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  1. Job done. Sometimes you have to grind one out. Northern and Fax both taken a tupping today too.....
  2. I refer to a post i made earlier!!!
  3. Toulouse away at toronto next week
  4. What a fabulous result. Buzzin
  5. I'm off to the pont du Gard again this aft. After re-reading this thread i think i will repeatedly bang my head on it..... Jesus H Arkwright.....
  6. I meant seized.... but posting quickly whilst eating one huge ice cream in Uzès this afternoon
  7. You are correct. The Vichy government (i stayed in vichy friday night), virtually ceased all assets of RL and made the game illegal
  8. Thirty years of friendship.... the love of rural france, its sense of community and fraternité.... the wine, the gastronomy, the respect for history and ancient artisan practice whilst embracing new tech... the language, the sport.... almost every small town has a community stadium that is the poodles swingers mate..... Very little i dislike about this country.
  9. Start by giving those bug gers a tuppin next week.
  10. A good 15 years ago i was on duty at st lukes. An in-patient had been racially abusive to my colleagues all shift. At handover, the then manager instructed all staff should employ a "zero tolerance" to racial abuse. The following day the same patient referred to me throughout the shift as a fkn fat ginger c..t which was recieved with some hilarity by the same manager. Notwithstanding the unprofessional conduct of the manager, or that i was unmoved by the comments, the experience kind of illustrates the point you are making. Its got little or nowt to do with this thread like.... a thread i find disturbing for a whole multitude of reasons.....
  11. Jesus H........ This thread is fkn unreal.....
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