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  1. Agree with Robin Evans Free`s Highway is very underrated , as is Bowie`s Aladdin Sane , Jethro Tull`s Stand Up and Zeppelin 3.
  2. The TV Thread

    McMafia`s got its hooks into me at the moment .
  3. Worst TV adverts...ever!

    The latest Virgin Company advert that goes on forever and that one with everyone going captain...captain over and over , my mute button is about wore out .
  4. Remember in the 90`s watching Town play Swinton away in the play offs , it was the Televised early kick off they used to put out on some channel or other . Watched Town beat Swinton in a cracker of a match to get to the semi`s , then we dashed across Manchester to watch Salford v Carlisle in the other quarter final match . Carlisle were all over them , Clayton Friend running the show but lost out narrowly otherwise we would have had an all Cumbrian semi and one club guaranteed an Old Trafford appearance.We drew at Salford a week later but lost at home in the replay due to a long injury list .
  5. Eppie Gibson

    Never saw him play but my Father reckoned he was the best centre Town have ever had . R.I.P. Eppie .
  6. Hock

    The question we need to ask is this .The Club are in the midst of a long term rebuilding plan , they have said they would like to be Creditor free by the end of the year . Therefore we are not really looking for promotion yet. Signing Hock would be pointless , he is the type of player that would rip this league up , but unless you are looking to go up i wouldn`t push the boat out yet .

    As we have seen from previous seasons pre-season friendlies are no guide whatsoever in to how the year will pan out as we know only to well !
  8. In what is becoming an ageing society with people living longer , successive Governments have neglected the NHS and not put enough money into it , they are not thinking far enough ahead .In my area more and more Care Homes are closing which again will bring it`s own problems .This Country continually makes the wrong decisions , several years ago Mr Branson and Virgin wanted to take the Lottery over and put more money towards the Health Service but was denied the chance .I know a lot of people my age (over 60) were saddled with this scenario and because pensions weren`t rising with the cost of living etc. most voted for Brexit , with the thought of well things can`t get any worse .

    Looking forward to the match , just one question , will both sides of the ground be open ? it`s really not the same for us popular side devotees watching from the stand .Last year i was just going to walk around the ground but was stopped by a steward .
  10. Best cover versions

    The Sensational Alex Harvey band did an album of covers "The Penthouse Tapes " some beauties on there . Delilah and Jacques Brels Next still my 2 favourites off earlier albums......like Mike Flowers Pops send up of Wonderwall , if only that it wound up the Gallagher brothers somewhat rotten apparently , and that`s always a good thing .
  11. Played in the new year with Bob Marleys Exodus album , Faces Nods As Good As a Wink and Kinks Village Green Society .
  12. Who misses professional winter rugby

    Get plenty of winter rugby now , first half dozen games are played in winter , and the Grand Final is inevertibly played at Old Trafford in pouring rain !

    We were lucky in a way to see John Atkinson so many times on the telly because Leeds had underpitch heating and the BBC were there quite a lot when winter Rugby was the norm . A great player in a great Leeds side .Saw him up here when he was player coach at Carlisle . R.I.P. John .
  14. new signings announcements

    Would have expected that score to be honest . But what do we want pre-season ? Every time we perform well in friendlies we perform miserably once the season proper begins ?
  15. Do bigger stadium means bigger crowds?

    The population of Huddersfield is around 160,000 ,the average gate last season was 5,800 , this for a team who play good rugby and not long ago were challenging for the league title.......Take Widnes for instance , population 60,00 average gate 5,500 , they continue to struggle against relegation , i am just saying relative to the Team they have and type of rugby they play attendances to me seem low .Comparisons with Fartown are a bit unfair as they were in the league below and as a Team were on the decline .