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  1. Its my opinion that all these politicians who advocate war should have their sons sent to the front line first at the outbreak of war then perhaps they wouldn't be so keen on wars.
  2. Perhaps some of the Anti war people lost relatives in Vietnam or perhaps Korea or the 2nd world war
  3. He said Mccain wasn't a war hero because he got caught. Trump never got caught because he was never in Vietnam or the military.
  4. But some of the American public were sucked in by what Trump said and some still are
  5. Lets not forget that Trunp somehow missed draft.
  6. Perhaps Trump will tell us when he makes his next speech what he on, but what ever it is he's certainly not in the real world.
  7. And rightly so. We can't forget the wall he was going to build between the USA and Mexico. Not only is Mexico not going to build it the USA can't afford to build it
  8. Sadly from your point of view, no
  9. Not much doubt in mind that the Bulls playing out of Odsal but what league. The worrying aspect in all of this is the rumours that the RFL are bankrolling them through a 3rd party.
  10. Should have said CC Central Coast
  11. Trump is turning into a bigger embarrassment for USA every day
  12. People on the GC and others who want another club in Brisbane might disagree, and lets not forget Perth. Not sure why they haven't put NRL clubs on the GC and another club in Brisbane. There are huge junior numbers playing their. Perth is no brainer. Even the number crunchers outside of the NRL say that.
  13. What a shame never mind
  14. Despite all its faults the RFL are showing more ambition than the insular NRL.
  15. Boys weekends in Dublin watching Rugby League sounds great to me.