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  1. Watched Ian Wright throughout his career and he is still my favourite Town player . In Tom Mitchells book he says about him being one of the first players to build himself up with weight training to get a bit of an edge . He scored tries for fun and his wingers scored as many as him , great tackler too (ask Corky). But yes Yanto i agree about Johnny Jones , that was a season never to forget . Think he owed most of those tries to Shane Varley spraying passes around like a magician , Ray Wilkins around then too . A season or 2 before that i was sat in the grandstand watching the A team (never missed) and Ecky Bell was tearing his hair out and said to me "Johnny could be as good as anybody if he just put his mind to it " ...It took Shane Varley to prove the point .
  2. After watching those highlights , and some fantastic tries , the only thing i would say is that the yellow card shown to McMeekin was a total joke , apart from that no argument with the other decisions .
  3. Leeds had 13 players missing on friday , Wigan got 2 points , Wigan could now sneak into the top 4 and win the Grand Final ,Fridays result could have a massive influence on the rest of the season to come!.....come on Fax .
  4. Fully agree Yanto ,and Alfie McCarron , Paul Rowley , Gary Nixon ,Lynn Hopkins , and John Lightfoot at hooker weren`t bad either !
  5. Real men don`t eat quiche..............funny how its the first thing to disappear at a buffet when loads of lads are present .
  6. Make a good partner for Bailey at Toronto as well .
  7. Great chance for Wigan to run up a score with Leeds so decimated , off to the bookies .
  8. Started watching Town in 1963 so missed all the old greats but a few were sill around so my team would be 1Paul Charlton 2Ike Southward 3Vince Fawcett 4Ian Wright 5Iain MacCorquordale 6Shane Varley 7Arnold Walker 8Bruce Gibbs 9Howard Allan 10Eddie Bowman 11Les Gorley 12Peter Gorley 13Bill Pattinson bench would be 14Allan Banks 15Harry Beverley 16 Jimmy Pickering 17Barry Williams
  9. We should be more up to strength for the 8`s so i`m expecting a big improvement . As for Haven , well they proved us all wrong and promotion is theirs to lose .Barrow after starting like a house on fire have misfired since the Toronto game .We need to claim a few scalps to set us up for next year .
  10. Fully agree we are probably the smallest side in the division (apart from South Wales) . Size will eventually tell as you get worn down late on as has happened several times this season .
  11. Joe Bretherton on loan from Wigan for Sundays game according to Town web site . Just goes to show how pro-active the club is at present in getting players in on short term loans as opposed to the Veivers era when we were continually told there was no-one available anywhere at anytime .
  12. So Danny Mcguire is a hot head , more likely to get sent off than not , doesn`t show refs enough respect . If that is the case Toronto is the perfect fit . Paul Rowley just loves these sort of players !
  13. What we really need on the field is a big leader . Haven have Carl forster who leads by example and forces other players to up their game . Keighley on Sunday , their Captain kept them on the pitch for a couple of minutes at half time and read them the riot act . 2nd half they were a different team and the number 22 ran the show .We need players like that , gone are the days when Jamie Thackary or Ryan MacDonald would come of the bench and lift the crowd and team with a few storming runs .
  14. I think its all been said . But i said to my mate after Keighleys first set after half time that they looked up for it . They made easy yards , totally dominated the ruck , offloaded at will and completely blew us away and we looked a very tired team.....against 12 men ! Why we regularly kicked with obvious overlaps was baffling . As for Clarkes after match interview.......did he sound like a man who gave you confidence in how he was gonna put things right ?...I think we all know the answer to that one .
  15. Looking forward to Sunday and another 2 points . Remember that match at Keighley , didn t we have boat loads of players out injured as well that day no Dessie , Phil Mc Kenzie or Ged Byrne at least i think ......As well as pathetic coverage of Rugby League on Border , no mention of West Cumbrian born , and Comets captain Craig Cook also being captain of Englands speedway team in this week ends world cup final in Poland .