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  1. 9' oller

    Halifax @ Shay Stadium

    Watch marshalls seasoned athletes. Erm who wrote that a 14yr old gcse pupil
  2. 9' oller

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    One word. Ooops 🤤😑 All Fev are We? Marching on together. Priceless
  3. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Worry not some great players are on the verge of return. Imagine how cropper is counting down the games waiting to rip it up. Mauny played with moor recently so a few pints might sway him to take up number "4" once more. Super sub iro looks fit and how about disco to play in a dinner jacket putting boys through gaps
  4. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Next time a big crowd like that will be nestled into our great ground is when a big club gets shown the door from the top class. The way forward is families and second third generations. I only spotted 2 rhinos shirts too speaking in a heavy woolln twang
  5. 9' oller

    Injuries and replacements.

    We are pretty busted and with a full compliment of personnel we would of beat Sheffield. Dual reg or not to dual reg. Feth will now be starved of leeds players which may hamper their top 4 surge. I'm all for up and coming youngsters learning the trade and getting gametime but Adam swift of saint helens?
  6. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Full English with my 3 kids and gameday mount oh and this fine young filly. Sundays are awesome
  7. 9' oller

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    James Harrison Rowey Galbarth
  8. 9' oller

    Toronto away

    Lock up your grannies and Labradors. The boys are back in town. Could of injected a more obvious "who let the dogs out"
  9. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    600 gates subsidised by the charity will help. A deluded person may say we win a few new fans but that notion has always been wished for
  10. 9' oller

    Toronto away

    Walshaw has a family wedding to attend
  11. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    I stand corrected Roberto. But todays attendance announcements are as loose as Toronto's salary cap! One things for sure I hope haighs have extra snap being baked this week
  12. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    When we last threw our doors open for zilch the crowd looked a worrying 1200. 1500 should be a minimum
  13. 9' oller

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Will seagulls bring a 100 to bolster our hard-core 500. Let' hope the budget affords batley news coverage prior and a piece with lockwoods press
  14. 9' oller

    Oh no! another player down

    Dean lawford looked fit today although he was only swift from his vehicle to greggs down batley!
  15. I'm not enjoying my sky sports experience and feel more obliged rather than entertained thursday/Friday night'. The reason is two fold. The petulant somewhat predictable commentary. (Applauded stevo retirement and hoped for improvement) Over reliance of video ref where replays are analysed from 4 angles and take 5 minutes out of my life. The real worrying aspect of the game is players "playing" for penalties. Either through pretending they're hurt or entangling themselves. Throwing themselves on the floor or letting the ball dribble out of their grasp. How long until our league suffers this poor gamesmnship/football tactics. To a degree it already has. The product and spectacle suffers. The coaching is definetley a factor to increase possession and yardage gain. My lads junior side; who I help with, already have a few repeat offenders whom clutch all manner of body parts with panic ensuing. The scary thing is monkey see monkey do -but a real injury may be brushed aside one game with tragic consequencs.