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  1. I've criticised him for the Sky coverage, but for his services to Rugby League, and promoting it's wealth of history, I say well done Stevo
  2. Great to see so many people down there. Probably passed lots from here and twitter. I think they stood up well and certainly didn't look like they were new to RL. Had a quick chat with Brian Noble and Paul Rowley, it was so refreshing to be around so many RL people with a positive outlook.
  3. The Corner House looks to be your best bet - they have 8 screens so surely one can be tuned to rugby league?
  4. just said the same - Uncle Mo will have his way
  5. Not been on here for ages, but have to say it saddens me that the only thread I feel compelled to add anything to is this one because as per usual I am reading posts that say ALL Leigh fans have negative opinions of Paul Rowley and Toronto. Well I personally think it's great and wish them all the best in the future - a good clean team with a true team spirit
  6. Shares in the winner please Futtocks
  7. The club enjoys media attention - the club promoted Ryan in the media for years - the club says they will not make comments in the media then.....guess what - plus what representatives of the club and their families have said on fb and stirred up ill feeling (for and against) is so unprofessional - the type of things that have made Leigh a joke in RL/SM Play with fire - expect to get burnt Both parties have settled their differences on a public footing - what they feel in private and hold over future years is up to them. The only ones dragging it on and on are the views of those who have been stirred up / influenced by the comments from the club.
  8. Centurions Agree Ryan Brierley Transfer With Giants -
  9. ha ha course they did
  10. BBC Manchester Sport ‏@BBCMancSports 1h1 hour ago We made a mistake yesterday. Ryan Brierley has not denied handing in his notice at Leigh Centurions. Sorry for the mix up.
  11. Get well soon Keith
  12. Don't know if my leg is being pulled, but they say it's not a joke. Miners arrived at Thunder, no changing room available, get ready in the bar, no toilets and no running water
  13. All the best to the lad, really enjoyed watching him play, and he comes across as a proper gent and true professional