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  1. I can't see JS applying any sentiment to his team selection, but rather a good deal of common sense, weighing up what's best for the club, both on the day and throughout the season. If Delaney is worth a place and he does pick him, then he goes back to the Rhinos, it would probably ensure the availability of Baldwinson, and maybe Ormondroyd, in weeks to come. He would have to weigh that up against any demotivation factor within Fev's contracted players, but this is a squad game nowadays, and rotation can be a good thing if the players buy into being rested.
  2. I can see a falling out coming soon. Last year the D/R arrangement went well due to the heavy injury toll at Fev, although they could have done with Handley and Lilley a bit more often when Briggs and Turner were out. But how can Jon Sharp drop any of last week's team to satisfy McDermotts needs unless someone is injured? If anything, second rowers and centres are the least needed, unless he intends to play him or Mariano at prop?
  3. Excellent post. I always hold the opinion that the coach is as important as your two best players, maybe even more, which is why I was puzzled when Bulldogs were tipped to finish above Fev, who had retained a very good coach. Diskin might come up trumps eventually, but the odds on him emulating John Kear at such an early stage were very slim indeed. Take heart though, the close season recruitment looks good and you've already beaten Fax, who will be in the mix come July. With the Bulls being on -12 and Toulouse not as good away from home I would still tip you for 4th spot.
  4. In my League Express report I gave my overall M.O.M. to Fev's Keal Carlile, but the Bulldogs M.O.M. to Alistair Leak because I thought both hookers were excellent. My second for Batley would be Dave Scott and the third Walker. I would have picked Brambani in the three because of his try, but in other areas he was clearly second best to Thackeray, when before the game I would have expected the individual try to come from the Fev no.7 but Dom to win in terms of game management and creating chances, although he was playing behind a beaten pack. 1. Leak 2. Scott 3. Walker Good thread RB by the way, keep it up.
  5. You are also welcome to go on the Fev forum and vote for their Man of the match too.
  6. Please vote for your Featherstone Man of the Match after todays game, 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices please. Also, if you feel inclined you can go on the Batley forum and vote for their Man of the Match too.
  7. He was rated higher than Hardisty before he left for Oz. A certain future international if ever there was one.
  8. Fair point Phil, but come next Sunday we might be wishing we had Brambani in our side if conditions are as bad again, but would you want him over Briggs or Thackeray for the whole season? There are some fantastic kicking half backs in the Championship that are well suited to winter conditions, but most of them wouldn't be good enough for Fev, especially in summer.
  9. 1. Ulugia 2. Davies 3. Thackeray
  10. Historically, Fev can't play in conditions like this. Good Friday a couple of seasons ago London pulled off a shock because they kicked better to the standing water at the top end, and even under Daryl Batley beat us in a NR Cup game when they weren't as good as they are today, with a big kicking half back and a big set of forwards on a quagmire pitch. Having said that, Thackeray was outstanding in conditions unsuited to his type of game. We need Briggs's kicking game for the full 80 if we get conditions like that again, you can't play fancy rugby with a bar of soap.
  11. Final Voting Result for Halifax (away) 1st.- Josh Hardcastle- 55 votes- 3pts. 2nd- Jordan Baldwqinson- 50 votes- 2pts. 3rd- Andy Bostock- 24 votes- 1pt.
  12. Please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match after today's home game against Oldham. 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices please.
  13. I agree Mark, although because you live abroad your need must be greater than mine. But sometimes I feel like the people who sell their car to "We buy any" in that as the week goes on the enthusiasm for travelling to Fev to buy the DVD diminishes as I struggle to find the time, which is more valuable than the £5 cost of the DVD. I think that if the game could be downloaded on-line a few hours after the game, the demand would be huge if you could pay £5 via the club website. I know Jamie puts in the hours to perfect the DVD, yet values his time and it wouldn't be appropriate to ask him to do this on a Sunday night on a voluntary basis. But I think it would be cost effective to pay good money to ask him to do this if at all willing in order to get it on-line as quickly as possible.
  14. Joseph's back on Sunday Joanne, after being sent to the Oldham-Sheffield game which clashed with Halifax, so an extra pair of eyes should help with player identification. Joe says he intends to put a post on here about his assessment of the Oldham side, which should be interesting.
  15. I run the Fev M.O.M., and advised RB on how to set it up and where to go for sponsorship. It's been going 3 years now and is very popular. I normally give it a week before totting up the votes so that it gives time for some to pick up the DVD from the club shop on a Saturday morning. I also post a link on the Fev facebook page asking fans to vote on this forum. I also encourage opposition fans to vote on the Fev M.O.M. as this is often an unbiased view, whereas the host fans can have their favourites fans. Good luck with it RB, I hope all goes well.