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  1. I think Myton will be just outside the playoffs and certainly not bottom. Siddal ought to come higher than 5th
  2. Beverley info?

    Yes that would be the start of Lee Radfords coaching career
  3. I’m going to go for 1 Hunslet 2 Siddal 3 West Hull 4 Mayfield 5 Thatto Heath 6 Wath Brow 7 Underbank 8 Kells 9 Myton 10 Egremont 11 St Pats 12 Normanton i think Hunslet could claim the top spot going on previous results, ST Pats have flirted with relegation in the last few seasons and this could be the time they fall out the trap door Sorry Normy coming up via the playoffs is always going to be tough unless you have picked up a couple of players, if not then it might be a short stay in the premier division i think West’s will fare better this term and Mayfield will certainly challenge this will be the first time we have no Leigh side in the premier
  4. So given the season starts in just a few weeks let’s see what positions people think clubs will finish in
  5. Beverley info?

    Hi Ken i believe Beverley ran until the mid 90s and merged with the old Myson/East Hull Club before eventually the Beverley part was dropped, they have fielded a team in the Hull League for around the last 20 years I think Len Casey coached there hope that helps
  6. Serbian League

    How many teams are now playing in Serbia? has the game developed regional leagues yet?
  7. Premier division play offs

    It will be tough for both teams to rearrange the fixture, its laughable that the integrity of WBH has been called into question, for a long time now they have travelled the length and breadth of the country without complaint or calling games off Hopefully the game will be played between two strong sides and there can be no argument about missing players ect.... There doesn't always have to be a conspiracy
  8. Hull League

    the league needs to move to summer ASAP
  9. I cant see the RFL stumping up the cash, or having even 1/4 if the amount spare to shell out A court case will apportion blame, in some ways I hope it goes to a full hearing so we get the truth and it shows the truth, theories will either be broken or confirmed....
  10. Has anyone applied for membership in 2018? when is the cut off date for applications?
  11. Hull Dockers

    Many clubs have sadly, most of the players that say they want to play summer aren't available half the time! Hull will be considerably weaker without them doing well
  12. Hull Dockers

    Have they been relegated? I thought it was 2 down
  13. Hull League

    Its not about someone taking the mantle on, its more about the current crop "letting the balloon go" they have stifled the clubs in Hull
  14. Francis Cummings

    Pleased for him, he stuck by Bradford and got pooped on IMHO
  15. The NCL really has lost its communication streams with the media, its been very poor this season, I would imagine the NCL website had a really high level of traffic prior to this year. Hope both teams have a great day out