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  1. Football

    Leeds tho 不不不不不
  2. toront sack three

    He could dish it out couldn't he? Absolute gent n'all. Top bloke.
  3. Thinking of either later spring or early autumn. I did northern Cyprus in 2012.... the last year our friends had to take school hols.... I might as well have stayed indoors under the aircon it was that hot. I'm a massive francophile but never done Corsica. The more I see the more I fancy it Yes Steve.... I would need a big hat. Us ginners tend to go scarlet when exposed to the moon never mind the Sun!!
  4. Yes.... but I've fancied it for ages. Never done Corsica tho I'm a serious francophile. I go to France at least 3 times a year excluding rugby jollies up. But I've read loads about Corsica and the bikers just reinforced my yearning as it were.... Though as it's January.... even calais is appealing
  5. Looks amazing on telly....
  6. Food and drink thread

    This sounds a bit smug ..... but they were absolutely amazing. Next poncey snap evening I do, these will be the starter. VERY highly recommended.
  7. Food and drink thread

    Didn't it just. I've not had the balls to dip n taste yet...... I reckon I could leave that out mid summer and no flies or wasps would go near it.... it smells fabulous..
  8. Food and drink thread

    Doing those prawns in panko n coconut that Rick Stein did the other night. The dip .... a hot sauce made with papaya orange/lime juice garlic shallots ginger cider vinegar allspice berries and a scotch bonett all blitzed served warm.... looks lethal
  9. Leigh fixture change at home

    Suits me down to the ground. But I'll bet it pizzes more off than it pleases. It's the bash week after init? An extra day recovery?
  10. Job hunting

    Sometimes it' s basic survival mode. An opportunity presents.... take it. I doubt you would have been invited if you were known to be a male bird.
  11. Obituary Thread - 2018

    Peter Mayle.... author
  12. Try firhill.... watching thistle is like barnstoneworth United.... 8-1 .... 8 bloody 1!!!!!!
  13. In anticipation of new live bad company album release tomorrow..... I'm giving free and bad company a spin this aft.... Both highway and burning sky are so underrated..... and straight shooter remain one of the best. Two contrashing guitarists.... micks Ralph's livelier rock guitar is pleasing but my first guitar hero Paul kossoff's bluesy guitar typified on the mover still gets me reaching for the air guitar
  14. toront sack three

    Would you take Ryan Bailey on?