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  1. amm

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    Disappointed is an understatement for how it makes me feel, and really feel for all the squad and management they have let down, apart from themselves. But if TWP have to do in 5 years what others have done in a 100, I suppose they have to go through things like this in perhaps a shorter term than others. I am glad to see the vast majority of SM is saying that the club has dealt with it professionally and that it is the players at fault, and hopefully the positive gang of TWP fans can keep the faith and persuade newbies and those few wondering what to do, to also keep the faith, the lads who still play for the team need your support at this time.
  2. So there's nothing to see here then?
  3. amm

    Kato Ottio

    Tragic loss of life at such a young age. Condolences to all his family, friends and colleagues
  4. As I said yesterday on twitter, and unfortunately I fear I will still be saying for the forseeable future Rugby league has been a struggle to play & support since 1895, and it still is. internationally and here. We must concentrate on the plus points of the game & spread those rather than wash our own laundry in public. Hope it doesn't take another 100 years.
  5. had to pinch that idea for my twitter account
  6. amm

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Look after yourselves and your loved ones. Have a fantastic time. Peace, Health. Happiness xxx
  7. amm

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Christmas supermarket shopping after work tomorrow and I'm already dreading it. I would honestly advise anyone considering going at the same time to keep out of my way
  8. amm

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    You know those half used packs of Christmas cards you put somewhere safe so you could use them this year....yeah them...can't find them anywhere.
  9. amm


    Reading this thread takes me back to 2002 to 2004, when I lost my mum and dad, my mother and father in law, and both my children had serious illness, one having seizures and one having SVT (heart), who also took an overdose at 15 because he couldn't deal with the first loss of a relative. It was a cry for help and he even got himself to hospital. I took it all so badly and had to have help from medication and time off work. A good friend made through this board shared a phrase he used - S H 1 T magnet - I have used it ever since when I've found myself being the shoulder to cry on/listener for other friends and colleagues. I think everyone has their horrible period when you lose those close and have to deal with really tough situations. Just when you think nothing else bad can happen, something else does, even quite trivial things in comparison. Your washing machine packs up, your car breaks down, bills you weren't expecting, work becomes unbearably hard, all on top of the loss of your loved ones. Hence the phrase S H 1 T magnet time...when the world seems to be raining down on those you love and yourself, and you feel you just can't cope. However, I am still here, I survived, my children are healthy and happy and all grown up. In all honesty i have never been happier. Now I Know that these times come, and I probably have more to come. But I draw comfort in knowing I got through before and that everyone has these times it's not just me. All we can do is support each other and try to ...cliche time .... live for today. Thoughts with those of you who are going through it right now x
  10. Via fb I have been informed that it's Daza XIII 's big Five-0 today - those of you around in the greatest era of SQL will know him. I haven't seen him around since 2008, I do hope he is keeping well and I hope he's having a very happy birthday x
  11. Stupidity of the highest order, even after those results. They should be professional and honoured to wear a country's shirt
  12. Agree with Gubrats and thebull13 - Woody by a country mile. Naturally gifted, part time era, none of your conditioning and healthy eating malarkey, unless you count a few pints in the Courts hotel. A rugby brain and talent a plenty and an absolute masterclass of skill to watch. We were very very lucky people to watch him in his pomp. Lots of favs around the same era from stars like Dessie Drummond to 100% run their blood to water Leigh lads like Mick Hogan, Terry Bilsbury and David Eckersley
  13. amm

    Rugby History Thread

  14. They're a breath of fresh air, positive and enthusiastic against a barrage of negativity - more power to their elbow I only wish some of it would rub off on those that are of the opposite stance Maybe next season will bring some really tough encounters but I don't expect the Canadian fans to lose any of their attributes, in fact it will probably make them stronger. The only thing I really hope is that when English fans teams play Toronto at home or away, they embrace that positive attitude, give them the same warm welcome that they have given to opposition fans in Toronto, and that we don't have embarrassing events either side of the pond.
  15. A great initiative, it would be even better after the trial if the RFL picked it up and supplied green head guards that any player who had been through a concussion injury had to wear in order to play again