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  1. ivans82

    Huddersfield Giants Sunday 3pm

    Good run out for the lads today , Litherland was going well until he had to go off , Elliott holding his wrist when he went off , hope neither were injured , on this showing Banham should be signed up , looks and plays like Andrew Dawson , made good yards all afternoon .
  2. ivans82

    Best cover versions

    Creedence Clearwaters version of Heard It Through The Grapevine is worth a listen .Walk On By by the Stranglers is a gem too .
  3. Interesting interview on the BBC this morning where they asked David Cameron if he regretted the referendum , he said not , it was in the manifesto when he got elected , but unfortunately he lost the referendum.........No David nobody lost the referendum , the people voted to leave the EU in a democratic vote . You got elected on the promise of a referendum , the least you could have done is see it through instead of throwing your toys out of the pram . If you weren`t ever going to listen to the majority of those that voted , why put it in your manifesto ? Oh that`s right you wouldn`t have got elected in the first place . .
  4. ivans82

    Trouble at Haven mill?

    Don`t know the ins and out but if Forster did not resign , and only if he still has a year to run on his contract with Haven ,if Haven still hold is registration as a player , are Haven not entitled to a transfer fee from Rochdale?
  5. ivans82

    James Duerden

    Irish Horse Racing are clamping down hard on recreational drug use and issued a statement last week saying anyone testing positive will get an automatic 5 year ban .
  6. ivans82

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    A hot towel around your head , and here`s me thinking it was raw eggs chopped up in a cup .
  7. Watched Manchester by the sea the other day for the first time , yet another Oscar film that left me cold . Too long , too much "arty" photography , got tired of Casey Afflecks stuttering muttering character however accurately it was done , thank goodness The Guard was on again Sunday night to cheer me up .
  8. ivans82


    Desperately sad news , but it highlights how hard a job it is for a town of 30,000 people to keep 3 semi-professional teams going and attract sponsors . Just goes to show winning trophies doesn`t make people any keener to get behind a local Club and provide sponsorship .......Pause waiting for someone to blame Brexit .
  9. ivans82

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Good all round display . Kicking game best i`ve seen first half and last 20 , but first 20 2nd half through poor kicks and poor discipline gifted Haven too much ball . Carl Forber outstanding today and Fieldhouse slotted in very well .Players that spent a lot of last season injured looked very sharp and back on form .Looking forward to seeing a few of the lads who have been training with us next week against Huddersfield .......for Haven , Dion was a handful as always , Callum trying too hard , but thought Sam Forrester had a decent game .Whether those tries were forward or not , most would have been given in Super League .Nice to see the popular side tidied up and painted by our band of volunteers , well done .Only gripe couldn`t hardly hear popular side announcements , but anyway on to next week .UTT.
  10. ivans82

    Launch Day

    Wouldn`t dream of missing a Town match whatever other Sport is on the box , but i am a die hard ,other people are not and will probably take the soft option of a few pints in a cosy pub .It!s hard enough getting them down to Derwent Park now , never mind when we are continually up against other top sporting events .
  11. ivans82

    Launch Day

    Which is why i and many others have wanted us to switch to friday nights .
  12. ivans82

    Cumbria in SuperLeague

    The last 2 lines of this post sums up the RFL .Quite happy to see a strong amateur scene in Cumbria , happy to see players being fed into the Super League system , happy there isn`t a Super League club in Cumbria .
  13. Don`t go to the cinema much , so hadn`t seen the Revenant until the other night . What a long dreary watch that was (actually knocked it off after an hour ) , so slow , so dull , don`t think these big cast oscar winners do it for me most of the time however well they are filmed .
  14. ivans82

    The TV Thread

    Am enjoying the return of Luther , story a bit out on a limb , put if you just go with the flow it`s great , Alice steals all the best scenes though , such a nice well balanced person (not) , in fact most of the cast are off there heads this time around .
  15. ivans82


    The need for VAR has never been more apparant than it is now . I have never seen so many soft pens given and so many obvious ones not .But then what caps it all is former players as pundits saying , oh yes there was contact he was "entitled" to go down .Entitled my a**e , touching someone gently on the shoulder is not a foul .