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  1. Cas have lost at home to Saints and Hull when wearing that insipid strip they wore last night , ditch it and wear your proper colours next week and the win will come .
  2. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Very noticeable in Dave Clarks parting press release that he thanked everyone at the Club except the players .but at least he was man enough to step aside rather than wait to be sacked .As for Howarth he seems to split the fans opinion . Some see him as a possible player coach , but for me he has been the most disappointing signing of the lot . With Super League experience i thought he would rip this league up , but to me he just shovels the ball on without drawing the opposition in and hardly ever delays a pass when he sees a tackle coming .Callum , Carl and Jamie all try to take the line on and often are taken out late in order to get a quality pass away . Just my opinion and obviously some disagree. Whether we think player power has got rid of Dave Clark or not , or whether what i am gonna suggest is ethical or not , why don`t the Captain and Vice Captain of the team sit in with the applicants for the Coaches job and jointly with the board select the next Coach .That way it is a collective decision so they can`t complain about a Coach they helped select .
  3. Next season....

    Two seasons ago we struggled for a team at the end of the season and Shacks and Kris played injured for the last 6 or 7 games to keep a team on the pitch .Last year we overloaded on forwards got injuries in the backs and a lot of the time we had players out of position and again were short of numbers at the end .This year we again were down to the bare bones on occasion , this next season is how do we rectify this when players not selected eventually walk away due to lack of game time ........All of this and we still have the Derwent Park injury jinx which follows us round every season , it`s not easy running a Team on a small budget but an injury free season might help !
  4. One man and his dog!!!!

    Season 80/81 had us finishing 15th of 16 with four teams relegated . Imagine 4 going down in this day and age .The table finished ......12th Featherstone 467 for 446 against 24pts 13th Halifax 385 for 450 against 22pts 14th Salford 473 for 583 against 21pts 15th Workington 335 for 457 against 21pts 16th Oldham 362 for 563 against 16pts The only points we got against the Teams from Featherstone and below was a 13 -8 home win over Halifax a 25-4 home win over Oldham and a 15-12 home win over Salford . We played 30 league matches......the top try scorer for that year was Billy Pattinson with 9 tries and top kicker was Lynn Hopkins with 64.......points were hard to come by in those days !
  5. derby game

    Have Haven had the same problems with coaches ( Coyle apart) or are they better/luckier with their choices ?
  6. Catalan v Widnes

    When Cas beat Hull , Wigan can sill finish 4th with a win .
  7. Third and fourth spot...

    Saints win Wakey are out of it . Cas look unstoppable whatever team they field . Saints 3rd Wigan 4th.......no Hull who`d have thought it !
  8. derby game

    Not getting into the debate about Mr Clarke but in this division i believe Haven got it right with a player coach .When we first signed Ray Ashton he changed the club overnight bringing in players and leading by example , Mark Aston done a hell of a job at Sheffield in a similar role for many years and maybe more to the point when moneys tight you get a coach and a player for the same outlay .Yesterday as so many times this season we were beaten by sheer size .Once the tackles were missed Haven could see we were tiring and turned the screw. Next year we would need 4 big props to rotate , a half back and 2 big centres , most teams have been man for man bigger than us in all games bar South Wales .A player coach at half back would be my preference..............Well done to Haven anyway and i think looking at the respective games against Toronto Haven will take Barrow and gain promotion.
  9. One man and his dog!!!!

    Just a postcript after yesterday , the topic is titled one man and his dog . i regret to inform you the man said he`ll be back next year but the dogs had enough !
  10. derby game

    Whatever the result today we should all give our appreciation to the Board of Directors and Players for sticking with the Club in what as been a very difficult season . We all can go on a bit on this forum but as the season ends ( and some will say thank God) , i can assure you in a months time Sundays will be dull and boring and i will long for the season to start again . No matter what goes on we would all miss our Sunday rugby if it wasn`t there . UP THE TOWN .
  11. derby game

    Maurice Lindsay ?
  12. Leeds sent half a team to Wigan before the cup semi , and it looks by reading the posts on here that Cas are missing a few this week end . Nobody seems to be frightened of Wigan anymore by gifting them points into a play off position..........big mistake .
  13. derby game

    I will be there as always . We have to finish the season well , our lads can give it all as it is the last match , Haven will have one eye on the semi-final so no excuse not to get stuck in and see if we can cause an upset .
  14. One man and his dog!!!!

    This is an A=Z of every one who has pulled on a Town shirt from day one until the end of last season with each players career from beginning to end . Pictures of about 95% of players , some with short careers maybe a paragraph or two , others 4 or 5 pages . As i say 550 pages A3 size and soft backed its amazing the detail Joe has included......some very interesting info on some of the contracts players were on in the Super League era .