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  1. Nice to see bridge street has rubbed off on him
  2. Not the end of the world, we have Mellor and Gilmore
  3. Pretty good those, especially the home one
  4. If its true then I'll be sad to see him go and concerned about who will take his place. It could be a great opportunity for Gilmore but then there's also more rumours kicking about that we've been sniffing around another highly rated SL half back. Mr Brown has certainly put in some great service for us and will be missed by the club
  5. Shame as I enjoyed watching him play and he clearly made a massive difference to the Leeds team
  6. Dont mind the saints home one
  7. Sorry but they're both awful
  8. RL at anfield looks good on the telly. Would make a decent venue for magic weekend but the location would be preaching to the converted
  9. How the hell does SKD get a game for NZ? Have they got the same problem we have in the centres?
  10. Definitely, its looked like the best attended uk international fixture for some time
  11. Oof, how not to tackle, kids -head bounced off both of inglis' knees