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  1. 2018 Squad.

    No need to look, they've seen plenty of him in the past, usually on the wrong side of a beating where he has been the architect.
  2. New shirt

    To be fair I think it looks like a modern day version of the 1977 away shirt, and it's still the butchers apron design in reverse.
  3. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    I pass by the Dewsbury ground quite often and it looks very tidy with the new training/ 5-a-side pitches, but I wouldn't have thought they had enough seats or even standing space for Super League games against the clubs with good away support?
  4. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    Will Wakefield Trinity still continue to train at Featherstone? If so the place will be a real hive of activity. It would be interesting to know the annual income from both sources? It might make the doubters sit up and listen.
  5. Saturdays Grand Final

    Leeds look to have dropped a clanger letting Danny McGuire go, he has re-invented himself as a creative half-back from being mainly a running type, and now he could go on for years. Rhinos poor showing last year was down to losing Sinfield and McGuire took most of the season to adjust to his new role. Now he's at his prime in this position Hull KR are going to get the benefit. I don't know what they're going to do about Jordan Lilley? He looks like he'll be a class act in the future but he's not ready yet. He could do with a 12 month loan spell at Fev to bring him on.
  6. Season over ;Low and High points of 2017

    Highs- The performances against Hull KR and the 3 wins against Fax which give a pointer of where we are and how good we could be. Lows- The embarrassing displays in games we were expected to lose anyway but didn't put up a fight. This shows how bad we can be at times. Another Low- The career ending injury to Bozzy. Plastic pitches should be banned.
  7. If it applied to place of birth then Pontefract should have a club, though some argue they've got two, Cas & Fev. The maternity hospital serves the best area for Rugby League talent.
  8. 2018 Squad.

    I seem to recall Fev had Scott Wheeldon on loan from Hull for a few games along with Matty Dale, although there's no mention of it on Wiki? They let us sign Matty permanently but wouldn't release Wheeldon. Surprised to see he's still only 31 after playing around 200 super League games. Can Mark or Chris please check whether he did play for Fev around 2006, probably the same time as Matty Dale's loan debut?
  9. Saturdays Grand Final

    My daughter married a Cas lad, I suppose you could call it a mixed marriage. You couldn't really call his family Cas supporters though, but when my grandson Joe was only a toddler his other granddad gave him a Cas Tigers baseball cap that he'd had given. As soon as I heard about it I took him down to the Fev club shop to buy him a shirt and as many other souveniers as I could afford. The following week I took him to his first ever game, earlier than I had planned as I thought he was too young at the time, but he's been coming ever since. He lived in Nottingham at the time, then moved to Kippax to go to school with Cas and Leeds fans and took some proper ribbing cos Fev were in League 2 at the time. Then he moved to the Halifax area where he went to school and played for Greetland All Rounders amongst ardent Fax fans at a time when there was real hatred between the two sets of supporters. He remained loyal to Fev throughout however and comes along to assist Jo on the RoversTV commentary whenever other student or journalistic commitments allow him. He doesn't hate Cas either, there are bigger problems within the game and a Cas victory would be a slap in the face for Big Nige and his cronies.
  10. Saturdays Grand Final

    I'm from Sharlston where our major rivals are Wakey, and when I started watching the game in 1960 Cas were mere rubbing rags, not worth worrying about while Wakey were the top club in Yorkshire with Fev running them close.
  11. Saturdays Grand Final

    Cas deserve it, but why do they have to contest a Grand Final to be called Champions? Losing that right to call themselves Champions by a golden point drop goal would be absolutely ridiculous, as happened to Fev in 2010. And yet SL clubs moan about the Million Pound Game being unfair. So yes, I hope that Cas win, but I fear the repercussions that the greedy big clubs will hit the smaller clubs with if they do.
  12. Halifax rebranding

    In that case why not call them Calder? Lindsay thought it was a good name.
  13. Part-Time Full-Time split

    SL2, or whatever you called it to make it more appealing, is the only way you could expand the game to bring in more foreign clubs, otherwise you would have to lose some long established SL clubs. You could still keep P&R because relegation to SL2 wouldn't be so disastrous, and anyone who gets relegated from SL2 would fully deserve it.
  14. Part-Time Full-Time split

    Some of the current part-time players are better than some full-timers, so do you force those with good jobs to lose money and give up promising careers? Some current full-time players are not good enough for Super League, so do you compromise on quality or bring in more Aussie imports?
  15. Halifax - The Championship dark horses

    But they only beat Hull KR and Fev because those two had already qualified and rested players, otherwise Toulouse would have got in ahead of them. They couldn't match either of those two in the Qualifiers, neither can they match Fev's income streams generated by their stadium and land. The only thing they've got going for them is the fact they were getting 8K gates when they were doing well in SL. Their fans are fickle though, and the stayaways would only come flooding back if they were successful, which is a problem with most clubs.