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  1. repeating a fiction ad nauseum doesn't turn it into a fact.
  2. Any rational reason Cas didn't fly out yesterday or earlier? Still, it's an inevitable win for Cas.
  3. It's the gods that ask for Mo to return, though even Mo can't rescue Warrington.
  4. Oh, oh, what a referee, what a referee, what a referee, oh, oh, etc...etc....
  5. Leigh to win this one, I think a real possibility.
  6. Needs correcting then. Who can do that? Must be tremendously hard for Carter and Co to keep up the current level of commitment and motivation when the odds seem to be so stacked against them. It's always hard when others are saying "no" all the time. Wish them all the best and trust it doesn't all end in tears.
  7. From Wikipedia At the request of Wakefield Trinity RLFC & Wakefield MDC, Sir Rodney has taken on the chairmanship of The Wakefield & District Community Stadium Trust. The trust is intending to arrange the funding for a new £19 million, 12,000 capacity stadium & associated facilities to serve the Wakefield community.
  8. Can't see anything other than a Leeds win. Wigan discipline still poor, place kicking unreliable, kicking game not good, Wane's habit of blaming the players can't be doing much for morale, either.
  9. Used to be the case but not any more Huge amount of offshore service work now for the offshore wind farms. Also large amount of new motor vehicle import export.
  10. Geddit? If your starting position is an irrational and wholly unjustifiable belief that Conservatives are the source of all evil, creator of all ills, the AOB is the place for you and your cronies. AOB credibility is shot, it's an irrelevance. Form a circle, you lot, and enjoy.
  14. Correct. Will anything be done about this post? Just a guess of course, but I reckon the answer is "no"