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  1. Agree entirely. One only has to frequent the AOB forum to see how left-wing dominated our game is. Anything or anyone right wing is scoffed and ridiculed.
  2. Bingo! Bang on cue, the NHS DL to the rescue!
  3. I already get 365 days off. As someone who has the privilege of paying UK income tax, and paid NI contributions for 49 years, i like to keep an eye on how it's used.
  4. I see Corbyn has now promised NHS staff with over 10 years service that they can now have 45 days holiday a year.
  5. My, you do get around. Are you stalking her?
  6. Dear Mr Verhofstdat, A phrase involving sex and travel.
  7. Do you think that is wise?
  8. A Guy from Europe intervenes to guarantee more vote for May.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed this game, with the outcome uncertain until till the very end. Great performance from Wakefield, but in the end just not quite strong enough. Some signs of Brown starting to perform. Dissapointing with Wires kicking game, though. Generally rugby league kicking game is poor across the game.
  10. Goodbye and good riddance to coal.
  11. No. Do you really think that every generation of club owners, club managers, RFL staff and execs have not spent the last 120 or more years trying to grow their slice of cake and indeed make a bigger cake. If they could not do it when there was virtually no competition other than soccer, what makes you think they can do it now, in this the 21st Century? People see top level sport on tv every day of the week. ThatT's where the money lies, in soccer, and in rugby, union and league.
  12. Although I have asked what is it that Toronto have done that no other League 1 club could have done, there is another factor in this. There is a limit to what other clubs can do, or rather, what they can achieve even with the most driven, most ambitious, most capable, most motivated and most well heeled ownership and management. Maybe they have reached the limit of what they can achieve. In 2017, things ain't what they used to be. Living and working patterns are different. There are many more competing attractions for people's time and money. Telespectating is the norm in virtually all sports, though participation in what used to be fringe sports seems to be rising: cycling on and off road, triathlon, marathon, etc. More weekends away, more foreign breaks etc. Live music seems to be on the increase, too. My grandkids spend their spare time at dance club, swimming, gymnastics, piano lessons, gardening club, doing homework etc . In 1962 Swinton, there was no Cotswold Camping outdoor shop, a couple of TV stations, no computer games, home phone was a party line, yet Swinton were getting home crowas of 5000 -8000 IIRC. Is it surprising then that will all the attractions the modern world has to offer, even some SL clubs are not reaching those "elevated" levels. Just too many clubs in too small an area?
  13. Who do you think you are. kidding Mister Hitler....
  14. Aw shucks! You secretly fancied her! Back on topic. Everyone agrees Labour and Corbyn are rubbish.
  15. You missed a bit. Schofield is rubbish.