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  1. As you say It was the way he left the tackle and sized up the tackle that showed it was premeditated and he knew what he was doing, I cant believe he got nothing at all.
  2. Fully agree with this, instead of saying we dont want this to happen we should be positioning ourselves as a club to take advantage of the changes and the big city names involved.
  3. The shorrocks no ban is an absolute disgrace and the clowns making these decisions should be now looked at as they are making it up as they go.
  4. Yeah, that's going really well currently isn't it, the game is struggling in its traditional areas and needs to look outwards rather than inwards.
  5. We've been hacked, they're hiding the truth, get the tinfoil hats sorted quick.... Took a few refreshes for me but it worked eventually. Maybe something to do with the site problems last week.
  6. Conversely these 2 teams in this league would instantly bring the league a much higher profile, leading to more income due to sponsorship and higher attendances.
  7. Someone needs to copy that onto one of Jenkinsons social media lie posts, show him up for exactly what he is.
  8. He's played Wigan and the union mob like a fiddle, wonder how Improved his Wales contact is....
  9. Amen to that, once the players realise refs aren't giving them penalties for it, or will penalise the attacking player for milking it they will stop doing it.
  10. Hes so transparent ha ha, such a pathetic attempt by the daft troll, but it's his standard.. The article is an excellent read, New York could be a great choice as it seems to embrace new things and be open minded as a city.
  11. You don't do irony then eh....
  12. I thought it was hilarious in the news and star article that one of the councillors opposed to it said he wasn't happy with the projected 8000 attendance, demanding facts only. So how exactly can anyone factually project attendances 2 years away? What a moronic thing to say.
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