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  1. He's like a modern day Doogie howser....MD.
  2. Asking for 2 delays to the appeal then coming back with the laughable defence they had is probably what got the extra ban. The bunch of imbeciles.
  3. First they've had in ages....
  4. This thread is hilarious, some of you loons are certifiable.
  5. This is just a microcosm of sport in general is it not, certainly is for west Cumbria. One of The biggest union teams in the area netherhall once had 5 teams, now it's folded. The local Sunday league had 4 or 5 league's generally, now 2 and struggling to get teams for that.
  6. Well his appeal against the severity went well, the rfl have extended the ban.
  7. Here you go,
  8. The ball was on the end of his foot, go look for the video, educate yourself.
  9. I'm sure this made sense in your head, a head where brain cells die of loneliness.
  10. It carries the exact same weight as your opinion though, so I'm not sure of your point.
  11. He believes he tackled him with his head, that's the level of intelligence your trying to have a discussion with ha ha, a seriously strange individual.
  12. That's true, if his owner blindly defends him in the idiotic way he did then there's little hope of him changing his ways.also Beaumont should be sanctioned for the way he acted during this.
  13. Hopefully part of his punishment is to educate him on just why what he did was so wrong, and the possible serious implications for his actions.
  14. He recognised the player was unresponsive, then shoved him to the ground. You are an idiot.
  15. That's not what I asked is it. I asked if you thought he knew.