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  1. BBC News

    For me, its not their game coverage that is the issue at present. Its the lack of prematch coverage in the run up. Of course, they do need material to work with. Today, Eddie Jones fronted a union press conference to talk about the next unon games and that got lots of coverage on Radio Five Live and BBC TV Sports News. Of next weekends semi, there was nothing.
  2. It's I'm sorry, I'll resd that again, again. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  3. Its all very well having a little post-match sports news coverage. Its the pre-match sports news coverage that has bern lacking, both from BBC TV news, ITV news and Sky news. I'm sure that the RLWC authorities could do more, but in the end, its hard to dispute the airbrushing.
  4. The problem is that that BBC panel knows what it is talking sbout.
  5. Refs have a tough job to do, and i am normally loathe to criticize them. However, i must make an exception in the case of Childs performance today.
  6. Absolutely apalling decision ftom the ref, there. Complete disgrace.
  7. Just complained twice (one directly to BBC Breakfast TV Sports News snd on to BBC Complaints ) about their airbrushing of the World Cup from BBC TV Breakfast Sports News this morning. The whole of the World Cup merited less than 30 seconds coverage whilst news of Eddie Jones broken fingernail got 15 minutes.
  8. Get your complaint in, then. No use just complaining on here. stop press: the game just got 20 seconds mention on BBC TV Breakkfast Sports News
  9. if that is what you really think, we now know all we need to know about antipodean sporting vslues
  10. any way of easily getting a radio commentary here in the UK?
  11. Congratulations. You have just won the Man-Booker Prize for Modern Fiction