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  1. Why, OG? Fax have a decent success rate at Fev, even if they can't beat them at The Shay. With Bostock out and no Dual Reg as back up Fev will only have 3 recognised props, 4 if you count Lockwood. If Cahalane and Tangata are fit you should have the advantage up front. Whoever wins could be disadvantaged in the Top 4 race with the extra game, so losing might not be a bad thing either!
  2. What would we do if we got Barrow at home? Would we have another 50th anniversary celebration, and play it on the Saturday which would be 13th May, exactly 50 years to the day?
  3. Bostock didn't return for the second half, gone for X-Ray on a suspected broken hand, so we could be bailed out by the Dual Reg system until he returns. It could keep JS in a job, because our season always goes downhill once Bozzy gets injured. Handley and Turner the best wingers while Briscoe is out, but how do you accommodate Misi with Hardcastle and Ulugia scoring for fun?
  4. After today's cup tie against Oldham has ended please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match. 1st three choices please.
  5. Final voting for Bradford (H) 1st- Cooper, 57 votes, 3pts 2nd- Turner, 46 votes, 2pts 3rd- Aston, 26 votes, 1pt
  6. Final Voting for Hull KR (A):- 1st - Davies, 31 votes, 3pts 2nd - Griffin, 14 votes, 2pts 3rd = Thackeray &, Johnson, 6 votes each, 1pt each.
  7. Steady on Graham, you're not allowed to dream in Rugby League. Any more results like good Friday and the RFL will be having palpitations, they might have to think of another way of keeping the Bulls up. Don't you know you're supposed to be the sacrificial lambs (or should we say Rams) to the slaughter.
  8. Good move for Sam and the club. If Top 4 is the priority, now is the ideal time to get his initial month over with, then he can be recalled if needed after that. He will be competing with Robbie Ward for a bench spot, and after having them both at Fev I know which I'd rather have! Well done Ryan Sparks for suggesting he gave Neil Kelly a call.
  9. The three defeats have all been within 8 points, to two very good sides and the other beaten by the conditions and taking the wrong option on penalties. Yes, I would settle for that too, especially with the way the squad is shaping up. One of JS's toughest tasks will be to keep everyone happy once they are all fit and available, which also includes his use of Dual Reg. If we all picked our best side on here I doubt whether two people would come up with the same 17 and who starts from the bench?
  10. Please vote for your Man of the Match after todays game against Bradford. 1st 3 choices please.
  11. Final voting for London (H):- 1st- Davies, 64 votes, 3pts 2nd- Bostock, 59 votes, 2pts 3rd- Briscoe, 28 votes, 1pt.
  12. Please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match from today's narrow defeat to Hull KR. First three choices please.
  13. I think that Bradford are likely to be in the same boat Phil. The team for Hull KR is still a strong one, let's hope they are all fit for Monday as well.
  14. The big question is "Why hasn't he gone then?" Something's not right, either recurring injuries or breakdown between him and the coaching staff. He's a favourite player of mine but he's no good to the club at present, no matter what the situation is. So if he does want to go to the Bulls the club should let him go, maybe on loan so he can't play against Fev and come back to bite the club like he has done in the past. Then if he wasn't allowed to play against Fev this season maybe he could help Bulls beat the other Top 4 contenders?
  15. Squad rotation by default, but it now makes the squad so much stronger. All those who came in were excellent.