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  1. Sooner go for a pint wi charles bronson
  2. Jesus H Arkwright...... talk about looking at a stick for twenty mins and still picking up the wrong end....
  3. We blew an 18 point lead in last ten. Unacceptable.... i agree 100%.... a shocking defeat considering. I expected nowt from today but feel proper deflated now.
  4. Somethings never change!?? Tommo in full flow i see.... caustic 2@! ???
  5. Think i have registration no46 on TRL.... Made many post. Most of them utter drivel!
  6. I didnt think.little Gaz was bad at all. His ability to get round the field looks impaired due to him appearing to me at least.... to be a little waddlesome. But i thought he was ok
  7. I know ya dopey 2@!!!
  8. Aye.... we called that one
  9. Gaz Hewer had a decent game. He's a lard ###### but still a decent ref. He called it correct on almost all calls he made. Fev were sheeite. Dews weren't
  10. Jamie Leahy is thanlfully now spoiling games in rugby union. Him and Ronnie Laughton..... dear me.
  11. Lost weight???? Jesus H Arkwright.... he must have looked like me ffs!
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