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  1. M.O.M. Fev V Sheffield

    Please vote for you Rovers Man of the Match after today's game against Sheffield. First three choices please.
  2. M.O.M. Fev V London Broncos (A)

    Final voting for London(A) game:- 1st- Briscoe, 29 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Hardcastle, 13 votes, 2pts 3rd- Taulapapa, 9 votes, 1pt.
  3. I thought this was a thread about speculating on who will or will not play, and what the score will be? "OUR" lads are getting thin on the ground, and you have to look at the bigger picture when speculating who will or will not play. JD is not a Fev fan and has targets to meet which could cost him his job if he doesn't deliver, so he will be looking at who's available from Leeds, especially with next week's extremely winnable game against Leigh in mind. I don't care who plays as long as we win on Sunday and go to Leigh with the best prepared squad available. If that means including D/R players either next week or to rest one or two against Sheffield then so be it. It's an evil system but we might as well make the best of it!
  4. Can't see many D/R players being available, Rhinos have a real glut of injuries, especially in the forwards. Maybe Handley will be available if fit, I heard he had a muscle strain last week?
  5. Stadium's.

    The option to change ends at half time is a big plus for me.
  6. Mitch Clark was the winner of last week's Man of the Match vote against Toulouse with a massive 73 votes. Luke Briscoe was second with 33 and John Davies third with 30. Please vote for your Fev Man of the Match against London Broncos after the game has finished, or at the first opportunity after watching the full replay on the DVD or RoversTV. No voting from just the highlights or the audio feed please. First three choices please.
  7. M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    Final voting for Toulouse (H) 1st- Mitch Clark, 73 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Luke Briscoe, 33 votes, 2pts. 3rd- John Davies, 30 votes, 1pt.
  8. Do we know that Ash Handley was definitely available? I don't think Leeds would want him to play on a plastic pitch simply to avoid injury to a Fev player?
  9. I would play the best team available on Sunday then rest one or two to give others a game the week after against Sheffield before the big one away at Leigh. No sentiment against the Leythers, strongest team available a must again, then Swinton and the cup game which should give opportunity to give others another chance.
  10. Yes, and I checked the Rhinos' website. It doesn't say anything about him, but there was a squad photo with only 19 players, no names attached but I didn't recognise him on it, so it looks like they only took 19 and no Handley? If he's not gone to Oz it looks pretty certain he will be available on Sunday.
  11. Does anyone know whether Handley has travelled to Melbourne with Rhinos for the World Club Challenge? He's not in 19 man squad but I would have thought they would have taken extra cover with them. If so I can't see him being back in time to recover from jet lag and be fit to play?
  12. M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (H)

    Martyn Ridyard won the first M.O.M. poll of the season with 46 votes, with Tom Holmes just behind on 42 votes from the opening tie against Halifax. Please vote for your Rovers' Man of the Match for today's game against Toulouse. First three choices please.
  13. M.O.M. Fev V Halifax

    Final voting results for Halifax (H) League game:- 1st- Martyn Ridyard, 46 votes, 3pts. 2nd- Tom Holmes, 42 votes, 2pts. 3rd- Luke Briscoe, 23 votes, 1pt.
  14. Mariano is a second rower and plays better out wide, but there's no dislodging Davies and Farrell at the moment so he's having to play more up the middle where he's not particularly suited regardless of his size. Locky has a far higher work rate and can cover any position in the pack. I'd like Frankie out wide for the last twenty minutes but you can't have everything when you have to spell the props.
  15. Keinhorst and Ormondroyd both played for Leeds last night so won't be available on D/R but I wonder if JD will use any of those that are, simply because the Rhinos are down under next week and play on the Sunday the week after? The next time their 18th & 19th men will be available will be the Leigh-Fev game on 4th March because Leeds play on the Friday.