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  1. I`m sure it was just a mistake, like last time. and the time before that. and the time before that.... quick, someone trademark the name "Whitehaven rlfc 2018".....
  2. Kidwell is a special talent, he's managed to coach the thing the kiwis are best at out of them, flair. Unbelievable.
  3. Not so sure, thought the one before the Fijian caught it was, the 2nd player to touch it.
  4. pre season
  5. League 1 2018

    Wait, so teams play each other home and away, the champions go up automatically and the next 4 play off with weightings for the highest placed team? Have the RFL taken leave of their senses, this actually seems to be a normal league now. I`m so confused.
  6. Some very odd forward passes given this half...
  7. What a step ha ha... What a pass that was, that's what jammer is great at and we need to make more use of it.
  8. I would think it's going to be difficult to say without any doubt if he did bite him or not, the forearm was in his face and I didn't see any definite biting from him.
  9. I honestly can't understand how the super coach hasn't swapped Currie and Bateman, it's utterly baffling.
  10. Generally the answer to that would be "a really naff tattoo"
  11. Robbie Farrah really is the end of a bell... Fingers in the eye then claims he's been bit. Utter vermin.
  12. They gave home work in nursery now? That's harsh.