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  1. One small illustration that they're poorly run is that although their stadium can accommodate a full 100 metre field of play, they can't be bothered to arrange that, as can be seen in these highlights of the Swinton match. To my mind it's bad enough a club plays at a venue which can't accommodate a full-size correctly marked field of play, but totally inexcusable when their stadium can and they can't get such a simple thing arranged.
  2. I've also stopped watching them, not only because of the blowouts but also because they still haven't brought a single Canadian recruit through into the lineup even though they're playing at the right level to do so. So this week I say, Go Red Devils!
  3. The blowout scores indicate that this would have been a good level for them to blood Canadian recruits in order to back up Perez's statements about RL being the most Canada game not known by Canadians. I'm struggling to understand why they wouldn't have recognized that.
  4. The Wolfpack are raising the sport's profile both here and in the UK. As more Canadians are attracted to the sport, more will want to play it. RU being such a minor sport here, it's entirely possible that some RU clubs could want to switch totally like clubs in France did back in the 1930s.
  5. Because as Eric Perez has said, RL is the most Canadian sport not known to Canadians. In 1909 Governor-General Earl Grey gave the Grey Cup for the national championship of Canadian rugby football. Although it's commonly assumed nowadays that this was rugby union, that's a mistake. That game had no rucks, mauls, throw-ins, fair catches or even scrums; instead it had a type of play-the-ball, a sin-bin rule, a rule requiring offside members of kicking teams to give opponents space to gather the ball and the rouge which required teams to run kicked balls out of their goal area, now what modern sport does that sound like? RL of course, which is to all intents and purposes an improved version of that uniquely Canadian brand of rugby football. RU only got re-started here in the 1960s and it's a minor sport well down the pecking order after ice hockey, gridiron, baseball, basketball, soccer and probably even lacrosse too. The parallels between RL and the Canadian innovations which cling on at the edges in Canadian gridiron mean that those players and clubs could play a more genuinely Canadian game by switching to RL.
  6. You're definitely mistaken about the former and possibly about the latter also. RU is a minor sport here, well down the pecking order after ice hockey, gridiron, baseball, basketball, soccer and probably behind lacrosse also. If the Wolfpack succeeds that could put serious pressure on Canadian RU, especially if whole clubs start wanting to switch to RL as happened in France back in the 1930s.
  7. Let's have at least one thing clearly understood by everybody here: Canada most is not an "RU dominated country". Ice hockey dominates here, followed by the other traditional North American sports and then soccer after that; RU is a minor sport here and a long way down the pecking order. In fact, RU is sufficiently small here that if the Toronto venture does result in lots of RU players (or clubs) being attracted over to RL, that could put Canadian RU under serious pressure of the kind which the French RU was under back in the 1930s from RL growing like wildfire there.
  8. Two potential ways: 1. There is no reason why Sky's rights would apply outside the UK, so SL could possibly sell Canadian TV rights to a Canadian broadcaster. 2. By raising the game's profile in the UK, they might prompt another UK broadcaster to bid against Sky for the UK rights, pushing up their value in the process.
  9. Clearly some will follow them despite that. I am not among that group.
  10. I haven't seen them play, so I can't assess that. If they aren't going to bring any Canadian recruits through at this level, when will they bring them through?
  11. Not being local is one thing, not being Canadian is quite another. Some us aren't impressed by teams full of transient foreigners, whether it's in RL or other sports like baseball and basketball.
  12. Absolutely, though they could just as easily be former gridiron players as Union players. It's beginning to sound like Perez's statements about RL being the most Canadian game not known by Canadians were just so much marketing spin, because having Canadian recruits in their lineup would show the truth in those statements better than anything else could.
  13. I quite agree. As a Canadian I am thoroughly unimpressed that at this level they haven't yet (as far as I can tell) brought through even one Canadian recruit while a Yank who goes by the arrogant nickname "Captain America" is getting game time. At this rate they'll never be seeing a dime of my money.
  14. It varies between brands, some are ordinary and some superb. I can especially recommend Unibroue's Maudite and La Fin du Monde.
  15. The attendance is 1198 according to the TV broadcasters.