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  1. East Coast Tiger

    Fixtures 2019

    A block of fixtures away? Sharpen the pitchforks. These Canadian #### need to be...wait, what it’s Leeds..
  2. East Coast Tiger

    2019 kits

    Um, NRL clubs have to keep designs for two years. Has been that way for ages.
  3. East Coast Tiger

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Wondered how long till Frawley ended up in SL. Such a SL signing.
  4. East Coast Tiger

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Embarrassing. RL people in an RL city won’t pay to watch a big England game but: a. people whinge when Catalans make it to Wembley because the crowd was “only” 50k in London, and b. flatcaps want to kill off expansion like Toronto and West Wales that will attract new people to the game who might actually bother turning up. Seems like only a WC will bring crowds in England and it suggests the WC crowds are not people who attend RL at any other time. WC every two years might be the only hope.
  5. East Coast Tiger

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    #### me. West Wales lose and they should be kicked out. They sign players and they are pointless because they’re not all home grown. The shifting goalposts and sheer duplicity of so-called RL fans is staggering. Three of their signings are Welsh internationals, three are Australian and one is French. How terrible. Oh and an Australian coach. It’s lucky no northern clubs rely on Aussie coaches and players or make decisions with winning in mind. The sport in the UK really is the most parochial, backward, selfish, institution you could find. It’s all about northerners keeping an iron grip on the game even if it means choking it to death and any anti-growth propaganda, no matter how illogical, contradictory and hypocritical, is okay.
  6. East Coast Tiger

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    If there’s anything more two-faced than pretending to care about developing RL in Canada and at the same time typing millions of words about wanting the only pro club in Canada to die then I’ve certainly never seen it.
  7. East Coast Tiger

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    There was no amateur game in 1896. And there’s no breakaway in Canada. Breakaway from what? They were never together.
  8. East Coast Tiger

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    The people deathriding West Wales might have to hold off for a season. But then again these will be the same “expansion never works” crowd and Hemel’s demise will be more ammo for them to fire at others.
  9. East Coast Tiger

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    The Wolfpack sponsored the Canada Ravens at the WC last year and they hosted a Canada game as a double header with one of their games this year, and I seem to remember one last year too. Without the Wolfpack none of this would happen and they are under no obligation to do any of it. If oxygen thieves like Parky had their way none of this would be possible, there would be zero exposure to RL in Canada and there would be no hope of ever getting any. But he pretends to care about Canada RL because it suits his agenda. If you’re the Canada president and you’ve just publically slandered the Wolfpack and its owner, how much support are you now expecting to get? It’s actually the role of the governing body to develop grassroots RL in Canada. Maybe a bit more transparency about what it is actually doing might be needed. Maybe it will show why someone like Argyle is not too keen to deal with these amateurs.
  10. East Coast Tiger

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Did I say he did it exclusively? Selective reading.
  11. East Coast Tiger

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    I’m sure slagging them off publically will achieve a lot. Seems like another useless administrator. Perez built Canada RL up and since he left it’s gone nowhere. And with this bloke in charge I can’t see much hope for it. As if he would have any idea what Perez or Argyle are doing. I’d say he’s just ensured his tiny amateur organisation won’t be getting any help from the biggest and only professional RL entity on the continent. You can count the number of clubs in Canada on your fingers and they play less than 10 games per season. It’s almost non-existent. Their best hope is TWP succeeding and generating interest in the sport and the hide of the OP who wants TWP dead to feign concern for Canada RL is laughable.
  12. East Coast Tiger

    Wales rugby league

    So you’re sticking to the theory that Catalans played badly early in the season because of fatigue after last year’s World Cup but after playing even MORE games they started playing well and winning? Seems legit. Almost none of the Catalans top 17 even played in the WC. How many Melbourne Storm or Sydney Roosters players do you reckon played in the WC? I’ll bet a lot more than Catalans.
  13. East Coast Tiger

    Wales rugby league

    Like I said, make clubs reduce their games. How many more club games and how many fewer internationals do you propose? Maybe Saints need to play Wigan another six times a year and we can dispense with tests altogether. That’ll grow the game. So apparently Catalans couldn’t handle early season games because they were too tired after six weeks off but then miraculously that fatigue disappeared afterward playing 15 games or more? Lol. What a load of utter ####.
  14. East Coast Tiger

    Wales rugby league

    Like I said, clubs only care about themselves. And most fans do too. How about forcing clubs to only allow players to play a maximum number of club games? Nah let’s just ruin international footy, even though it’s the only part of the game anyone’s takes any notice of.
  15. East Coast Tiger

    Wales rugby league

    Must only be Welsh players who require this.