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  1. Darrell Griffin

    He should have used the name A.N.Other, he might have got away with it?
  2. 2018 Squad.

    On the strength of that showing, and the likelihood of more D/R Rhinos being available early season rather than later on, if there is any money left it's perhaps wiser to hang on to it for later in case of injury to key players or for strengthening if the top 4 is achieved.
  3. Very promising win at Cas today. Please vote for your Rovers Man of the Match, first three choices please.
  4. Squad number night

    Griffin is away on holiday, and that's why he's missing the Cas friendly.
  5. away kit

    I'd like to see a chocolate/white butchers apron design for the centenary in 2021.
  6. 2018 Squad.

    Kicking skills, especially tactical kicking, and the defending of kicks, are something that need extra practice. Maybe not full time would be required but maybe compulsory paid overtime for the kickers, wingers and full back?
  7. away kit

    I was in the club shop on Friday, and besides the vintage butchers apron shirts (blue/white & white/blue) they also had just one in red/white, like the one that was worn for the Yorks Cup Final at Headingley (was it 1989 or 1990?). I've had the same shirt tucked away safely in a drawer hoping I'll fit back into it one day, although I feel Rovers will be in Super League before that day comes. In the years we are not using the traditional theme for home shirts I would like to see it used in a different colour for away shirts. I think a dark green or a dark red butchers apron design would look very good.
  8. 2018 Squad.

    How would his signing have worked though? He's been a full time player for many years so did he have a possible job lined up or would he have been coming for full time money while stopping at home most of the week? I'm also puzzled about Ridyard. Has he got another job now or is he being paid full time money?
  9. 2018 Squad.

    I'm afraid it's start again for Nathan. If he can remain fit he should make a big impact, but you could equally get to rely on him and miss him badly if he gets injured.
  10. Featherstone vs. Toronto on Good Friday

    Nick, Regarding your visit Toulouse, I would advise messaging my colleague Peter Bird, an Englishman who writes the match reports for League Express from France. He also goes to some of the Catalans home games. His user ID on this forum is Oiseau, which means bird in French.
  11. Featherstone vs. Toronto on Good Friday

    Nick, by not contradicting any of the previous posts about rail journeys I assume you won't be hiring a car for your stay? If not then Manchester Airport is your best bet if you're planning to stay in the north. There are regular trains from Leeds direct to Manchester Airport, and even a decent National Express coach service, both reasonably priced. If you wanted to stay in Manchester on return Salford play Warrington on the Saturday and there is a very good train service from Manchester to Dewsbury on the Sunday, some of them even stop at Batley on their way to Leeds. Even if you're hiring a car the train would still be the best bet as airport park and ride is very expensive.
  12. Featherstone vs. Toronto on Good Friday

    Wakefield are due to play Castleford on the evening of the 29th, wherever they might be playing from? You might be interested in fitting that one in if you can make it?
  13. Featherstone vs. Toronto on Good Friday

    If you are travelling from Leeds by public transport you might have more flexibility if you came via Castleford, if trains are running on the day, because the bus station is next door and buses to Featherstone are about the same frequency, BUT if anything goes wrong the Taxi fare to Featherstone will be much cheaper than from Wakefield. It might be worth ringing local cab firms a bit nearer the time to ask the fares from Castleford and Wakefield. My friend from Halifax always comes that way via Leeds station. Batley is on a good train route from Leeds and roughly a 15 minute walk from the station if you don't mind steep hills. The stadium is also quite close to Dewsbury station where all trains stop and there is a taxi firm next door to the ticket office.
  14. Another RL character gone

    Who was the Huddersfield player from the early '80's who sneaked into the opposition changing room and nicked Geoff's hairpeace? I know he got suspended by the club, it was big news at the time.
  15. 2018 Squad.

    Looking through Rhinos squad, with Keinhorst outside the 1-17 will he be available with Sutcliffe firmly settled in the centres?