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  1. TheDuke

    Have you started stockpiling yet?

    I doubt we will have any real shortages, maybe a little less choice at the supermarket but food will still be available
  2. For me it’s a no, i simply wouldn’t allow her to return, having turned her back on the UK it’s amazing she now craves its freedom for her child it needs to be clear to anyone going abroad to essentially become an enemy of the state that the state doesn’t want them back
  3. TheDuke

    If money was no object...

    I’d buy KR them being my side! Apart from that id love to see a strong South Yorkshire side in SL
  4. TheDuke

    Tommy Robinson

    Yeah he has footage of a few of the top brass enjoying an expensive lunch on the License Payer, it’s hardly earth shattering news is it? the man is a knob
  5. TheDuke

    Rangi Chase to sign for Lock Lane?

    He’s 33 when his ban is up, and in all fairness he has a bad record now. I just can’t see a SL Side touching him maybe Dewsbury or Batley?
  6. TheDuke

    KR's South Terrace

    In my experience the distance from the pitch appears to depend on the score line !
  7. TheDuke

    Rangi Chase to sign for Lock Lane?

    I think Hock was the first one to be allowed to train prior to his ban ending, the decision was based on the fact he was being rehabilitated back into his full time role
  8. TheDuke

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    In all seriousness it’s a step in the right direction, any steps forward by RL clubs should be applauded
  9. TheDuke

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    It is 1999 in Fev now, on my first visit I thought it was a working museum of the early 80s everyone had stone washed denim and mullets
  10. TheDuke

    KR's South Terrace

    It’s only used once or twice per season currently so I very much doubt it would pay for itself, we can get over 10k without opening it
  11. TheDuke

    Challenge Cup Round 1

    That at least shows some class on the part of Bentley
  12. TheDuke

    Challenge Cup Round 1

    They should highlight this behaviour, it’s a blight on the amateur game. A suitable reprimand should be enforced at very least a letter of official apology and covering the costs of the repairs is a minimum.
  13. TheDuke

    Challenge Cup Round 1

    I saw a video on Twitter of West Hulls away dressing room after Bentley had been disgusting to say the least,
  14. TheDuke

    Barla National Cup

    Skirlaugh 24-10 Haydock
  15. TheDuke

    NCL Rugby AM

    Pretty certain it’s a members league, the exposure was good but teams below the top 2 leagues wouldn’t get any games on so i doubt they’d be keen on any funding from the NCL to pay for TV to show the games