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  1. chuffer

    cronulla v brisbane

    Dont think it leaves his hands in a forward direction.....possibly flat though
  2. Ive often wondered what a "loiner" means...thanks to urban dictionary for clarifying: An incomplete erection; often characterized by the partial flaccidity of one's penis. "Loiner" comes from the itching or burning sensation experienced in one's loins during a loiner. "I was so excited to have sex with Shea until I realized he could only pull off a loiner."
  3. Briscoe doing his best to scupper it for me
  4. Well i do but that's only because they're -10 in my acca
  5. He gets too much respect/fear...defenders freeze when he gets the ball
  6. After last night, this game has a lot to live up to
  7. 2nd half was pathetic from us....annoyingly though, there were spells in the first half where we showed some promise...threw it away with ill discipline and errors which has been our story for years sadly