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  1. The Qualifying 8s could conceivably be a logistical nightmare next year if Catalans, Toulouse and Toronto are all involved but who plays where when can't be sorted out until after Round 23!
  2. Home Internationals

    Why should other nations want to play England's reserve team?
  3. Strike while the iron is hot

    Unlike Yankee Stadium, the Rogers Centre was built to accommodate multiple sports though. It's had CFL and Gaelic football in the past without issue (also cricket and Aussie Rules too!) so unlike Lamport it could fit a full-length, correctly marked out field of play with full-depth goal areas. There wouldn't be an issue.
  4. Strike while the iron is hot

    Surely no worse than Lamport.
  5. Strike while the iron is hot

    The WCC is in February, they couldn't play at BMO Field then.
  6. Toronto has proven that Eric Pérez's concept is workable and in his recent interview with Steve Mascord, Pérez indicated that he's spoken to multiple rich guys interested in backing new clubs. The question is, are those multiple rich guys willing to work within the RFL structure or will they want more bang for their investment buck than they can get that way? Maybe the future holds both a big time franchised transatlantic genuinely Super League of big city clubs playing blockbuster matches every week and a northern M62-based traditional league of traditional clubs.
  7. Strike while the iron is hot

    Of course it would. I can easily envision that when Toronto gets to host a WCC match it could draw 50,000 fans.
  8. Strike while the iron is hot

    Not at the Rogers Centre they wouldn't. It has a retractable roof so it would have climate-controlled comfort in February.
  9. Strike while the iron is hot

    The latter will likely come in time with Toronto hosting one at the Rogers Centre and getting 50,000 fans there.
  10. Strike while the iron is hot

    You can see an example of RL played at a baseball stadium online: Wigan vs. Warrington in Milwaukee, 1989. Baseball stadiums aren't a great fit.
  11. Canada v USA

    That's why it's necessary to recruit guys who aren't playing Union and therefore don't have other commitments. RL clubs should be bringing in former gridiron players instead so they won't have to the problem of losing players back to RU.
  12. You're slightly off there. When the NHL started in 1917 it had four Original clubs, not six.
  13. Chances are that it could involve a genuine Super League rather than the so-called one presently existing. It could be that in time a completely new league will be formed with (for example) six franchises here in America forming an American Division and six in Europe forming a European Division in a genuinely Super League delivering the equivalent of the Champions League, UEFA League and Copa Libertadores de América every week. They could take London, Toulouse and Catalans (the latter based in Barcelona as no one over here's ever heard of Perpignan) off your hands and place franchises in Manchester, Coventry and (for example) either Sheffield or Newcastle depending on which stadium manager wants his venue to be part of it more.
  14. no pads us football interesting trend

    The helmets don't stop the brain damage though. That's caused by the brain colliding with the skull, no helmet can ever protect against that. Brain damage is part and parcel of gridiron, which is why I started calling it brain damage ball.
  15. "Goodbye to All That"

    Does he speak French? If the next North American team gets placed in Montréal, being able to give interviews in French to Le Journal de Montréal, Réseau des Sports, TVA, Radio-Canada and other such media will be an important skill for any club spokesman to get the city's francophones onside.