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    At the half-way stage of the regular season the voting for the Man of the Match trophy stands as such:- 1st with 24 points: Luke Briscoe 2nd with 11 points: Tom Holmes 3rd= with 6 points: Martin Ridyard & Matty Wildie 5th with 5 points: Mitch Clark 6th with 4 points: Josh Hardcastle 7th= with 3 points: John Davies & Keal Carlile 9th= with 2 points: Anthony Thackeray, Harry Newman & Frankie Mariano 12th= with 1 point: Misi Taulapapa, Ian Hardman, Luke Cooper & Brad Knowles.
  2. M.O.M. Fev V Barrow (A)

    Final voting results for Barrow (A):- 1st- Wildie, 14 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Carlile, 13 votes, 2pts. 3rd- Briscoe, 11 votes, 1pt.
  3. M.O.M. Fev V Doncaster (Cup)

    Please vote for your Rovers' Man of the Match after today's cup game at Doncaster. First three choices please.
  4. QLT

    Isn't he older than Hardman? Just because Misi carries on into his mid 30's doesn't mean everyone can, it's more about the attitude of the player. I've seen the player but don't know the man inside so cannot comment.
  5. Major announcement

    It astounds me that planning permission wasn't granted years ago for what is virtually a piece of scrubland. It is nowhere near as "greenfield" as the two sites where permission was granted over false promises to build Cas and Wakey new grounds. Maybe MC is happy with the steady progress and is looking to utilise the land at the right time when he feels the club is ready for a real push for Super League status?
  6. Although Doncaster are doing well in League 1, there should be enough confidence within the squad to beat them, whoever plays. Squad management can be just as important as picking the best team available and those in need of a game should get one in case we need them over the next few weeks, and also to keep them happy. Those prevented from playing by their parent clubs will most likely be unavailable when the eights come around, or maybe well before that.
  7. M.O.M. Fev V Barrow (A)

    Ridyard Newman Carlile
  8. Major announcement

    It would be cheaper to surface Halfpenny Lane and build the new facility somewhere around there to combine with the Fev cricket and soccer facilities to make a Sports Village. I doubt if they'd need a massive stadium but they could then use Fev for big matches. It would also provide an alternative way into the LD Stadium from Pontefract, with parking available at the new rugby club and a new footpath adjacent to the railway line on the south side.
  9. M.O.M. Fev V Dewsbury (H)

    Final voting result for Dewsbury (H):- 1st- Wildie, 64 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Holmes, 35 votes, 2pts. 3rd- Cooper, 31 votes, 1pt. Special mention for Harry Newman, who came a clear 4th with 17 votes. Please vote on the Barrow game if you went, or when you've viewed the full match on DVD or RoversTV. Now we are at the half-way stage of the regular season I will publish the current leader board when all votes are in, hopefully on Sunday.
  10. M.O.M. Fev V Rochdale (A)

    Final voting results for Rochdale (A):- 1st- Briscoe, 22 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Newman, 18 votes, 2pts. 3rd- Knowles, 12 votes, 1pt.
  11. Major announcement

    Two spare tickets on the plane to Toronto????? Raffle to start next Thursday????
  12. M.O.M. Fev V Barrow (A)

    Please vote for your Rovers' Man of the Match after today's match up at Barrow. First three choices please.
  13. Rugby

    The numpty on Talksport on the radio this evening announced they were going to talk to their correspondent leading up to this evening's Rugby Union game between Leeds Rhinos and Wigan. Where do they get these people from?
  14. I expect the first half to be similar to the recent home games against Swinton and Dewsbury. Barrow will try to put Fev off their stride, and much will depend on referee Tom Crashley. Fev tend to be ill disciplined early on through frustration and intimidation, but the weaker, more inexperienced refs tend to even up the penalty count later in the game, and the opposition also tend to give more penalties away as they tire. I think it will be tight at half-time, possibly with Fev trailing, but I expect them to pull away in the second half to win by a couple of scores.
  15. Former players bash Friday night at 7.30

    Nashy Where Are You- Please check your PM's, I have sent you a private message, I must know you from your time at Fev juniors but can't work out who you are? Regarding tomorrow night- Sorry I can't make it due to family illness.