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    When I was a kid you could literally rot your teeth on 50p and play out from dusk til dawn only to fear nettles and dog doo
  2. Fev away

    Great test of where we are at. Nothing to fear and the week off will be good for muscle recovery. Wer'e in good form and if everyone is ok to go I'd keep the same 17 as toulouse
  3. Mariano Released

    Money better spent on more ballet lessons
  4. Fitness Coach

    There is someone that runs through fitness tests prior to games. Maybe a physio though
  5. Toronto predictions and team :

    That's right told lad and if my aunty had a pair of grenades she'd be my uncle
  6. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    Isaac Crookes Brown
  7. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Kept thinking any minute now we'll lapse and leak 2 converted tries but our stranglehold on game was never gonna be snatched. Distribution and offloads killed the arrogant french
  8. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    I certainly wouldnt want to feel the wrath of Joel farrell whilst protecting izacc! Defence wins games well ours hurt and gave Toulouse a very uncomfortable afternoon. Enjoy the rest lads you've earned it
  9. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Very very happy bulldog. Well done batley. Whatever disco and the board Fed the lads it's worked. What a team performance. Confident ruthless and hungry!!!!!
  10. Just what is going on ?????

    Lingerie in Dewsbury pah next you'l claim Dewsbury have mobile phones and that doesn' include payphones with the cord cut!
  11. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Ford looks the most unlikely stand off but he certainly gets them ticking over when their up against it. Another gallant defensive effort who knows
  12. Problems out wide

    Ainys had his day for me. Too short rarely backs himself to hug line and defence suspect. Jamie stokes mark 2
  13. Wayne Reittie

    Stevie ward rhino had luxury of his being treated by a specialist and fused so joint wouldnt pop out again. He initially attended Bradford royal infirmary were my cousin nurses. He was back within weeks Greg eden too of cas. With dislocations the time of trauma and swelling affects the likelihood of being able to rectify joint without surgery
  14. Problems out wide

    Bsj young isack was billed as ours with no recall option but we know how sweeping these statements are. I'm so glad we ditched cas and giants before that. The conditions favour the parent club only
  15. Batley v Toronto

    "Our cause" Can batley afford anymore armchair supporters Crowds have been painfully low this year