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  5. Wigans lost £600k for last season

    I can't but that is the rumor doing the rounds.Lenagan could clear this up today by confirming or otherwise if he's in favour of a team from North Ameica joining Super League Any team sport that relies on away fans for home games for revenue needs to re-look at their business plans The biggest sports market in the world doesn't rely on away fans The biggest soccer clubs in the world don't rely on away support.
  6. Wigans lost £600k for last season

    I never stated that he should be glad with the revenue away fans bring. Lenagan either wants expansion for Rugby League or he doesn't
  7. Wigans lost £600k for last season

    Perhaps Lenagan needs to make a statement then to make his thoughts clear
  8. Wigans lost £600k for last season

    Somebody should tell Ian Lenagan that the biggest sports market in the world doesn't rely on away support. I said before that Super League clubs need to send somebody to the USA and find out out how to market home games properly
  9. des hasler

    He's recent comments about Rugby League wouldn't have done him any favours in getting a job in the NRL or Super League. He has come over bitter and twisted lately
  10. Bradford signal intent for next season

    I would expect the drawbridge to be pulled up when there are at least 2 teams from North America are in Super League with at least 1 from France and a London team, and it will be 14 team competition. I'm not saying i agree with it but i think its going to happen
  11. Justin Horo to Wakefield.

    I was surprised to read he's only 31, he seems to have been around for ages
  12. koukash gone?

    I hope he sticks around with Red Devils for at least another 5 years and longer
  13. The bitter and twisted comments by Carney about the Red Devils

    It will be interesting to see how the Red Devils respond to Carneys comments
  15. Michael Carter - Trinity and the RFL

    We really do need to at least treble the amount of development officers we have. Whether its the clubs or the RFL that pays for them is something that needs to be sorted and soon.