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  1. Or would you rather have only two SL games, no champonship and no Catalans games? That's the most likely possibility of the lot next year.
  2. Catalan U23 and Young Guns

    I reckon a couple of young tyros called Bird and Anderson might break through for a few games... maybe. Those others will be visiting Villeneuve and Avignon for years to come.
  3. Wales beats the poms. I guess there's amateur and then there's "amateur".
  4. All three northern hemisphere teams are out of medal contention in the men's.
  5. US Owned NZ Warriors to lift NRL Trophy by 2020

    If the Warriors are going to be run by a bloke called Dick Fale they need to get Viagra on board as major sponsor.
  6. More games for Wollongong?

    The NSW govt put most of the money up. Sydney and Newcastle are in NSW. They could just as easily have hosted it. Were local governments or clubs in those places asked? They would get bigger crowds.
  7. More games for Wollongong?

    Bluebottles are something different in England. I don't know why the talk is of more games in Wollongong. It was an odd choice to begin with. If Parra stadium was available it would probably have been there. Newcastle would make more sense too.
  8. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Which is exactly why we need to beat them to it or at least go along for the ride. How many more opportunities can RL throw away at international level before people wake up? Wales, France, USA, Russia. Entitled, selfish, partisan, insular, myopic RL folk have allowed every chance slip away and now, surprise surprise, there's plenty deathriding this too. And just how many bottom lines are there? More than an old woman's ######.
  9. Fiji NSW Cup bid update

    NRL clubs are supposed to pay development fees to junior clubs when they sign players so it should be the same.
  10. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Poor old protected species resorting to name calling. How sad. I'd call it a fail but they'd probably put their hand out for more money.
  11. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    I didn't want to commit to going in case Leigh failed to get a team on the field again. Do they get any rfl cash for losing this game?
  12. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Oh yeah? Did Derek let them in? What is Wigan TV's deal with the rest of the league?
  13. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Good to see the protected species admitting Toronto offer more than English clubs.
  14. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Not on tv so presumably a full house.
  15. commonwealth 9s

    So they sent a team then. One up on some already. And it gave someone else a chance to win. I think you'll find no one is sending a "full" team. That would be the best u23 players in the NRL. When Canada can send a team and the rfl can't it says a lot.