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  1. No progress today, been collecting old trampolines to make my polytunnel out of
  2. I will gladly chip in to the Bulls if no sworded pictures of the Wood are released!
  3. are we searching z list celebs out to look like this is an increasing trend? are we becoming morosely obsessed with death?
  4. Managed to score for a free IBC and Small Metal Shed to put some basic tools in got a grassed area to tackle soon which will be for my strawberries and other fruits soon time to chit potatoes
  5. Another visit today, much slower going as the dandelion infestation is quite extreme, hoping to have it done tomorrow in the easier parts
  6. with any luck I can cover the areas this year, there is more than enough plot for my first year, I am trying to grow 100% naturally - if possible
  7. The dark was the only thing to beat me tonight! sadly I have encountered the dreaded couch grass
  8. yes i intend on getting some garlic in sooner or later, i have about 150 m3 dug over currently, i am tackling a small dandelion epidemic at the minute, it is pain staking pulling all the roots out i have some manure on order as well
  9. i am going on a completely vegan diet, i need to spend less time on the internet and more time making/doing things
  10. I cant see me entering any competitions with anything i grow, however i will be interested to grow my Giant Pumpkins later in the year
  11. i think once the hard work is one and i am planted up it will be very relaxing down there,
  12. yes the allotment is about 1/4 of a mile away, once i have a shed on it i will be walking there and back, but i need to transit my tools there and back at the moment there can be long waiting lists it just depends where your plots are, worth giving them a ring and asking them
  13. its not too bad about 40 per annum, as for growing Hops its not ideal up here in East Yorkshire! i am digging it over slowly, did my first hour this morning, i can just pop out and do some as and when i like
  14. I am just starting out later today infact, i have a nice plot that will take a bit of digging to get right but i am optimistic..... Does anyone else have a plot
  15. Syngenta Sharks from Hudds were in werent they?