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  1. At Least all the Catalans home games are live on TV. These continental fixtures can be cruel on those fans who travel home or away no matter what but find a trip to France too inconvenient or expensive.
  2. Don't you rate any of the Batley forwards then Blues Ox?
  3. Thackeray- Peter Bird in League Express also gave him overall M.O.M, and so did the French journos. Briggs Griffin
  4. Maybe Ian Hardman could convince him that you can combine a coaching role at Rhinos while playing part-time at Fev?
  5. I would like a fully fit Kyle Briggs in the form he was at the back end of last season. If that cannot be guaranteed we should cut our losses and go for another creative half back who can kick as well as Barthau, Brambani et al. Ian is a revelation with the kicking tee and he says it is all down to practice (he used to kick goals as a junior), and since he took over the captaincy he's been as safe as houses, but we could do with a utility who can cover several positions including full back. I thought that would have been Briscoe, but since he came back from suspension then injury he's been a pale shadow of the player he was earlier in the season, his defending of kicks has been poor and his confidence has been shattered. He needs to get back to his best in the 8's or a replacement will be needed. So yes, I would love Will Sharp back, but not as first choice full back.
  6. Thanks for your vote Peter, and thank you for your hospitality on Saturday. I look forward to reading your match report in League Express.
  7. When I first heard about Farrell my first thoughts were about John Davies's knee injury. Do we know how JD is and whether he'll be ok for the start of the 8's? We certainly missed him on Saturday because Toulouse were very good out on the fringes and maybe he would have prevented the ball getting out to Minga, who is a class winger. Regarding Farrell, he will know the new coach's style of play and the middle 8's will be tough and could produce even more injuries than the regular season.
  8. Can't understand why deadline is before regular season ends? Clubs that achieve their goals might be looking to bring in new players, even if only on short term loan, while those that miss their target might wish to off load some to reduce their wage bill. In the case of Fax and Toulouse, neither club will know until Sunday.
  9. It might be to address the inbalance in the squad? Top heavy with back rowers and centres, light on props and pivots. We'll see if we get any more of those in before the deadline?
  10. Good luck to John, he's inherited a very good side with a soft underbelly- The inability to deal with top class tactical kickers. If he can sort that out without losing any of the team's strengths he won't lose many games. If he can't sort the defending of kicks out the Super League sides will murder us in the qualifiers.
  11. I didn't find out until late last night, was away from the phone and computer, but I must say I'm shocked. JS has done a good job, and with a bit more luck could have been in pole for 2nd place. I'm pretty sure Sunday's defeat was more about mind set and if they hadn't had to play London directly after the Swinton mid-week fixture they would have beaten them, his contract would have been renewed, and they would have put a full strength side out against Fax and beaten them too. I do wonder though whether the side's constant problem in dealing with high calibre kickers had anything to do with it? But sport's not like that, and its similar to the way Andy Hay departed, losing to Dewsbury probably through fatigue after that marvellous win at Bradford earlier in the week. The timing then was even worse than now, at least Top 4 has already been achieved this time, and if it had happened after the qualifiers the new guy would have struggled to bring in the players he wants. I do feel it is a risk though as the prize differentials in the middle 8's are huge. Thank's for your efforts Jon, Danny and Billy, in my eyes you've done a great job!
  12. Please vote for your Featherstone Man of the Match after today's game against Halifax. 1st 3 choices please. With only the Fax, Toulouse, and London games still to be voted on, the Social Media Award for the regular season will go to either John Davies, currently on 23 points, Anthony Thackeray, on 22 points, or Scott Turner, currently on 19.
  13. Hold that quote, as there has been problems with the DVD, I will leave it open a while longer in case anyone wants to pick up a DVD from the club shop. If you still want to vote after watching the DVD please post on here to give me an idea as to when to close the topic. As it currently stands Carlile and Griffin have 4 votes each and Wildie and Ormandroyd have 3 apiece. The top of the Leader Board for the Social Media Trophy is very tight, with John Davies leading on 23 points and Anthony Thackery a point behind on 22. Scott Turner is a clear third on 19 points. Thank you for your integrity on this one, it would have been so easy to vote for your favourite without going to the game or watching the DVD.
  14. Final voting for Oldham (A) 1st- Knowles, 30 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Griffin, 17 votes, 2pts. 3rd- Thackeray, 15 votes, 1pt.
  15. No more votes despite being asked to leave the poll open. I will close this poll tomorrow evening giving DVD viewers another 24 hours. Please vote if you've seen the game as this year we will announce a winner of the regular season.