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  1. the main reason that bradford are so precious to the rugby league is there is potentially a large crowd who would flock back to support a successful team . when we had our financial disaster , we had to get the local mp on board , get local businessmen to back the need for a club , get what was it 30,00 signatures on a petition all just to start from scratch ....big clubs get treated differently and that is intrinsically wrong ....every club that gets into this state should immediately be dropped into the bottom tier of the competition as rangers were in scottish football .what baffles me is there should be hard and fast laws in rugby league so as every team who get into financial trouble know exactly what the penalties are .if the clubs knew the penalties , perhaps they wouldn t make such a mess of things and would run their clubs a bit more sensibly .
  2. he is 18 and i assume salford will have him on a full time contract . if he comes on a year long loan we would probably have to pay that, which would probably make him one of our best paid players , he would have to be a guaranteed starter to be worth the money for me .
  3. far too much kicking in rugby league at the moment . if the attacking team kicked the ball dead , i would have a tap to the defensive side from where the ball was kicked or 20 metre line whichever is greater , first tackle to be a zero tackle . i would also allow the defensive team to either touch down or knock dead any ball kicked over the try line and be rewarded with a 20 metre tap , first tackle a zero tackle again . this would punish poor kicking . the reason 6 tackles was brought in was to stop a team hogging the ball and at the moment we are too obsessed with gaining repeat sets and creating pressure than actually playing rugby .
  4. interesting how many people have first hand knowledge of being banned from union for daring to play rugby league at amateur level , perhaps that is where our dislike of all things union stems from ...i went to the local grammar school in the sixties and we suffered the same fate , play league again and you will never play union for the school again ...so we hit back the only way we could . the teacher would start our pe lesson with the union game as usual and then wander off to do whatever , but as soon as he was out of site the shout would go up , " right lads rugby league all change " , all hell let loose when we were caught out one time ....in summer he once asked "what are we going to do lads athletics or cricket ? a hand went up "summer rugby league sir " lots of laughter and lots of cross country running for daring to suggest such a thing ............but when rugby league moved to sundays , guess which rugby union playing pe teacher was at every Town match ?
  5. my dad took me to watch our local football team until i was nine . one night we had to take our dog to the vet on a wednesday night , the Town were at home to Hunslet so he took me there .after about 5 minutes i thought , even at that age , why have i wasted my time watching football when rugby league was being played over the road ! it was like the world suddenly made sense .
  6. i think this season is all about having a good look at this league to see what is needed for the future . none of us expect immediate success and i would rather do it this way then throw money at it to get back in one go .we might get a shock and do better than we expect , or we might do a lot worse than we think , either way it well tell the club one way or the other where we need to progress.
  7. toronto from either barrow or haven . barrow look very strong to me and only a bad run of injuries will ruin their season . Town are taking a longer term strategy , have lost a lot of last years team , and are more or less building for a couple of years down the road .
  8. brett was purely and simply a victim of veivers tactics or simple game plan whichever you prefer . you watched one town match and knew exactly what was coming every subsequent match , no variations .but most importantly he was made to play the full 80 mins nearly every game , everyone else had a 20 min rest but nor brett. veivers burnt him out !
  9. latu came over injured and remained injured for 2 years ......training starts usually in november and ends after play offs if you make them....in 2 years thats say 18 months under contract..72 weeks at a conservative £400 a week , thats £28,800 of funds gone for very little ,gamble on latu again ? not for me thank you .
  10. agreed their basic skills are at an incredibly high level that is where they win hands down . mistake free rugby is their target and only constant repetition leads to achievement .is that down to always being under constant pressure in the nrl or just desire , i don t know ........we are told that playing in the nrl is what will bring our players on , which is probably true , but several of them didn t perform in the recent internationals , so we are still no nearer any answers .
  11. welcome back kris , his experience will be invaluable to the new signings .
  12. these situations do nobody any favours . it would be easier for every contract to have a buy out clause then all parties know where they stand .
  13. there is no reason why there couldn t be a world cup competition of sorts every 2 or 3 years consisting of all nations bar england , australia and new zealand .it would be incredibly competitive , give the teams a realistic chance of winning a world competition and as proved at the last world cup , we would have no trouble selling tickets for these games , at least in this country .
  14. i am sure the top teams in the premiership have played in much worse grounds and on much worse pitches than ours in the f.a.cup , you just get on with it i .thought the game , pitch , and ground did the club credit .
  15. coote was pushed over the advertising boards at derwent park last friday .normally there would be 10 yards of grass plus the speedway track at this particular part of the ground . the rfl in their wisdom placed these boards all around the pitch quite close to all the touch lines and dead ball , probably because the sponsors wanted to get their moneys worth at the expense of player safety....in british speedway you are required to have an air fence these days ,why couldnt a similar thing be used in places like anfield with advertising banners rather than boards , or does player safety not come into the equation ?.