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  1. Classy Manly - DCE and Hastings

    The rumour mill says that DCE has an air of arrogance about him that some players at the Sea Eagles don't like
  2. Greats call for rule change
  3. More problems for Big Sam?

    Hopefully the rule will changed very soon so this doesn't happen again
  4. More problems for Big Sam?
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Martyn you are an educated man. Surely you don't believe that that's trumps natural hair and skin colour
  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Trumps the vain one. Dying his hair orange and laying underneath a sun lap everyday. That's vanity
  7. Iain Thornley dropped to Elite 1

    Had some potential then went to union. Say no more
  9. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Leigh are embarrassing some so called bigger clubs with their junior development
  10. Simon Woolford

    Paul Anderson won the league leaders shield when he coached you and he was British.
  12. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    When the going gets tough Bailey goes AWOL
  13. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    No room in our game for druggies