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  1. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Well well 2 ins shorter but looks taller by 2 ins on this picture
  3. Sally Bolton - A candidate to replace Nigel Wood

    I honestly think it will be another job for the boys like Nigel woods was and it will go to Ralph Rimmer. I think they should think out of the box in appointing someone but they wont.
  4. Sally Bolton - A candidate to replace Nigel Wood

    What were Nigels experience of Senior management before he took the job? i honestly don't know. What's Rimmers experience of senior management"? again i honestly don't know In my opinion the the job should go do somebody who has a degree in business and commerce and worked in that field and that somebody should have worked in marketing as well because at the moment nobody in my opinion at Red hall has a clue how to market the game to a wider audience. Even some Super League clubs no zero about match day marketing. Somehow i think we will end up with Rimmer and the game will go backwards even further and solely be a M62 corridor game, where in truth the game is dying a slow painful death.
  5. Sally Bolton - A candidate to replace Nigel Wood

    Just a thought on who should take over from Nigel Wood and i thought what about Brian Carney. Played in Super League and the NRL. Played International Rugby League for GB and has also played Gaelic football and is a qualified lawyer. Always comes over as articulate and obviously is well educated. Thoughts?
  6. Ex player set for boxing debut

    Can't argue with that
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    If he believes everything he has been quoted on in the above article he must be Non Compass Mentis and suffering from neurosis and deranged IMO
  8. Ex player set for boxing debut
  9. Reserve and Academy teams

    What annoys me about about some clubs pathetic excuses as to why they can't run Run reserves and academies is the cost, yet they can find money to pay a has been and never was players from the NRL and pay for his house rental and other expenses.
  10. Lewis Bienek - The best player London has produced

    Not with 9 million in one city is my point That's more than Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria combined
  11. Lewis Bienek - The best player London has produced

    With a population of 9 million there's loads of athletic talent in London but the RFL can't see it.
  12. President of USA (Merged threads)

    No intelligent people believe anything Hannity says.
  13. President of USA (Merged threads)

    It couldn't get much lower.
  14. I'm with Liam Finn
  15. If a second EU referendum happened tomorrow...

    I wonder if the reason Farage talked about a 2nd referendum is due the fact that he will lose the cushy job he has as an MEP and the benefits that go with it?