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  1. I'm not sure how good this blokes sources are, but if true then it's not looking good for Widnes. @GaryCarter_1979: I’m told no player or member of staff at Widnes will be paid tomorrow after the collapse of a takeover bid. If investment is not secured by Feb 25, the club risks falling into administration. Club will meet players and staff tomorrow.
  2. dkw


    Yeah I think we need to lay off him until it's known why he missed training. Though to be fair to davidm his past actions mean it's easy to jump to conclusions with him. I just want him to train, play and enjoy himself as he's a superb player when on it.
  3. Yeah, take away that terrible start and Wigan win this. Very frustrating.
  4. Get in, Wigan need to keep this moving quickly and they've got them.
  5. Wigan have no composure or control when attacking the line, so much panic.
  6. That was disgusting by hardaker, he should be subbed immediately.
  7. Farrel isn't helping him by having no idea where he's supposed to be defending, he's all over the place.
  8. Absolutely embarrassing start from Wigan.
  9. dkw


    What an outstanding win, won't have a tougher away game this season. Shame we had to listen to a commentator who sounded bored stiff and like he wanted to be anywhere else but there.
  10. So Andrew fifita is stell the end of a bell I see, I presume he'll get a decent ban?
  11. dkw


    Wigan lad is a full back/centre so could play in either position.
  12. We have had Dr with Huddersfield and they have been by far and away the bet with us. Wigan basically used it a a punishment for their players, hull ignored it etc.
  13. Ah right. Who have Oldham got DR with? Is there no way of you getting him on loan?
  14. Town don't have dual reg with Hull so I don't think he will play against Oldham.
  15. dkw