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  1. Whisky

    By some margin. Particularly the snow grouse
  2. Whisky

    I'm not a peated whisky fan so i don't miss Ardbeg. Im more speyside and the salty freshness of the north and east coast and islands. Im glad most distilleries appear to be resisting the urge to drive a more commercial brand and are sticking to their premium products. Otherwise it all becomes rather homogeneous
  3. Whisky

    Sadly it isnt the 12yo. However, as a bog standard supermarket single malt this sits right up there in its class and at 13.60 is still bloody good vfm. Compare with say... Scapa. The once fabulous 12 and 14yo offerings from Orkney is now only a pale shadow of its former self. Scapa has slipped right down my rankings and is replaced at the top by Clynelish..... but the cheapest im getting is £40+/bottle....
  4. Whisky

    Just tried to post a pic of my reciept but its nothaving it. I called in this morning.... just 2 bottles left.... reduced to clear .... £13.60. I got another😊
  5. Challenge Cup draw

    Nigh on perfect draw. Decent crowd. Bit of a jolly up. No extra games to fit in...... trouser the cash and concentrate on the league....
  6. Reserves

    Some of the humour at reserve games was bitingly funny! 😊
  7. Reserves

    We have the income we have. Running a reserve team costs a mint which WILL impact on the recruitment to the first team. Its a bit like dual reg in that either all should run a team team or not. I really enjoyed watching the reserves with the usual suspects and would love rovers to run one again. But I'm not convinced of the net value of a reserve team at the mo.
  8. Whisky

    Yup. 70cl of speyside for 13 pounds 60 smeggin pence!!!!!!!! Huuuuuuuge result. I got 3 bottles......
  9. Whisky

    Glenlivet.... I've declared my liking for this particular dram in the past.... on many occasions..... Well.... 13.60 in tesco.... 13 pounds smeggin 60!!!!!
  10. Rant thread

    Another royal to fawn over. The hysterical level of sychophantic dribbling makes me want to hurl

    Heavy blue pipe smoke throughout the house. We lived in the kitchen diner.... the "room" was for sundays! You could buy a fag and a match. Lucky bags, jublees and spangles Dr who at tea time saturday My dad used the words p..i and on a regular basis without redress. Black n white telly with 3 channels.... 8 tracks Alenander Bastedo Steve Nash
  12. My best man (1981) is from maryhill. In 1980 in a drunken evening in the Rubiat in Glasgow i joined ptfc supporters club. Im still a member and get to 4-5 games/year.... I am the champion of the lost cause😂
  13. I was driving home from my scottish affliction ... (partick won 2-1)... Donny punching above their weight or rovers below the line,?
  14. QLT

    Agreed on all points. I reight fancied McNally much to the consternation of others (Rich Slatter😊), but not to be. Got to agree, i still think we're short in the backs