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  1. WCC Scheduling

    Have a whinge you ###### sook. Note the coward likes your post so he's not actually "leaving me to it" he just won't answer my question. Haha. Pathetic. Lurking on his own ###### thread but won't post because he's been shown up.
  2. WCC Scheduling

    Run away run away! Hahaha what a pathetic sook. Spuriously claims to have proven something and then actually definitively proves he's got nothing by running away. I didn't ask for an answer to that question, I wanted an answer to MY question. The one the big sook continues to run from.
  3. WCC Scheduling

    No I didn't. I've been asking the same question over and over and you keep running away from it. So I'll ask again. WHERE IS THE WHINGING ABOUT MONDAY MORNING GAMES IN PREVIOUS YEARS? Got an answer or just more diversion? And I know what hypocrisy is you're right, your apparent lack of understanding and inability to answer a simple question is very embarrassing.
  4. WCC Scheduling

    Not the question I asked. Still haven't answered that one. Where is the whinging from previous years about Monday morning games? Got an answer or still running away from it and trying to change the subject? Not very good at this comprehension and answering simple questions lark are you? It's hypocritical because you're slagging off Australian scheduling when English scheduling is #### and has been for years. It's pretty simple, well for anyone with a clue anyway.
  5. WCC Scheduling

    What answer? Show me where the complaints were when it was shown on Monday mornings here the past few years. Go on. If this is about the best time for all fans you can prove your concern for ALL fans. Otherwise it's just poms bitching and moaning and wanting everything to suit them as always.
  6. WCC Scheduling

    They won't answer this because it shows they're hypocritical whingers. It's been on Monday morning here the past few years and not a peep out of these sooks about it. Hmmm what a surprise. It's only a problem when it's poms who don't like the timing apparently.
  7. What do Leigh offer Super League?

    Censorship is what Leigh brings apparently. At least on here.
  8. WCC Scheduling

    I think you'll find I did. No doubt you can now show me your comments on the rfl and the timing of the WCC when it was on Monday morning in the biggest RL market in the world last year.
  9. WCC Scheduling

    You should recognise your hypocrisy then.
  10. WCC Scheduling

    Are the sooks still whinging that this and isn't on at 8pm GMT? We know northerners don't understand the world south of Sheffield (they're an expansion club right?) but this is ridiculous. Where was the thread previously when games were on Monday mornings here? No complaints then? But we know the rfl is a so it was no surprise.
  11. WCC Scheduling

    Where was the whinging when it was on Monday morning at 6am here the past few years? Suddenly the poms don't like the timing so it's sook central.
  12. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Oh really? Why? Because the big mouth owner hasn't tweeted about it?
  13. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Maybe Leigh need to concentrate on trying to get a team on the field and not leaving other clubs high and dry before trying to drag successful clubs down to their amateurish level. I guess they just think they're above fulfilling their commitments. Maybe some compensation for Doncaster is in order.
  14. Northern & Pariochal

    RL in the UK is almost exclusively played in the same towns at amateur level as pro level. Here is nothing like that. Anyone with the minimum of knowledge of the sport knows that. But instead we have a thick saying "it's only played in one town in Australia". If you're as weak as you are stupid you couldn't throw anything anywhere. Not that I said the game is only SL. Clearly. But make up what you like to make your rubbish seem less ludicrous but I don't think it will work.
  15. Northern & Pariochal

    No it's very clear where you're from. Trust me. "A few clubs elsewhere". Only a few hundred spread over an entire continent. If you think the NRL is the sum total of RL in Australia you're an embarrassingly stupid individual. And not only are there more clubs in more places but the sport is the number one game across an area that's about 20 times the size of England. The game there will disappear up its own ###### any time now.