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  1. I said elsewhere on a Leigh forum, just after the 9 game ban, 5 or 6 was my expectation so I do agree 9 seemed harsh. However, I also think it's best to think about the possible outcry if it was one of our players was on the floor like Bird and an opposition player had done what Jamie did to them? Would we all not have been up in arms asking for them to be banned and posting in a thread about how our own players health had been exposed to a possible brain/neck injury.You have to see both sides and walk in the other mans shoes so to speak. My first reaction after the appeal tonight was gobsmacked at first because I didn't think it advisable to appeal because of this possible outcome, and then my thoughts went to thinking two stubborn parties met and one said 'sit down' . They should have attended the first week and they should have taken the punishment and left it at that. It's made the matter a whole lot worse by thinking they could defend it when as said, if done to a Leigh player the exact same people defending Actons actions would be up in arms. NB I'm not regarded as a Leigh fan because I don't agree with everything they do
  2. I can think of a lot of things to have on my t-shirt and that isn't one of them
  3. The husband has gone from "it shouldn't be a woman" to "I went to the same school and at least it's a Yorkshire lass" Had to laugh at Gary Lineker's tweet "The 13th Doctor Who may be a woman, but can she do it on a cold, wet Tuesday night in Stoke in 2143" to which I replied "Jodie is from Shat ( honestly) so you've something in common Gary" Skelmanthorpe is known locally as Shat
  4. A triple year Quinntract ! Well done young man
  5. A team in it's early stages getting so much coverage, even if it is free, is far better than rugby league supposedly getting exposure via Judge Rinder. I didn't see any money coming into the game via that either. Now I'm not looking for a spat with anyone, and any publicity is better than none, but I'd rather have the sport sell itself than any possible connection that a day time telly programme might gain. We can't speculate how things may end up, but I'm hoping that one day payment for the sports coverage may follow if it becomes popular enough in the USA and elsewhere.
  6. 500th up for Micky Higham, what a player. Seen some great matches with him playing a pivotal role. Respected throughout the game.
  7. I did say that sponsors need to be looked after, it's all the others that I question. It might be that there wouldn't be that much difference if the family & friends etc were charged? Maybe they are a part of the players salary/RFL employees perks etc that should be honoured. I am just posing a question, and wondered how much it amounts to? I've seen ex players with about 7 family members with them. Maybe they just had their own invite and paid for the others? Maybe the person who invited them paid for all 8 ? I don't know, and that's why I raised the question. It's probably all a drop in the ocean compared to the debts these clubs carry?
  8. Stating the obvious but there must be a middle ground for the pricing - I never had a season ticket as a youngster, most people were walk ups, but these days with the costs involved, it's far from easy to do that on the spare of the moment. One thing I always wonder about is the amount of free seats and corporate tickets - whilst we all understand looking after sponsors is important, there always seems to be a far greater number of family, friends etc who have been looked after. I include ourselves in that as we sometimes use the two allocated to our son. I'd love to know the actual costs and numbers of each club, and how much of a difference it would make if these cash strapped clubs stopped doing it. Would it be enough to reduce the ticket prices to a more affordable amount? Would those who no longer got a freebie walk away from the game? Surely anyone who loves the game and really wants to support their clubs would still attend and pay their way too?
  9. Parksider - without English RL and the battles since 1895, the game would be nowhere, not here, not anywhere in the world. Without it, neither you or I would be here on the Total RL forum, having a natter about the sport I love. I visit this forum less and less because I don't enjoy it. It's easy to love rugby league, it's heartening to read some positive comments about the game. It's always good to be realistic and careful about the game and it's future, but I find I enjoy the sport more if I don't constantly look for the negatives and I instead applaud and encourage the good things when I see them. Sometimes I am even able to see through jokes, baiting and sarcasm, and do you know what it's probably one of the few times I still laugh and smile reading this forum, as I see the faux outrage and watch as people bite. When ever those involved in English RL have struggled, and continue to struggle, thank goodness they carry on and keep a positive attitude
  10. Condolences to Adam's family, friends & all his team mates over the years. Such a sad time, a young life gone RIP young man
  11. Yes I've read that thread already whilst searching for a team sheet
  12. Great effort from Hunslet, only watched it this morning and wish I hadn't looked the FT score up first to see if my prediction was right, which it was . Would have had me a bit nervy at HT. Their fans also need a round of applause, saw some smiles from Craig Hall when they were singing.
  13. Really happy that Martyn Ridyard will be here until the end of the season