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  1. chuffer

    Toronto six it up....

    I'd say he's more of a stand off....he's more "runny", spots a gap and goes for a break ....I wouldn't say he has particularly great organisational skills
  2. chuffer

    Toronto six it up....

    Mellor has shown previously that he is SL quality and perhaps in another environment with different/better players around him, he will show that again
  3. chuffer

    Toronto six it up....

    Will be interesting to see how mellor goes at TW....i wish him all the best for the future and appreciate his efforts at widnes but cant help but feel he was a tad underwhelming this season, guess it all depends who he plays alongside, when he partnered brown he went well but after brown left he seemed a bit lost
  4. chuffer

    Henderson to Widnes

    I was hoping for a complete clear out of all dead wood (I'm including James Rule in that) and a complete rebuild around a promising youth far I'm a bit disappointed to hear that some rather mouldy pieces of timber have been offered new contracts
  5. I never have any issue streaming SL matches on skygo or any other sport in bt not a problem at my end
  6. For you maybe....for plenty it was a frustrating evening of trying to log onto a site and app that didnt work, before eventually getting on briefly before it cut out, we then found a youtube link which worked for a bit before it was brought down for copyright infringement (presumably flagged by rfl our league) before it was possible to log back in again in the 2nd half....why must we make it so difficult for ourselves?
  7. Tbf...whilst RL fans are very often negative and whiny....tonight has beem pretty ###### poor in terms of the way its been promoted, staged and broadcast....shamateurish