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  1. In our league this season Haven have done well in the challenge cup , poor crowd granted , but on bbc website , Doncaster have done well at Leeds , the crowd was nearly 5,000 bringing around £30,000 to £40,000 to the club . Barrow have drawn Leeds away in the next round , where with Barrows good away support crowd might rise to 7,000 bringing in about £50,000 . ......This is where the money is to be made at our level , we need to prioritise the cups next season , we threw away a 16 point lead at Newcastle and failed to respect Gloucester at home in the other cup where we would have had a home draw to North Wales and probably a final at Blackpool against Barrow , we cannot afford to make these mistakes next time around . The Club needs all the revenue it can muster , granted you still need the luck of the draw , which we never have , but you can t win if your not in .
  2. another good signing , keep them coming .
  3. We lost against Haven , but people are getting downbeat . We had big injury issues from the Barrow game and because of that we were down to 2 props , one of which had a huge strapping on one leg .The ref and yes ourselves making errors gave us a mountain to climb .Certain players have come in for criticism , but all in all we came back to lead and only the bounce of the ball saw us beaten . Even after that we made a couple of good breaks which might have led to tries .We need to get behind the Club and not be so negative ! UP THE TOWN .
  4. The game is too physical for short turn arounds , for the health of the players and for a better quality product , one game per week is enough .
  5. We are as usual in the middle of our annual injury crisis and its holding us back . There is nothing we can do about that but we do need a couple of props to tide us over until our players are fit again Year in year out we seem to suffer injuries to key personnel , the club just seems jinxed .Surely though there must be a couple more Steve Scholeys out there somewhere in the amateur scene who wouldn t mind a crack at professional rugby league , but i expect our coaches have already looked down that route . It seems there are no easy answers and we will just have to ride it out .
  6. Well done to Haven who i feel managed the ref better than us .Forster was good in his interview afterwards say ing they intended to get 3 men in the tackle , lie on and slow the play the ball down . Also said he had made his mind up to tackle Buffer and was late to get there after the ball had moved on , didn t see it myself so can t comment .Haven spent the first 40 mins , ripping the ball out in 3 men tackles and getting away with it , moving forward off the mark when playing the ball pushing themselves into the Town players and gaining penalties , and flapping their arms about appealing for just about everything , and then applauding every penalty when it was given .On top of this we dropped the ball 4 or 5 times early in the tackle count .I don t know what happened at half time but the ref changed tack 2nd half and stopped being conned by Havens antics . When it finally turned into a game of rugby we cut them to shreds , their left side defense was like a revolving door , and we scored some very slick tries . Felt sorry for Jamie at the end , but when do we ever get a bounce of the ball .All in all as we only had 2 props available and Stevies leg was well strapped as well meaning he wasn t A1 , i thought we did very well . They out muscled us for their tries because of their sheer size and really giving so much size away this was inevitable . Our props did a great job having to play so many minutes and i believe people are being to harsh , when you look at the sides on paper , Haven must have seen how light we were in the forwards and this gave them a huge advantage . We played some great rugby 2nd half and think we will we o.k. when we get our forwards back . In the meantime we need to get a couple of props on loan from somewhere . Up The Town .
  7. Just watched the the highlights myself . A few observations , our 2 forward pass tries were marginal at best , wasn t sure either were forward .Barrows 2nd try came from a tap the ref awarded for a 40/20 instead of a scrum , or have i missed a rule change ?Our players didn t hurry to get back so i assume they were expecting a scrum .Barrows last try came from a kick in which Duerden appeared to be in front of the kicker and debatable whether he got the ball down before the dead ball line .Very fine margins these affecting a possible 18 point turnaround , which proves yet again luck and what the ref sees is often the difference on the scoresheet .
  8. Whether Saints fans were happy with Cunningham or not , its a big gamble to sack him on the eve of the big derby game .Can t see anything but a Wigan win , and by a considerable margin ........However cheer up Saints fans as i am usually wrong.........by a considerable margin !
  9. Think we have the better halves , but our kicking game is the most important factor for me on Friday , if Haven play Elliott at full back we can t afford to dish up what we did against Gloucester or he will have a field day . Equally i would put Mossop opposite Jessie Joe to try and keep him quiet .We are more than capable of winning , we just need to turn up on the day .Up The Town .
  10. Very pleased with the performance at Barrow , showed we have responded to that Gloucester result . Don t know the situation with Howarth , but if he was dropped good on our coach as he deserved it after last week .Nobody deserves their place as a given , they all need to be kept on their toes . To be fair to Howarth he put his hand up in the interview in the news and star last week and admitted he hadn t hit his stride yet and yes if asked i would pick him this friday ......As for letting tries in from acting half , it does seem to be a weakness.But some of our older supporters will remember a certain Smiler Allen who made a career of this until he left us for Blackpool in the late 70 s .We drew Blackpool at home in the Quarter final of the then Players No 6 cup , which was a big comp in those days .Guess what , we didn t respect Blackpool , much like Gloucester last week , and Smiler got 2 tries from acting half to win the game ! Seems its not that easy to combat .....He actually helped Blackpool get to the final which they lost to Cas , but got joint m.o.t.m. with John Joyner .......by the way nobody could stop Johnny Limmer doing it either .
  11. Can Leeds fans tell me if they usually defend their line with Briscoe , then Maguire , with Watkins inside ? Warrington had a field day down that side , all three were hopeless under the kicks and all three were giving height and weight away to the players attacking them . Warrington obviously saw that as a weakness and targeted those 3 all night , watch out if other teams do the same .
  12. The original idea with Sky was to merge teams to create a strong competitive league as in aussie .As it meant merging Hull/Hull k r and Widnes/Warrington , etc it was given the boot , and we accepted the watered down version of each club standing alone .The real question is would the original idea have worked and where would the smaller clubs be now ? I know for a fact up here in Cumbria people realise what a massive mistake not biting the bullet and merging has been . Professional rugby league and rugby league at amateur level is dying up here .
  13. Ferres has become a loose cannon ever since he was messing around at Huddersfield and forced out .From an England forward to a penalty machine inside 2 years .Bring back the disciplinary of old where your previous record was held against you . Widnes had a problem with Jim Mills back in the late 70 s and transferred him to Workington for 12 months or so . It worked for a while and he calmed it a bit , but was eventually sent off again......he got 15 matches !
  14. Leeds by about 10 , big bonus having Ferres suspended !
  15. good move , signing a proper full back enables our players to revert to their preferred positions .