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  1. thankfully I have settled back down to earth after a fortnight of turmoil, Thanks for the kind words and support of people on here, I still plan to go ahead and get some proper treatment and get back to where I was before,
  2. its not like they are on footballers money either!
  3. Can anybody pinpoint their main issues with Corbyn?
  4. Its going to be interesting to see what happens, I cant honestly see UKIP getting anything more than 5% of the vote given they have achieved their objective of Brexit The Tories will be strong candidates to maintain their majority and possibly increase it As for my party, Labour will have to pull out all of the stops the make up any ground, fighting the right wing press is always going to be difficult. I really do like and support Corbyn, the majority of his policies make sense to me and are genuinely socialist. I do wish he had a little more conviction i.e Dennis Skinner as I think people may have listened more. It got off to a bad start with PM's and a question from Marjorie ect..... I don't think there will be much change north of the border
  5. its a psychiatrist I am waiting to see
  6. yes and no, it doesn't necessarily make it any easier to talk about it
  7. Thankyou, I have joined several FB groups but tend to find these can do more harm than good, a mix of people with various problems and nearly all manic depressives doesn't bode for good things, the overwhelming anxiety isn't a nice thing at all, last week I cried as a man for the first time (i'm 30 in 3 weeks)
  8. To be perfectly frank it does seem easier from behind a keyboard to talk at times, again that's a man thing. I don't like the fact I have seen 3 or 4 different doctors about this same issue, its hard to see the same GP My partner blames herself if I ever mention anything and just cries, so I tend not to mention it to her.
  9. I will go back to the Doc's this week. the system is shocking. If I hadn't managed to keep my sense of humour I seriously wouldn't have coped. I have an internal interview at work tomorrow, the bloke interviewing me is called Richard O'Brien - if he turns up in a big coat that might cheer me up
  10. its not a good place to be, I am simmering at the moment, but undoubtedly its only a matter of time until the wheels come off, hopefully help arrives before that occurs, suffering chronic fatigue is a difficult to deal with as well - despite struggling to sleep at times
  11. No idea why its so prevalent, I suspect its a natural reaction to excess stress levels in men Essentially the anxiety and depression get on top of you and you cease to have any enjoyment from life and lack any motivation to do anything, the old cliché of it being a vicious circle is quite true, many people don't realise the physical effects of anxiety and how draining it can be
  12. Playoffs or top 4 this year would be good for a successful year this term, maybe some silverware at Wembley?
  13. Is the Forshaw related to Mick? Also is the Holroyd related to Graham?
  14. Will it even happen
  15. I know its early days but a Old Trafford spot for Salford or Cas would be good for the game