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  1. After 7 years Tony Spence has stepped down after doing an excellent job, with Dave Wray in pole position to step into his shoes hopefully they’ll continue to fly the flag for the Hull area in the top flight
  2. Salford wanted 100k
  3. I must admit it seems a little unprofessional for the NCL to administer the league via the forum when it couldn’t muster a website update last year
  4. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    I might pop through for this game from Hull
  5. Batley aside whats the relationship like between pro and amateur clubs? This could be fractious indeed
  6. Kr V Catalan help

    No luck so far. Arsenal and Premier League Darts on it would be wouldn’t it! I’m a Spurs fan
  7. Kr V Catalan help

    I’ve messaged them, hopefully I won’t be usurped by premier league darts charleston club would have had it on eh? Such a shame the council forced that closed ... then didn’t redevelop it
  8. Hi I am a season ticket holder at KR but foolishly I’ve agreed to go to London to take my daughter to see a concert on the proviso I don’t have to go in..... anyway the concert is at the Hammersmith Apollo and I’m hoping there’s a pub directly across the road with loads of big screens showing the rovers and selling beer for £2 a pint! but in reality I’ll settle for somewhere showing it .... all help appreciated
  9. This may be reflected in the uptake of the new sky packages that will set the bar for how much sky will bid
  10. If it’s that poor how come the Tories can’t form a majority and the Lib Dem’s only have 8 seats
  11. With Darts and Rugby League two of the main sports with rifts between the professional and amateur games what would happen if the Hearns took the reins at Red Hall. There are now a couple of tournaments where Darts Players from the PDC and BDO compete against each other. So the rift there might be healing The next five of six years will be key to the survival of the game. The near collapse of the amateur game and reducing youth from 16 upwards will thwart both the Professional and Amateur game if we aren’t careful If there’s a cash influx at the top of the game it needs to trickle down or I fear the amateur game will get suffocated
  12. ex fryston warriors

    It’s stopping thuggery in the name of Rugby League
  13. Barla National Cup

    Did West’s play Hensingam
  14. Barla National Cup

    Is there a results list
  15. Is any Amateur RL played in Carlisle or is Aspatria as close as it gets