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  1. Don't Tom that's not even funny!
  2. Hey were not all sponsored by voltarol, evergreen firey Jack and morphine!
  3. Certainly doesn't Graham and whilst blowing my candles out yesterday at my 38th birthday (I know hard paper round/ solvent abuse) I wished for a dogs v widnes victory! If we get pumped you know dreams don't come true!!!!
  4. Could be a leeds fan. Cue a 75% shortage of rhinos replicas on display around our district for next week, te he ha ha
  5. The air you've got to placate yourself with is hardly owt to champion. Enjoy the run but things will get tasty in a few months time
  6. Rams are fortunate no recalls at minute. They've a good 5 or 6
  7. Leigh of champipnship couldn't fit him in but the giants need a recall. Although how often are 18th and 19th men used
  8. 8 mins action or 80 coolie? 8 seconds more like!!
  9. Take your cheque book
  10. Some guys get all the luck. I remember the time i won the lottery. Only 4 numbers but I'm glad, I simply wouldn't be able to handle spam and egg for breakfast but caviar for brunch more than twice a week!
  11. Confidence returned? Good blowout and self belief with some scores? Dropped ball overplaying and wanting to capitalise on every set? Cant say prospect of second visit to mount in a day wet my appetite. Who remembers hull fc quarter final in 2009 ish
  12. Arguing over a passage of play Tom? Smeaton in back row or 3/4s
  13. Please Easter bunny ditch the choc and just give me a victory on good Friday. I've not broken my lent and I don't think the faithful could stomach "going down" chants.
  14. 9' oller


    I too felt entertained on Saturday and with a very healthy half time scoreline you could see the bulldog grit returning. The terrible hull weather versus Toronto was a clear leveller but the sooner they get moved up and out of the championship the better. Part time full time debates are boring now but outfits like Toronto shouldn't drop any points with international and super league personnel. I'm totally envious of how the rams are getting very close to beating old rivals. Going to fev and taking the 2 is a brilliant success. Since the Yorkshire cup run we've been horrible. Once a dog always a dog though but today's rumour of a better current bulldog being linked with a move to a local super league side worries me
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