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  1. League One's Future

    Funny how despite this alleged refusal to develop players they have loaned two such players out to the Skolars, isn't it.
  2. Don't tell Parksider though, he's convinced that managed decline is the only way forward for the game in the UK.
  3. I was aware of that, and that BYU's gridiron team started performing a haka before their matches some years ago. Smart marketers could undoubtedly make use of those facts in promoting a match in Utah. Depending on what time of year it would be played, it might make sense to try partnering with BYU and playing LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, with is just 75 km from Salt Lake City. If enough BYU fans got interested in going to see the match it could draw very well.
  4. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    The attempt by defenses to slow the play-the-ball is due to the focus on making them super fast giving the advantage to the offense. Defenses not having time to get set just enables a sloppy offensive team to make easy metres without needing the skill to beat a good defense. If we want to see teams requiring that skill in order to win, we have to slow the game down enough for defenses to be set so that they can't be beaten without that skill.
  5. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    "Focused on defense too much over the last 20 odd years"? Are you watching a different game from me? From what I've seen of old matches from the early 1990s, there was much more balance between attack and defense back then whereas with all the rule changes since then the balance has shifted in favour of attack. Defenses have so little time to get ready for the next play that offenses can gain easy metres without needing much skill far too often; no wonder defenses are always trying to slow it down.
  6. Very interesting. Playing in Utah would be very interesting, it just might turn all the Mormons on to RL.
  7. How would you improve the game

    That would produce even less variety in the types of scores put on the board, is that what you want?
  8. How would you improve the game

    Not really. By dead ball situations I mean when the ball has gone out of bounds or dead in-goal and only those situations.
  9. How would you improve the game

    I only discovered the game after the 10-metre rule came in (which was in 1992 if memory serves), so I don't advocate going back to 5 metres.
  10. How would you improve the game

    I've thought for years that time should be off in dead ball situations and back on when play restarts, then there would be possibility of teams leading a match wasting time before restarts. Coincidentally that would enable RL's TV partners to work ads in after points have been scored, between the ball being dead from the kick at goal and the ensuing kickoff which could allow them pay for their broadcast rights.
  11. How would you improve the game

    I would keep two changes: allowing one-on-one ball stealing and removing the corner flag. The other changes have favoured attack too much in my view.
  12. Perez.

    And there's the rub, to use a phrase from Shakespeare. As the licensing era showed, there are few enough RL fans in the UK that the RFL can't ignore the parochial ones whom you mentioned. However, it can't just sit back and allow the slow managed decline of the game because as John Kear suggested a couple of years ago that road leads to the end of pro RL in the UK. So it's hardly surprising that things have gone very quiet as they try to work out just what to do with it all.
  13. Perez.

    The RU Premiership is a national league at the top of a national pyramid, maybe they rate those kind of opponents if they're part of a structure like that. If so it could be that it's the league they don't rate in the case of RL, as it's not national in scope but rather regional with a few add-ons.
  14. How would you improve the game

    As far as the playing rules are concerned, I would reverse the majority of the changes made since 1995 with only a couple of exceptions. Those changes have produced a game with less balance between attack and defense and less variety in attack than can be seen in videos of matches from the years before they began, making the game now less good to watch.
  15. League One's Future

    He probably means the gap between the traditional clubs in League 1 and the expansion clubs there. As a look at the League 1 table shows, the top half are all traditional clubs expert for Newcastle (for now) and the other expansion clubs are all at the bottom.