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  1. I very much doubt the contract was any more than 25-30 k per annum
  2. I sold my gear just before xmas, I am beginning to think it was a mistake! I will get back into it at some point, just needed some more time to get into it again, We have an allotment that we can both do together that we enjoy.
  3. How does Leeds scouting system pick players up at Albi?
  4. How can another be called? Doubtful it will be in the next 24 months as there is no queens speech next year
  5. When I first saw this thread I thought TM had recanted and called another Election!
  6. would love to see a MMA return rematch
  7. in essence we have lost the tension surrounding the VR, we need to reinvigorate this
  8. Does anyone think that looking at the grounding deters from the tension and drama created by the video ref? if a on field referee asks to check onside or obstruction ect... we get the decision when it shows the grounding (which often isn't asked for) years ago the video ref was a part of the spectacle of televised games, can we return to this?
  9. see if they last longer than a season
  10. very good player, is Lee Gaskell injured again?
  11. is it straight relegation for the bottom placed side?
  12. this sounds like a disaster in the making to be honest relegation and part time might be the way forward and build from there
  13. Lets have it on YouTube now the punishment is decided