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  1. dkw


    And why didn't he get involved a few months ago when they looked like going under?
  2. dkw

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    issues that we believe could and should have been confronted already That bit is out of order, a less than subtle dig aimed at other clubs which is totally unnecessary.
  3. dkw

    Wigan Stand by Zak

    I don't understand why some feel Wigan can sort him out. The last player they had with a simple rap sheet was Gareth hock and they couldn't do it with him. Frankly I think he's incredibly fortunate that Wigan have stuck by him and surely this is the last last chance he can have. But I don't think he will take it, I fully expect to see him released from the club in a matter of months after yet another moronic episode by him.
  4. I wouldnt bother reading that as it will probably change around August/September anyway.
  5. Toronto just announced six new signings on twitter @TOwolfpack: 🚨Welcome to the 6ix!🚨 Toronto Wolfpack are delighted to confirm six star signings for the 2019 season👇 @rickyleutele✅ Jon Wilkin✅ Joe Mellor✅ Bodene Thompson✅ @thefirstgadwin✅ Tom Olbison✅
  6. Nope, I tried to log into the app on 3 devices, tried the internet site on 3 devices and all 3 failed. The only thing I managed to watch it on was the YouTube stream and then that was shut down by the rfl. On the app there wasnt even an actual button to log in with, the app failed massively and it was incredibly frustrating. I gave up after 25 minutes and went of and did something else. The failing was not on my side at all.
  7. Useless pack of amateur morons who run our sport, or more correctly "ruin" our sport.
  8. Can't get it to work on anything, just can't get logged in on any device. In fact there's not even a log in button on the log in screen. And can't find where to even watch it on the website. What a shambles.
  9. dkw

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    And yet, in none of the reports from the rfl, workington or the media there is anything about the other clubs being involved in the decision, only the rfl. But obviously you know better.
  10. dkw

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    I'm not sure what your point is, the very first paragraph shows the rfl sanctioned a request from the clubs, which is exactly what I wrote. And is exactly what happened with town, we made a request and they turned it down.
  11. dkw

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    The RFL sanctioned a request from the clubs, or do you think they had nothing to do with it?
  12. dkw

    Zak's Back

    Absolutely this, he has had plenty of "2nd chances" and yet even before he pulled a Wigan shirt on he has threw it back in their faces.
  13. dkw

    Zak's Back

    How exactly?