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  3. Fittler named as NSW coach for 2018/19 SOO

    Long gone are the days when the biggest honour for an Australian Rugby League player was to play for Australia
  4. This world cup has been very disappointing crowd wise after the success of the last world cup here. From this its easy to see how the AFL are scoring easy yards of Australian Rugby League in the PR stakes and crowds and TV money
  6. NRL Grand Final - SCG

    Playing it again at the the SCG might spark interest in those who use to follow Rugby League but no longer do because of the Super League war and arrest the decline in crowds we have seen in the last 2 or 3 years.
  7. Yep I'm with you on that one. I would also like to see Currie playing in the centres for Warrington for a season which in my opinion would help develop him more as a player in the long term. Ward can play stand off or lose forward. A very useful player to have in an England squad. I know I'm in the minority here but i rate Bateman as a centre. I'm not saying its his best position, that's in the 2nd row but always looks solid to me but just a shame he can't feed Ryan Hall a bit more. I think the experience he has gained playing in the centres would make him a really good lose forward
  8. Good signing for the Titans
  9. Pauli Pauli signs for Trinity

    A excellent signing for Wakey if he's 100% fit.
  11. Mugabe resigns

    Exactly. Looked what happened in Iraq and Libya after them tyrants were removed
  13. NRL blows its RLWC refs experiment

    In this case though, Cameron Smith, Wayne Bennett and Phil Gould and others in the game agree with him.
  15. Mitchell Pearce Released

    Overrated in my opinion