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  1. No, but you can wstch it on Sky or BT
  2. They dont have to illegally stream it. They can watch it, just like anyone who goes to a game.
  3. Really, i can't see the BBC paying any sport to appear on TV.
  4. Is it really true that the BBC gets paid to screen a particular sport? If that is the case, then it needs raising with Ofcom. Would it not count as product placement, or advertising? Remember the payola scandal years ago when record companies piad BBC DJs to play particular recordings? One version here:
  5. Conspiracy Theories
  6. Light blue touchpaper. . . . . . . . . Kris Radlinski
  7. Hock

    Being from God's Own County, I think his tipple is more likely to be Red Biddy
  8. That's because you are relatively new on here. Its a hotbed of anti Wigan sentiment. . . . . .as well as anti Cas, anti Leeds, anti Hull, anti Wakefield, anti Salford, anti Widnes, anti Warrington, anti Cats, anti Hudds, anti Saints sentiment. Mind you we all LERVE Hull KR....the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Ready for the big kickoff? I'll say! Now the endless bickering on here about the RFL leadership, automatic P and R, TV rights, Championship discrimination, Wakefield/Cas stadiums etc will fade into obscurity.... . . . . To be replaced by endless bickering about crowds, referees, VR........😀😀😀
  10. Probably both. 😀 I'll start...... I expect a slow start to the season for Wigan, especially as they only need to be somewhere near the top towards the end of the season. Big changes in the way they play if they are to outgun Cas, Leeds and Saints.
  11. I'd expect it to be Escare if he is is back but others closer to the club may know better thsn I.
  12. Yup, the old "yo-yo" situation that afflicted Swinton years ago.
  13. Not SO hard to watch but very frustrating though, watching such poor kicking game on too many occasions. Improve on that front, fewer injuries to O'Loughlin -look at the games they lost when he wasn't playing - and they'll put themselves under less pressure in the playoffs.
  14. Although a minor point compared with some of the points about how things have changed for fans, the point made about players sizes does not seem to apply at WIgan. Morgan Escare is 5' 8" and 12st 3 lbs, whilst Taulima Tautai is 6' 1" and 17 stones 13 lbs