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  1. I had a LOT of money riding on this game so maybe my perspective is a bit more critical . Firstly we got had a ref that was more than fair for us so for once we can`t complain there.First half Tonga`s play the ball was far quicker than ours and enabled them to roll down the field with ease , only excellent scrambling defense kept them out .Because our play the ball was slow it negated Roby`s running from dummy half , he hardly went at all.For the first 30mins of the 2nd half we played smart rugby . No frills up the middle and tackled well.But after their first try we had the ball on their line and chose to kick near the line instead of putting the ball over the touch line , slowing the game down , getting a breather , and getting the defensive line set . 2 tackles later and their in again . From then on it was chaos . They could have scored with the last play but i disagree with Mr Wilkin who said it was a try all day long in Super League .You have a duty to look after the ball , if that had been given it would have been a disgrace .Still we are in the final and can look forward to next week , if i have calmed down by then i might even enjoy it !
  2. I think the temptation against a side like PNG is to play fast and loose . They like to play it that way and it looks as though there`s plenty of space around the pitch more often than not . Which means we can see gaps all the time and rush plays to score points .This won`t happen against Australia , space will be restricted , and the urge to force passes will lessen . I expect it`s easier to play a more restricted measured game when the opposition play likewise ........Tonga are a very good side but i believe we will beat them quite easily and then let`s see what happens after that .
  3. pre season

    I know it`s a bit early , but can we all have a collective new years resolution to ignore all things Haven . We should be concentrating on our own Team , what`s happening down the road frankly has no interest to me whatsoever , and won`t influence how we play or perform .
  4. Doesn`t look good does it ..............Scotland and Fiji drew crowds nearly as big for group games last time in Workington and Rochdale , just don`t think it fires their imagination down under .
  5. Have we shot ourselves in the foot by Widdop becoming a huge success at full back last week .Kevin Brown will go o.k. against Papua New Guinea and Tonga , but do we really see him causing Australia any bother ?What i`m saying is will we stick with this half back combo with Widdop at full back or are we still searching for the ideal mix ?
  6. Toronto last year , Bradford this year . As is likely new Teams introduced in from Canada/USA/France will start in this division and more than likely go straight up as Toronto did. Unfortunatley for the foreseeable future promotion will only be possible through the play offs as the top spot will be a given .It`s the league we are in i`m afraid.
  7. Geoff Fletcher

    Geoff signed for us when we were short of props .Trouble is his performances were that consistent once he got in the Team he was a fixture till the end of the season , the players he temporarily stood in for couldn`t get back in .I remember one game against Salford , Geoff just wandered down the field before the ball was kicked (as you could in them days) . He stood next to David Watkins the Salford full back .an up and under went up , it was about to land in Watkins`s arms a yard out from the line . He dropped it and Geoff calmly touched it down . Class. R.I.P. Geoff.
  8. Carl Forber

    I also used to go and watch Haven when Town were away and i was on the wrong shift but stopped going a while ago . i know quite a few Haven fans and it`s because of most of the them that i don`t go anymore . They hate Town with a passion and proudly boast they have never been to Derwent Park to watch , Town ,Scotland , Cumbria or any touring Team .Maybe this is a thing of my age group 60+ , but unless Town are there or a representative game is at the rec , i will never darken their doors again .
  9. Hope the league one cup has been melted down and buried .Teams need to play each other home and away .
  10. Didn`t Portugal win the last European Nations Cup in Football after not winning a game and finishing 3rd in their group last time , so its not just Rugby League where things like this happen .
  11. Referees undoubtedly have a lot of influence on the results of tight Rugby League matches .One unjust ruling on say a ball strip , can result in a try off the resulting 6 tackles which can decide the match . Players rely on refs and touch judges to give them a far crack .
  12. Media Watch World Cup

    Today with the Rugby League World Cup well under way the BBC are showing 45mins of Rugby League highlights .They are also showing 9hrs 15mins of live Rugby Union plus highlights as well as repeats on the red button .If anyone ever doubted how the 2 games are perceived by the BBC they do now .
  13. Scrums Taking Far Too Long

    Posted in another thread , if players don`t know by now to bind , get there heads in , etc. give an immediate penalty , I am sure after a few games the message would get home .
  14. Great performance by Scotland unlucky to lose .Moment of the match was Lewis Tierney turning and chasing down player on the break forcing him try a high floating pass which went forward , a certain 6 points saved .
  15. I think players playing in a World Cup deserve a weeks rest between games ,we want to see Teams have the opportunity to play at their best , the Easter weekend is my pet hate in RL , sometimes 7 or 8 changes made on the Monday , and it cheapens the sport .