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  1. Big Picture

    2021 World Cup Format

    That's why I would gone with a format where 3 teams advance from Group A, two each from Groups B and C and one from group D to provide the best of both worlds.
  2. Big Picture

    Bennett fumes at Kangaroos snub

    No it isn't.
  3. Leave England out so that Wales and France can play a 3-match series for a suitably-named trophy. How good might that be?
  4. How about a 3-match series against France for a suitably-named trophy? Might that catch the imagination of the Welsh public?
  5. Big Picture

    Great Britain squad

    The small "crowd" seen here speaks plenty to that.
  6. Big Picture

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Ditto Fiji, Samoa and Tonga but with much smaller populations too.
  7. Big Picture

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    This ignorance is part of RL’s problem He'd no doubt be surprised to discover that the handball world cup in contested by 24 countries and that handball has regular continental championships for all 5 inhabited continents.
  8. Big Picture

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Indeed. In terms of how many countries, leagues and players are involved, handball is the third biggest team sport in the world after soccer and basketball.
  9. Big Picture

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Not only in the sense of numbers watching in comparison to other sports, but also in the sense of its geographic footprint, player numbers and everything else about it. If RL was a major sport, the management of pro clubs at the top level of the game wouldn't worry about something so trivial as how many visiting fans will visit their stadium every season and buy their tickets, programs, food and/or drink, Menzie Yeres wouldn't be faced with possible deportation because his status would have been sorted out years ago already, World Cup qualifiers wouldn't be announced only 2 months beforehand, etc., etc. etc.
  10. You're forgetting that their playoff run will be much easier on them than the Qualifying 8s were this year. If they finish first again, they'll only have to win the Major Semi-Final at home to go straight into the Grand Final and be solid favourites to win it and go up.
  11. You're overlooking the fact that apart from England and Australia, with the possible exception of France the NGBs have no money to arrange things of their own and in the case of NZ if only makes money playing Australia and England. Not announcing when the World Cup Qualifiers would be played until 2 months before doesn't help them generate income from those matches either.
  12. Big Picture

    2025 world cup - france option....

    Of course they're going for the safe option. Northern hemisphere RL is the poor cousin of other sports and has to make do until such time as it finds a game changer and gets out of that straitjacket.
  13. That's a good point. Any Irish whom I've met have been Gaelic football fans but they all know plenty about soccer too. Whether they know much at all about RL is another matter altogether.
  14. It's more that they see France as a major world nation and those others as small insignificant countries and assume that as a consequence France must be better. Then if France gets flogged by a small island country's team they assume that something must be wrong somewhere.
  15. And at times when they've given an expansion team any help (e.g. London when SL started), the reaction from the game's supporters is fear and whinging about it. In Toronto's case that whinging has apparently put off one or two potential sponsors.