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  1. Might be wrong but i think it was the consequences of the Bradford fire . All grounds were re-examined , ours failed because i think for the lack of crash barriers , so we had to play at Borough Park .
  2. Quite a lot of the ball stealing in the tackle comes when the players progress has ended but the Ref doesn`t call held/release quick enough and it just becomes a mini tug of war .I would rather held was called when the tackled players progress was halted , rather than waiting for him to be wrestled to the ground .Might stop the 3rd and sometimes 4th tacklers coming in late too.
  3. Skybet have Haven at 7-4 and Coventry at 7-2 if you fancy the double .
  4. Was down at the ground today to get my ticket for Sunday . While there i was told that because the ground had been compacted down , they had to wait until the heavy rain drained away . The ground has now been seeded and the Rugby posts go up at Borough Park tomorrow . Don`t panic .
  5. Ian Wright is still my favourite Town player since i first started watching them in 1963 . Apart from his speed and uncanny ability to intercept , he was a great tackler (as Iain MacCorqourdale will probably agree) , and not only a top try scorer but a provider as well , his wingers benefitting from his breaks .Yet another Townie who with another Club would surely have had many International caps .
  6. Quite a lot of Morrisseys lyrics were quite amusing and always far from dull , Johnny Marrs guitar playing was like a breath of fresh air , totally different from anyone that had gone before .A ground breaking band that almost single handidly saved British music from dying on it`s feet in the 80s .I always feel sorry for people who think the Smiths were dull or boring , they were far from that .
  7. Catalans will not let go of the cup easily , hard fought win for the Dragons .
  8. Met some friends at the weekend in a restaurant i`ve never heard of before .Main course cost an arm and a leg , and as i guessed a few bits of meat and veg came on a huge plate . Tried to make me pay as much for a dessert , wasn`t having that , pints cost nearly six quid ...........it`s the fish shop and down the working mens for me next week !
  9. Favourite moment from Early Doors ,when Tommy goes over to the jukebox with his long bored tired face on , presses the buttons sits down , and "It`s the good life " by Tony Bennett comes on ....class.
  10. Wouldn`t say i am enjoying Haven being top of the League but am enjoying the Bookies constantly under estimating their ability . Their handicapping is way off the mark .
  11. Always a bit behind with my films , wait till they are on tv .....on Sunday watched a film called ARRIVAL , Sci-fi job that i watched waiting for it all to make sense , no such luck .....Best thing though as the credits rolled , the announcer said "That was Arrival...pause....Not a Clue " I am in full agreement , since read several reviews which all praised the Film up , but interestingly not one review actually explained what the hell it was about or what conclusions could be drawn , or what the flashbacks had to do with it , or how the lead character suddenly out of nowhere could understand the aliens written language after being baffled before ......Can any body shed any light ?
  12. Looking forward to this match , can`t believe how poor Leeds have been this season , might have a bit on London 2-1 on skybet off scratch .
  13. give it a couple of weeks , make sure the young have flown , and take a good look at the nest it`s a work of art .
  14. How did the nest come on ? Found 3 nests in the wild , one nest ripped up , 2 others deserted the nest , hope you had better luck .
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