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  1. Not really. And was ever thus. And probably will be like that for ever.
  2. Looks like we have left already.
  3. Looks like my prediction will be proved wrong, and not for the first time. Pleased for the Giants.
  4. Enjoying this. JJB needs to keep his hands off thd ball in the tackle...getting away with murder. Leeds look bigger, better, faster too but it's so close. Leeds to win, probably.
  5. If the guy doesn't know what a mugwump is, he should look it up rather than parading his ignorance on the air. Many more sensible questions hd should have asked.
  6. True enough, though you've not met my wife. My questioning would be on housing and transport/ policy, plus the bonfire of the quangos that never happened, anything whatsoever involving Accenture, KPMG and their ilk, the revolving door that allows senior civil servants to clear off to the private sector taking their secrets with them, public sector annual increments, and many more. They all pale into insignificance compared with the importance of negotiating our leaving the EU. There is only one answer.
  7. Understand that, and there has been quite a long period relatively recently where the TUC and individual unions have been working hard, effectively and honestly on behalf of their members. However, in the last few years, there seems to have been in some cases a return to the bad old days.
  8. Anothe however. I would trust Labour. The right sort of Labour, purged of the power and influence of trades union bosses and class warriors, with local parties freed where if exists, from Tammany Hall influences, and with realstic, credible policies and achievable objectives delivery by someone capable, coherent and pragmatic. Thsee people do exist.I might not agree with them nor them with me, but I'd trust them.
  9. However..... There are a plethora of threads set up specifically to rant about the Conservative government. My goose has some spare sauce.
  10. Given that in general, things always end up costing much more than anyone calculates, these figures are probably conservative. In particular on pay and staff costs, have you factored in the amount the employer contributes to staff pensions (5 to 8 %) and the cost of automatic increments (ignored by those shouting about not having a pay rise), With an average NHS salary of just short of £30k, I'd have thought the cost of new staff would be more like £60k average.
  11. So its ok to post poll findings or not? It's not an irrational rant. It's a public service. On that basis alone, this left dominated forum should be issuing congratulations.
  12. If I did, it would not be because I think he's a jester.