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  1. 2018 Squad.

    What I would like to know is what the players do for jobs? The signing of Tom Holmes has been well publicised but there is no mention anywhere of what he will do now he's left a full-time club. Same with most players that have signed over the last 12 months, most of whom have come from full-time. What are they doing through the day? This is important because it affects whether a player would come to the club or not, so what's the point of talking about the likes of Ford or Sammut?

    Embarrassing has become something of a keyword at Fev over the last 10 years or so. No matter how well the side has been playing they've always had a performance like that in them, even when Daryl Powell was coach. In 2011 they were practically unbeatable in the Championship yet Saints put 70 past them with no reply. The following season while they were beating Cas and running Wigan close they suffered embarrassing drubbings at home to Sheffield and Halifax. And the malaise has continued, no matter how well the team has been playing there's always been the odd game where they've rolled over and had their bellies tickled, and its not just against the best, who can forget the feeble surrender against Whitehaven a few weeks into Jon Sharp's tenure? It's happened under every coach so why call for Duffy's head, although he will be under pressure if the side don't do what they've always done in the past- Put it behind them and come back with a win in the next game.
  3. M.O.M. Rovers V Warrington

    Please vote for your Featherstone Man of the Match after today's game against Warrington. First three choices please.
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Trouble with Kyle is the squad has been built around him and Thacks over the last couple of seasons but he's been either injured or at loggerheads with the coach most of the time, otherwise they would have finished in the Top 2 and done better in the Qualifiers IMO. More reliability is vital at half-back, and if he went to Fax it would be a big risk to have him as first choice, but it might pay off if he plays all season.
  5. 2018 Squad.

    Crying shame! It makes their achievements in being a thorn in Fev's side over the last 8 years even more remarkable.
  6. R.I.P Steve Evans

    So many fond memories of Steve, from watching him in the juniors and marking him down as a future international, right through to when he left to join Hull for a £70K fee that was only £2K shy of the world record. He almost got us to Wembley in '78 with an outstanding display against Leeds in the semi at Odsal, but sadly he lost the ball over the line after a great break worthy of a match winning try. RIP Steve.
  7. Take heart from the Hull KR-Catalans result Rob, that's what happens when one side wants it more than the other.
  8. I reckon they'll ease their way back in because they won't want to get injured either, neither will England certs like Hill.
  9. Sometimes the reserve players can be more dangerous, they have more to play for. Players returning from injury might treat it like a pre-season friendly if there's nothing at stake?
  10. This is probably Fev's best chance of beating Super League opposition, So I would hope we get a big local crowd. I don't know whether many Warrington fans will turn up because they're already promoted, but the big issue is whether their star players will turn up on the pitch? A few pointers to suggest a possible Fev win are their own performance, and Hull KR's, against Halifax in the last two games of the regular season after both clubs had already qualified for the Top 4. Then there's John Duffy's victory with Swinton over Huddersfield in the Challenge Cup. Maybe The Giants weren't taking it too seriously on that day, but will the same apply to The Wire on Sunday?Last Saturday's performance against Catalans suggests any side not giving it 100% will come unstuck.
  11. 2018 Squad.

    What's the current situation regarding the lease on The Shay Blues OX? Are they still not allowed to make anything on beer and food sales? I can remember Calderdale Council selling their own beer at the north side of the Skircoat Stand, which to me was scandalous, and still is if it still applies. Having said that, Fax probably get more help from the council than Fev do.
  12. 2018 Squad.

    I would imagine that over the year Fev will have taken approaching £100K more than Fax in profits from beer sales etc., and income from the Challenge Cup games, and the bigger gates in the Qualifiers. That would go a long way toward offering bigger contracts- Unless Calderdale Council are now allowing the club to sell their own beer?
  13. M.o.M. Rovers V Catalans

    I see that my League Express colleague Ricky Wilby nominated Thackeray as the Fev Man of the Match.
  14. Hope at times is the only thing that keeps us all going, and no-one has the right to take away that hope. And as you say it may never happen, especially with the way the goalposts keep moving. The Fev-Fax games are the highlight of my season, going way back to the mid 80's through family connections. My nephew is a former neighbour and very good friend of Dave Singer but was born a Fev fan. Due to the bad feeling between fans since 2010 the family has stopped attending these games. It's not the same going without them but I still look forward to it.
  15. It was meant as a bit of humour Blues Ox, but realistically I think Fev are more interested in the money at present to help in their plans to get themselves on a sound financial footing before they even think about making a push for Super League. In a few years time they will be totally self sustaining through other income sources associated with the stadium. Once that day comes they will be difficult to ignore, whether it's promotion or licencing.