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  1. In many instances people are actually better working than playing SL, though it’s a good little lifestyle for a young man
  2. If they go into administration then will they even start the season? Automatic relegation and -10 points in league one would certainly even the league numbers up. Or bring Workington up?
  3. TheDuke

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I wonder what the cost of opening the upper tier is?
  4. TheDuke

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Just bought a pair of tickets in the west stand. Not many left now. We have 7 of us already going and this makes 9. There was only 1 seat available in the east stand this morning
  5. TheDuke

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Very similar to the NSW kits still nice though
  6. TheDuke

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    I always like Canterbury gear
  7. Nah, they’ll wanna pay them sod all to play on a Thursday night traveling across the Pennines getting mullered by clubs like saints and wigan.
  8. In short there isn’t the player pool out there. This is Featherstone who only managed 14 men against Leigh in the league doesnt stack up
  9. TheDuke

    Gaz Hock

    I think age is against Hock, perhaps Widnes would be local to him,
  10. TheDuke

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Bought 7 tickets for Leeds yesterday, I’m looking forward to it. £5 discount per seat so we went to the £40 area. Good seats and hopefully we can clinch the series there. How big will Headingley be once it’s finished? That may be a good test option
  11. TheDuke

    Ncl Player of the season

    From the limited premier division rugby I’ve seen I’d say Ryan Wilson is unlucky but I haven’t seen enough to comment following Skirlaugh in div one I’d say Danny Ratcliffe was the best player this season. Scott O Brien was good as ever too
  12. TheDuke

    Hunslet P

    There are aspects of this happening across other sports but RL had a relatively small base to start with by comparison to football and RU.
  13. TheDuke

    Hunslet P

    I’m not sure there will be much amateur RL in 20 years sadly,
  14. TheDuke

    New Grounds.

    The situation at Wakefield is tantamount to fraud, it wants to be highlighted in the courts