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  1. The Future is League

    85000 at Wembley

    Perhaps the RFL needs to as well
  2. The Future is League

    85000 at Wembley

    Perhaps Rugby League should take some lessons from them or tap into their match day marketing
  3. The Future is League

    85000 at Wembley

    Marketing has never been Rugby League strong point but that's no excuse.
  4. increased but not scrapped.
  5. The Future is League

    Zak's Back

    I would say that within 18 months.
  6. I really can't see another club wanting him
  7. The Future is League

    Zak's Back

    You know with Hardaker its just a matter of time before he does something dumb again. I predict now that given time Wigan will sack him
  8. The Future is League

    Bring back the 4 Nations

    OK i know my opinion is not worth as much as other's on here, but in my opinion the biggest honour i team sport is to play for your country. Not a city, not a city suburb or state but your country
  9. The Future is League

    Bring back the 4 Nations

    If we are honest the pinnacle for an Australian Rugby League player is to play SOO. It would appear that a lot of Australian RL players would rather play SOO than internationals for Australia.
  10. The Future is League

    TRL on my PC

    I'm abroad at the moment and this is the first I've been able to access the site in well over a week. You don't realise how much you miss these forums until you can't access them
  11. The Future is League

    What now for Toronto?

    The Wolf pack will just strengthen again next season. Remember its only their 2nd season
  12. The Future is League

    London in Superleague

    Didn't Schofield predict that the Broncos would be relegated from the championship this season?
  14. The Future is League

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    I would suggest that possibly they might lose 2 or 3 of their better young players to Super League clubs. The same might happen to London as well if they don't get promoted.
  15. The Future is League

    Hemel Stags and West Wales Raiders to be cut from League One?

    I would say that at least West Wales are bring Welsh boys into the game. while as far as i can see H H are doing Zero to encourage young players from their area.. As regards league 1 itself and the club numbers, if the some French side teams are serious about entering the British structure and they have a proper business plans why not put them in league 1 the same as Toulouse and Toronto did