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  1. So what were the academy teams ?
  2. I’m hooked on this thread
  3. TheDuke

    23rd Round

    Maybe so but clubs like the revenue and exposure of the MW, everyone plays by the same rules
  4. TheDuke

    Israel and Iran

    The Israeli State really is a cruel and callous regime, the notion that people are anti Semitic when criticising them is a nonsense, hopefully the international community can push back on them with sanctions
  5. TheDuke

    Time for a rethink ?

    I think the move to summer has been good for some and bad for others, the main issue being it wasn’t a en mass decision for the game to move, in typical RL fashion it’s led to infighting amongst administrators and people losing interest. I believe if all levels and leagues had gone over it would have been much in a better state than it is now
  6. TheDuke


    Jebus- I only wanted to know where they are playing the qualifiers!
  7. TheDuke

    TV games

    That ought to be a cracking game,
  8. TheDuke


    If the pitch is heated it might be ok?
  9. TheDuke


    I’ve seen on another forum that TW will play their home games in the UK during the qualifiers has any one else seen this ?
  10. TheDuke

    What is happening at Leeds

    Watkins is a huge miss for them and they haven’t recovered from losing 15 years of burrow and McGuire
  11. TheDuke

    New Grounds.

    I’m looking forward to visiting the York stadium, the club is on the up
  12. TheDuke

    2018 Kits

    Nice shirt indeed. Well done Wigan
  13. TheDuke

    New Grounds.

    The ability to fill in the corners like the Warrington stadium is a good idea i like going to Cas currently as you are close to the action
  14. I’m reasonably happy with 20k we don’t get much more in the heartlands for a test against the kiwis, in some ways a more naive crowd won’t have the apathy a UK crowd would have with seeing an understrength kiwi side