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  2. Toronto

    Hang in their Bro. Rugby League people aren't quiters
  3. commonwealth 9s

    Rugby League needs this to be a success on the Gold Coast as the area seems a graveyard for team sports. If this event can get more people watching and playing Rugby League on the Gold Coast that would be great
  4. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    If Eddie can promote our game in a positive way and increase playing numbers i would have no objections to him making money out it, and I'm sure Eddie will only get involved if there is money in it.
  5. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I strongly disagree
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    The Democratic establishment would sooner Bernie win in 2020 than have another 4 years of trump.
  8. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Bernie only endorsed Hillary to put up a united front against trump, but that didn't work. Read the online American newspapers and Bernie has huge support among the middle classes and blue collar workers something Hillary didn't have, and will never have.
  9. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Bernie Sanders might be considered a neoliberal, who trump would have a huge fear of in run off for the white house, and would attract huge support from the middle and blue collar classes
  10. Toronto

    I think Bailey was on borrowed time after the drug saga. Their probably glad he's gone
  11. Dan Sarginson
  13. I still maintain that once you have played for a country at senior level you shouldn't be allowed to switch to another country. It makes a mockery of international Rugby League in my opinion.
  14. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Trump likened to Stalin for his attacks on the media by a Republican senator.
  15. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Well well 2 ins shorter but looks taller by 2 ins on this picture