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  1. And let Bradford fans get on with booking their trip to Toulouse..........Enjoy the ride, whatever the season may bring.
  2. John, Many of those fans don't know how Bradford fans should feel, and half of them know much less about Super League than them, but they do know the Championship and League 1 inside out, and this debate has now changed course to how they should navigate their way through this season, to which they feel well qualified to add comment.
  3. Did I say concentrate on the final 7 games? Maybe prioritising would be a better word. Of course the 22 games throughout the final season will be important, but the final 7 will be absolutely vital, and most of them four pointers. Then at the end, you only have to finish above 4 clubs to make the Shield semi-final, and if they did that despite the 12 point penalty they would be fully capable of winning an away semi against the top club and winning the final. Maybe small fry you might say but it would be a stepping stone for next year when the proper rebuilding could begin without any penalties or a shortfall on season ticket income. Apart from the top 4 clubs, everyone else will probably be spending less, so why should it be Roy of the Rovers stuff? If money talks, which is the idea they seem to be sticking to, you should be a able to make 12 points up over 30 games on clubs made up of players on far lower wages. Let me get to the Bookies, I fancy them for the Championship Shield.
  4. I'm worried by all this "We're doomed!" talk, suggesting relegation is a certainty. True, with the 12 points deduction they may well be in the bottom two at the end of the first part of the season, but then they would have another 7 games in the eights without the top 4 clubs to contend with. If I was the Chairman I would concentrate on winning those 7 games above all else, because a shock win against a top 4 side is only worth two points, whilst a victory against a lower table side could end up being worth four. I would also hold some money back for the transfer deadline, any clubs that don't meet their expectations might be looking to offload some players off their wage bill if their season is gone. Strengthen for the 8's, like Wakefield did in 2015( which is the main reason Bradford are in the state they are today) and you will avoid relegation. Do that and things will look up for 2018 as you will get to keep the season ticket money. Oh, and another thing- Get yourself a coach who knows and understands the Championship! If you must have a former player who's an ex-international, the only one mentioned who understands the Championship is Karl Harrison, and the only reason he lost his job was that he couldn't quite match Daryl Powell, John Kear, and Beaumont's millions! He still had success at Fax and Batley though, but the clubs wanted more even when there were much stronger squads around.
  5. Ethics aside, one or two are suggesting he's not good enough, but its only a few years ago that folk on this forum were saying he was probably the only one in the squad that was good enough for Super League. If he does sign he will add a different kind of versatility in that he can also play in the front row, which is probably where his future lies.
  6. I hope all Toulouse's home games are going to be televised too, for the sake of the regular away supporters who can't afford to travel there? If not, let's have some live video streaming please back to the club house, or a pay as you view website. Not too bothered about the quality, the video recording for disciplinary purposes with the away club's commentator will suffice as long as the away fans get to see the game. My flight is booked though so it won't affect me, but many regular away travellers will miss out.
  7. Can you please vote on your Rovers' Man of the Match after today's game. 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices as usual please.
  8. It's not feasible as part of the regular league campaign, we have enough complaints about players turning out twice over Easter, so games postponed due to bad weather would cause similar problems. It does leave a void over Christmas and New Year though and maybe a mini competition between local clubs might suffice instead of some of the pre-season friendlies? You'd need at least 4 clubs to make up a competition though and some areas might not have this. Also, I love travelling to far flung places on a Sunday afternoon when the motorway is quite. I wouldn't attempt it in mid-winter storms.
  9. I hope it doesn't come to it Adey, too many people care about the club. Trouble is there are so many different points of view, no matter how well meaning.
  10. You've quoted delusions of grandeur Adey by suggesting that a lot of people with the skills or clout to resurrect the club would be reluctant to do so......Why? You could gain a lot of satisfaction in seeing your club work its way up from the bottom. The fans are there if you can get them on side, if they stick with the club they might even enjoy it.
  11. My brother Ian (Slater) played for Northern in the mid-70's and I can recall him telling me while he was with them that there were plans for Northern to move to Park Avenue while it was still in fairly decent nick and only needed a small amount of work. Odsal was to be converted to a landfill site. Can any long-standing Bulls fans remember this and recall why it never happened? They would probably have been much better off over the years and probably not in the state they are in today? I used to watch a lot of Northern in those days, especially when the mighty (at that time) Fev were away. They used to be one of my favourite clubs until Caisley's vile comments "Don't compare us with the likes of Featherstone." - What goes around comes around. Bradford need to drop the delusions of grandeur and look toward building a club that can survive without winning everything in sight, otherwise we'll all be here again in the near future..
  12. I would trust Jon Sharp's judgement over any Fev or Batley fan, maybe not John Kear though, but he's gone and that is why I expect Fev to finish above Batley.
  13. Was he the Frank Smith that was caretaker at Castleford Technical High (now Airedale High) in the 1960's? Because I believe he was in the Cas side that won the Cup in 1935. I didn't know he was Cheyenne's Dad though!
  14. They were a very good club up until the mid-80's, often labelled a Yo-Yo club because for the previous years they had been hovering between the bottom of Div.1 and the top of Div.2, which in today's money would be on a similar scale to Salford or Leigh. They had a very good season in 1980-81 in which they won promotion by topping Div,2 above the mighty Wigan. A few years later, in 1984 they knocked Cas out of the Challenge Cup to reach the semi's. Later that year Fev signed Steadman from them and they seemed to go downhill after that. Moving away from Wiggington Road seemed to hit them hard. IMO a successful York would be just as important as another expansion club, because in my view they are not from the heartlands, and while not being the biggest of cities it is one of the most iconic, and far bigger than Wakefield.
  15. He used to be nicknamed "Cheyenne" while at Fev because he was extremely tall and resembled the actor Clint Walker who played the eponymous western hero Cheyenne Bodie.