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  1. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    bit harsh on hull that but I wouldn't disagree...
  2. WEST OF ENGLAND Rep side Report

    cheers double D!
  3. WEST OF ENGLAND Rep side Report

    its nice to read about some RL in this part of the world, particularly since ive recently moved down here and its very RU heavy.... but what happened to the north Devon club based at Barnstaple? It seems to have disappeared and the next nearest club to me would be Devon sharks but that's a good 1.5hrs drive from me.
  4. 10mins earlier than the opposition fans?
  5. the sore fingers will ease and the frustration with not being able to do things will be replaces with "wow, did I just do that"....I never went down the route of lessons etc, I simply found tab books for albums that I loved listening to and attempted to play along, the better books have chord boxes (to show you what shapes to fret amd strum along to) but also have tablature (to show you what string/frets for riffs/lead, for when you've progressed a bit more from basic chord strumming)
  6. The Fall

    prefer The Call, me sen
  7. The Albert Brothers

    ive no problems reading deluded one, perhaps I was overly generous with my estimation of your intellect in joining up the dots but hey ho.....anyhoo, that's the trouble with "he said, she said, my mate down the pub said", its a load of yarbles ultimately
  8. The Albert Brothers

    was Stanton not in a position to relay that info himself, to mr hall? Also, what would Stanton 's studies have to with wellingtons decision to join donny?
  9. The Albert Brothers

    cracking Widnes name is Albert (the pub, the amateur team etc)....saw someone on twitter suggested we're to be known as the Chemuls this year, lol
  10. I remember watching Widnes play an evening game in the late 80's and there were about 3 A.N. Others playing according to the match programme
  11. Kato Ottio

    was thinking the very same