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  1. TheDuke

    Ncl Player of the season

    From the limited premier division rugby I’ve seen I’d say Ryan Wilson is unlucky but I haven’t seen enough to comment following Skirlaugh in div one I’d say Danny Ratcliffe was the best player this season. Scott O Brien was good as ever too
  2. TheDuke

    Hunslet P

    There are aspects of this happening across other sports but RL had a relatively small base to start with by comparison to football and RU.
  3. TheDuke

    Hunslet P

    I’m not sure there will be much amateur RL in 20 years sadly,
  4. TheDuke

    New Grounds.

    The situation at Wakefield is tantamount to fraud, it wants to be highlighted in the courts
  5. Have the locals jumped in the Salford football bandwagon
  6. TheDuke


    I struggle to listen to Morgan peddling out the same old phrases week after week. I find it off putting and annoying while he tries to be a novelty act Hunt is good and knowledgeable about the amateur game, I know they are different organisations but Sky could blood their young upcoming broadcasters on Freesports if they had an arrangement
  7. TheDuke

    Tri county series

    Top quality players get the community lions tour, next best thing is BARLA followed by second team players getting on regional tours with their leagues then they all ask the clubs to stump up then it’s hard work to get a fiver a week subs out of them
  8. TheDuke

    Tri county series

    Personally I think there are too many rep sides and tours that clubs have to fund. the amateur game needs to be under one guise
  9. I think Fev offer their pitch for free and make on the bar,
  10. TheDuke

    cas ground latest

    Is there any movement on either project in all seriousness
  11. I think Hunslet will win it
  12. Well looks like I failed to predict Mayfields plight and underestimated Egremont, Normanton look to have done extremely well too
  13. So what were the academy teams ?