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  1. ivans82

    The TV Thread

    Gave the match a miss last night , sick of meaningless games ,instead caught documentaries on REM , Kenny Rodgers ,Creedance Clearwater and Black Sabbath on their final tour on sky arts , what a great live band Sabbath were .
  2. ivans82

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    Fair enough on a long train journey but not in front of the big screen in the pub when the match is on .
  3. One thing that might stop players milking pens is that refs stop falling for the same old tricks game after game . Players flapping around on the ground like a beached seal when "trying to play the ball" , players deliberately throwing the ball against a player when they are "in the way" at the ruck ,etc ,Too many pens being given for marginal incidents only encourages players to try and gain pens rather than actually playing Rugby .
  4. ivans82

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    The real problem with these obsessives is when Rugby/Football is on the box in the pub , they take up all the best seats and don`t watch any of it because they`re too busy staring into their b****y phones !
  5. ivans82

    Man Of Steel 2018

    As someone pointed out on this thread earlier Man Of Steel is really the wrong title . For instance if Ben Barba does win it , you are awarding it to a full back who scores very poorly on his defensive capabilities .
  6. ivans82


    On the question of identity Martin Sadlers column in the League Express the other week stated the game doesn`t help itself with the constant changing of strips .How many times for instance in the televised games does the away team wear their 2nd choice strip when the colours don`t clash ?
  7. ivans82

    Championship and League 1 Awards Shortlist

    Unless my maths is wrong , a couple of seasons ago the Board agreed a 3 year plan to TRY and get us promotion. We are nearly at the end of year 2 . Promotion was never really on this year , but next year was the target .Don`t forget we didn`t have a big enough squad this year and at one time Matthew Johnson had to offer his services again and certainly for Oldham at home we could barely field a Team .
  8. ivans82


    One of the main reasons people have given me when i try to get them to come to Town matches is that they can`t identify with the Team anymore through DR and the constant yoyoing of players between the Clubs .When i tell them it`s the same in football , it doesn`t seem to bother them .It is a rarity for a player to stay 10 years at one club anymore since the contract system was brought in , unfortunately Players and their agents are in control of the game now , which is why it is a tough job to run a Rugby Club these days .
  9. ivans82


    Thought London were a big useful side with a fair bit of pace out wide . Discipline done for them and the result doesn`t put their performance in perspective , but they only had themselves to blame for playing with 12 for half an hour .We tackled well throughout and our wingers scored some nice tries .Again some bizarre refereeing ,Fui`s first score being disallowed for obstruction ( it seems you now can`t pass behind your back to a runner coming from the blind , London having one awarded when the player bounced the ball,although given as a penalty try , and London having one chalked off for something when the full back put a kick in and touched down himself and a penalty given to us .Still it keeps you on your toes .
  10. ivans82

    Town V Skolars predictions

    Comfortable win for Town , maybe try try to rest a couple if they looked a bit jaded last week .
  11. ivans82

    The TV Thread

    John Simm looks like he is on to another winner with the new drama Strangers , got off to a cracking start last night .
  12. ivans82

    Serena Williams

    Sexism doesn`t come into it , if She called the Umpire a Liar and a Thief , i don`t know what She has to complain about .They took too long to sort Umpire abuse in the first place , John MacEnroe stopped me watching tennis years ago with his strops and childish tantrums .
  13. Saw a Little Egret by the banks of the Derwent behind the Workington Reds ground on Sunday , first time i`ve been lucky enough to see one .
  14. Time to let the officials referee the game . Give both Teams 2 challenges to argue their point , including forward passes and get on with the game , works in Cricket perfectly .
  15. ivans82

    Newcastle away

    I will be down at the match next Sunday . I have supported Town for 55 years now , and it is a familiar feeling . We get the crowd back on our side after a lot of hard work and then blow it and give the new found support an excuse not to attend .It looks like the games against Bradford and York have left their mark , but our away form is a constant worry .