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  1. It’s suggesting the Kiwis aren’t interested and don’t want to go, despite none of them being asked or quoted.
  2. NRL Media is actively writing stories undermining the game and publishing them via NRL online and social media accounts. Needs a response from fans.
  3. I didn’t know where to begin but that’s a good start. Not to mention what their sale has to do with them supposedly not being wanted in the NRL.
  4. Regardless of the NRL’s behaviour and associated douchery the assertion the Warriors are unwanted in the NRL and that Catalans are more welcome in SL is one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve read on here, and that’s saying something. If I had a quid for every anti-Catalans post on here over the years I could buy SL and have change.
  5. This mental cheating will revolutionise the game. Hahahahaha. ###### sad losers.
  6. Lol. This mob will blame anyone and anything for losing. Those dirty mental cheats. Hahaha.
  7. Seems like the “indefensible” is being defended. Not well, but you know.
  8. East Coast Tiger

    Calling the referee a "###### cheating ####"

    The Wolfpack are a disgrace and no one wants them in RL. They are a bunch of... what’s that it was Leigh? Um. The ref clearly deserved it and the kick definitely went over.
  9. East Coast Tiger

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Says the Leigh fan. About as credible as this Anderson fella who, by the way, is claiming Rowley headbutted him. So was it a headbutt not? Apparently it’s a headbutt when it’s Rowley but not him. I suppose him having a swing at Rowley was all Rowley too.
  10. East Coast Tiger

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Should’ve gone to specsavers. Anderson claims he headed to talk to the ref. Firstly, why the hell is he going anywhere near the ref? Secondly he makes the situation physical by squirting water, then heads towards Rowley, goes in with the head and has a swing at him. That’s assault. It’s not in a game. It’s a deliberate physical attack. Now Anderson is abusing people online over it. What’s Leigh’s reaction to this behaviour? When can we expect action be taken?
  11. East Coast Tiger

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Anyone see the video of the Leigh trainer squirting water at Rowley and then head butting him? This Anderson character is lying about it on Twitter and abusing people who call him out on it. Looks like assault to me. On top of the Leigh player also assaulting Rowley. The RFL need to ban these grubs permanently and/or the police need to deal with it.
  12. East Coast Tiger

    27 May: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    What happens if they have to play Leigh one day?
  13. Except when they are.
  14. East Coast Tiger

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Wow. Class.
  15. East Coast Tiger

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Hahahaha. So in summary your team lost.