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  1. Cross? Celtic and Leeds met surely?
  2. Daily rag emphasises fax game to remedy our blip. What's interesting though is discos piece on= We Have a team of talented individuals that are playing as individuals. Disco is confident in their abilities but self confidence not apparent. There are some egos and attitudes that need looking at
  3. Squires is slightly more consistent than Brown and maybe Potts. Knows how to finish tries but a little tame in defence
  4. Thats the spirit!
  5. Perhaps the boys will bust a gut with a mad Monday on winning pay to aim for. Additionally jyHitchcox looked game on Sunday.
  6. The performance has been lukewarm and I'd take kear and Keegan back in a nano second. What use does constant moaning do. You speak of large numbers of fans unhappy- What do you do formulate questionaires or spend the majority of 80 minutes looking for negatives. I too took the boards Batley News announcement on 2017 expectations defeatist and lacking ambition. I'm not sure who or what to believe. We need to finish the season strongly or it's the real possibility of pub rugby.
  7. Hooley was in attendance coolie but he certainly isn't a player!
  8. The sooner gaz Hock gets hooked on crack or sent down the better. Oxygen thief. I gave his auto bio a go last year thinking perhaps he is just tormented. Nah he is the tormentor
  9. Let's face it if we had the urgency to kick a one pointer and put a decent shift in at fax to scrape a win we wouldn't feel as desperate. Drama queen springs to mind Buford. The Easter period has been testing but then again who wants to go to Owl lane twice and loose
  10. I can take match commissioner/ time keeper been bribed with a pint of best but "ole ole ole Dewsbury" cuts deep!
  11. "The time on the board is merely a guide" tannoy said. Bang on 40 the horn blows as were caught metres from the uprights with tackles in the bag. Mmmm
  12. Sausages
  13. I find the moaners much more tedious than the happy clappers. We've tasted success now a few think it's there God given right
  14. Don't hold your breath. We don't sack coaches remember. Nor should we after such a short time
  15. And if that happens we will be there on the terraces urging our boys on