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  1. How refreshing it would have been for him to take a positive leadership role by saying that he'd commanded his players to adhere to the rules by keep their hands off the ball in the tackle, thus denying the opposition the opportunity to milk penalties by trapping his players hands. It's the exact equivalent of blaming the police for a burglary, rather than blaming the burglars.
  2. The remedy lies in his own hands or in the hands of his players. If they were not so intent on getting their hands between the ball and the tackled player so trying to force the ball free.... When I say hands, i really mean his miserable moaning mouth....
  3. More problems for Big Sam?

    Ooo goodie....another bad news topic! Where would we be without them? (not trivialising these sorts of issues, of course)
  4. Or Lincolnshire. There a hill near us a towering 4 metres above mean sea level.
  5. Who'd have thought it eh? Something wrong with a rugby league poll!

    rickets, tuberculosis, diphtheria, polio, one TV channel, the girl from Loretto School on the 57 bus, semi-derelict Station Road, Mr.Toolan's corner shop with butter hand wrapped and the bill in pencil on the brown paper bag, end of rationing. burning rocks to keep warm...
  7. So I've taken the plunge....

    I sat on the pavement on Birdcage Walk all afternoon to catch son and mate complete their 1st London Marathon . Now in the Arthritis Research after-race party. Anyone who completed this event deserves hearty congrats,so well done!
  8. The game will miss those who give up, but, as the late great Laura Nyro song had it. "And when I die, and when I'm gone, there'll be one child born to carry on, to carry on, to carry on."
  9. Which opinon is wrong, of course. Hes a successful professional, no doubt highly paid guy who for some reason has in ten years of (alleged and unverified) raising his issue "with the RFL" has not had the ability to get anythjng done. Yet his boss is a big wheel in the game but still nothing gets done. Maybe, just maybe, there is nothing to get done. Maybe as othervposters have said, "we wuz robbed" Just my opinion of course.
  10. Of course i read it, all of it. Question: Have you expressed your concerns to (head of referees) Steve Ganson about the way games are being refereed? McDermott: It’s beyond Steve Ganson. In other words, no, i haven't. Question: Have you expressed your concerns to anyone at the RFL? McDermott: “Yeah, for ten years In other words, no I haven't becuase if i had, id give you chapter and verse, and the name of the poet. My point still stands.
  11. How do you know what people such as I would say if he approached the proper authorities in a calm, sensible evidence -based way?
  12. What has he done about the problem he perceives? Nothing. He's not complained to the refs, he's not complained to the RFL, so he's just another sorry and poor loser. He'd fit in well on here.
  13. You have just missed this.
  14. Are you from Yorkshire? 😀😀😀😀
  15. Never expected that, so well done Salford. More please!