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  1. Townie get back in your room!
  2. O'Sullivan cowling and Maher all trained last night. The 2 forwards will feature darn sarth probs
  3. Brev still looks agile and hungry. Whether his family still accommodate his career in the boots we shall see. He's been a valuable cog this year but I guess it depends if he still cuts the mustard next term
  4. Brill News. Guess the 30k a month from 8's helped. Give Bissa a chance to replenish its mula
  5. Banned bsj. Come on kev is as tight as a natts chuff
  6. Do London ease off or make us work. Either way 6th is ours failing a catastrophic points fest!
  7. Must have money to burn or at least like to keep the tills ringing and not believe in rainy days!
  8. Confession. I did 9 spins on Broom handle rather than 10 on spin before 15m kick conversion! The bulls counterpart had about 30yrs and a morning on ale on me so no competion! Donated winnings to bissa
  9. Not one for purists as the game was disjointed and very little in terms of completed sets and tactical kicking. The game was in balance with neither side able to dominate in possession or territory. The bulls certainly have the speed size and quality but a spirited and dogged bulldog will always make you work for points. Good to see Johnny back and he nearly hurt us!
  10. Dom Brev Day
  11. He ran it but word on the grape vine is......
  12. Try eat before you visit then in 2018
  13. Reserve referee from the d.m.r dynasty I think
  14. Need a Facebook account to see pics Roberto?
  15. Craig taylor