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  1. Im sewing a big no6 into the back of my old linpac shirt..... just in case.....
  2. The opportunity was lost last week
  3. Robin Evans

    Toronto and visa's

    I refer to my comments earlier. Expansion is no big issue to me. Breaking into canada/usa is massive and has huge opportunities. The only issue is that canada are using british players. Sadly, the game here is ever contracting. There just isn't the number of players available to sustain the competition as it is.... but i accept that starting a league from scratch is a non-starter.... so there's a dilema. There are others. Toronto (for the mo) have the finance to recruit a good team and back staff. I'm not sure the british game could stand losing another say 100 players and staff to cover say another 3 teams. Like i said yesterday..... welcome to the party. Just don't expect me to swallow all that cobblers about being the saviour of the game. Thats just sheeeite. Toronto are in it for themselves.... their owners motivation.... and their own needs. Nowt wrong wi that.... most clubs are.
  4. Robin Evans

    Permutations then....

    If fax win?
  5. Robin Evans

    Permutations then....

    Whats needed to guarantee top 4? Whats needed if we lose to toronto and beat london.... and vice versa....
  6. Robin Evans

    Gaz hock

    Fk me wi t'curly end of a Raja's slipper..... Just when we need him ffs
  7. Robin Evans

    Gaz hock

    Did he get sent off today?
  8. Robin Evans

    Toronto and visa's

    Getting kids involved is tremendous. Its the future. Disagree on rowley.... he's a sh ithouse. His efforts re young un is irrelevant. Jimmy savile did all sorts of charitable work.... didnt make him a good sort. Like i said earlier, because he's getting the result it glosses over his philosophy for yourselves. Like i said, per se... i haven't really got an issue with expansion into canada. The more enjoying our game the better and kids are tomorrow's players and fans I don't share your vision of world domination and as long as rowley is involved i wouldnt lose sleep if he lost every game. I kind of agree about delbert. A strange and often unpleasant bloke apparently.... He and rowley deserved each other. Still.... middle 8s to come..... see how it goes
  9. Robin Evans

    Toronto and visa's

    Yeah.... and I really am often mistaken for Johnny depp. I don't share your vision for twp, but that's just differences in opinion. I believe your club is dependant on one individual and if that goes as we upwards so will the experiment. In the meantime you will have a modicum of success against semi pro opposition. You will do ok(ish) in SL. However, as long as Rowley is involved and employs the philosophy he does, it's unlikely you will get any support from me.... and whilst I only speak for myself I might just suggest that Rowley will continue to elicit a similar response across the game. Other opinions are no more or less worthy than my own.
  10. Robin Evans

    Toronto and visa's

    Look. I have no real issuewith a canadian club. Many have, i haven't. The more the merrier. I just find it an insult that you are sellingyour club in this manner. Come on, join the party by all means; but don't expect me to swallow the line than TWP are these great benevolent philanthropists who are saving the game. Thats just sheer bol lox. You are a club getting exposure in canada and providing a quirky addition to the british game. That's no bad thing in my opinion.
  11. Robin Evans

    Tour de France 2018

    Ïsent this.... right on the finish line
  12. Robin Evans

    Tour de France 2018

    My mate is right on the finishing today. I had a choice of going this weekend for the fête de la fèderation and the tdf or carcasonne in sept.... Right at the mo i wished i had chosen this weekend......
  13. Robin Evans

    Toronto and visa's

    1. No. Doesn't help grass roots rugby over here. 2. There is no increase in home gates for toronto visits. In some cases there is a significant drop off. 3.agreed. i love Canada 4. To some extent. Though TWP dont contribute to this other than by the training presence of a british team! 5. Role model??? Nah.... i loath the club.... its coach and the philosophy he employs. A nasty little sh ithouse.... he's coaching a winning team so your acceptance of his ways is understandable if not lamentable. 6. Mass media exposure???? Dear me.... it really is laughable the was rugby is treated by the media. Anecdotally the presence of TWP has hardly made any ripples in the media and again nothing to help grass roots over here. 7. Moot point.... I'll concede TWP are self funding but the impact certainly on traveling semi pro clubs is not insignificant and again, the benefit to grass roots is negligible if anything at all. 8. How does this help dearne valley bulldogs, milford or crigglestone clubs? Look.... I'm one who kind of understands theneed to push boundaries and the more who get to enjoy our game the better. But don't try and justify your presence like its some great philanthropic experience cos it just isn't. Don't treat members of this forum with disrespect by assuming they'd swallow all that cobblers. You're around cos your wealthy owner couldn't break the NRL so opted for Canada instead with an attachment to the northern hemisphere as a result.... Now I've no real gripe with that. Just don't take the pizz by suggesting there is some great benevolence to all this. There isn't!!
  14. Robin Evans

    Those nice tories

    My daughter knows barry chuckle..... she agrees!😂😂
  15. Robin Evans

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Have..... that's HAVE..... "could HAVE left the EU" ffs....... arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!