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  1. I agree with all of that. I can also understand the turmoil that Bulls fans are experiencing.Nature abhors a vacuum and it is inevitable in the absence of any hard, visible action on the ground as it were, that speculation of all sorts from all angles is rife.
  2. The only BBC issue is with BBC News and Current Affairs and their overall position as the broadcasting arm of Guardian News and Media remains generally unchanged. Just helping those who only read the headlines. In other news, Labour pollster James Morris says that Jeremy Corbyn is not the source of the party's problems, but rather the final straw. "From the point of view of someone who lives on an estate in Hull, his utopian, cosmopolitan, internationalist, anti-military non–patriotic beliefs are all what they already think of the Labour party."
  3. The "wealth effect" that you described is what sustained the last Labour Govt, whose reliance on it ended in tears. The explosive growth in house prices at that time is what fueled B and Q etc. Look at them now. Exports clearly are price responsive, too. with companies already noting increased exports post the recent devaluation
  4. I do hope we will finally see. This is like waiting in the docs surgery when you have been called in to discuss your test results. Maybe in a week or three all will become less opaque.
  5. By belligerent, I really mentioned robust in promoting the club as it moves forward towards possible promotion, not lying down, but standing up. I do think though, that it's possible for certain posters to generate a negative reaction on here.
  6. the Trust found no evidence that there was a deliberate attempt to mislead audiences and noted that the full interview had been published on the BBC website.
  7. Harry as Royal Patron = less time for him to spend on union Harry as Royal Patron= opportunity to reverse negative attitudes towards rugby league.
  8. Shock horror! "It's not fair" says loser !
  9. Bose linked up with Einstein before they linked up with Apple.–Einstein_statistics
  10. These things are not mutually exclusive: having an honorary position in rugby union and in rugby league. Not everyone in rugby union is antagonistic to rugby league, nor does everyone in rugby union conspire against rugby league. However in my opinion and extensive experience, quite a few rugby league fans have a shoulder chip. From time to time I'm happy to join in the fun, but realistically, the biggest enemy of rugby league league. Of course, you are entitled to and free to express your opinion, exactly as I am, and exactly as I will continue to do.
  11. VAT is a continental invention. French tax authority apparatchik Maurice Lauré fathered the tax in 1954, although a tax that touched on every stage of the production process was first theorised in Germany a century earlier. VAT took its bow in the UK in November 1974, as part of the price the UK paid for joining the Common Market.
  12. I have a brilliant idea. How about the forums paper tigers get over to Stoke on Trent in the run up to the by election to explain on the doorstep to the 70% of voters why they were wrong and why they should had voted to remain.
  13. Quite so. Too mang remoaners trying to subvert the result of the rerefendum, hoping that the economy will tank, etc just so theg can say "told you so"
  14. I can understand the strong feelings and emotions amongst Bradford fans. They have a huge stake in this and i feel we should cut them a little slack at this uncertain time. Ranting is in order, but i reckon that once all the pieces have slotted into place,the full detsails revealed -or not- and the season underway, some element of normality will be restored.
  15. ..but the lessons learned from HKRs descent into administration years ago, through their recent relegation and current almost Leigh -like belligerence? We should listen to people like steevreed100 for he has experienced both the lows and lows. It seems to me clubs need their owner/boss to have deep pockets, high ambitions, determination, courage, commercial acumen, leadership, profile, pushiness, drive, the ability to take measured risk, to be able to tread close to but not over the line etc. the ability to build and stabilize what is really a house of cards. Not many of those around.