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  1. If Leeds finish bottom, Super League will find some excuse as to not promote the championship grand final winners, or have a 13 team Super League. Watch this space.
  2. I certainly did and was completely wrong, but who predicted that the Robins and Broncos would win today?
  3. More people appear to be talking about the relegation battle than they have for many years at this stage of the season because Leeds are involved and appear to be rudderless. With Leeds involved its certainly added a bit more excitement to it IMO.
  4. I still think if Leeds finish bottom they wont get relegated.
  5. I wasn't aware of that, but you could be right.
  6. Now with Tony Smith in charge of KR they will climb the table and i think we are looking at a Leeds v London shoot out for relegation
  7. Leeds away at Saints next Friday is massive for them, so in all probability unless Leeds get a shock win at Saints Leeds will be 2nd from bottom in Super League this time next week.
  8. I certainly didn't see that win happening. Next Thursdays home game against Hull KR is massive.
  9. I didn't see that result happening, and I'm sure neither did lots of others.
  10. Its lucky for Leeds that the Robins and Broncos will lose today otherwise they would really be in the mire.
  11. "The war for Japan has developed not necessarily to Japans advantage" Emperor Hirohito remark in 1945
  12. The way i see it is that if a 2nd NZ came in it would help with the Friday night game as Wellington and Auckland are 2 hours in front of Sydney and Brisbane at this time of year, so a 8.pm KO in NZ would mean people in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne could watch the game while having their dinner at 6.pm.
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