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  1. New signings

    Reminds me a bit of Sean O`Loughlin.............but for his entire career !
  2. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    The thing with Mouses posts that people don`t seem to like is he is generally negative . That aside most of what he says turns out to be true in respect to the Teams achievements .We seem to throw games away when in control . We have lost at the minute Penky if rumours are right of his injury , we have lost our main strike forward in Gordon probably for the season , Leon locked the dressing room door on Sunday to give the Team a rollicking .If Leon is that concerned about our performances i think we all should be . Time for all of us to roll our sleeves up , give the Team our support and move forward .
  3. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    At the moment we have scored only 7 points less than Bradford but have let in only 11 fewer points than The Crusaders , it would appear that our defence is still our main problem .We still have away matches at Bradford , York ,Doncaster ,Newcastle ,Keighley and Oldham all Teams we traditionally don`t win at (As i pointed out in a previous post we always struggle at Hunslet) .Leon has a lot on his plate , so let`s hope his harsh words hit home .
  4. Hunslet reaction

    Penky made the difference last week and him missing has obviously made the difference again . Yes we should have won being 20-8 up , but this isn`t the first time we have showed lack of game management . Karl going straight into the Team was a shock for me , don`t know what kind of message that sends out to the boys who have trained hard all winter , wonder what Stevie and Kurt felt over being left out ?
  5. Even the most loyal O`Loughlin fans must have been baffled to see his name in the 4 for Man Of The Match . Sky please get rid of this vote for one of these 4 rubbish , it`s just not working , worse even than Phil Clarkes swingometer !
  6. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Penky will be a massive miss , he was integral to our performance last week . Have no problem with Newton but Penky gives us something different .I know Teams don`t like to give too much away but it would be nice if the Club could give us an injury update to stop rumours flying about .
  7. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Expect us to win but it`s always hard down there , we only scrambled wins by a few points with Walshy`s invincibles .

    As i understand it the big signings are financed by local business men and some players are on pay as you play contracts .If the Club is predicted to endure financial difficulties as some Haven fans assume because of these signings why do they allow a saving of £2 on tickets bought in advance ?
  9. Commonly Misunderstood Rules

    Unfortunately it also highlights how we have replaced guile , skill and speed for bulk and power .
  10. The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    Big win for the lads you could see they wanted it badly .Think the score flattered the Bulls , we were in control for most of the game , but tended to overplay instead of using our forwards who bossed the middle . Leon got his team selection spot on and used the bench to great effect .Thought Jamie and Carl both played very well constantly taking the ball to the line and taking hits to get a good ball away .Man of the match for me was Penky ,he must start every week , kept them guessing with his blind side plays , and made acres of ground from quick play the balls . Gutted for Gordon , he is something different with his line breaking skills and will be a big miss , nice to see JP back , all in all well pleased. Now on to Hunslet a ground we rarely win at , time to lay the hoodoo .UP THE TOWN .
  11. Bradford bulls

    Would have Carl Forber over Leatherbarrow any day of the week , that`s my main gripe at the moment .
  12. Haven reaction

    I`m still seething over the 1978 Lancashire cup final defeat never mind Good Friday !
  13. Bradford bulls

    I expect a show similar to the Broncos match , keep the penalties down , the more fractured games become the worse we seem to play , if it`s an open game we have a chance .

    Anonymouse was far to pessimistic whereas some posters are way too optimistic , where do people really believe we will finish this year and what should be our realistic target ? I myself don`t think we have any chance of promotion and don`t believe we should be looking for that. Barrow took 3 steady years to build up and i think next year we should be ready for the challenge .

    I know refs are supposed to ref to the letter of the law , but i think a visit to both changing rooms before games should be mandatory , he could tell the Teams what he was looking for in particular and and at least then everyone knows where they stand .