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  1. 9' oller

    Players For 2019

    Synagogue then
  2. 9' oller

    Players For 2019

    Brown or worrincy at fullback will be as useful as pigs in blankets at the local mosques secret santa
  3. 9' oller

    Great RL Photos

    Great thread. Each one could be captioned. Rugby league, nothing compares"
  4. 9' oller

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    More meaningful than pre season friendlies via super league 'b' sides. C ant wait
  5. 9' oller

    Batley Bulldogs

    6"7 must be tallest player we've had. Think jon Grayson was about 6"6
  6. 9' oller

    Batley Bulldogs

    Just wait till you've offspring to cater for Tom! We wing it back from filey every year on 26th! Think I've only missed 2 boxing day games in 28yrs. Man flu it's lethal
  7. 9' oller

    Batley Bulldogs

    20£ admittance seems a bit greedy but shared gate and agreed prior. Clubs short of readies this time of year but could be an expensive time for local families
  8. 9' oller

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Sad how cougar mania has become pound shop cougar but if hunslet are the best club outside of semi pro great opportunity for them
  9. 9' oller

    Louis Returns

    Good fun and great enthusiasm
  10. 9' oller

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    Even roby is less effective after an hour. Def need 2 competent hookers at each battle
  11. 9' oller

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Yep away one for me. Both boys agree. Get to it santa
  12. 9' oller

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    Cant wait a few steady/ stale players replaced with guys who are itching to rip in
  13. 9' oller

    Can it be true?

    Has Gareth returned his club gear yet. Mind you who will fit into "large boys" with a sweet whiff of calvin clown
  14. 9' oller

    Can it be true?

    Was suited when he signed for batley a bit back but was as effective as Dale cardoza and showed as much effort as a 25 stone cake lover at weight watchers
  15. 9' oller

    Ryan Bailey

    Hardaker by easter