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  1. Ex batley boy/ ballboy and obviously needs to play against men rather than scholarship/ academies to step him up in experience. Supposedly decent
  2. The greasey surface in the early quarter killed us but then sheffield managed to grip turn and attack us with ease. When do we perform v sheffield very rarely. Let's face it that could of been fev or leigh. We are no where near
  3. I don't and wont but with this day aimed at cohesion and the community team working their butts off around local junior schools......?
  4. Paul the floating fans of our northern rail success and usual boxing day crowd saw nothing today to entice them back. As for the more in common business were where all the ethnic minorities
  5. Good side Sheffield. Our bogey team after haven imploded, they came to spoil a party and exist solely on some cash rich sugar daddy. If they threw open their borrowed doors for nish I'd hazard a guess at 400 visiting gallant youths. Ex dogs all had good games
  6. True. The top 5 will massively pull away now but loose 3 or 4 on bounce and your skidding towards trap door. Nice to see bodies old and new floating about stadium but that's it for positives
  7. That's right it was the final try that did it!
  8. Where do we see this game going. With swinton beating toulouse away a few more points would be welcome near bottom third of league. Sheffield have raided most sides quality players and I'm sure they would of added Dave scott brad day and James Harrison if the numbers were right. If we play like the bulls game we could loose dramatically but put in a widnes shift in front of a healthy crowd who knows. Nullify ex bulldogs and give kev a good aft dogs 22 eagles 18
  9. Not faulting the pass and cardio exercise graham but I think the 1 second hand touch may be a little girl guide esque for our brutes! Have you not seen smeatons shoulders- made of granite ask Adam ryder of shams! Also give our pack at least 10 seconds from first contact to ptb to get back in yardage !
  10. Wonderful celebration of beverleys life in the church that kev and bev were married and alexander was christenened. Church packed to the rafters with friends, family, playing staff past and present, coaches, colleagues, sponsors and fans. Kevs eulogy was light hearted at times, comical and gave a real insight into the wonderful woman. Brave and dearly missed. Makes you proud to be part of such a fantastic warm and genuine community club.
  11. And is the kicker joufrett Dom or scotty
  12. Beans and mucky fat all week Graham. Enjoy
  13. Sounded lacklustre on wireless. Lots of mentions of tomlinson not much else. Gledders just loose his rag? 25£ safe in wallet
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