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  1. Went to Coventry v Oxford yesterday. Good match, especially first half. Although Cov scored it seemed at will in the 2nd half, they played better in the first half - both teams did actually. The number 10's for both teams played well. Not been to Butts Park before myself, very nice set up. Spoke to an old friend of Lee's - Ron Banks, they reminisced for ages, James V getting a honourable mention....or was it dishonourable ha ha I chatted with fans of both teams, all lovely people - I enjoy going to lower league and NCL matches more than SL
  2. As they were still not up to the level required for CH1, the Wolfpack wanted to loan them out to get more game time. The RFL blocked them. So, with a difficult situation, they decided to still keep a very close eye on them for the future but let them go to the likes of Shaw Cross to get that experience. They wish it was otherwise but their hands are tied. When they can, they will re-recruit any of those and others, once they are up to the standard required.
  3. Oh just comparable, on a par with - that's ok then.
  4. Strange how you cannot understand and are unable to see what you have done and apologise
  5. Smoking does not make me equivalent to a paedophile, horrible habit, smelly, distasteful to others etc, and whilst it can do harm to children, I think you may need to step away from the keyboard if you think the two things are equal.
  6. How many years is it now? Time for an anniversary party?
  7. Wouldn't you think that all the players would be informed about the 19 before the rest of social media?
  8. Riddy asked to go and get some game time, but they refused - didn't want to risk him?. Played 80 mins with broken ribs last year - I couldn't walk 80 mins with them never mind play rugby league. I hope he does get a game today, but he's obviously not been the preferred choice - here's hoping he has a good un and gives them a headache over future selections
  9. Nothing on Sky this round, only 1 match on BBC stream
  10. I've criticised him for the Sky coverage, but for his services to Rugby League, and promoting it's wealth of history, I say well done Stevo
  11. Great to see so many people down there. Probably passed lots from here and twitter. I think they stood up well and certainly didn't look like they were new to RL. Had a quick chat with Brian Noble and Paul Rowley, it was so refreshing to be around so many RL people with a positive outlook.
  12. The Corner House looks to be your best bet - they have 8 screens so surely one can be tuned to rugby league?
  13. just said the same - Uncle Mo will have his way
  14. Not been on here for ages, but have to say it saddens me that the only thread I feel compelled to add anything to is this one because as per usual I am reading posts that say ALL Leigh fans have negative opinions of Paul Rowley and Toronto. Well I personally think it's great and wish them all the best in the future - a good clean team with a true team spirit
  15. Shares in the winner please Futtocks