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  1. Robin Evans


    Say what on earth you like pike y owd cock, post whatever opinion you have.... thats your right to do so. However, if others disagree, expect that opinion to be challenged. Isnt that how it should be?
  2. Robin Evans


    Im bracing myself for this argument. However, the vast majority of that debt has not been accrued since they've been in the championship. Games on its ar se.
  3. Robin Evans

  4. Robin Evans


    Which would massively increase the drain of players to rugby union.... No i don't have answers. More knowledgeable folks than me have towed with how to improve the sported that is rugby league. I don't have an issue with toronto per se.... i disliked Rowley and his philosophy with a passion.... but folks in an other league barren part of the world.... enjoying and taking to our sport can only be a good thing..... the more the merrier.
  5. Robin Evans

    Widnes I'd take Danny Craven off their hands...
  6. The ref was bias against us....
  7. Robin Evans

    Who’s the Daddy

    Compare now with rugby union..... many more tries being scored.... much more expansive than ever in the game's history.... exciting games in packed out stadia.....
  8. Robin Evans

    Who’s the Daddy

    Either way its uninspiring rugby from either team. Sheeite.
  9. Robin Evans

    Who’s the Daddy

    To be fair.... toronto forrads are dominant.... torontolook much more likely to score Thought widnes were fairly poor
  10. Robin Evans

    Noise Levels

    Either way i agree wi bob.... turn the pizzin thing down...
  11. Robin Evans

    Noise Levels

    Phil Mogg and Phil Loxton..... never seen together in the same room..... Lights out.... lights out for rovers....😂
  12. Robin Evans

    Noise Levels

    I know im a grumpy miserable old 2@, but bug ger me..... that sheeite is beyond the pale..... and i did my apprenticeship at deep purple led zep and UFO gigs ffs!!!
  13. Robin Evans

    Noise Levels

    Turn the cowin thingdown ffs.....