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  1. Well said DocH . My post about certain moments in the game being turning points seems to have been mis-interpreted , and all i was trying to say was no matter how poor we played we still created chances which we should have taken .There is no question Haven were the better Team all round , but we still might have robbed a win as they did twice last year when outplayed ..
  2. The points against column tells the true story , we are leaking too many tries in . Our goal line defence though has improved a lot lately , we don`t seem to let the simple barge over tries in anymore .Unfortunately most tries are down to individual errors or trying to play too much rugby in our own 20 , losing possession and giving away field position .
  3. Haven tackled us out of the game pure and simple . Far more aggressive and obviously targeted our smaller guys running the ball out of defence to force errors . We gave them their first 12 points though . 4 men missed tackles on probably their smallest player for the first try .We lead12-6 when giving that ludicrous forward pass in our own 20 and then went for an interception instead of holding the line to give away a walk in .However badly people think we played , The game changed when Tyllar Mellors try in the corner was ruled out , he did what most wingers do took the ball ,lifted is legs and dived over the line .It looked a try for me .The linesman had other ideas .From the scrum Dion made his break , and the score went from possibly 18-12 to us to 18-12 to them . The same linesman missed a blatant charge into tyllar when he went up for the kick to the corner , the linesman was 2 yards away and chose to ignore it , everyone on the ground saw it , it was the easiest decision all day .Before we get too carried away with Derby hysteria , We had Fieldhouse ,Miller ,Wilkes , and Olstrum missing from our starting 13 and Curwen would have been on the bench , Penky had just flown back from America apparently and can`t have been 100% , we had taken a caning from Leeds 7 days ago , whereas Haven had nearly a full fit Team after a fortnights break , if you were a betting man who`s your money on .We always knew with a small squad we had to remain lucky with injuries and thats not been the case ,It`s going to be a hard struggle for the rest of the season i`m afraid , but i`ll still be down the Park next game . UTT.
  4. Think the derbies these days are mainly for the players than the fans .Long gone are the days when most players were dyed in the wool Town/Haven one club players .For instance 8 of the Haven starting 13 against Hunslet were once Townies never mind the coaching staff ....As for Friday depends on who we have available , will Penky appear , will Olly have recovered from his injury from Friday ? I actually prefer us going into the match having played last week rather than having a fortnight off , good weather forecast so let`s hope for a decent crowd and a decent result UTT.
  5. The new stadium project is our own mini version of Brexit , politicians who think if we a##e around and drag things out people will just say i`ve had enough just do what you like . Well lets hope we can keep the pressure on them , as i have said before only apathy will let these people win . At the local elections vote them out .
  6. Crowd given as 4,197 in Yorkshire Evening Post , in depth match report as well .
  7. Didn`t like Leeming playing for a pen like that , but having said that if Mellor hadn`t scored a hat trick , he was my man of the match by a mile , always moving forward at the play the ball , disguises his passes well , and does his fair share of tackling .
  8. No problem with New York or Ottawa coming in , but my main gripe is our funding keeps going down , so how the hell are we supposed to be able to compete . It seems the lower League is just the stepping stone to these sort of Teams and we are the stones .How about the League getting their hands in their pockets and giving the lower League more money rather than less , and let the Super League Teams suffer for once .
  9. Furner is under pressure at Leeds and will look to tonight to get back on track , think he will want to nil us and put on a show , we will have to step up massively in defence from the last few games so we need to look after the ball in possession and see what we can get away with in slowing the rucks down . No injuries is my main hope , all the best to the lads .UTT.
  10. Always worth checking out the views of candidates up for election on the Stadium plans then you know who to vote for , i suggest all Town and Reds fans do this , and vote accordingly .It really is in the hands of the people of Allerdale , only apathy will allow Mr Jenkinson and co to be re-elected .
  11. The whole game is on youtube for anyone interested .2 incidents didn`t go our way , the first was when we had them pinned in their 20 and got caught for offside , they scored off next set of six . Gordon Maudling running the ball out of defence , blatant ball steal by London , but ref judged knock on , they scored off next set .We also turned down a kickable pen at 26-28 that could have brought us level .We let 3 tries in off kicks , one was a freaky bounce which you can`t expect , the other 2 , players just seemed to stand and watch and not even attempt to knock it dead .But in tight games , as we have all witnessed before you need the 50/50 calls and we didn`t get the ball steal one which ultimately cost us the game .Worrying thing is it shows how much we rely on Penky and elliott .With the Haven game coming up , in my opinion neither should be considered for the Leeds game , the League is far more important .
  12. How unlucky can this man be , all the best for a full recovery Dom .
  13. Thanks for all your hard work John it must have been a nightmare ,and i believe it was Towns defeat at Skolars that blew the system , .......well it certainly blew mine !
  14. Pair of Ospreys hanging around the nest at Bassenthwaite lake in Cumbria , to be met with what else but snow .
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