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  1. Apart from size at the moment , another thing we are lacking is a quality dummy half . With Callum suspended and Dowsett out of the equation our early season scoots from dummy half have all but evaporated . Apparently the Coventry lad that came on as sub caused mayhem 2nd half with his runs from acting half , something we are not able to do at present with Howarth there looking unhappy in this role .you have to keep teams guessing and at present everyone knows we are just going to throw the ball out
  2. You can t win rugby matches without props who make the hard yards , we were heavily dependent on big Kris and Stevie and with them missing and Phil absent we are really lightweight , I will take any win at the moment and support anyone in a Town shirt , well done the lads that played yesterday and lets look forward to the next match ...........I very rarely listen to Town games on the radio as its too much tension for me to handle , but yesterday i listened to the last 10 mins , i have never listened to a more biassed commentary , and i know people have stated as much on here before , but Mr Gibson were you born in Coventry . You went wild when you thought Carls drop kick had gone wide , and then sounded crest fallen every time a Coventry pass went to ground .Yes you are there to be objective , but it was clear from your tone who you wanted to win , it was all about what Coventry needed to do to win , rather than how Town could keep Coventry out , even Coxy would have done a better job !
  3. This is something i have been wanting for the past couple of seasons ( i believe Donald put this up once also) .It makes sense , as all young players want to play not just train .Could just alternate grounds when playing at home .
  4. Another good signing , keep them coming .
  5. Big opportunity for Joe , there s a shirt available in the 17 if he can play his best , if he does everybody wins .
  6. Korky everytime for me . Once at Dewsbury hooter sounded with Dews 2 points ahead . Queue pitch invasion (as always after games in those days ) .but Town awarded pen a couple of yards in from touch on the halfway line .Pitch cleared , the lad puts the ball down , straight through the middle to get us a draw .
  7. My main argument with this sort of tackle is the ball carrier is stationery so not making progress but still struggling with the tacklers .the other tackler comes in to take his legs to complete the tackle because the ref has not shouted held .The problem stems from the ref not shouting held and until he does the players think the tackled player can still off load .SHOUT HELD FOR F***S SAKE !
  8. To be honest i would rather have a dedicated fan from each side involved who watch their team every week and hear what they have to say as opposed to these "so called experts " .
  9. Magnificent effort from the lads . Only disappointment was some of the language used in some of the chants by the lads ,and the constant baiting of Paul Rowley who was sat right in the middle of them , but i suppose that was his choice .
  10. Of all our signings this season the one who has disappointed me most is Howarth . I thought he would be the one who would lead us around the park and lead by example but that hasn t materialised unlike Haven who have Carl Forster playing out of his skin .
  11. Callum banned for 2 games ? are the rfl taking the p*** ? He gets treatment for high tackles nearly every game and nothings done .At the Doncaster game he looked subject to what looked like a crusher tackle second half or did it look different on the video ? Any way onto sunday , and i think we can give them a game but might lose about 42-22 . Suggested play list to welcome our Canadian friends . Gordon Lightfoot Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald Leonard Cohen Manhattan Joni Mitchell Carey The Band The Weight Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know Barenaked Ladies Get In Line Crash Test Dummies Afternoons and Coffeespoons Nickelback Burn It To The Ground Sum 41 Still Waiting Guess Who American Woman Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild Neil Young Cinnamon Girl Teams Run Out To .... Arcade Fire Keep The Car Running Just For Kayakman .
  12. With such a small squad of course i would have him back , but as someone else said , on a pay as you play deal only .
  13. Grounds fit for purpose ? Yes i love watching R L played in stadiums with rows and rows of empty seats its really gratifying . Give me Cas , Wakey and Leeds grounds with terraces and atmosphere any day of the week !
  14. On the injury front Kris Coward has been missing missing for weeks now , and no news has been forthcoming on Tee and Macauley Davies and their progress from injury . Any chance of an update ?
  15. I and i can t believe i am alone on this , always watch the game from as near to the half way line as possible whether home or away . Watching the game from one end of the ground gives no perspective whatsoever .