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  1. 9' oller

    Dewsbury sunday

    Anybody up for it? Please get a win as the boxing day victories mean little nowadays and the mother in law will be up for the weekend from cotswolds. Is antifreeze still detectable in toxicology?!
  2. 9' oller

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    That's why kev doesn't fly into the stadium on a chopper!
  3. 9' oller

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    So not taking the batley 2 and rams 1
  4. 9' oller

    Featherstone v Batley

    Be another bore fest. But it is our house so compelled to go
  5. 9' oller

    Featherstone v Batley

    Here here. Batley are back to being unfashionable underdogs. Bit of success they all crawl out of their ponds round batley and shed their rhinos gear. The tough times were all living off good memories and loyalty
  6. 9' oller

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    Read hocks autobiography he's a shrewd businessman 🤤
  7. 9' oller

    team v Batley.

    From both clubs
  8. 9' oller

    Featherstone v Batley

    Strong 19 go get em
  9. Should of forfeit game throw towel in. Not sport or entertainment
  10. He never even got tv coverage did lowes today was he even allowed to sit within 6 seats of sir kev
  11. Sir kev may even end up talking to jimmy low here
  12. 9' oller

    Featherstone v Batley

    Either dogs really embrace this avenue of the season or go through the motions. I struggle to read all discos weekly tripe but I'm confident in the personnel we have to take us over the line. Do we right some wrongs and what is fevs incentive now they missed the boat
  13. 9' oller

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    We always scan terraces and stands but boxes bars and board room can't be visible. But do players tickets, sponsors and freebies get added up?