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  1. How blinky was the cheerleader behind daryl powell in his interview?
  2. Find a Friday night when there's games on simultaneously on Sky sports (RL) and BT sports (RU) and flick between them, it won't take long for you both to see which footage is more interesting
  3. This is the most sensible post ive seen on here regarding the subject of how to maximise the MW
  4. Eh?...dunno if your post was a mickey take but west bridgeford is full of bars, restaurants and a cricket ground...if you want to go to anywhere near the 'forest', try edwinstowe about 20mins to the north of notts Not that there's much of a forest there anymore, its all been bulldozed and is patchy at best.. Hold up...just realis3d you meant the football club, sorry! Lol
  5. Great gesture by mr argyle.. https://www.facebook.com/1555434028039863/posts/2257959387787320/?sfnsn=mo
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