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  1. Has anyone seen a current copy of Rugby League Journal yet? It's just come out and contains a feature on Fev's 1967 cup win, written by former club secretary Ron Bailey. Can't wait to get down to Dransfields to get my hands on it!
  2. Thought he was Sheffield player, and Bradford thought he was a free agent but they wouldn't release him? I wouldn't disregard any player that Mark Aston rates though judging by the ex-Sheffield players in the squad.
  3. I'm not worried about the squad, whoever plays will do a fine job. It's like revolving doors, every time we get an injury whoever comes in puts in a performance that makes it difficult to leave them out. Thackeray, Hardman and the two hookers are the only players without adequate top class cover and they seem fit and available at present. An extra prop, Baldy or Jackie O would be nice though.
  4. After tonight's game against Dewsbury has ended please vote for your Rovers' Man of the Match. 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices please.
  5. Final voting result for Halifax (Cup): 1st: Turner, 58 votes, 3pts 2nd: Thackeray, 53 votes, 2pts 3rd: Davies, 29 votes, 1pt.
  6. Final Voting for Rochdale (A) 1st: Turner, 28 votes, 3pts. 2nd: Thackeray, 20 votes, 2pts 3rd: Hardman, 14 votes, 1pt.
  7. There is a logical case for playing Briggs. I know coaches say take one game at a time, but next week at the Summer Bash, the game against London is a real four-pointer. Besides the two points for the victory it's vitally important to deny London the two. Anyone who's not played for a while needs a game tomorrow so they are ready to step in next week if anything happens such as viruses, injuries in training, or even injuries sustained against Dewsbury tomorrow. Judging by the performance against Hull KR, whoever plays won't significantly weaken the team.
  8. I would give Griffin a rest ahead of the Summer Bash, unless someone has a niggle?
  9. Why not just say we're the biggest small town club in British sport! A bigger club than Halifax which has 5 times the population.
  10. We don't need them until the re-arranged mid-week fixture that your coach was happy to avoid. They'll come in very handy then so a few of ours can have a rest.
  11. They've announced over 5,000 today against Barrow, so it should at least be 6K plus against Fev, probably a lot more as interest grows at the Q/F stage. Will get more than they would at Fev which would compensate for the loss of bar and food takings and the home side's cut for staging the game. 40% of 6k at average £15 entry (probably a lot more at Headingley) would equate to £36K at least, which ain't bad.
  12. I read the Swinton match report in League Express and noticed he wasn't playing. They'll probably get a replacement if he's going to be out that long.
  13. After tonight's cup game against Halifax please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match First three choices please.
  14. The selection dilemma in the threequarters will be interesting with Briscoe back. Before his suspension he was un-droppable, but now that mantle has been taken by Turner, so will it be Misi, Hardcastle or Ulugia to miss out? I predict Fev to win the try count 4-3, but Fax could still nick it on goal kicks?
  15. That's a comforting reply Maureen. Going full time would cost more than first seems apparent. With no reserve competition and a D/R arrangement with another full time club probably unworkable you would need a much bigger squad than the current one, with nearly half of them sat in the stands most weeks.