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  1. ivans82

    Justice v The Law

    Unfortunately some smart a**e lawyer will probably argue that because the car was being persued by the Police , that this was the main reason the incident took place .Meaning smaller sentences than we would like .
  2. ivans82


    probably the main reason Newts may go is time on the pitch .Some games i guess he only got 20-30 mins which for a player of his age isn`t enough .In certain games i thought we kept it simpler and were more direct when Newts was on the pitch as opposed to Penkys more risky off the cuff approach .Which begs the question that many in the game think , are there too many substitutions these days , are some just used for the sake of it rather than when a player is tired/injured/dropping off tackles .Sometimes the iniciative is lost through too much tinkering .
  3. ivans82

    Rant thread

    Where did this modern habit of exaggerating the k/ck sound at the end of words come from , it`s spreading out of control , all the trendy "celebs" seem to use it , which speaks volumes .
  4. ivans82


    Echo all the other posts .Carl is a model Clubman , never lets us down , always turns up for training , never sulks if dropped/rested , 100% dependable , seems to get better with age , well done Carl.
  5. You could argue that we were unlucky first half , but the 2nd half was shocking . The kicking was worse than awful , sometimes NZ had 3 or 4 men back waiting for the kick and we never once got it wide and had a go last tackle when there must have been gaps in the line , we just kicked it down the throat of the nearest NZ player . We hardly ever put the Kiwis on the floor 2 nd half , either we couldn`t or couldn`t be bothered , result they got good quick play the balls and their halfs had a field day . Nice wake up call .
  6. ivans82


    Andrew produces the same performance match after match , hits the line hard , works tirelessly and rarely loses possession . Very pleased he`s back on board .
  7. ivans82

    The TV Thread

    Ray Brooks was brilliant as that poker playing gambler on a drama called Big Deal in the 80`s and also starred in top drama of the sixties Cathy Come Home , top man .
  8. ivans82

    Rant thread

    Just play Pharrell Williams Happy on repeat would drive even the best of us insane .
  9. ivans82

    Film 2018

    Put off Bohemian Rhapsody by the lukewarm reviews so went to see A Star Is Born instead.........big mistake , Bradley Cooper produced,directed,and starred in it and don`t we know it . Slow paced and he just simply growled and grizzled his way through it . One giant ego trip in my opinion , but then nearly 90% of people liked it on Rotten Tomatoes so what do i know .
  10. ivans82

    when it was easy to attend a game

    Still park in the same place i did 40 years ago ,couple of pints in the Club bar as always , nothing much has changed on matchday for me apart the game takes about 20 minutes longer !
  11. ivans82


    I know this has been talked about before , but with crowds as they are and next year the away support being lower than ever with the loss of Bradford , why not switch to Friday nights .Every Sunday we put ourselves up against the big British/World sporting calendar .Sundays are the big day for Christenings etc. which lets be honest these days is just a good excuse for a p**s up .Mothers Day is another good excuse not to attend .Super League i know is on Fridays but most lads i know go out , record it and watch it later .We have nothing to lose , why not give it a try .
  12. England by about 6 .Defense and discipline to win out again . As for neutral refs not bothered either way .
  13. Last night Do It Yourself - Ian Dury and The Blockheads , agree with previous posters on here re 10,000 Maniacs and Wishbone Ash...........Creedences version of Heard It Through The Grapevine is well worth a listen .
  14. ivans82

    Rant thread

    Why does it seem that every new announcer on TV these days speaks with a Northern Irish , Scottish or Welsh accent ? How about a few Cumbrian/Lancashire/Yorkshire announcers to balance things up a bit .
  15. ivans82

    The TV Thread

    Really enjoyed Black Earth Rising and Strangers , some decent dramas about at the minute .