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  1. I don't think Michael Shenton is alone in being totally confused by the England situation and the way the RFL are running the game.
  2. Kiwi owners. Rugby League: Defunct Bradford club finds new owners - Rugby League - NZ Herald News
  3. Unless their is a fee payed or a player exchange Segeyaro is going nowhere.
  4. Good luck to the new owners for the future. I think Bradford are at least 5 years from being a Super League again unless the criteria is changed again.
  5. And that trend as we know is not local issues. If Corbyn and his mates think they can win the next general election they are truly deluded.
  6. And another lost seat for Labour.
  7. John Kear: Wakefield desperate to prove their doubters wrong | Daily Star
  8. I have a feeling that the pressure of the job will get to him and he won't see out his 4 year term.
  9. And raw material prices from overseas have gone through the roof.
  10. According to Fox News, Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the USA and can't do any wrong.
  11. Sadly Rugby League and the RFL never seem to give events time to grow organically to become a success They want everything like their coffeee, instant.
  12. Sounds good to me. All the best.
  13. Bradford have 2 chances to start the 2017. No hope and Bob Hope and Bob Hope is dead
  14. Corbyn can say what he likes, but Labour is not going to get elected at the next election with him in charge.