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  1. Steve Slater


    Whatever! Jack himself will be feeling the effect of these recent bans in his wage packet, and his next contract negotiations will depend on whether he picks up any more bans in future, whether they are deserved or as a result of past misdemeanours. Personally I think he will he will do Fev proud later in the season, especially if there are less D/R or loan options available at the back end.
  2. Steve Slater


    I doubt whether Fev could have afforded him without his disciplinary record and the lengthy ban he carried over to his new employers? It's in Jack's own interest to clean his act up and if he doesn't it could cost HIM at least £3K a game in future years. Ex referee Dave Merrick is now at Rovers- he'll turn him around.
  3. Steve Slater

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Why all the opposition to a 2nd referendum? The Brexiteers are acting like underdogs who won a sporting contest in dubious circumstances, frightened that if the contest was replayed they would probably lose. If they won a second vote with a clear cut mandate on deal or no deal they would be in a much stronger position.
  4. Steve Slater


    Has everyone seen who the Match Commissioner is?
  5. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Featherstone Rovers versus Sheffield

    Four or five outstanding candidates for me: Locky/Cam Smith in the forwards just ahead of Bussey, and Turner and Golding in the backs . Lockwood Cameron Smith Golding / Turner
  6. Steve Slater

    Challenge Cup draw

    It's a great chance to have a look at some of the outstanding youngsters in the reserves because there might be a few games in April when the D/R and loan options are significantly reduced? Depending on when Fev fly out to Toulouse, if it's before Friday morning Rhinos might be reluctant to let anyone go until after they've played Hull KR on the Thursday. Then we have Easter weekend not long after that when everybody plays twice, so some of the loan players might be required by their parent clubs as well as the D/R? In a worst case scenario Fev could be 4 or 5 players down on the preceding week, so it would be best to blood some back up in the cup games beforehand.
  7. I didn't agree with moving Turner from FB, but what do I know? Golding had his best game so far for Fev and Calum was terrific on the wing, I couldn't fathom why they kept targeting him with high balls because he was as safe as houses, as he always is, but Golding is the better attacking option from FB....for now!
  8. Looks like its going to be wet and windy tomorrow, so you need a strong back three who are good under the high ball, so Turner at FB and Briscoe & Golding on the wings for me, Hardcastle in the centre because of his defensive qualities. Even without Dan Smith, the pack of forwards should be good enough to win the game for Fev as long as there are no silly mistakes or flukes. I'd also be happy to keep Ase at H/B with Reynolds on the bench until he's familiar with the moves. It's the hardest position of all to slot into first game. Unless he's rectified his weaknesses, Ben Blackmore is terrible under the high ball so should be targeted as often as possible if it's as windy as the weatherman says it's going to be.
  9. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Feathersone v Halifax

    Newman Dan Smith Ase Boas So many contenders this week, but it was good to see Ase have his best game for the club so far.
  10. Steve Slater

    Tom Holmes

    If Tom Holmes is roughly 3-4 weeks away he might be back for the Toulouse trip, which might not contain any D/R players, although Leeds play on the Thursday night, so you never know? If he's fully recovered by then it would be nice to have extra cover through the difficult month of April, especially Easter weekend with matches on Good Friday and Easter Monday, with Rhinos also playing on the same days. Loans and D/R players could play a significant part in qualification for the play-offs, but Rovers would need something in place to stop them all being unavailable if their parent clubs are in the SL play-offs!
  11. Steve Slater

    Club statement

    I don't live in the town, but putting Rovers' interests aside, would this be a good thing or a bad thing for the people of Featherstone? As I live in Sharlston I would want it because more housing would bring more shops and supermarkets and persuade me to shop there rather than Normanton. Every time I go into Castleford and emerge from under the M62 bridge I say to myself "How on earth did they get planning permission to build there?" That was proper Green Belt while this is a bit of ugly scrubland we're talking about.
  12. Steve Slater


    From 1975 onwards for a 15 year period they were the most successful side in the country, and were also World Club Championship winners in the days before SL.
  13. I've just managed to watch the full match on Rovers TV, what a fantastic commentary pair the two Jo(e)'s make! Though disappointed with the outcome I'm not desponded and very optimistic for the upcoming games. After all, Fev couldn't have complained if Brad Day had been sent off, which equals out the second half penalty count. It was the weakness on the bench that was the telling factor, i.e. the illness to John Davies and Locky, although the latter did play when he wasn't well enough to. Then the injury to Jackie O, although he did continue to play with lesser effectiveness. This forced Coops to play many more minutes than he's used to and the whole pack was blowing throughout the second half storm that Leigh threw at them. The originally intended bench if fully fit and not suffering from illness would probably have held out? The positives are the superb tries that were scored, especially through the left wing partnership of Briscoe and Teteh, I was worried that Thompson couldn't pass before now but I take it all back. Everyone was raving about Ridyard, but if it hadn't been for that fantastic chase back by Pownall, Watson Boas would have scored, and after his second half try everyone would have been raving about him....I think he's more of a 6 than a 7, although it makes no difference nowadays. Also, the game would have been much closer if the tries had been converted, although the linesman taking Turner 5 metres further out to the touchline after Newman's try was criminal and must be reported to the RFL!
  14. Steve Slater

    M.O.M Leigh v Featherstone

    Daniel Smith Thompson the Terminator Watson Boas, although I'm not convinced about his goalkicking. Luke Briscoe very unlucky to miss out on 3rd spot, the linkup play between him and Teteh was top drawer.
  15. Steve Slater

    M.O.M Leigh v Featherstone

    Whatever works for you Colin.....I couldn't do it at anytime between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening due to family commitments, and I thought Friday morning was too soon, so I used to do it early Sunday mornings. Your circumstances will be different and anything is better than nothing, so it's your choice.