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  1. The Future is League

    Sandow back to Wire?

    I would have thought there was zero chance of him playing for the Wolves again or any club in Super League or the NRL. The mans a basket case.
  2. The Future is League

    NRL on track to smash $45 million surplus

    Junior development is a must then every else will fall into place
  5. The Future is League

    Bellamy rejects the Brisbane Broncos

    Walters was a failure when he coached the Catalans, and they had some very good players there.
  6. Huge blow for the Broncos as they clearly wanted Bellamy in and Bennett out.
  7. The Future is League

    President of USA (Merged threads)

    You got to love how these Republicans keep quoting the Bible, when in fact the Bible says nothing of the sort. Another question, when does trump ever go to church?. Sundays for him is a golf day. How dumb are people to believe he's false hoods
  8. The Future is League

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Lets never forget that he murdered a cab driver in Germany in 1967 ans served time for it.
  9. The Future is League

    Ban any Kiwi who chooses NRL over NZ. Lowe

    Lets never forget that the biggest honour in team sport in to play for your country not a club side
  11. The Future is League

    Trump v Kim Jong Un

    Perhaps they might if he showed a bit more compassion
  12. The Future is League

    Manchester Rangers kit goes to Poland.

    The athleticism of some of them would suggest they would make more than decent players in some cases
  13. The Future is League

    Trump v Kim Jong Un
  15. The Future is League

    Trump v Kim Jong Un

    "Working towards denuclearization." It doesn't say they will. In the meantime the USA will stop all military exercises in the area and North Korea is giving up zilch