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  1. You don't speak for everyone who wants the game to thrive.
  2. The only motivational words Wigan need are these: remember Sunday 11th February 1996.
  3. ..and so fondly remembered by Wigan fans...NOT!
  4. Is Robert Fassolette still involved? Sort of lost contact with him. Many years ago watched England V France at Harrow School of all places!
  6. "if to be believed they drafted the fixtures with Toulouse in top 4" where did that come from? Is it possible they had drafted a number of different combinations and made provisional advanced arrangements just in case?
  7. given the tightwad that complained on here that admission fees to Championship games was too high, free to ait Championship games will inevitably result in lower attendances. Will TV fees makeup for that loss of income?
  8. Better team won. Better attacking side. Poor discipline both sides.
  9. Cas have no need to resort to cheating. Hands always on the ball in the tackle, stripping in front of the ref. They are far better than that, so why do it?
  10. Aw..grow up, Cas, .it's all the refs fault! 😀😀😀😀😀 By the way, is this the same Hardacre that used to play for Leeds? Can't be. This one 's a much much better player.
  11. repeating a fiction ad nauseum doesn't turn it into a fact.
  12. Any rational reason Cas didn't fly out yesterday or earlier? Still, it's an inevitable win for Cas.