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  1. Ha ha, what a marvellous misspelling that is, would have been a much more laid back story...
  2. Excellent try, saints have picked up the pace in the last 5 minutes or so.
  3. dkw

    The upgrade that is not an upgrade

    So basically, you got a free upgrade, you didn't want it, you called them as you were instructed to do if you weren't happy, they sorted it all out. Yet you're outraged? Christ, you are easily upset then.
  4. dkw

    West Wales Raiders

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the players, coaches and fans of this club. l to keep turning up and fighting after so many hammerings takes some doing. The owners/management though should be ashamed of themselves for putting these lads in harms way so often.
  5. As expected its everyone elses fault, he`s a predictable numpty. "they gave me too much money to spend" "its the players fault for taking that money" are incredibly stupid statements, the parachute money was to enable Leigh to fulfil contracts they currently had, thats what a parachute payment is. to then go out and add to the salary with high earners on 2 year contracts is entirely down to him, for him to then turn around and blame everyone else just shows the kind of person he is.
  6. dkw

    Coventry reaction

    I thought we were poor yesterday, we barely completed a set in the first 15 minutes, our starts to games is very concerning. I think Coventry surprised us a little with the speed of their game, they are an improved side over the start of the season but we should still have beaten them by more than we did. As ever we are an inconsistent side capable of some outstanding rugby but also equally as capable of shooting ourselves in the foot.
  7. No one has argued against that point that I can remember.
  8. What the hell is that team all about ha ha, is it last game pull a position out the hat time?
  9. Didn't deserve to win after that atrocious first half, I don't think cas could have played worse if they had tried
  10. 2 penalties for perfectly good tackles by mcmeeken... I suppose child's was consistent.
  11. He's an abysmal referee, I don't know how he's still reffing in the super league.
  12. Might as well just have a recording of him saying " the ref got it right", save some money.