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  1. The Future is League

    Pangai Jnr chooses NSW over Tonga

    It would be making money from international Rugby League presence
  3. The Future is League

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Perhaps initially his name and matchroom's involvement with Rugby League would attract some media interest and newspaper column inches, just saying.
  4. The Future is League

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    I don't think he wants to actually run the game, but like you say promotions, presentation and the TV product. I would think magic weekend, Challenge cup and even perhaps big bash weekend. We are a rudderless ship at the moment and have been for some time
  5. The Future is League

    David Argyle interview

    Troll alert Troll alert
  6. The Future is League

    David Argyle interview

    Very positive article
  7. The Future is League

    President of USA (Merged threads)

    "One picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes
  8. The Future is League

    Pangai Jnr chooses NSW over Tonga

    International Rugby League can attract sponsors. Perhaps then sponsors could be drawn into sponsoring clubs. Just saying
  9. We are a rudderless ship under Rimmer and his team We can never forget his plan B when the Catalans got to the final. Rimmers plan C must be to shrink the oldest Rugby competition of either code in the world
  10. The Future is League

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    Last yearS world cup was poorly promoted, as the Aussie Rugby League doesn't want anything to undermine SOO
  11. The Future is League

    London Broncos Announcement

    He's a bit on the small side for a forward, but i wish him well
  12. The Future is League

    World Club Challenge/Series

    The WCC should be a one off game played in some where like Singapore chasing the corporate dollar, Simple.
  13. The Future is League

    MLB - London Series 2019

    Despite my best attempt's to understand the game I'm still confused by it. Yes i have watched the game over many hours in an attempt to understand it, but its beyond me.
  14. The Future is League


    In all of this both boxers will make a fortune in the rematch, if Wilders team let him, and i have serious doubts if it would be out of the USA.