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  1. But does he reach out to those youngsters eligible to vote but have not registered? With the very limited reach of the Guardian, does not seem likely. Perhaps if someone with a public profile and darn wiv da yoof (he is 44 after all ) were to promote the message.. too late for his mum, 64 year old Noosha Fox, but maybe someone famous could be found. It's important.
  2. Remarkable response by Wakefield. Just not quite enough. Ignoring any issues of rules interpretation, Wakefield actually lost the game in the first half by rolling over under the weight of Cas. Can't keep surrendering in 1st half then fighting back in the 2nd. Taking too much out of them.
  3. He'd have to learn how to milk penalties, keep his hands on the ball in the tackle and other Powell tricks.
  4. Ffs, wind your necks in some of you. You are a pathetic bunch.
  5. Stupid? You mean unintelligent? Or do you mean they just don't agree with you?
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laïcité
  7. I think I'll wait until the campaign starts in earnest( it the elections ever happen that is) because its only by seeing the positioning of party/candidate that I'll decide.
  8. It's remarkable that it hasn't been destroyed, but destroyed it has not been.
  9. Yes, it's a tragedy, especially if it is an icon of your faith. However, the building has not been destroyed. The main structure remains and the building can be rebuilt, will be rebuilt.
  10. No hyperbole. That was removed along with many of the treasures prior to the refurbishment, it serms.
  11. She and her lawyer apologists are perfectly at liberty to use or abuse (as a number of "human rights" lawyers now struck off did) our courts and legal system to pursue their cause. She made her bed as a proven enemy of the state. She must now lie in it. We don't want her here and the state must not pay. Let her supporters pay out of their pockets. Set an example. Start a just giving campaign.
  12. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/isis-bride-shamima-begum-gets-14314275 Outrageous, indefensible.
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