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  1. Steve Slater

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    It should be up to £500K, but not necessarily the full amount. If it's meant for paying existing contracts it shouldn't be used to find replacements for those that are moving on, and don't forget that for every player still under contract the club doesn't have to fork out for a lower cost replacement.
  2. Steve Slater

    2019 Squad

    Newman definitely has the talent but he still has a lot to learn with respect to his overall game. Besides his defence he needs to learn when to come out of the defensive line and when to stay put. His error in that respect led to Igbinedion's try on Sunday. He also gave the ball away twice in trying to score:- When he was held up over the line after a brilliant run, he lost the ball in trying to get the ball down, and in the first half he tried a kick through to the line that didn't come off. At Fev he will be forgiven because his tries far outweigh his mistakes, but Super League sides demand less errors. A full season at Fev would do both Harry and the Rhinos a world of good, then he could go back to them in 2020 as the finished article.
  3. Steve Slater


    When will the penny drop with those running the RFL and Super League? All they go on about is a club's potential and how many fans they can attract if they are successful? Wigan, Warrington & Saints, and Leeds every other season, won't let them be successful. So they might have one good season where they get decent crowds, but can they sustain it????……..NO! What Super League, and the game as a whole, needs is fresh new blood every season that sensible promotion and relegation brings, and the only sensible solution is two up, two down. This would also make the Championship title race more appealing and also give any relegated club a decent chance to claw their way back. One up one down is simply self preservation, maybe that's what SL stands for (Self-preservation League)?
  4. Steve Slater

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    Does this mean that Degsy could be back? Realistically though, to implement for the start of next season would be unfair on those that competed for a top 4 place and won, but it would be completely fair if funds were spread more evenly at the end of next season, probably with a slight increment between each individual league placing. That way every club would have something to play for right up to the very last game.
  5. Please vote for your Rovers' Man of the Match after today's Championship Shield game against Dewsbury. First three choices please. Votes from sensible Dewsbury fans also welcome Graham.
  6. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Sheffield (8's)

    Final voting result for Sheffield (8's) 1st- Thackeray, 12 votes, 3pts. 2nd= Davies & Newman, 11 votes each, 2 pts each.
  7. Steve Slater


    I can understand Lenaghan and his cohorts, but I can't understand the Chairmen of those clubs making up the numbers in SL. The Eights and the MPG were a subtle way of giving the bottom club a second chance to avoid relegation. Now that safety net has been removed, every year one of them will be evicted from their virtually assured tenancy and will find it much harder to get back in with the increasing number of overseas clubs making a challenge. By the time they've finished there will be six or less heartland clubs and the rest will be overseas plus London, who will finally get bigger crowds once the competition has an international appeal. I just hope that the other clubs will survive to come back to the fold to make a strong and healthy Championship.
  8. Steve Slater

    2019 Squad

    Can't see them letting Newman come on a season long loan, he could even break into their first team as the season goes on. But I can see him being at Fev early in the season until they get some injuries, which would be nice if Walton's not ready early on. If the evil D/R continues into next season it might even work out well for Fev this time?
  9. Steve Slater


    Update after Leigh game in the 8's: Briscoe, 27 points; Davies, 19 points; Holmes, 16 points; Thackeray, 13 points; Hardcastle, 12 points; Wildie, 10 points.
  10. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    Final voting for Leigh (8's) 1st- John Davies, 49 votes, 3pts 2nd- Misi Taulapapa, 40 votes, 2 pts 3rd- Josh Hardcastle, 26 votes, 1pt.
  11. Steve Slater

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (8's)

    Finally got finish watching on RoversTV Davies Thackeray Newman
  12. Steve Slater

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Slightly off topic this one, but still concerning the final weekend of the Championship regular season. What does everyone think about Toronto and Toulouse being at home on the final day of the season when they both play on Saturday's? The teams playing Sunday on the final weekend have a distinct advantage in that they know exactly what they have to do and how many points they need to win by.
  13. Steve Slater

    Now Featherstone with 15!

    Wasn't that before the deadline though? After Fax beat Toulouse their place in the Top 4 was virtually guaranteed a week early. Not so last year however- Going to Hull KR on the final day was a tough task, and well done Fax, but signing players good enough for the Qualifiers before that game would have been a huge financial risk. This year's Championship was that close at the top it could even have gone down to points difference on the final day, and we all know Mark Campbell too well to know he wouldn't have taken that financial risk. I don't think that fielding a reduced bench is half as embarrassing for the game as overspending with money you don't have then going into administration.
  14. Nowhere near. Good scrum half, just not as good as Deryck Fox but cost nearly as much as Fev got for Foxy.
  15. I know it would have been cruel on Skolars, but why wasn't this game played on the eve of the Challenge Cup Final?