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  1. I would agree with that. His Before the Wolfpack presentation was very impressive, it even taught me a couple of things about the history of football in Canada which I hadn't known about before.
  2. Bradford BullsTV has many Bradford matches on Youtube with the same commentary team which broadcasts their matches on BCB-FM 106.6 in Bradford.
  3. No idea, but then I also haven't seen a report about that match either.
  4. I'm always interested in knowing the attendance at Internationals and other important matches.
  5. They could easily have switched Bradford and Whitehaven. Scottish soccer managed a similar switch when Glasgow Rangers just fine were made to start over at the bottom.
  6. Such a change would show that the RFL isn't fit for purpose, but then again their decision to keep the Bulls in the Championship this year has already blown up in their face.
  7. More logistical hurdles will confront them as they move up, because the SL and Championship seasons both start in February. The first phase of the regular season has 22 rounds and the first 12 were played before the end of April this year. Therefore one way or another, they'll have to play at home in April next year and maybe even in March too — playing their 11 away matches first and then having 11 in a row at home absolutely won't fly, nor should it. Even playing the first 1/3 of their matches away and having 3-match home stands for the rest of the year is a significant departure from the norm of European sports.
  8. No crowd figure in that report I see.
  9. They should have been put in League 1 this season. The combination of Bradford and Toronto both being in that division would have invigorated it even more than we saw this year, and then there might not have been any rumours about expansion clubs potentially being axed. The Bulls would have been promotion favourites along with Toronto then too.
  10. Apparently, if clubs are worried about how many fans the visiting team will bring with them. You can bet that soccer clubs don't worry about that.
  11. Two simple reasons: Lax enforcement of release rules and the fact that these minnow nations don't have any funds to pay their pro players so they'd have to pay their own way over to play.
  12. The feed is ######, FB keeps saying "Sorry, we're having trouble playing this video". How completely M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!!!
  13. Imaginez-vous que un nouveau club à Québec s'appellé les Patriotes de Québec et qui porterait les couleurs des rebelles bas-canadiennes de 1837 (vert, blanc et rouge) entrerait la ligue britannique comme le nouveau club à Toronto. Qu'est-ce que vous pensez que des gens de Québec penserait au sujet d'un tel club?
  14. Sorry, no such luck. I have no idea who used to post under that handle.
  15. Exactly, they don't grasp the fact that entrepreneurs here in America* (the Anglo part and at least some in/from the Latin part too I daresay) ask how something can be done, not why it can not be done. I did some serious brainstorming and came up with this potential concept for a brand new league of 12 teams: European Division London Broncos - present club, but might be well-advised to rebrand for a fresh start Toulouse Olympique - present club Leeds Rhinos or A N Other§ - present club Manchester - new club, possibly owned by Marwan Koukash, either by rebranding and relocating Salford or starting a fresh new club, nickname to be determined Coventry - new club, either owned by Wasps or a new ownership group, nickname to be determined Barcelona - new or existing club, likely/possibly owned by the current Catalans group in which case they could keep the nickname Dragons American* Division Toronto Wolfpack - present club Montréal - new club, ownership, nickname, etc. to be determined Philadelphia - new club, ownership, nickname, etc. TBD New York - new club, ownership, nickname, etc. TBD + 2 other new clubs in America*, locations, ownership, nicknames, etc. TBD Teams could play a 22-round unbalanced schedule starting in March, followed by playoffs to determine divisional champions who meet in the Grand Final for the league title. The schedule format could be that teams play each of their divisional rivals 3 times and each team in the other division once, plus one additional inter-division match with pairings based on natural cross-division rivalries, e.g. Montréal-Toulouse, New York-London, Toronto-Manchester, etc. One question would be who could be a natural cross-division rival for Barcelona? If the organizers wanted to be very ambitious, one city in the Latin part of America comes naturally to mind, and it already has a decent "rugby" profile too: Buenos Aires. Miami with its big Hispanic population might then be a good location for the last of the six American franchises: a strong rivalry with Buenos Aires could potentially develop in time, although where those clubs might find Spanish-speaking players and coaches who can give interviews in Spanish to the Spanish-language media without an interpreter is likely a more difficult challenge than Montréal's equivalent need of French speakers. How might a season-opener down there between Buenos Aires and Montréal, preceded by the singing of ¡Oíd, mortales! and O Canada with the latter sung entirely in French (as backers of a Montréal club would be smart to arrange at all of their matches) broadcast throughout America* in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese grab the international spotlight for RL? Maybe it could be timed to follow the European Division opener(s) the same day or evening as Argentina's on Atlantic time and the time difference could be manageable for a TV double-header (or maybe triple-header or even quadruple-header with the matches in four countries if it's not on the Friday) to make the launch even bigger. Barcelona-Toulouse could be the first match shown that day. Now that would be a Super League wouldn't it, one which potentially would have huge value to TV networks and big-money sponsors - Univision or Telemundo might be willing to pay big for western hemisphere Spanish-language TV rights with teams like Buenos Aires and Miami in the league, and maybe Globo would stump up for Portuguese-language rights too. The RU crowd would be messing themselves if RL had something like that. I wonder if Argyle and Pérez would hire me to write a prospectus for them? * America, Amérique, América, Amerika, Ameryka, Amirika, Amerėka, Amerike, Ameriko, Αμερική, Америка, Амерыка, Америке, etc. all rightly meaning the continent extending from Ellesmere Island down to Tierra del Fuego, American would be the right name for this division. § In case a preferred club drags their feet, have a list of alternates who could be invited in their place.