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  1. I think a trial game is an excellent idea, as long as the amateurs clubs buy into it and treat it with respect, rather than the become a political tool etc. Town also would need to use and respect it correctly also. Good luck with you operation by the way, never nice to hear of a young player needing that kind of operation, though thankfully it isn't the career ending injury it once was and many players return to there full capacity.
  2. In fairness there that's all they have ever had in their whole existence...The we beat town cup looks a bit lonely in there trophy cabinet though...When I say cabinet I obviously mean Tupperware box.
  3. Real shame that...
  4. After a season of turmoil, upheaval and craziness on and off the pitch it's good that Salford seem to be making sensible, can't lose signings.....
  5. Excellent signing, especially as he can cover several positions. If the other 3 or 4 expanded signings are of a similar standard then happy days.
  6. 42-0......oh deary deary me, not good for the best squad in the league.
  7. A yorkshire winter will not affect people from Aberdeen, it will feel like a balmy summer for them. Aberdeen is bloody freezing....always.
  8. What have the RFl to be blamed for with Toronto?
  9. Looking forward to seeing Caine hopefully get some first team action, he's got the potential to be an incredible player.
  10. Deranged drunk guy you're a good man.
  11. So what was the reason.
  12. I could have married Cindy Crawford if I'd wanted to, but just couldn't be bothered.
  13. Is he mates with that other player shaven shat on?
  14. Yes, we are.
  15. So youre saying he knows 4 chords?