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  1. TheDuke

    New Grounds.

    The ability to fill in the corners like the Warrington stadium is a good idea i like going to Cas currently as you are close to the action
  2. I’m reasonably happy with 20k we don’t get much more in the heartlands for a test against the kiwis, in some ways a more naive crowd won’t have the apathy a UK crowd would have with seeing an understrength kiwi side
  3. TheDuke

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    There was a comment that he wasn’t keen on living in a semi detached house in Warrington next to a take away, funny that as Sandow didn’t mind...
  4. TheDuke

    Blood Pressure

    I have accidentally stumbled on this thread while trying to avoid the World Cup football, coincidently I’ve opted to start eating healthier foods and have taken a liking to Sharon Fruits otherwise known as Persimmons and apparently they can help lower blood pressure. I’m not sure if many other foods offer similar properties but they’ve gotta be worth a try
  5. TheDuke

    USA visa

    The USA have no access to our criminal records system, if you are known to intelligence or are wanted by Interpol then youll get picked up for sure i Believe the term they use is moral turpitude, I know plenty of folks that haven’t declared anything. It’s a question like “have you ever been arrested or involved in an act of moral turpitude “ plenty of people have been arrested with no charges ever brought against them, that should not inhibit travel to the USA
  6. TheDuke

    Hull league 2018

    I’m not sure the committee are prepared to stand aside though
  7. I went to see Skirlaugh v Shaw Cross yesterday, I was saddened to see Shaw Cross only had 10 players. Despite the lack of numbers the Dewsbury side had a real go and scored some nice tries. The 6 looked a classy player for them I went to Shaw Cross away and despite Skirlaugh winning both ties convincingly on paper the Shaw Cross side have played some good rugby and troubled Skirlaugh, always playing the game in good spirit with no malice the Shaw Cross club needs commending for sticking at it, I’m not sure on the exact reason behind lack of first team numbers but I’m sure the club will keep going and come back All the best for the rest of the season
  8. When’s the New Zealand squad announced
  9. TheDuke

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Well hopefully they’ll get 20k
  10. TheDuke

    Hull league 2018

    They have a grab on power and won’t let it go, it’s sad really as there are enough teams for a good hull league
  11. 1- Jack Walker - a great talent who we should be looking at for the next World Cup 2- Makinson - having a good run of it in the saints side 3- Percival - as above, he’s come of age this year 4 - Gildart - again should be in his prime at the World Cup 5- Mcgilveray - great at ball returns and getting vital tried 6- George Williams- I think he still has a good future ahead of him 7 - Richardson - he’s a talent and needs to be looked at 8- Hill - having a strong year 9 Clark - good ruck speed and roby is getting on 10- Tom Burgess - or George I forgot which is better 11 Mcmeeken- big unit and runs well 12 Bateman- yes he’s a second rower... 13 Sam Burgess - captain 14- Watts- great prop 15- whitehead- could play anywhere in the back 3 of the pack 16 - Scott Taylor- again in good form but if walmsley was fit he would miss out 17- Lomax - class act can play 1-7 and 9!
  12. I see that Shaun Lunt has been given a 12 month testimonial in 2019. I am a KR fan but as yet I’m not too sure I’ll support a testimonial for a player that’s had 3 other professional clubs during his career should they only be awarded to players with a decade in at one club? Yes 300 games is an achievement but there’s people like Jamie Thackeray getting them who was a journeyman by the end. Thoughts anyone?
  13. Does anyone know the extent of the injury to Jason Baitieri he is in my dream team!