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  1. the godfather of grunge:
  2. wowzers, that's stunning
  3. I quite like the more mashed up stuff like garden of earthly delights by Bosch or anything by dali
  4. wouldn't get a sniff, and id say that even if he was playing for us now...the fact he was one of our best players in recent years shows just how far we've fallen
  5. more or less he same except I'd have Alan tait at full back, paul hulme in at second row, koloto and tamati on the bench, karalius has got to get on the sheet too
  6. in the 'alanis' sense of the word?
  7. mo, doing any sort of dance is all sorts of wrong mental imagery
  8. pfft, Mac milked it and pushed over a guy who was getting back in order to make it look like he was messing up the ruck
  9. he was running back to his line when he got pushed over
  10. the polish guy gets penalised for getting pushed over by mickie mack
  11. ah right, way before my time, clearly!