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  1. Aaron Smith at 6 with Keal doing most of the 80 minutes, maybe with Smith playing dummy half on the simple moves early in the tackle count.
  2. Steve Slater

    Permutations then....

    But on the other hand if we needed a certain Mr. Aston to do Fev a favour and hold back the Leigh points avalanche in the final week, would he be so keen to help them out even though Sheffield have been showing good form in recent weeks (Fev game excepted)?
  3. Steve Slater

    Permutations then....

    No way would Fax have beaten Hull KR to make Top4 last season if the cod heads hadn't already got top spot wrapped up.
  4. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Fev V Swinton (A)

    Please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match after today's game at Swinton. First three choices please.
  5. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (H)

    Final voting results for Rochdale (H) :- 1st- Dwyer, 66votes, 3pts 2nd- Lockwood, 38 votes, 2pts 3rd= Thackeray & Wheeldon, 7 votes each, 1pt each.
  6. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (H)

    Sorry Clogdance, but evidence on this thread suggests you weren't at the game or have watched the full match on DVD or RoversTV, so I will disregard your vote.
  7. Steve Slater

    We could still qualify

    41 in front according to my maths Colin. Both Fev and Leigh play Swinton over the next two weeks, so Rovers need to run up a big score tomorrow without injuring any of their players. If there are two similar margins of victory, either London or Toronto need to be well beaten with at least a narrow defeat or better in the other. I still believe the London game will be the toughest, and if they win all their games even beating Toronto might not be enough.
  8. Steve Slater

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    It's interesting in that some of the views he supports could see his own club out in the cold in years to come. He knocks the eights but clubs like his have a far more realistic chance of staying in SL than if we had automatic relegation, which he would have to live with as an opportunity for the expansion clubs to progress if he supports them too.
  9. Steve Slater

    New signings

    Matty Smith would be a good one month loan transfer for both clubs, apart from one caveat- Saints are still in the Challenge Cup and have a semi against Catalans to negotiate on August 5th. No-one's going to catch them for top spot in the regular season so they could do without him, and three matches for Fev would bring him up to speed in case they need him in the Super 8's.
  10. Steve Slater

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    The best possible replacement would normally have been available on Dual Reg, and that's Jordan Lilley. He's not a replacement for Thacks, Wildie or even Holmes, as shown when he played against Toulouse. He's more of a Ridyard/Murrell type, but you don't normally have two of those playing together because you need someone with a bit of zip, which he hasn't got. No chance of getting him with Rhinos current injury crisis though. What's needed is an old head who can take a team around the park, but who's available?
  11. Steve Slater

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    If it's true it's happen as well he didn't get a 7th try against Rochdale then. If he thinks so little of the club he's not worthy of the record.
  12. Steve Slater

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    After watching the re-run on RoversTV I think it was more psychological. The Fev pack was far more dominant in the first half, but Fax were imperious in defence, and wouldn't have let in the tries that Fev conceded. I think it took the fight out of Rovers in the second half, and the slack way in which they let Ben Kay score was a real killer. Well done Joe and Ryan on the commentary though, in Joanne's absence. I hope Ryan will be available again next week at Swinton. Joanne should be back but Joseph will be on holiday this time.
  13. Steve Slater

    And so Lemming season begins!!

    I think Swinton might? They lost to Rochdale yesterday, who Fev put 80 past the week before. I know you shouldn't approach a game thinking about the margin of victory but they need to win by more than Leigh beat Rochdale by, which could also close the PD gap on London, who co-incidentally play Fax next week. That game will also give an indication of how good Fax are- They almost beat Leigh at LSV the other week! It might just be a case of the fact Oxy might be right about them being the best part-time outfit at the moment? Fev fans can be arrogant at times and wouldn't want to swallow that bitter pill, but losing to a better side on the day doesn't make them incapable of winning the next two games and going to Toronto with everything to play for against side who will only be playing for pride. We'll see over the next two weeks after Fax have played London and Toulouse and Fev have also played the Broncos?
  14. Steve Slater

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    Two great clubs that have simply refused to go away no matter how much the multi-millionaires prop their sides up with. Trouble is this all-important game won't get a single mention on Look North or Calendar, same with the Heavy Woollen derby. No wonder clubs are struggling to keep going no matter how much quality they produce.
  15. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Fax (A)

    Please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match after today's game against Halifax at The Shay. First three choices please.