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  1. In 1994 I happened to see a copy of Open Rugby in a local store in Nepean, Ontario (now part of Ottawa) with a mention of Canadian RL on the front and inside a picture of Wayne Gretzky was with the report. Dave Silcock's contact information was included, so I made contact and he loaned me a video of a State of Origin match. I was so impressed by the skill and flow of the game, and the parallels to so-called "Canadian football" were apparent to me right away. I've been a fan ever since.
  2. No surprise there. With a pro game populated mostly by teams from small northern towns and a World Cup reliant on teams full of heritage players to make up the numbers, what else do you realistically expect?
  3. Did you not know that Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische? In German compound words the head word always comes last, thus the head word there is sozialistische (the German feminine adjectival form of Sozialist or socialist) and thus a Nationalsozialist is a type of socialist and cannot ever be anything else. I never heard of any other variant of socialism being placed on the right, have you?
  4. The Toronto Wolfpack sent out this open letter this evening: David Argyle Open Letter - 7th June 2019 Dear All, I was incredibly careless with my words when speaking to Swinton Lions player Jose Kenga after our game at Lamport Stadium on 28th April 2019. I understand the unwitting racist connotations of what I said and the distress caused to Jose. Jose was gracious to take a video call with me today, I apologised and we discussed the matter in depth. I also fully support Jose’s decision to go on social media. I called Swinton RFLC, which I respect and admire as a club. If any other member of our Wolfpack family had made that comment I made, on balance, regardless context and environment, I would have fired them. Therefore that also applies to me, so I am firing myself as Chairman and CEO. We have begun a process to find the correct person(s) to achieve the founding objectives of the club in the role of Chairman and CEO. Interim duties will be picked up by our long standing executive team on both sides of the Atlantic. My financial obligations and commitments to the club, players, employees, sponsors, suppliers & broadcast partners will be met so that our objective to deliver the best club rugby in the world in Toronto, UK & France remain. I have not had the opportunity to speak with all stakeholders, I will over the next couple of days. The Wolfpack and our new Chairman and CEO will remain firmly behind the core values and beliefs that make up the foundation of this organization - the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands, we aspire to create a global centre for rugby excellence in Toronto, we actively promote opportunities for transatlantic trade and we support local family run businesses in Ontario. I am very proud of what the entire Wolfpack organization has achieved in the last 2 and a half years. I leave with a heavy heart as I have disgraced rugby and my family which I love. I can’t tell you how much we value our relationships with rugby players, our fans, sponsors and partners, and how much your support drives us to be better each and every day. The Wolfpack will do everything in our power to repair that special bond and make things right. I was wrong. I will respond personally to anyone that would like to discuss directly, please allow a few days for reply. Sincerely, David Argyle
  5. Proponents of "grassroots", "bottom-up" development take note: None of that would exist without a pro RL team in Toronto.
  6. You're very close with those distances, from Google maps I'd put Georgina about 80-90 km (this Canadian doesn't do primitive measurements ;)) from downtown Toronto — nearby Barrie is exactly 100 km north of Toronto. Re Haldimand, I suppose that depends on where in Haldimand County one is speaking of; nearby Brantford is exactly 100 km west of Toronto but further west, so anywhere in Haldimand would be about the same as that.
  7. Correct you are. The game's history in the UK is that expansion clubs have always been made to fend for themselves without much in the way of help or concessions, and in some cases sacrificed as Sheffield and Gateshead were in 1999 to save Huddersfield and Hull. The other side of the coin is that Oldham aren't having to pay for the stadium's maintenance and upkeep, the stadium owner takes care of that.
  8. "It's not about the club, it's about the town", said Steve Mascord in reply to St Helens fans on social media who didn't like him comparing their town unfavourably to the likes of Toronto, New York, Ottawa, Leeds, etc. I wonder where I've heard that idea before?
  9. In fact I do have a plan, in bullet point form it's 32 points and it covers all of the relevant financial details. Is that enough investment in the game for you? All I lack is contact with the right sort of individuals to make it real. Who said anything about selling such a concept to the RFL? Their track record shows clearly that they could do nothing to aid such a venture other than to keep out of the way and accept such financial considerations as might charitably be offered to them and their counterpart governing bodies in the countries where franchises would be based.
  10. Reversing most of the SL-era rule changes would be a start. Before all those changes the game was more interesting to watch because it had a better balance between attack and defense, more variety in attack and (unless I'm mistaken) closer matches on average. However playing in winter was a factor too, bad weather can often be an equalizer by helping the weaker team.
  11. No it doesn't. Their pro teams extend up and down England, plus it has others in other countries too. And it has a genuine International scene which doesn't have any made-up national teams. If memory serves you yourself have posted about how far off the radar RL is outside the heartlands. In all the decades of those competitions being shown nationally, that obviously hasn't changed those outsiders' views of the game, has it? I'm being realistic, not contemptuous. FYI RL is the only sport which I follow and has been for many years now, a few years ago I flew to Jacksonville to see Leeds play South Sydney. Even so I was shocked to the core last year to discover just how insular and small time the game is in the UK. I am a critic of things which merit criticism, and the "away fans" worry, the RFL's inability to sell the International nature of last year's Challenge Cup Final and other such things deserve nothing else. Of course I offer no plan for realizing my idea on here. If and when I have such a realistic plan, I sure wouldn't be about to give it away for free. I at least have thought about what might be capable of breaking down the stereotypes and lack of awareness about the game among the UK mainstream. I have nothing to suggest for building on the foundation which the game has now for the simple reason that that foundation is too small and stunted to sustain pro RL there, as John Kear alluded to in an interview a few years ago when he suggested that in 20 or years pro RL in the UK might no longer exist. I get that you and some others here don't like that, but it is the way things are with the game now.
  12. FYI I'm not a newcomer to the sport, I've been following it for going on 25 years now. It may indeed be played in at least 43 countries, but in the vast majority of them it's at a very grassroots level and limited to the RU offseason by its reliance on players who still play RU because RL can't make it worth their while to give that sport up. The general sports follower in the UK doesn't have a clue that it's played in all those countries, they barely know that it's played in England, France, Australia and New Zealand. The reliance on made-up teams full of heritage players in World Cups does nothing to change that either. I don't doubt that places like Bradford, Warrington, Wigan etc. may be well known up and down the country there, but that doesn't mean that they're known in ways which are good. I already made up my mind that I'm a dedicated follower of the game years ago FYI, but that doesn't prevent me from understanding the valid reasons why it doesn't get better treatment by the UK media.
  13. Of course RL is regarded as a Northern Sport. As long as most of its pro teams are in small northern towns, what else do you expect???
  14. Not really. Other than the relatively small number of Canadians who follow RU, none of us know who he is. If I hadn't seen his name mentioned on Total RL, I'd have never even heard of him.
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