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  1. Vaughan Thomas of Fev and Bradford was a Powderhall sprinter along with Mike Murray (Barrow) around the same time (late 60's). When Thomas moved from Fev to Bradford it was said that he and Berwyn Jones (former British record holder) were the fastest pair of wingers in the game.
  2. Looking back on all those defeats at Blackpool, the half-backs have always been second best on the day, even Finny in the NR Cup final! I think that was a mistake on Daryl's part to play Kainy as interchange hooker in Andy Ellis's absence, and Thacks and Tiger played out of their skins for Fax. It's been the same ever since:- Ridyard & Brierley, Barthau & Sammutt, and Murrell and whoever, although Holmes's injury played a massive part last year. I feel more confident about the halves this time, as long as nothing untoward happens to Holmes or Chizzy.
  3. You hang on to win comfortably, unless you have bent or blind officials to award a try to the opposition from a knock on.
  4. Get the game won then bring Holmes on and move Bussey to an extra pivot 13 to give Locky a rest.
  5. The only difference between the two sides was the passing. Broadbent could have had a first half hat trick, but until I watch the replay I don't know whether the two missed chances when he should have scored in the corner were down to him or Sutcliffe? Where he stepped in touch he seemed to be crowded out by Sutcliffe going for the line rather than drawing the winger and passing. Only those near that corner will know whether Broadbent would have scored in that case? On the second occasion it looked to me like the pass was behind him so couldn't take it cleanly? The third occasion was when Chizzy picked up and broke clear only to be flattened by O'Brien's high tackle, but it looked to me like he should have noticed Broadbent on his outside and should have passed rather than stepping inside? Many other missed chances that will probably stick on another day, I'd rather have the lucky breaks when we play such as Legh, Sheffield and Bradford, those matches will be four pointers!
  6. Golding, Briscoe & Newman bring a lot of quality to the side, but McClelland is an unknown factor? Take him out of the equation and it's a very strong line-up, so you never know? Toulouse will be without Stan Robin, but Willie Barthaeu comes in for him, so they will still be very strong in the halves.
  7. No LTS, IIRC Smeaton was right centre? Tommy had Welham alongside him in 2010, then mainly Bozzy, before he moved into the forwards, then mainly Greg Worthington, but Tommy's game was about much more than try scoring, he probably made more yards than any forward in the league?
  8. Not a lot wrong, the forwards were a pale shadow of themselves compared to how they performed against Sheffield and Halifax, but it doesn't make them bad players, and we don't know whether everyone was 100% fit, especially with Brad Day starting on the bench, and playing very few minutes? John Davies didn't seem his usual self either, maybe he's losing confidence after not being an automatic choice in the starting line up? I know it might sound daft but has losing his no.12 shirt affected him, and I also have a feeling he prefers to play down the right rather than the left? Didn't Harrison also play down the left at Batley? I know its probably a minor thing, and coaches say it shouldn't affect a player's performance which side he plays on, but we all know that Tommy Saxton was only half the player on the right wing! Talking of left or right, Briscoe can play either but Watson is more of a runner and kicker than a passer and Reynolds has a much better passing game, so why is Luke playing down the left? Watson seems to have lost his way over the last few weeks, is he missing his brother?
  9. Maybe not Phil, but with relegation for the bottom club and with the position Fartown are in, the last thing they need is the distraction of a cup run. In some ways you could say the same about Rhinos.
  10. The club continues to play its cards close to its chest regarding injury updates, etc, but a Saturday return would be nice for some. Tom Holmes arrived 4 weeks tomorrow and the Huddersfield coach said he was 3/4 weeks away from full fitness. I wonder if he's on schedule or had a setback?
  11. The worrying thing is the suggestion that he has a release clause.
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