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  1. I'm surprised that Labour hasn't picked up on may's constant flip flopping on many matters. For starters there is Europe, Tax and knife crime, and what about her reluctance to go out on the streets and talk to people.
  2. Trumps big 2 policies when he was running for president were that he was going to get rid of Obama care, which it probably wont be able too, and the wall the he was going to build between the USA and Mexico and Mexico was going to pay for he said. Well the wall will never get built by Mexico or the USA. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that Trumps first 100 days as president has been a disaster for him and the USA.
  3. I think there are people who voted to leave must be having 2nd thoughts now.
  4. This will have the flatcappers in a tailspin.
  5. For me this has success written all over it.
  6. From my experienec of living in London i would say there are many fine athletes in areas like Peckham, New Cross, Catford etc who would make excellent Rugby League players they just need to be given the opportunity to play.
  8. Terrible new for Ken and the rest of the family.
  9. How many South Africans cricketers have played Cricket for England in the last 10 years? The England union side side has players now that weren't only not born bred in England they don't even have an English parent.
  10. McQueen has expressed an interest to play for England in the past and has many family members in England.
  11. There was nothing in his CV to suggest he was capable of cutting at Super League level. A championship coach at best.
  12. Well it looks like my venture into politics lasted only slightly longer than Mal Meningas, so i better bail out now.
  13. What i would like to see from the Labour Party would be. 1. Freeze prices on gas , electric and water companies for 5 years 2.Reduce foreign aid. 3.No rises in income tax if you earn less than 80,000 or less per year, vat, and national insurance. 4.Old age pensions to rise with inflation. 5.National health spending to rise with inflation. 6.No more selling off of sports fields for building. There are plenty of brown field sites that can be built on. 7.All schools must play at least 4 hours of sport every week and that includes junior schools. 8. Keep the nuclear deterrent.
  14. Dickie can promise what he likes as he knows he's never going to get elected.
  15. The problem is I have a lot of knowledge of the way the AFL has carried on over the years and the cover ups. The 3 strike cover up rule on drugs. The Gary Ablett Snr situation where that girl died in his flat of a drugs overdoes and then after that the AFL put him into the AFL hall of fame. The many allegations against players involving women and then all of a sudden the women drops the case, perhaps hush money is paid, what do you think. The Ben Cousins situation where he admits he's been a drugie all his adult life and not once did he test positive for drugs. The tax payers of Blacktown getting ripped by GWS and then GWS doing a runner. The countless lies they have told about junior playing numbers to get more tax payers money and later got caught out later I'm honest and as your aware all the above is true.