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  1. With respect (!) I dont agree. You are clearly wrong about Lenagan. You'll feel so much better when you acknowledge in public what you know to be true in private.
  2. Because you don't want to face those facts. Please state where the Wikipedia entry is incorrect..
  3. Its not an image, its a fact.
  4. Agree, despite his prejudicial use of the word "cabal". But then, we all give very honest and accurate accounts of things as we see them, dont we?
  5. Ian Lenagan is that man. A strong, vibrant, succesful SuperLeague will indeed make the whole pie bigger.
  6. Which they have earned legitimately by being something Sky are prepared to pay for.
  7. JohnM

    New online England store

    Really? Who'd have thought it? I blame Nigel!!! 😀😀😀😀 This negativity is really getting me down. What miserable existences some fans must have .
  8. I dont know why some have taken so against Parksider. To me, he represents common sense and home truths. However, I'd also really really like to see Toulouse, Toronto, London have a sustainable SuperLeague presence for several reasons and would wish a little more imagination and creativity as to how this could be achieved.
  9. JohnM

    Dear Diary

    Dear Diary, my mate Francis came round sick visiting this morning on his new KTM Superduke. He brought grapes and chocolates.
  11. Most of which is mistaken, made up, inconsequential. Eg , the recent thread about streaming SL games.
  12. ...and if a couole of teams fall behind.....
  13. I think people may just have missed the OPs point.