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  1. Sunday

    Sams dad is ill apparently so he withdrew from the squad. I cant find any news on the 2 injuries, but Singleton came back on the pitch to celebrate and had a limp.
  2. Promoting and communication

    We had someone on here, he just got grief and left, and I dont blame him one bit. We have someone posting some news at the moment, but I`m guessing hes doing it voluntarily and so cant keep us constantly updated.
  3. Squad for NWC

    Christ shut up you miserable buffoon, why did I ever take you of ignore. Well back on you go.
  4. Sunday

    I'm almost certain he was gonna give that try, which would have been one of the worst offside decisions I've ever seen.
  5. Squad for NWC

    I thought there pack was excellent, as good as any we've seen this season at dp to be fair to them. They had a basic game plan of running it up the middle and enacted it really well. Though there constant kicking to touch on the last tackle was odd.
  6. Sunday

    Agree with Larne Patrick and Wilkes being excellent, olstrum put in a hell if a shift also. Oh and that prat crashleyis is still a diabolical referee, sin binning Miller for tackling someone and that penalty against Doran were the lowlights....
  7. Some utterly baffling refereeing in this game, finished of by him bricking himself when Wigan players run at him to get him to change his decision.
  8. Wayne will be dropping him, he hates cheating.....
  9. Farcical refereeing here, he has no idea what's going on.
  10. Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    That's the risk when you sign a player who should be playing at a higher level I suppose. Shame if he leaves as he's show he would be excellent for us, but so be it. This shows just why you need a decent sized squad even at this level.
  11. Warrington aren't allowing Bradford to stream the game either. Terribly amateurish of them..
  12. Hunslet reaction

    Just don't give the bar steward a fiddle....
  13. New signings

    Dawson has been a stand out for me, but they all have done well other than leatherbarrow, but it's harsh to decide how good a signing any of them are this early.