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  1. I can take match commissioner/ time keeper been bribed with a pint of best but "ole ole ole Dewsbury" cuts deep!
  2. "The time on the board is merely a guide" tannoy said. Bang on 40 the horn blows as were caught metres from the uprights with tackles in the bag. Mmmm
  3. Sausages
  4. I find the moaners much more tedious than the happy clappers. We've tasted success now a few think it's there God given right
  5. Don't hold your breath. We don't sack coaches remember. Nor should we after such a short time
  6. And if that happens we will be there on the terraces urging our boys on
  7. Faz cropper Manning. Whistleblower Roberts you are no longer a 9"oller. 10m became a generous 5 on far too many sets
  8. Buford are happy clappers better or worse than those who mainly turn up for a good #### and moan
  9. Brushed my teeth coolie but at least a 1/5 left in tube. I'll bring it up and donate to any excitable Chav looking a bit grubby
  10. Rams owed us a defeat. I'm not sure a double is on the books. Seemingly good Friday was ours to loose. If take A narrow loss or even a draw if that meant there was an element of endeavour, grit or urgency
  11. I'm sure Thaler will be slightly more experienced than that shower that officiated Friday. Our lads will be busting a gut to put right the miserable Easter offering. Our at least I hope they will
  12. Brian noble could do a bit of freelance. They certainly don't need him at Toronto just yet and he did a small stint at fax. Director of rugby or coaches coach
  13. Our lass bless her said oh. They gave us the fixture so the shared gate is more lucrative
  14. Were a fickle lot. Ok the entertainment has been diluted. The desire missing. Defence amateur and lazy. Isn't it far too early to start calling for the coaches head though. Plus when has the board taken a blind bit of notice of this forum
  15. Now now coolie your allegiance to the dogs has been outed and serialised. I don't hate the rams you have to love or respect something first