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  1. Yep, couldn't beat that stench of stale ###### in the summer.....
  2. Is that actually true, it wouldnt surprise me to be honest. Its a dreadful journey between Workington and Barrow.
  3. Anyone trying to link being called a fat c*** to racism and homophobia etc is severely diluting how abusive Racism/Homophobia is, its just a complete non argument and shouldnt even be in the same discussion.
  4. That's the way i always thought too, especially as they often said "welcome back" after the silences, which is a bit of a give away.
  5. Stick the daft old troll on ignore Oxford, it makes the forum infinitely better.
  6. You do though, there was at least one more in the same game, and several more in the televised games that weekend. It was a terrible decision and thankfully common sense has prevailed for once.
  7. I thought last season was very poor so wasn't really looking forward to this season as much as previously, but it's been excellent so far with some superb games. It's been very refreshing to see teams like Castleford, Salford etc playing, flowing, attacking open rugby rather than tedious percentage, Aussie style. Long may it last.
  8. I think it I'll be more his confidence, he just didn't look like he wanted to take the line on at all last season, he just looked fearful.
  9. And what now for S tomkins? With manfredi to return i don't see a position for him, i honestly think he will be elsewhere next season.
  10. If only the refs.....Ah you know the rest.
  11. What a strange penalty that was, surely that was just 2 players competing for it?
  12. Option 2 it is then... And people say it's good to have options.
  13. It was a joke, crook got up holding his bloody arm too, absolutely nothing to do with his head but the ref put it on report for no reason. He was an idiot.
  14. Didn't the ref put something on report against one of our lot on Friday? Guarantee he gets 3 match ban.