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  1. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    Yes it was, by virtue of the 87 million £ contract with Sky. That money was expressly for the purpose of broadcasting a Super League, not the old RFL Championship. As it was Sky didn't get a Super League, they got a tarted-up version of the old RFL Championship instead and after 4 years they decided that wasn't worth the same money and renegotiated the contract for less.
  2. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    More than a possibility too. If Toronto was to forgo a share of the Sky money in SL in return for exclusive rights to any North American money, there would not be any source of money left for other teams over here following the path which they have blazed. That logic suggests that any such other teams have been knocked back.
  3. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    It's more clear all the time that the game's struggles due to more its regional nature and attitudes and practices within the game than to RU's historical opposition. It's never had the either money or the will to assist expansion efforts much other than the concessions given to London re players because they couldn't get northern guys to move down there and even those concessions caused a lot of griping. When SL started and London was elevated into it, the howls that they had stolen Keighley's place were loud and long. Interestingly, in that interview Argyle sounds Canadian as much as Australian, he's clearly been in Canada long enough to be settled here. Part of RL's problem is that the businessmen who own the other clubs are small time businessmen in comparison to him, they don't have the same sort of resources or vision as can be seen by their worries about Toronto bringing "no away fans". Then again, as a small regional sport they're the best it can attract. Toronto being in their league is truly a mixture of oil and water in many ways.
  4. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    Stephen Brunt was previously a sports reporter at The Globe and Mail in Toronto and a number of his past columns in that paper showed a definite understanding of the business side of pro sports. If memory serves I had some previous contact with him about the Canadian inventions which differentiate RL from RU some years ago now, maybe in some small way that helped to make him more open to the game when it showed up in Toronto.
  5. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    What more do you expect from clubs whose management worries about such trivial things as how many visiting fans will come to their stadium and buy their tickets, programs, food and/or drinks?
  6. Big Picture

    Eric Perez

    You do that those are tiny countries with less population than Hamilton, right?
  7. Big Picture

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    That's not a fiddle though. The ticket sales number is the correct number.
  8. Big Picture

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Pro RL in the northern hemisphere needs a lot more money coming in so it can pay a lot better than it does. The Top14 clubs have a salary cap about equal to Catalans' entire budget by my reckoning. Unfortunately I don't foresee that happening within the existing structure.
  9. You are mistaken about there being a lot of expats in New York. As you can see here the combined total UK-born population of all five boroughs is just 26,914, and only a minority of those will be from the northern "heartland" of RL. Demographically New York is very different from Toronto.
  10. Of course he isn't. He stupidly thought that staging a match of a sport which New Yorkers know nothing about between two teams from places which they have never even heard of could be a success in the Big Apple.
  11. Big Picture

    France beating Australia in 1978

    LOL. That match was before the rule change pursuant to which the Plan which forms part of the Laws of the Game was modified to depict equidistant lines 10 metres apart with numbers.
  12. Big Picture

    Denver test is dead

    More likely they go to learn what has made Usonian sports so fabulously rich and successful so they can use it in their battle with Australian football to be the number one winter sport in their country. The AFL has never backed away from doing whatever was needed to grow nationally. Too many teams in Melbourne? Bye bye South Melbourne and Fitzroy, hello Sydney and Brisbane. Traditional venues not up to scratch for the modern TV era? Bye bye Princes Park, Victoria Park, Glenferrie, etc. and hello to all the Melbourne clubs sharing either the MCG or the new domed stadium. TV companies need to fit more ads in to pay higher rights fees? Bye bye traditional time-keeping with "time on" for stoppages, hello to a fixed amount of playing time per quarter with the clock being stopped in dead ball situations. Meanwhile RL is hindered by ongoing resistance whenever similar changes are mooted which has so far prevented it from achieving its full potential both in Australia and elsewhere.
  13. Big Picture

    France beating Australia in 1978

    RL with real scrums. 😁
  14. Big Picture

    2025 World Cup

    "World Cup" with double headers = Mickey Mouse tournament masquerading as a World Cup.
  15. In that case it's an additional sign of the stupidity and incompetence of the RLEF along with the dates and venues not being confirmed until less than 2 months before the first matches and then just tucked away on the FFR XIII website with no announcement of any kind as far as we know. No wonder RL sponsors never renew.