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  1. Francis Cummings

    Pleased for him, he stuck by Bradford and got pooped on IMHO
  2. The NCL really has lost its communication streams with the media, its been very poor this season, I would imagine the NCL website had a really high level of traffic prior to this year. Hope both teams have a great day out
  3. Martin Gleeson Dinner

    Disgraced for both Drugs and Betting, i'm sorry but I wont be supporting this one. The last one (game) I went to was for Richard Horne at the KC, he's the sort of ambassador for the club and game we need to be looking after (I am a KR Fan)
  4. Mayfield would have been suitable, I know its nice for clubs to play at the pro grounds but having a sizeable crowd and good bar takings would be welcome at NCL clubs St Annes is a lovely club as well which is about half way
  5. According to reports they were denied entry by the pennine league and have disbanded their open age section, they are now focussing on youth development as a club
  6. Dave Fletcher Radio Leeds

    I like Gwylim Lloyd on Humberside, sadly they don't have the Oval Ball on after games now, I really used to enjoy that
  7. Wardle could be a good shout
  8. Could well be, or Luke Burgess?
  9. yes, I can only ever see him playing for saints somehow he is the wrong side of 30 for Powell,
  10. Walmsley was the rumour Whitehead?
  11. Do you want to sign this

    Do you know exactly how much funding the amateur clubs get from the RFL? Do you actively support or help administer any amateur side?
  12. Usain Bolt

    He has been an all round good guy during the last decade or so, we have had the pleasure of seeing him run world record times at what seemed a canter. As for Gatlin, I have no issue, he has served his time and deserves credit for his victory
  13. Do you want to sign this

    I only know of the Hull League and perhaps the Pennine League, but I am a little out of touch with things
  14. Do you want to sign this

    the Pro Clubs have a Take Take Take attitude, the Amateur Clubs in the NCL are often administered much better than the League 1 Clubs, we cannot trade at a loss like they do and run complete youth sections I do think the Amateur Game needs better recognition for the development work of the players, St Pats have created more greats of the game than Wigan RLFC in my opinion
  15. Which teams are entering the Hull and District League this term? Will there be 2 leagues?