Conservative Party nor as PM, though I appreciate his value as a popper of the Westminster bubble. I think some of the things Blair did were good and still do, though Brown was dangerously useless. I don't think any of that chimes with Saintslass but that does not mean we disagree on the fundamental of successful Conservatism.
  9. Really dissapointed in the parts I saw. Too much school football team " pick me ..pick me!" And nowhere near enough HOW anyone is going to deliver.
  10. I'm sorry. I don't read Welsh. Translation required. Disclosure. The wife's cousin has worked for the Council of Europe in Strasbourg for close on 30 years.
  11. So, its all too late. The wet collaborationists did the damage yrears ago. It's them you need to blame.
  12. Perhaps the question should be "why do these CS types think they must frustrate the democratic expression of the people." Their job is to implement the policies of the elected government, not to succumb to Stockholm Syndrome.
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