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  1. dkw

    Donny reaction

    The ref was terrible in the 2nd half, it must frustrate players when a ref totally changes how hes refereeing a game as he did. Started finding offsides all over the place, giving knock ons etc.
  2. Very surprised by how poor Donny were today, very little in attack and weak in defence, especially out wide. I was expecting a difficult game for town, but it was a relatively easy win.
  3. Brilliant by Richardson, that was a superb switch of play.
  4. dkw

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Hang on, are you lot being serious here about cas being vindictive and trying to get cash from Wigan? Your joking, right? Otherwise you're lunatics, honest to god tinfoil hat wearing lunatics.
  5. dkw

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Ones who do drugs? Yes, yes they can.
  6. dkw

    Hardaker to Wigan

    And let him get away Scot free? No, I hope cas take him to the cleaners.
  7. dkw

    York City Knights Away

    I think you need to reread it, he isn't saying we would turn you over easily, more we could win if we played like we did against the bulls.
  8. dkw

    Whitehaven Shortfall

    No one else has heard it, there's nothing about it on any council websites or social media etc. But I'm sure he can provide us some proof of this 6 week timescale.
  9. dkw

    York City Knights Away

    That's true, it always seems to happen to form players which is very frustrating.
  10. dkw

    York City Knights Away

    We have had no luck with injuries to our form players the last few years. Is this game being shown live online somewhere, I'm sure I saw it advertised.
  11. Great game that, rally enjoyed it, outstanding effort from cas.
  12. Qlt has had an outstanding 5 minutes, brilliant fighting effort by cas.
  13. 2 poor decisions go against cas then, Warrington player knocked it out forward of the cas players hands the Goodwin just fell forward and threw the ball away.
  14. Great that it's going to be shown on bbc2, and no Jonathan Davies either, which is a bonus.