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  1. Robin Evans

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I wouldn't comment on the decisions others make in respect of sky tv. I loathe Murdoch in abundance but my televisiual activities are legal(ish).
  2. Robin Evans

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I hardly know anyone who actually pays to watch their rugby on telly. Presumably these numbers aren't included in the viewing figures?
  3. Robin Evans


    Derek was nuts..... a lovely bloke
  4. Robin Evans


    Headingley....... tense
  5. I rated Bret Daunt much better than Aston!!
  6. Yup. He got paid a bloody fortune at fev and he always played like he never wanted to be there. He took the pizz big time at fev. Never as good as he thought he was but I agree, game management was, and still is his best facet.
  7. Got a job with the British Nuclear Police hasn't he?
  8. Robin Evans


    Copa... I'm really not succeeding in avoiding being an ar se here..... drop the 'e' from the Scottish variety of whisky!! 😂😂 Ok... bog standard supermarket.... but out tesco local has Glenmorrangie on at £21!!!!!
  9. Robin Evans


    If Jennings can't build a score on that wicket, it's time to stand him down....
  10. Robin Evans

    Supporters Group/Club

    I'm all inclusive Gaz.... Regardless of faith creed gender sexuality colour or classification under the lunacy and idiocy act of 1913.... All welcome at the rawmarsh branch.... Numbers aren't fabulous like.... 😂😂
  11. Robin Evans

    Supporters Group/Club

  12. Robin Evans

    Supporters Group/Club

    I run the rawmarsh branch......😂😂😂
  13. Oooo I so hope this is the case...
  14. Mate of mine.... fax fan.... some of you know him..... He will tell it exactly how it is. If he's good, he'll call it that way. If he's not.... well then he waint. I don't see Punchard anywhere near a starter..... yet. But I'm not a coach.
  15. Robin Evans

    Championship and League 1 & bookies

    I'm amazed that betting on conference games is still allowed given how easy it is to get such information that will affect the result of the game.