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  1. Matt Lodge hype grows
  3. The end of the world as we know it

    About 3 or 4 years ago i was visiting family in Lowestoft and called in the KFC for a meal near Lowestoft sea front. It was that bad i couldn't eat it all and i really thought i was going to throw up.
  4. President of USA (Merged threads)

    The net is closing in on Donnie "Draft Dodger and Tax Evader" Trump and his family and he knows it
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    or a Muslim or an illegal immigrant
  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Let me guess a member of either the Republican party or the NRA or both
  7. London’s latest rising star

    So in money terms how much more money do the heartland clubs get for junior funding compared to London? and bare in mind London has a 9 million population, which is larger than Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria put together
  8. London’s latest rising star

    London seem more capable of producing talent that certain so called heartland clubs
  9. President of USA (Merged threads)

    All the while the republican party are in the pockets of the NRA nothing will happen The politicians who accept money from the NRA have blood on their hands for sure
  10. Q @ A with John Kear
  11. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I bet them dribblers are from the NRA.
  12. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Nothing will happen all the while that trump and the Republican party are in the pockets of the NRA
  13. President of USA (Merged threads)

    That about sums it up
  14. President of USA (Merged threads)

    He and the Republican party have blood on this hands over this, accepting blood money from the NRA. If trump and the Republican party want to stop future carnage like this they should stop accepting money from the NRA, but they wont because money is their god
  15. President of USA (Merged threads)

    All the while the republican party continue to accept blood money donations from the NRA this will keep happening