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  1. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Angle of the dangle. I like this phrase
  2. Good News

    Bloke of about 50 and son of 30. Itching for a reaction. The laughable thing was the main crux of his argument was his club is far superior to mine. I wasn' contesting that namely stadium is ours and were self sufficient and don' suffer visions of grandeur!!
  3. Good News

    He did go on to rip into pitch, I said what the gradient or turf? Both he said! I said the marvellous thing is you get a go up and then opportunity to turnaround so no advantage really!!! Oh and Rowe is a fat lazy #####, after he just bust through another tackle and took 4 with him 5 yards!
  4. Stadium naming rights

    The mount very nearly became "The rizla stadium" after Marc rushton held a meeting in Leeds 2005 for us fans+ 2 free pints and coach travel. Wanted to out kev nic as money grabbing. Do many Dewsbury folk consume rizla papers. Sorry I meant do any Dewsbury folk not use rizla!
  5. Good News

    And to think a few wakey fans had the audacity to call our ground yesterday. I would of thought the club's fans with the worst stadium in super league and many championship set ups would of been quite humble. Although the main antagonist wore shorts fuelled by cider and claimed ref gifted us game in 2nd half!
  6. Good News

    Did patch struggle to knock them over with the glare
  7. Good News

  8. Izaac Farrell

    Yep but not with his new team mates. Ok cougar and Donny to go but a proper pre season would be useful
  9. Wakey friendly

    Certainly worth the admittance. Scoreboard looked great slightly to left of posts to avoid kicks from conversions I guess. Wakey were young but spirited strong and fast. Cowling was good and second half we were too strong and confident in attack. First half we went toe to toe and wakey made us work for everything. Rowe looks fit for a change. New players look worthwhile additions esp Tomlinson and Holland. Were still prone to defensive lapses
  10. Izaac Farrell

    Silly really as the friendlies give disco and team mates time to gel. Is he still training at John Smith's Too?
  11. New name/ number font

    Good job I reading in warm bath. Zzzzzzzzzz
  12. Izaac Farrell

    Do we see Isaac today
  13. Wakey friendly

    Should be a sterner test than cas last year. Our lads will be hoping for more battle hardened full timers rather than raw scholarship wipper snappers. Was looking forward to manu Rowey browny and cropper giving Keegan the bulldog welcome
  14. Good News

    Dare I say it. Vandal prevention?
  15. Good News

    Pal of mine is doing some of the cabling. Looks really good elevated and would be brilliant if all plumbed in for game Sunday especially if floodlights kick in.....