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  1. Thought I'd seen, cheers!!
  2. The original bricks done many years ago now form part of the new reception Did you ask today re the brick you purchased or go round in between the new stands to see if it was already up!!
  3. I'd ring the club up if I was you and ask as I know some of my friends have got theirs
  4. DR

    I'm not a fan of dual reg, but it looks like it's here to stay for time being, until another idea is conceived, so I'll sit back and embrace it for now
  5. Plus vat
  6. Probably same place (no idea) of the photo of my Dad that my hubby paid for and got permission to hang up in the clubhouse for my birthday and as been taken down
  7. I'm sure I've seen a photo on Facebook of the aforementioned brick
  8. Colin they've been there a while now, well before end of last season
  9. This is from 2nd Nov 2016 Castleford Tigers’ proposed move to Five Towns Stadium has been delayed – and the club must now wait until 2019 to move to their new home. The Tigers were hopeful of moving into their all-new £15million home prior to the start of the 2018 season. But delays have made it almost certain that Castleford will not move to their new Glasshoughton base for a further 12 months. The 13,300 capacity stadium is part of a £40million development situated just off junction 32 of the M62, with Castleford’s ground set to be at the centre of the build. “We’ve done everything we can but I think it will be 2019, if I am being brutally honest,” said the Tigers CEO Steve Gill. “Initially when we first started talking about three years ago, they were hopeful it would be 2018, which would give us next season as the last at Wheldon Road. “However, because of planning and changes in applications, it all takes time. This archaeological report has delayed it as well. “But, everything is running well, we have some great anchor tenants already signed up plus others, and what they’re doing is very professional and they keep us updated on a regular basis.”
  10. I think Aleppo and the car park are worlds apart, no comparison whatsoever!!!
  11. It was Sheffields ground that failed Health and Saftey guidelines
  12. My Sister who lives opposite the Wakefield ground told me other day that the story going around was that they were on the move yet again as the owners allegedly aren't doing owt with it. But I told her I'd seen on the news that Sheffield eagles were going to be playing their home games there
  13. He's moved his business interests over to Post Office road, so I'll doubt it
  14. It's aledged that he bought the club, but on Twitter it states that Jon Flatman is chairman as stated in my post at the top
  15. Mark Campbell now speaking: "I looked at York and thought the potential was huge. I'll use my contacts in the game to facilitate that"