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  1. 9' oller

    Gudzek and Brown

    Plus playing in front of 500 in a souless stadium for aston is a big bonus
  2. 9' oller

    Wish list

    Karl harrison
  3. 9' oller

    Morgan Escare

    Hardaker who
  4. 9' oller

    Off topic. Sunday activities

    Yep only a good thing to have ryedale York and Bradford northern back
  5. How did everyones first bulldog free Sunday go. Trapsing round shops, man cave, other sports, Yorkshire visitor attractions, pint sinking, community service... Was still up at the mount this morning for boys u8's game via illingworth. Mount looked good and a mothers disgust at not being able to use a credit card at tuck shop was priceless! Are we that far behind the shay
  6. 9' oller

    Mo money

    Hopefully the product is infectious enough to keep generations coming back for more. Certainly wasnt a fashionable thing to keep dear when attending a Dewsbury high school or during 16-25 when discoveries of sex, drugs and dance music are discovered. The old man and son combo are good to maintain though. When all the dust settles once youve sampled the pride and heritage your a bulldog for life!!!
  7. 9' oller

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Couldn't give a rats rump about zac hardaker, gaz hock, leigh toronto etc. It's the Dave Scott's and brethertons that make our sport great
  8. 9' oller

    Players For 2019

    Will there be enough in the pot for a full time 26k contract for walshaw though
  9. 9' oller

    Latest Recruit

    Including stuart "captain birdseye/I'm not coming no'more" pickles?
  10. 9' oller

    Latest Recruit

    Hes got a beard
  11. 9' oller

    Wish list

    Not loved at hunslet but some of the whinos must of rubbed off on him. Surely someone who knows the club takes precedent over a journeyman after a pay day. I asked Gary thorntons daughter about the gig. Never go to Dewsbury was the response
  12. 9' oller

    Wanted prop forwards

    Disagree most games run with 4 props and 3 second rows. I'd like one dumpling of a prop that will run at a brick wall and one 6"4 prop that has big minutes and good punch
  13. 9' oller

    Mo money

    Crowds this year have been embarrassing but what more can be done. The last few shield games should of been a tenner in. Folk attended through obligation not choice. Sons still got Sunday morning games but I'm looking forward to the likes of east coast, Haworth, dales etc now Sunday afts
  14. 9' oller

    Ned to step down..

    The attendance.... us at batley are really down to our last hard-core of the hard-core. That's not the club's fault for once it's the sports. The governance. We do like a moan but thank God it's over. Who's looking forward to boxing day ha ha