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  1. Haha. Tell that to the 90% who claim to own the game in the north. Mention any non-English club entering and it’s “our league” and “why don’t they look after our backyard first?” This is true.
  2. East Coast Tiger

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Challenge Cup games will never get 10k.
  3. Toulouse has probably proved itself far more than Catalans did. Remember Catalans was a recently merged club playing in the French comp in front of about 1000-2000 crowds. Toulouse has put in the hard yards in the lower tiers, is beating incumbent SL teams and has been getting crowds of 3000 plus on occasions. The biggest hurdle is the ground situation but they are in a similar position to Catalans. There are grounds they can use while they push the local authorities to upgrade theirs like Catalans did. Unfortunately the structure means it’s all moot unless they buy their way up against other clubs doing the same.
  4. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    Oh yeah. And what about the existing clubs that aren’t producing players? If a club that gets 7000 crowds in the second tier, brings in new fans from new places, provides a gameday experience that goes beyond serving pies, brings more media coverage than the game has had in years and adds extra TV games I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s pretty much “complementing” what’s there already. Although I’d use the word resuscitating instead because what’s there is pretty bloody underwhelming and not getting better.
  5. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    Learn what? He spouts the same #### he always has. Anyone who thinks there’s something to be learnt from that garbage has bigger problems than culpable ignorance. Nice copy and paste job by the way. Does Google do all your thinking for you?
  6. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    Not enough bold or underlined bits. Can’t be worth reading.
  7. East Coast Tiger

    Attendance Obsessives....

    If a southern RL club got 10k to a game there certainly would be 50 pages. And probably a unicorn.
  8. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    ‘Patient’ is a pretty good word to use in relation to him. More the noun form though.
  9. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    Just another oxygen thief mate. If these “fans” put as much time into promoting and supporting the game as they put into their keyboard warrior duties slagging off those who are growing it the sport in the UK wouldn’t be so close to it’s death throes.
  10. Guarantee with a few weeks left of his ban there will be at least one desperate lower league club thinking they need a hard middle forward who will want him. Probably several. He won’t go hungry, so to speak.
  11. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    No, the fact they still haven’t beaten a SL side and have struggled against Fev, Halifax, London and Toulouse despite spending more on players is. Having Bussey in the side when it was clear he’s a liability is another. Considering Widnes has imploded TWP should be certaibties to go up, but they’re not and it’s down to the way they’re being coached.
  12. East Coast Tiger

    Grand Final Bus Ads

    Is this the new major sponsorship for SL?
  13. Oh no. You mean the game in Canada won’t be a raging success story like it is in the UK after 120 years? How disappointing.
  14. East Coast Tiger

    Eric Perez

    Oh give me strength. There’s a bloody good reason why RL is still a tiny sport with no money or interest and it’s not because of TWP but apparently that’s the way their haters want it to stay.
  15. So? An amateur team can play one game against a pro side but not more? This “duty of care” nonsense only kicks in after multiple games apparently. It’s funny how you can point out the ridiculous inconsistencies and contradictions in flatcaps’ ###### and they’ll just come up with even more.