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  1. Maureen T-k

    Supporters club

    There was no shortage of supporters either Phil
  2. Maureen T-k

    Supporters club

    Norman Hodgson, he was a very nice bloke, one of life’s gentlemen
  3. Maureen T-k

    Supporters club

    I used to be part of the “Featherstone branch of the supporters club” years ago and helped organise the away day travel, Rovers Queen, player of the year plus many more fundraising activities, had a fab time doing it!!
  4. Maureen T-k

    Supporters club

    He unfortunately doesn’t attend games anymore at the moment
  5. Maureen T-k

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    Thank you Mark, much appreciated
  6. Maureen T-k

    Supporters club
  7. Maureen T-k

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    I’m not sure Mark, I was hoping you could tell me
  8. Maureen T-k

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    Alan, Walt and Nelson Tennant, I’m not sure the latter played in a game with the others though 🏉🏉🏉
  9. Maureen T-k

    E ticketing service
  10. Maureen T-k


    Didn’t have a problem spotting Johnny on Sunday, he stuck out like a sore thumb 😂😂😂
  11. Maureen T-k


    It was the orange boots I identified Watson with on Sunday, plus I’d spoke to him a few weeks ago and recognised him. Haha I was hoping it was a fashion statement 😂😂 I like the jazzy boot colours
  12. Maureen T-k

    No matchday programme?

    Right folks I’ve just received a phone call from Steve “bomber” Lancaster thanking me for the kind words, he informed me that the club have now told him that there will be “special” programmes through out the season for certain games and he will be back selling those!!!
  13. Maureen T-k

    No matchday programme?

    No Colin
  14. Maureen T-k

    Noise Levels

    I want #ThisIsOurHouse back, I missed it yesterday. A few notches down the decibel, rating wouldn’t go amiss either my ears were bleeding 😱😱😱😱
  15. Maureen T-k

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    Watson Boas cameron King cameron Smith