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  1. Albert Kelly

    Dont think it was "ready"...the vid said something along the lines of "this wasnt the worst of it" suggesting the recording began after the abuse started
  2. Albert Kelly

    No i dont think he had hold of the chick's nuggets....barely had hold of her attention
  3. Boxing

  4. Albert Kelly

    It's largely incomprehensible....kelly swaying and calling a bored-sounding lass a slut, saying she's concrete and something about her eyebrows...not quite sure what his issue was....all the while he's holding some chicken nuggets....perhaps he didnt get enough
  5. Lovely try but was there crossing?
  6. Gutted for the lad, noted plenty of well wishes for him on social media, particularly from rervers fans, which is nice
  7. Russia

    People talk about trusting the expertise of the scientists at porton down....why do you think these scientists know so much about chemical/biological weapons? ...what "research" do you think goes on there?....
  8. Russia

    Yep, they certainly of the most notorious in terms of testing on human subjects
  9. Commonly Misunderstood Rules

    Ah some of the plays in that footage remind me why i fell in love with the game in the 80's....lovely stuff